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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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Girl!Sherlock and Girl!John using a double dildo.

Yes, I want hot, unashamed lesbian porn and I am not ashamed of that.

Fill 1/3 - The OP requested lesbian porn, and lesbian porn the OP shall have.


Honestly, part of the reason I decided to go back and fill this prompt is that I happened upon this earlier in the day on etsy (while looking at engraved cutting boards, I swear!) and it struck me as elegant enough for Femlock:

And I just went with “Sherlock” and “Joan” as their names, because if it’s good enough for Sadyna, it’s more than good enough for me:


When Joan arrives home from the clinic, there's violin music coming from the living room, so she's a bit startled when Sherlock emerges not from there but from the kitchen, holding a freshly opened bottle of wine. She smirks at Joan and pours her a glass. Wine, romantic music, and even a few candles scattered around. Some of the candles could probably have been scattered with a bit more caution, come to think of it, but it's the thought that counts.

“What's the occasion?” Joan asks, accepting the wine glass, while picking a candle up off of a stack of papers, and placing it on an abandoned plate.

“No occasion as such,” She purrs, “although, I received something today which I admit I'm eager to try.” Sherlock can see the puzzlement on Joan's face coalescing into a tentative theory.

“It isn't new lingerie, though I am wearing the black one you like.” She nods towards a cardboard box sitting on the table. “Take a look.”

Joan opens the box and finds what appears to be a small abstract statue done in highly polished wood. She turns it over once or twice, wondering if she's supposed to be seeing something specific in it. Two lovers entwined? It must have some kind of significance to Sherlock. She had better say something or else Sherlock will think she doesn't like it.

“It's lovely Sherlock, really. Is it for me?”

“It's for both of us. That's the beauty of it.” She grins. It's only then that Joan notices the bottles of lubricant sitting on the table next to the box, and the clues fall into place. She sighs and then takes a gulp of her wine.

“You're not averse to the experiment?” Sherlock is suddenly right behind her.

“I'm game if you are.” She murmurs, leaning back against Sherlock.

“I thought I knew my Watson.” She wraps one arm around Joan and uses her other hand to brush her hair aside and kiss the side of her face. Sherlock takes a few steps back towards the couch. She undoes her skirt, letting it fall to the ground with the sound of silk sliding against silk. Joan watches, unable to move, as Sherlock frees her hair from a loose ponytail and begins to unbutton her shirt, until the soft purple fabric hangs open over a ridiculously expensive piece of black silk.

Everything about Sherlock is silk, it seems. And it seems that Joan will never not feel a sudden stab of shame in these moments, comparing herself with someone so flawless.

“Far from that…” Sherlock murmurs. She’s reclining on the sofa now, one still high-healed foot resting on the sofa and the other on the floor. Joan knows that Sherlock knows. How could she not, with Joan’s hand flying unconsciously to her scarred shoulder? It’s why Sherlock likes to make a show of disrobing for Joan, not so that Joan can feel humbled by her beauty, but so that Joan can have the confidence that comes with being fully clothed when she straddles her almost naked flatmate and starts kissing her into a frenzy. Joan drains the last of her glass and proceeds to do so.

Fill 2/3 - The OP requested lesbian porn, and lesbian porn the OP shall have.

Their mouths both taste like wine, and perhaps this is the reason they both seem intent on drinking each other. Joan brushes one hand softly over Sherlock’s jaw as her tongue invades Sherlock’s mouth. Her other hand slides the purple shirt off of Sherlock’s shoulder, so that John will be able to bite her there. There are sounds that Sherlock makes when Joan kisses and sucks and bites, starting from her shoulder and working up her long white neck, that make Joan’s head spin. Meanwhile, Sherlock is clinging to Joan for dear life and trying desperately not to rut against her.

Joan sheds her jumper and tells Sherlock to finish removing the shirt. She pulls Sherlock against her and catches her mouth once more, before moving down her body to slide the ridiculously expensive silk G-string down her ridiculously long legs. Sherlock worries her lower lip with her teeth in anticipation, a site which never fails to make Joan’s mouth water. She lowers her head to Sherlock’s vagina and sees to it as adeptly as she had Sherlock’s mouth. Sliding her hands over Sherlock’s hips and up under her lingerie to stroke her belly and grasp her sides, she has Sherlock reduced to incoherent moans of pleasure in moments, and to slightly more coherent screams of pleasure shortly thereafter.

