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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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The Theory of Narrative Causality (3a/5ish)

fkalsalskalaaaa look at you, you lovely people. you are fantastic, all. &hearts thank you all so very, very much.

for the record, neveryou_again is clara; mrs hudson appears briefly in this, but she'll be rather more important next chapter in which basically everything explodes.

this is my task force, junior (let_us_trade) wrote in holmeschat,

Well, everyone. A Watson has died, and one of the best, at that. He was quite fantastic, and apparently the kindest man as well, and he's died of cancer at age 78. This is a post for anything that's related to him — obituaries, testimonies, videos, drabbles, fanart, planned watchalongs, whatever — to remember this excellent actor and wonderful John Watson.

Thank you.

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Oh, no! I didn't even know he had cancer.

Neither did I, Moll.

And I was thinking — I mean, maybe, you might not want to! — but if you want, I've got the DVDs, we could watch them together? I know your shift this Saturday ends at six, so maybe we could order some Chinese and, you know, meet up? if you want. I don't want to make you if you don't want to.

Oh, no, I'd love it! I could bake cookies?

I love cookies!

You two are just plain adorable. :)

He was the best Watson to the best Holmes. R.I.P.

There are quite a few obituaries running around — here, here, and here. This one has an extract of an interview of his and Brett's. This one is a review of their playing Holmes and Watson onstage in 1994.


Saturday night, Hound of the Baskervilles, exact hour yet to decide. Anybody's interested?

Count me in. I love Hound.



Ditto, Hound is great and I've an early shift.

To think that Hardwicke thought he was too old and serious to play Watson. He was wonderful.

He really was, wasn't he? Brett was marvelous at any age, but Hardwicke really brought in the wiser Watson we can imagine from the post-Hiatus stories.

And he doesn't take any flak from Holmes either — they're so balanced.


Brett was my favorite Holmes. Sorry, Downey!lovers.

Boo, you whore ~:O~

The thing about Brett, I think, is that he stuck perfectly to the Holmes of the stories, instead of interpreting him one way or another. He was the ideal balance of energetic and composed, without the hyperactivity of RDJ or the aloofness of Rathbone.

Such a good actor. I will never be able to look at Freddy the same, now that I've found out he was the one playing him.

What Freddy where.


Don't thank me.


Someone needs to request this on the kinkmeme ASAP.


Aw, shucks. :D

He was quite good. Better than Burke, at any rate.

I liked Burke! I think it was the blue eyes. And the golden 'stache.

I recall your saying the same thing about Jude Law.

Law's 'stache was wicked, though.

Do you have a moustache fetish, John?

The Theory of Narrative Causality (3b/5ish)

Wouldn't you like to know.

Obey the 'stache, man.

You realize we've got a pool running on you two, right? go and flirt in your own damn journals, this isn't the place.

From: theimprobableone,
To: jumperfucker,

youve no idea what i can do to you
if you dont leave consulting_detective

i can call so many people who'll make
life real hell for you

From: theimprobableone,
To: jumperfucker,

you're not clever enogu for him anyway

From: theimprobableone,
To: jumperfucker,

do you really think he wants your
company, your forcing yourself
on him, you should be ashamed

From: theimprobableone,
To: jumperfucker,


From: jumperfucker,
To: theimprobableone,

Okay, I've been at work so I couldn't
answer, but: SHUT THE FUCK UP.
You've been banned. Don't come

Whatever kind of misjudged adoration
you've got going for consulting_detective,
you might want to take it up directly with
him — at least I'll have the pleasure to
see him rip you to shreds.

