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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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The Theory of Narrative Causality (epilogue, a)

The most amazing thing about these characters, actually, might just be that they aren't Ritchie!Holmes&Watson, and they aren't Granada!Holmes&Watson, and they aren't Rathbone!Holmes&Watson, etc. They're entirely new, a separate interpretation of the Doyle characters, as though jumperfucker and consulting_detective were constructing their own new movie or TV series adaptation. And that's fascinating.

jumperfucker spins STUD, DANC, and BRUC perfectly into this modern update, twisting some of the key points but still remaining true to the original canon. (Rache, anyone?) There are hints back at several elements of the canon, even little things that no one would pick up at a first reading — the way Holmes keeps his letters knifed to the chimney-piece, and the unframed portrait on the wall of their living-room, and the fingers in the butter plate. But there are also modern updating of Victorian stuff: Watson writes his stories in his blog instead of the Strand, and Holmes' original The Science Of Deduction newspaper article is turned into a website; they both use modern technology to solve the crimes. There're tons more, but I'd still be there tomorrow if I tried to list them all. It must have taken a thorough rereading of the stories to include so many little details. And Moriarty — oh well, I won't be spoiling you for this either.

consulting_detective's brilliant art completes the story perfectly; he's drawn so many pieces for this that the entire project almost reads like a webcomic with long stretches of text. He imagines both Holmes and Watson rather differently than you might expect, and both of them definitely younger than the way they're usually represented, keeping close to their probable ages in STUD. And that's very lovely. Also, the sex is really hot. Imagine every piece of porn he's ever drawn and then amp that up to eleven. Well, that's nowhere even close. Man.

Both the writing and the art compliment each other perfectly, and the ending… well, the ending. That ending is going to leave people both deliriously happy and screaming to the heavens. It certainly did it to me.

I very much hope they're going to continue working on this 'verse. There's so much they can do to any of the other stories in a modern!day world — MILV and DYIN and HOUN and SCAN and SPEC and omg, FINA and EMPT — and the relationship they've created between Holmes and Watson is a dangerous, potentially unhealthy one that could possibly go through staggering, heartbreaking ups and downs. I really, really want more of this. SO MUCH.

Right. Now that I've gone through this rec in a responsible and adult manner, I'll just — yeah.





GO READ/WATCH THE BBC 'VERSE. PLEASE. Even if you don't like modern!AUs, even if you don't ship Holmes/Watson, evenifevenif — do yourself a favour and don't deprive yourselves of such a magnificent experience.



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