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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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The Theory of Narrative Causality (5b/5)

"… 'Really, my dear,' he said, smiling breathlessly down at me. He rested lightly upon my chest, most of his weight braced upon his thighs, and with each shift of his hips his buttocks grazed my cock, and I sighed. I cradled them, felt the give and stretch of his skin under my palms, the thin, long bones, his toned stomach and the damning small of his back. His arm shook slightly as his hand drove inside him, one long finger at a time, where I could not see.

'Holmes,' I said, and I am afraid my voice broke. Slightly. Just a little. His eyes flicked, one unsteady fluttering of eyelashes; I saw his chest hitch, saw his elbow twist and
reach, his lips fall open.

'Quiet,' he said, slowly. Oh, it was good, and I could have come from this alone; I could have come from watching him. I did. I watched him until I thought my body would break, my mind grow so focused and delicate that it would shatter to pieces — he would put me back afterwards, and it would be delightful, his long hands and his pale eyes, on me, he would never stop touching me. This way. Just this way, I thought.

His hand moved to my neck — it curled there, thumb resting against the carotid artery, his wrist sure and strong upon my collarbone. Two long fingers drove up, caught in my hair and forever stopped there. So did my heart, for a moment.

I had had men before, and I had had the heat, the slick and the tight, and this was no different; I had not expected it to. Bodies are much the same, and his — though doubtlessly as brilliant and unique as his brain — works as mine does. As his hands skittered across my chest, however, and his neck bowed under the strain of taking me, I pushed my own upwards to touch his waist, my fingertips pressed to the place where I felt him trembling. It was the loss of control, perhaps, that changed this utterly. His hair was damp where it fell over his brow, obscured one eye and changed the shape of his mouth.

I believe that I murmured
Dear God, and oh, and when he laughed at me and sat solidly across my hips, the weight of him gradually easing down on me, I found my breath had been taken from me entirely.

'I would keep you, like this,' he told me, but his eyes were closed, and his chest was heaving. My thumbs drove into his hips to make bloody flowers in the morning.

'I know,' I said, the words all but shuddering out of me. He moved slightly, hissed, so I caught him — I caught his hips and then his rear, caught him in the slant of his back, upwards, between his shoulder blades. They were sharp, protruding, angled away from him. I twisted my hand in his hair. "I know, I know. I

He moved in short, sharp jerks, bearing down so as to prevent me quite completely from thrusting up into him. It was quite the strangest love-session I had ever partaken in. I had no control whatsoever, and he was fast losing his own; the bed underneath my back was rippling like water, and the man above me was one I'd loved for years, one I'd not thought had wanted me back until tonight.

He was breathless and arching as he orgasmed, and his body became incredibly pale, and the sight of it took me away as well, hit me in the chest and tore the air from me. I had ten seconds of fragile, interminable bliss, and the one thing I could feel were his hands on my chest and his thighs tight round my hips.

He had fallen forward, I saw, quite a while later. He had caught himself on his forearms. And then he slipped away from me, and fell again, this time barely avoiding crushing my windpipe as he collapsed upon me. 'Very sorry, my boy,' he muttered, the words muffled by my skin. 'I'm afraid tonight's brawl in the wharf has quite taken me out. You will have to bear with me for a blanket tonight.'

I had exhausted him, I understood. The core of him had been wrung out, and it was beautiful, and very, very sad. His breath came shaking against my neck, and his mouth was red and hot.

'Holmes,' I said, and the word anchored me, made me focused. I cradled his head to my chest, and his face in my neck, sank my fingers in his damp hair; little by little his breathing slowed, until his hand moved under the blanket and captured my own."

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (5b/5)

This is a fic-cover of their first time, right? ;D

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (5b/5)

My. Thoughts. Exactly.


I certainly wrote it that way. :D


(No, I'm not Molly, I just can't help it)

I fucking love you.

Re: a!a

My GOD you are brilliant. So, your fic of characters (fictional) writing fanfiction of fictional characters includes a fic written ostensibly about said fictional characters but was more of an in-joke disguise of what the characters were really up to...and...there goes my brain.


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