Insults, sockpuppets and general trolling
are not welcome here. Toodle back to
the anon meme, kiddo.

consulting_detective is connected.

you (22:12): good evening, you.
I've been meaning to ask this for a while — have you heard of theimprobableone? he's been sending me really horrible PMs about you recently
really really creepy
in an adulating fan kind of way

consulting_detective (22:12): Hmmm.
Yes. He is… rather persistent in his admiration.
I am sorry he has bothered you. I should have taken care of him long ago, but

you (22:14): …

consulting_detective (22:14): I had... better things to do with my time.
Trolls are only interesting for so long.
I will take care of him, if you like.

you (22:15): much appreciated.

consulting_detective (22:16): How is your Moriarty coming along?

you (22:17): much better, yeah. he's getting… density, I think. which is good.
your drawings help
and i've fleshed out the cabbie from the first part, that's pretty good too. it'll be a bit different from STUD, but I've kept the aneurysm part, and the motive is logical enough.
at any rate, it's tying in with the Moriarty timeline, which was my big problem

consulting_detective (22:17): I have a draft ready of the Italian restaurant passage. Are you interested?

you (22:18): tell me, how many of these are you going to make? we're far past the five drawings you were planning on doing at first.
of course i'm interested, you big dork, what do you think.

consulting_detective (22:19): What can I say, John.
Your words inspire me.

you (22:20): oh

good, i think.
really, really good.
I'm glad.

cute enough to shoot you down (jumperfucker) wrote,

Recently there's been quite an afflux of messages in my inbox asking to know who I am and whether we can meet up and where I work and where I live. And, guys, I understand the wish to make friends, I really do, and I'm sorry, but this is where I draw the line.

So I suppose it's time for another one of these:


I am not going to tell you my full name, or my address, or the place where I work. I live in London. I'm bisexual. I'm thirty-six years old. I write smutty slash Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. I know a few of you in real life, that's true, but mostly because I either knew them beforehand, or met them through a complete coincidence afterwards.

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3a/5ish)

Noooo Hardwiiick ;_;

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3c/5ish)

(Which came as an absolute surprise when you realize that the nice, shiny new person in front of you is the fantastic fanartist/fic writer you've been talking to for months online.)

So please, stop asking. No, I won't be meeting up with you in some unknown little pub on the other side of London, that's what cons are for. Nor will I tell you where I work, and who for, because I have a hobby of writing Victoriana slash, and that's not necessarily well-seen outside of fandom.

I'm just. You know. I'm just a guy who happens to like Victorian porn. Remember that, don't harass me (you know who you are, don't do it again), and we'll all be good. Thank you.

Anyhow, to make up for this serious mood, have a ficlet (mostly written in celebration of my having reached the 25,000 mark on BigBang fic):

Title: and there we go, then, together
Length: 1,500 words.
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Betas: sarah_s and storm_ford, who need to stop massacring my semi-columns on Google Docs. What have semi-columns ever done to you.
Rating: PG-13? I can never tell when there's no porn.
Summary: John Watson wakes up. And wakes up. And wakes up.

(we've never had a life of our own)

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Ooh, what happened?

Mostly just one asshole, I think — they had a sockpuppet account at first, and after I banned them the anon comments started flooding in. I turned it off for a bit, but quite a lot of people like to comment anon, so I can't keep it down forever just because I can't be arsed to delete a few silly comments.

It's calmed down a bit now, though. Whoever they are, they've got quite a sick fascination with consulting_detective.

That sounds horrible. >:( Good luck, Johnny.

Thanks. :D

Good luck getting rid of the troll, John! &hearts

Thank you!

So this is still going on, then.

I'm afraid so, yeah. You might want to try and find out who they are with your mad deducin' skilz.

Anything for you.

"'… Holmes,' I whispered, and as I closed my hand around his upper arm I felt my friend's fine muscles tremble with tension under the sleeve. I did not know how many hours he had been awake — I did not know how many hours I had been awake, and exhaustion rippled through my veins like a sick version of his seven-percent — and his eyes were bright and brittle in the dull dawn. From where I knelt, sitting back on my haunches in a position that drove fine tendrils of pain into my left thigh, I could only see the high slope of his shoulder and his thin, angular profile, twitching with passing thoughts. His brilliant brain had not yet screeched to a halt, as mine had. I wondered if it were not worse, to see, as he did, every dreadful arrangement of the hours and minutes we had before us, and never find a solution quite good enough for the both of us to survive them.