“Yes, Joan! Oh god! That’s brilliant! Oh!” She cries as she reaches completion. Lying back against the couch cushions, she sighs deeply and takes only a few moments to stare woozily at the ceiling before remembering the experiment, her mind still too sharply aware to be distracted for long.

“Now, to business!” she cries, hopping up and clapping her hands together in excitement. She grabs the dildo and a bottle of lubricant from the table and rushes back to the couch. Pressing Joan against the back of the couch, she quickly unbuttons and casts aside her shirt and her bra. Seizing one breast, she squeezes it and licks her way inside Joan’s mouth. She pushes Joan until she’s lying down across the couch, and then slides off her trousers and panties. Sherlock pauses suddenly, then allows her hands to trail back the way they came, ghosting over Joan’s thighs and brushing her thumb over Joan’s opening.

“Joan...” The name comes out so thickly that it barely sounds like her voice. All at once, her throat is tight, but she feels that she must force out just one more word, “Beautiful.”

Now Joan is naked and Sherlock is down to the wet piece of black silk that clings to her pale skin, as she coats the dildo liberally in oil and positions it. Joan can’t help but think of someone committing seppuku as Sherlock pushes it into herself, with a gasp. There’s some awkwardness and shuffling of pillows as the two both work to line themselves up properly. Finally, Joan is able to move her hips to slowly engulf the hard implement which Sherlock slides into her with infinite care.

They’re both breathing hard and whimpering softly by the time it’s in, and they stay frozen like that for a time, watching each other, getting used to the fullness of it.

Fill 3/3 - The OP requested lesbian porn, and lesbian porn the OP shall have.


“You move.”


“Ah! That’s- that’s good.”

“Could you – yes, just like that. Oh fuck, that’s-”

They’re quick learners and it isn’t long before they establish a rhythm. The tempo of their thrusts increases as they grow more desperate. Joan wants to look to see if Sherlock’s juices are running down the gracefully carved piece of wood into her, but she can’t seem to get her eyes to focus. Sherlock’s long graceful fingers seek out Joan’s clitoris and send her over the edge.

Sherlock manages to remain completely motionless as Joan throws her head back and shudders with her release. Once she’s still, Sherlock firmly grasps the part of the dildo left exposed between them and begins rocking into it again, impaling herself on it, while transmitting only a few ripples of motion into Joan. Joan’s left hand joins hers on the dildo, helping her to hold it in place, while her right brushes the long black locks out of Sherlock’s face.

“You look so sweet,” Joan tells her, “and hot, and soft. Like caramel.” Sherlock laughs shakily at the absurd statement. Joan slides two fingers along the smooth, hard surface of the dildo, insinuating them into Sherlock’s vagina. They flex and probe for a few moments, making Sherlock gasp and moan, before she draws them out, coated in a mixture of vaginal fluid and superfluous lubricant. She places them into her own mouth.

“Or, like honey, maybe.” The part of Sherlock’s mind that is still insisting on remaining detached knows that there’s no way that her secretions taste anything like honey, but the rest of her being overthrows that part, causing her whole hard drive to crash with a wordless scream. She collapses backwards, sprawled like a dropped rag doll and panting mindlessly.

“And stay down this time.” Joan says with a fond smile, watching Sherlock blink at the ceiling, openmouthed in shock. Sherlock’s muscles had clenched so hard as she withdrew that the dildo had gone with her, so Joan draws it out of her, thinking about Excalibur for a split second and feeling bad about it, and places the wet, shiny thing on the floor. She works herself in between Sherlock and the back of the couch, half on her and half next to her, and all twined around her like ivy. She’ll wait until Sherlock’s systems come back online before suggesting they move to the bedroom to discuss the results of the experiment. Though clearly a success in this test, Sherlock’s rigorous scientific mind will probably demand multiple trials.

Re: Fill 3/3 - The OP requested lesbian porn, and lesbian porn the OP shall have.

guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Who needs a girlfriend when there are fills like this on the internet? Funny hot and sweet. This is true love!

Re: Fill 3/3 - The OP requested lesbian porn, and lesbian porn the OP shall have.


Loved this bit:


“You move.”

Also the seppukku image, it's so Sherlockian.

OP here!

my dear, dear anon, I adore you beyond words, because you gave me this wonderfully hot piece of porn and I just ... guh. thanks. just thanks.

I rather think I'd like to marry you. *gets down on one knee* Do me the honour and come writing hot lesbian porn for me, 'till internet failure do us part?

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