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Giggles at the Palace
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Rec Away

I'm looking for John h/c. If you could, list your favorites. List those that you think are rarely recced.

Rec ones where John is dying/dies. Rec ones where sherlock completely wigs out by what is happening. Rec those where Sherlock is supportive and helpful.

Rec fics from anyplace and anyone.


Re: Rec Away

Are you after only S/J?

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I am desperate to find a fic I read a while ago now, it was pretty cracky, and involved John secretly writing a (horrendous) novel with self-insertation of himself and Sherlock, and at one point Sherlock and Mycroft sit around taking the piss out of it?

It was the most I have ever laughed at a fic in my life and I can't remember where I saw it ;-;

sounds like

The desire And the spasm ?

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I honestly can't believe I'm asking this, but wasn't there a fic where John, uh, turned into a tree when he got upset? I never actually read it, but I know it exists . . .

There's two fills in this thread, if that's what you mean.

WARNING: ficsearch that involves weird non-con ahead

I posted this prompt ( earlier for some good old weird tentacle!rape, which was apparetly useless because joy oh joy fics had already been written and I didn't even know!

I've been linked to a fic in that thread, but later another anon talked about the existence of two more stories that contain creepy naughty tentacles and the like, but anon didn't have links: can anybody help me find them?
Anon said the authors' userames were velvet_mace (but I couldn't find the fic in their masterpost) and SommerP0rnsen (but apparently this isn't the full username so I'm at a loss here...)

Help please?

Re: WARNING: ficsearch that involves weird non-con ahead

These maybe?

velvet mace:


There was a WIP somewhere where after a chain of bizzare events, Sherlock and John got together and then after an injury, John forgot everything about the previous day so Sherlock attempts to recreate those events again.

The bit I got up to was the both of them were tied up in the boot of a car that was sinking? Anyone have the link?

Re: S/J First time - Amnesia Causes Serendipity Fail

Back on Part XIV. The fill is:

What a Difference a Day Makes by cleo_2010 (scroll down a bit).

There have been some lovely Sub!John fics on the meme and I've read them all. Obsessively. And I still want moar.

I'm hoping some of you folks read off meme and could point the way to fics where John is Sub (to anyone).

Victorian universe.
2009 Movie-verse.
Other communities or archives.

I'll take anything. I'm not picky for quality even.

Thank you.

Re: Off-meme Sub!John

The shkinkmeme's search engine is brilliant in looking through all their fills for this kind of thing.

Just use the advanced search to find whatever pleases you! I hope this helps!

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Looking for a fic where Sherlock collapses with exhaustion at the Yard, and Lestrade takes him home and looks after him while he sleeps for ages. All I remember is Sally going, 'Have you broken the Freak, sir?' It was awesome.

Here you are. One of my very own favorites, by the way.

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I read an amazing fic from Sherlock's POV, laying in bed and looking back at his and John's relationship. The premise was that the only thing Sherlock couldn't deduce was himself.

I really loved it, and want to rec it to people, but I lost the link and no one has been able to help me.

Help would be love!

Re: Sherlock is great and figuring out other people... not so good at knowing himself.

Back on Part I. The fill is:

So Clear in Retrospect by anonymous.

I'm an idiot


1) recently written dialogue fic. Crack, where Moriarty has Sherlock open a jar of pickles.

2) Ollllllddddd fic. All I remember is a scene where Sherlock is at a crime scene and Mycroft appears and either insults and/or slaps Sherlock. Sally tosses Mycroft to the ground, holding him by the throat under her shoe. She says something to the effect of 'no one but me gets to insult sherlock'

3) John and Sherlock kissing, under a tree after richenbach

Number 1 is here :

I'm certain number 2 is on the Delicious, try with the Mycroft tag?

Someone in the last prompts post asked for a fic with fem!Sherlock being grouchy on her period, and I wanted to fill it, but now I can't find it. I'm new to this site and still confused.

Is it this one?

If you're looking for prompts from previous parts, a good thing to do is look in the Filled Prompts post ( and do a page search. =)

Sherlock H/c recs? :3

Check delicious for the meme. Hundreds there. But while you do that, I'll go through some stuff.

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...but with Sherlock as sub. Anyone have any favorite recs?

Re: D/s Sherlock/John

Seconding this request to the moon and back, sub!Sherlock gets me all hot under the collar.

(Deleted comment)
If it's kosher to request links to prompts, I'm still looking for the original link to the "Sherlock and John first meet in an MMO" prompt, since I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere a handful of prompts back...

Is that all the prompt you're looking for says? I found this (, but there's a bit more to it.

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Anderson trying to drown Sherrlock in a bathtub

There was a story where Anderson's love life fell apart and then while drunk and high he broke into 221B while Sherlock was taking a bath and tried to drown him.

I think it was filled on someone's journal but thye posted a link.

Re: Anderson trying to drown Sherrlock in a bathtub


Virgin!Sherlock recs

Any virgin!Sherlock out there? Any pairing, any style, any kink is fine.

Re: Virgin!Sherlock recs

Found these 3 doing a search of

Birds, Bees & Baker Street (Sherlock/John)
"written for a prompt at the kinkmeme:
I want first time fic featuring Virgin!Holmes, doting Watson ...and plenty of foreskin play! "

Minifill (Sherlock/John)
"So while Sherlock and John are investigating a series of disapearances in the London area, they are obducted by a gang who sacrifice virgins to 'appease the gods'
They find out that [either Watson or Homes depending on what verse you use] is a virgin and decide to sacrifice him the next day.
So they figure out that, while being kept in the same cell, the only way to save him is for the other one to fuck him so he won't be able to sacrifice him."

London's Greatest Genius' Ass (Sherlock/John)
"The prompt is BBCverse Watson being depreciating and dominating and etc towards virgin!holmes and completely buggering him. So that's what I wroted. And now I shares it with you."

Also (because it's fucking hot):

Principles of Morality series (Sherlock/Lestrade)
"Sherlock is far too young for this, but that doesn't stop Lestrade from wanting him." (Age disparity fic: Sherlock is 18, Lestrade is 32.)
First story is here: It mentions in the second story that Sherlock is/was a virgin.

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