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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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Overflow Post

Moran seduces an unsuspecting John post-Reichenbach

It's post-Reichenbach. Sherlock has faked his death in order to pursue Moriarty's remaining henchmen, including Sebastian Moran. Sherlock has never seen Moran, no one has, not even The British Government, so Sherlock has little to work with to track down Jim's seemingly invisible sidekick/lover. But Sherlock knows he exists, and he must be found before he can exact his revenge for Jim's death by attacking Sherlock or even worse, John. So Sherlock searches frantically far and wide, but all to no avail.

Because there's one place Sherlock never dreamed of looking. Turns out Sebastian is safely hiding inside a new identity and living at 221B Baker Street comforting a devastated John as his new flatmate turned boyfriend. Moran figures what better revenge is there than moving in with your enemy's emotionally-compromised lover, then playing the quiet, sensitive (manipulative and perhaps subtly abusive?) flatmate and then seducing him? Especially when said enemy is too busy running himself ragged dodging assassins and chasing shadows to do anything to stop it?

Cue Dark!Sherlock returning home blind with rage when he finally discovers who John's new boyfriend really is. I want Sherlock to descend on Moran like a plague from hell.

Bonus points for an emotional/passionate Sherlock/John reunion.
Double bonus points if Sherlock's wrathful return reawakens BAMF!John and Moran has double the trouble.

TL;DR No one knows what Sebastian Moran looks like. So post-Reichenbach Moran hides from Sherlock in plain sight by becoming unsuspecting, grieving John's new flatmate and then boyfriend. Sherlock discovers this and freaks the fuck out.



...when standing, he appears larger than life, towering over him...but beneath John's hands, his body feels so small. His ribs, slightly emaciated,so lithe, and fragile, that he fears if he isn't careful he will break him.

Yeah I just watched Starter for 10

John was a participant in University Challenge while in Uni, and he was very good at it.
(Bonus points if he competed against Molly once, and they meet up one day for coffee and reminisce)

Another Doctor Who crossover?!

We've had brilliant fics of John, Sherlock, and others being companions for the Doctor, so now, what about Mycroft? (apologies if it's already been prompted)

What if one day after a long day of not being the government, he meets an odd man with a blue police box, and together they go off on adventures across all of time and space (let's just pretend, that for whatever reason Mycroft doesn't have access to the UNIT files about the Doctor, and never knew about him prior to first meeting him). And for once, Mycroft doesn't worry about his brother, or the government, or whatever... he's just Mycroft.

And yeah, gaining new political allies for earth all the while is a pretty good deal.

If any shipping does occur, any pairing is fine, though I am partial to Mycroft/ John.

John likes to have more than one man inside of him...

4 people Sherlock shared John with...

But we've only had one date! John/Sherlock/Jim

Following the explosion at the pool, Sherlock and John pull each other out, dragging an unconscious Jim behind them. They hide out in a hotel room, avoiding the law, Sherlock's brother, and Jim's forces until Jim wakes up for questioning.

Upon waking, Jim's just tickled that Sherlock's brought him to a hotel room. Sexual advances (possibly while restrained), sex jokes, and lustful gazes happen through the post-bombing tension and stress. Much love if Sherlock reciprocates at least a bit. Jim/Sherlock, John/Jim, or threesome are all optional and encouraged!

Sherlock pretending to be the perfect boyfriend

Sherlock pretends to be the perfect boyfriend (whether because Harry is visiting or one of John's old 'friends' is around or Sally mocks him for hooking up with a sociopath) and everyone around him is floored.

Except for John, who honestly just wishes Sherlock would be himself.

Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author. They meet at a convention; geeky love ensues.

Sherlock has to go undercover. As a cashier.

Forced Bonding From Hell

I have an irrational, bulletproof, iron-clad kink for soul-bonding life-mate whatchmajigger fics. The kind where there's some actual, tangible magic/psychic/fairy-dust connection between lovers that transcends all barriers, including evil, logic, bad writing and possibly death.

To that end, I want John/Sherlock soul bonding fic.

And I want them (at least at first) to hate it.

The shared emotions, the shared thoughts, the omnipresent awareness of where the other is at all times...that means zero privacy, constant distractions, and oh, by the way, you might go insane if you're separated, so suddenly jumping off rooftops and vaulting over cars is a whole new category of risk. John and Sherlock may love each other, but they don't have to like existing in a state of enforced codependence. (Especially if it's Straight!John/Ace!Sherlock where they both suddenly have to cope with all these other feelings. You know, the pants-related kinds.)

Happy ending desired, whether they get used to the bond or get rid of it. I just want to see a soul-bonding fic where the bond itself is the problem, rather than the deus ex machinae that instantly resolves all other conflict.

tl;dr: Sherlock and John share an epic magical soul bond. They hate it. (At first.)

Oh, how I love this prompt. XD

(Mycroft, that is a sigma. Stop fucking taunting me.)


We've had many wonderful Vampire!Sherlock fics, now I wanna see one with cute, cuddly, jumper & jam loving John as one.


Re: Moran seduces an unsuspecting John post-Reichenbach

Oh, this is magnificent.

Long and Befuddling Prompt Ahoy

"Oi! You're the new psychiatrist, right? Is your name really Dr. John Watson?"

"Um, yes?"

"Ha! Amazing. Your patient is Sherlock Holmes."

"...I'm sorry?"

"Yeah, mad bugger thinks he's actually the detective from the books. Thinks he can deduce your life in one look. Poor sod - we usually just humour him. Lot of fun he's gonna have with you, though!"

"Oh you're kidding - I had to put up with enough 'Elementary, my dear Watson' in med school."

Prompt: ACD canon exists, and Dr. John Watson is a psychiatrist assigned to the case of a man who believes himself to be the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

"Sometimes I don't talk for days."

What Sherlock hasn't told John is that he's been cursed with silence for several days each month. John has to be his voice whenever a case comes up and he can't talk, and discovers that he quite likes having Sherlock depend on him and trust him.