'My dear boy,' he said finally, very softly. His arm shook in my grasp and tore away, only to return in the guise of his fingers, slipping effortlessly between mine. They hooked there, cradled my palm with warmth. I staggered. I was so very tired that I could only squeeze back, and hope that the brush of my wrist against his was a clue he could decipher.

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3c/5ish)

Rating: PG-13? I can never tell when there's no porn.

Me either. In my mind there's only two ratings - Gen and Porn :DDD

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3c/5ish)

"Anything for you"?! Now that's as "As you wish" if I ever heard one!

I am really loving this whole bunches!

The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

'I am so very sorry,' he whispered, and I could have laughed. He had not understood — eight years of partnership and he had not understood a thing just yet. He presupposed me to be driven to exasperation by his antics, and to follow him into his cases, into his dangers, into his life, out of a misguided sense of guilt and adoration. It was a very pretty case of theorizing ahead of the data.

'Self-centered fool,' I said, affectionally enough. He turned wide eyes on me, but I nosed closer — rather like a dog, if the truth be told — and set my chin upon the sharp snag of his shoulder, dusty and dirty as it was. He drew in a breath, very softly and very fast, and then he said nothing at all. I only wished, at this moment, that I had paper and pen to set the morning down — for his eyes and his nose and his mouth, the fine hairs at his nape. I wanted to write him down entirely, be it for the last time.

The dawn dragged on, but I only saw it in his face."

[redacted] wrote in fandomsecrets,

[ SECRET POST #1667]

Secret Post #1667

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.

01. [repeat]


Secrets left to post: 7 pages, 120 secrets from Secret Submission Post #250
Secrets not posted: [ 0 - broken links], [ 1, 2, 3, 4 - not!secrets], [ 0 - not!fandom ][ 1, 2 - repeat]
Current Secret Submission Post: here.
Suggestions, comments and concerns should go here.

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16. http://i54.tinypic.com/k9z0uw.png

no idea who this is, but it sounds hot

I like this secret a lot. &hearts

Oooh, is this who I think it is?

anonymous — OP
Depends on who you think it is?

Not AYRT, but I've Sherlock Holmes fandom in mind. Two BNFs? check. Snarking and flirting with each other? check. Being adorably dorky over fanfic/fanart? check.

anonymous — /da
all of fandom squeeing over them? check.

Who are they? come on, you can't just talk about them and not tell us their names.

Seconded, I need to know like burning!

Just check out this thread. Oh, and this one. And this, and this, and this

This thread is my favourite. ^.^


Oh my god, the level of UST in these threads!

Totally agreed, OP, these two need to be a thing.

If they aren't already… *waggles eyebrows*

Ooh, there's a pool! everyone weighs in a ficlet or a doodle, winner gets to set the theme.


I'm calling dibs on First Week Of September.

(Deleted comment)

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3e/5ish)

Okay, this may be weird to leave a comment in the middle of the fic a year after it was posted, but this link doesn't work anymore? I am only really disappointed in myself for not having read sooner, but I'm hoping someone (authoranon?) has another link for it?

The Theory of Narrative Causality (3f/5ish)

consulting_detective — A TV TROPES ARTICLE

is an (in)famous fanartist in the Sherlock Holmes fandom, a practical genius with pencil and ink, and, according to some sources, one hell of a douchebag. Testimonies differ as to the level of douchebaggery — the fandom seems divided between those who adulate him and those who detest him.

He was involved/started/flounced in such timeless wanks as The Time When Everybody Was A Cat, Why U No Ask The Beeb, Elephants Elephants, and The Case Of The Dog Who Bit The Calf And Tore The Pants. (See a round-up of the fandom_wank reports here.)

consulting_detective is one of the old-school fans who got into Sherlock Holmes fandom in early 2000s, was raised on the ACD stories and the Granada series, and scoffed at the arrival of new fans of the 2009 movie casting Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law. He is said to pride himself on his 'honesty' — i.e., his ability to tell anyone exactly what he thinks of them in vitriolic statements.

More recently, though, he appears to have changed somewhat and mellowed out, thanks to his prolonged involvement with well-known BNF jumperfucker, with whom he is partnered in the Sherlock Holmes Big Bang. The fandom seems welcoming of this change, and likes to speculate on their relationship. At length. This relationship is ongoing, and will necessitate further additions to this page.

