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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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+Anon posting is most definitely allowed, but not required.
+All kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance--whatever. Go wild! :D
+Keep things neat! Read prompts before you post to see if something similar has already been done, and while you are encouraged to prompt as much as you like, try to fill as well.
+Please do not re-post prompts unless the last time they were prompted was on an older part. Simply put: ONE posting of each prompt per part.
+RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
+Depending on the rate of activity, there may or may not be a prompt freeze when a part reaches 2000 and 4500 comments.
+However, there will be one when it reaches 7000. Also at 7000, after the freeze a new part will be posted, and all prompting should happen on the new part.
+Multiple fills are encouraged! :) Just because a prompt has already been claimed or written by someone, do not be afraid to offer up a second fill.

There's a link to this at the bottom of the post. I ask that if the part you wanted isn't up yet, just wait and one of the archivists will get to it, but please, once it is up, please make sure you post your fills there according to the guidelines. DO NOT skip out on doing this because it seems like too much effort.
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Please consider warning for triggery prompts (and also for fills, because some people read in flat view) and phrasing prompts in a manner that strives to be respectful.

Things which you might want to consider warning for include: Rape/Non-Con, Death, Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm, Underage Relationships, among others.

That being said, this is a kink meme. As such, there will be prompts that could offend you in a number of different ways. Not every prompt will have a trigger warning, and not every prompt will rub you the right way. If you have an issue with a specific prompt, feel free to bring it up in a discussion that takes place off the meme. However, flaming will not be tolerated regardless of origin.
You are highly encouraged to scroll right past a prompt that you dislike.

Remember, guys; Be civil, be friendly, but don’t be shy!

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The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

'I am so very sorry,' he whispered, and I could have laughed. He had not understood — eight years of partnership and he had not understood a thing just yet. He presupposed me to be driven to exasperation by his antics, and to follow him into his cases, into his dangers, into his life, out of a misguided sense of guilt and adoration. It was a very pretty case of theorizing ahead of the data.

'Self-centered fool,' I said, affectionally enough. He turned wide eyes on me, but I nosed closer — rather like a dog, if the truth be told — and set my chin upon the sharp snag of his shoulder, dusty and dirty as it was. He drew in a breath, very softly and very fast, and then he said nothing at all. I only wished, at this moment, that I had paper and pen to set the morning down — for his eyes and his nose and his mouth, the fine hairs at his nape. I wanted to write him down entirely, be it for the last time.

The dawn dragged on, but I only saw it in his face."

[redacted] wrote in fandomsecrets,

[ SECRET POST #1667]

Secret Post #1667

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.

01. [repeat]


Secrets left to post: 7 pages, 120 secrets from Secret Submission Post #250
Secrets not posted: [ 0 - broken links], [ 1, 2, 3, 4 - not!secrets], [ 0 - not!fandom ][ 1, 2 - repeat]
Current Secret Submission Post: here.
Suggestions, comments and concerns should go here.

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16. http://i54.tinypic.com/k9z0uw.png

no idea who this is, but it sounds hot

I like this secret a lot. &hearts

Oooh, is this who I think it is?

anonymous — OP
Depends on who you think it is?

Not AYRT, but I've Sherlock Holmes fandom in mind. Two BNFs? check. Snarking and flirting with each other? check. Being adorably dorky over fanfic/fanart? check.

anonymous — /da
all of fandom squeeing over them? check.

Who are they? come on, you can't just talk about them and not tell us their names.

Seconded, I need to know like burning!

Just check out this thread. Oh, and this one. And this, and this, and this

This thread is my favourite. ^.^


Oh my god, the level of UST in these threads!

Totally agreed, OP, these two need to be a thing.

If they aren't already… *waggles eyebrows*

Ooh, there's a pool! everyone weighs in a ficlet or a doodle, winner gets to set the theme.


I'm calling dibs on First Week Of September.

(Deleted comment)

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)


Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

Does Jeeves have to run the labyrinth to get back Bertie Wooster? Because that actually sounds weirdly plausible in my brain.

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

I love Jareth, but watching Jeeves outmaneuver him would be hilarious.

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)


Hey internet, whoever writes this gets my imaginary firstborn...!

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

Okay, this may be weird to leave a comment in the middle of the fic a year after it was posted, but this link doesn't work anymore? I am only really disappointed in myself for not having read sooner, but I'm hoping someone (authoranon?) has another link for it?

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

De-anoned master post can be found here.

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

the image said:
there are these two BNFs in my fandom
who just keep flirting and keep being adorably dorky together
I don't even think they realize it

so on behalf of the entire fandom, you two

cut the bullshit out
and just fuck already

thank you

all of us

Found through google search: "2zirpqf.png"

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