Tropes that can be encountered when communicating with this individual:

Ambiguously Gay: according to part of the fandom. Many use this thread, in which he discusses his very large knowledge about tailored, expensive clothing as proof.
Awesome By Analysis: almost a Sherlock Scan, appropriately enough. consulting_detective makes no mystery of his applying Holmes' deduction techniques to real life, which would render any other person ridiculous, but he's just so darn good at it.
Batman Gambit: in this explosive Where Is My Stick wank.
The Chessmaster: in any given discussion, anytime, anywhere. He is always ten steps ahead of you.
Clothes Make The Legend: consulting_detective once mentioned owning a long, flapping, tailored Badass Coat. This spawned three memes, several requests of fic at the kinkmeme, and an increasing number of icons bearing the words 'consulting_detective + Teh Coat = OTP'.
Dangerously Genre Savvy: he knows fandom and fandom's ways perfectly, and it is often discovered that he has manipulated members into doing what he wanted by using fandom etiquette or popular memes.
Deadpan Snarker: played very, very straight.
Doing It For The Art: he often argues this when discussing his fanart pieces.
Good Is Not Nice: interpreted as such for part of the fandom. Others say he's rather a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold. Others think he's simply a Complete Asshole.

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3f/5ish)

BRB, dying of mirth.

I love this thing so fucking much. Meta-fic is the besttttt.

The Theory of Narrative Causality (3g/5ish)

Ho Yay: with let_us_trade, definitely. Some insinuate that his relationship with andrès_son is just too vitriolic for them not to want to fuck each other senseless. Lately, he and jumperfucker have been flirting so hard it could shatter windows.
Insufferable Genius: everyone agrees on that one.
Only Friend: jumperfucker doubles as this and as The Watson.
Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic: inverted and lampshades at the same time — you will never see consulting_detective without his faithful minions, Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation, but no one really talks like that on the Internet, surely?
Screw The Rules, I'm Doing What's Right: more a case of Screw The Rules than one of I'm Doing What's Right, but it definitely applies. Especially in cases such as this or this.
Stealth Insult: played straight. consulting_detective can insult you so subtly you only notice it two days later, at a completely unrelated moment.

you (19:09): alright. how about this? go on, hit me.
no profile; journal's friends-only. you've only got the one thread.

consulting_detective (19: 09): Russian. Either very young or trying to sound younger than they really are; probably the second — I should say twenty-six or twenty-eight years old.
Their spouse or partner has recently run out on them and they have been forced to find new lodgings; they use fandom as a means of concretizing their real lives frustrations, but do not quite succeed in the endeavour.
Good education; upper middle class to say the least.

you (19:11): … and you got all that from a thread about manga.
how — no, hold on
okay. tell me.

consulting_detective (19:11): The overuse of exclamation points and 1s indicates either youth or the wish for it. The lack of capitals and otherwise perfect spelling and use of grammar indicate that it is probably the latter, and that their education has been good, deriving for a reasonably wealthy family life.
The points they make are interesting and well-thought, but they are argued with a desperation that brings the logical mind on the focus of the conversation, which was what is generally viewed as a shipping war.
In the subthread that follows, which concerns not relationships but single characterizations, they become much more logical in their conclusions and do not let themselves be taken away by sentiment. They are therefore much troubled by the argument of the love affairs inherent to the fandom they are involved in, possibly because the point of the conversation concerns adultery. We may therefore safely assume that the issue strikes home rather forcefully in this individual, and that they have had the same experience in their personal lives.
They exclaim especially over the necessity for the injured party to find new accommodations for themselves, which again indicates one's personal experience in the matter. Clearly they then use fandom activism as a means of taking out their anger and irritation towards this issue, but are not able to resolve them, as the argument worsens eventually into name-calling.
Does that satisfy your curiosity, John?

you (19:13): so far, yes
fuck that's bloody briiliant
what about the Russian bit? their English is flawless.

consulting_detective (19:13): Russian smileys.

you (19:13): sorry, what?

consulting_detective (19:14): These parentheses at the end of the sentences are the Russian versions of your silly little :)s.

you (19:14): … russian. smileys.

consulting_detective (19:15): Really, John, that was the easiest bit.

The Theory of Narrative Causality (3g/5ish)

you (19:16): there's a hilarious 'In Soviet Russia' joke in here somewhere
I'm not quite sure where

consulting_detective (19:16): Oh. Memes. Dull.

you (19: 17): oh my god, he's bored.
just don't go trolling ffrantsrants

consulting_detective (19:18): You can hardly call it trolling when I am merely pointing out the obvious flaws in their communities' rules.

you (19:18): you've been banned from four rant comms, mate.

consulting_detective (19:19): I merely told them they were being idiotic.

you (19:19): you think everyone's an idiot.

consulting_detective (19:20): Exactly.

i'll fix you that cuppa (mrs_hudson) wrote in shkinkmeme,

the sherlock holmes kink meme - part xx


(4509 comments) - (post a new comment)

consulting_detective / jumperfucker.

Because they've basically been fucking each other all over their journals for weeks now. Y/Y?

Oh my god. Why did I not know this

I ship it.


Is this allowed?

Shh, nonnie, don't alert the mods.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god. Who tops, I wonder?

, of course!

dude, consulting_detective a total bottom. he probably likes to be spanked for bad behaviour. naughty boy.

Mmmm, spanking.




, how nice of you to join us!



The Theory of Narrative Causality (3h/5ish)

"Oh dear," said consulting_detective, reclining upon their bed with relish. "That is certainly quite an impressive tool."

"Others have likewise called it so," jumperfucker replied, grinning, as he braced himself on his hands and knees over the other man, stark naked. "Is this why you've called me here? to talk like Victorians and fuck like rabbits?"

"Well, you write well enough to entertain me and we live in the same city," consulting_detective conceded, having expertly deduced jumperfucker's address from the state of his jumper, the splatter of mud on his boots, and the tube ticket concealed in his jeans pocket.

"Romantic," jumperfucker drawled. He shifted alertly, rocking back against consulting_detective's hips.

"Get used to it," consulting_detective sighed, dramatically, "for I am a soulless bastard who will probably throw you down like an old sock when I'm done with you."

"No," was jumperfucker's clever response. "I think you've been traumatized in your youth, as all tragic heroes have, and now I must cure you with my Dastardly Dick of Doom."

"That is another interpretation of our relationship," consulting_detective agreed. "I would rather like to know whether you live up to John 'Three Continents' Watson, you know, or if it's the claim of your ludicrously lyrical imagination — for surely for me to be the tragic hero you must be the loyal but rather dim sidekick with the silly theories and the liking for strawberry jam."

"Christ, your mouth would do with some stuffing, the way it babbles," jumperfucker remarked, before providing the stuffing.

Afterwards, they lay in a sweaty heap upon the coverlet, breathing hard and generally praising their own performances.

"That was quite pleasing, that trick of your tongue," consulting_detective admitted, much as he was loath to admit the talent of anyone other than himself.

"Thank you," jumperfucker said pleasantly. "I liked that roll of your hips, just when you were coming. Very nicely done, that."

"Thank you," consulting_detective said lazily. "Oh, and next time, we're trying roleplaying. I would rather enjoy deducing how long you like to be denied orgasm, I think. You can be Watson."

(sorry, guys. i tried. D:)

"Thank you," consulting_detective said lazily. "Oh, and next time, we're trying roleplaying. I would rather enjoy deducing how long you like to be denied orgasm, I think. You can be Watson."



What did I just read.

Rule 34, Johnny-boy!

I'm still LOLing, mate.

This is why I love you, John.

, amirite? :D

Absolument. ;)

as a disclaimer: i have seen russian smileys discussed, but i've not total confirmation. if it's complete bullshit, do let me know?

next step saturday, i believe. keep on rocking, all of you. &hearts

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Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality (3a/5ish)

Bwah! My reaction when I found out about Freddy was EXACTLY the same as John's.

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