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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

Prompts from this post can be filled on the Overflow Post

+Anon posting is most definitely allowed, but not required.
+All kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance--whatever. Go wild! :D
+Keep things neat! Read prompts before you post to see if something similar has already been done, and while you are encouraged to prompt as much as you like, try to fill as well.
+Please do not re-post prompts unless the last time they were prompted was on an older part. Simply put: ONE posting of each prompt per part.
+RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
+Depending on the rate of activity, there may or may not be a prompt freeze when a part reaches 2000 and 4500 comments.
+However, there will be one when it reaches 7000. Also at 7000, after the freeze a new part will be posted, and all prompting should happen on the new part.
+Multiple fills are encouraged! :) Just because a prompt has already been claimed or written by someone, do not be afraid to offer up a second fill.

There's a link to this at the bottom of the post. I ask that if the part you wanted isn't up yet, just wait and one of the archivists will get to it, but please, once it is up, please make sure you post your fills there according to the guidelines. DO NOT skip out on doing this because it seems like too much effort.
Do not be afraid to ask questions about how it works if you are confused! The mod would be happy to explain.

Your mods for this meme are snowishness and marill_chan. If you have any questions, concerns, comments about anything at all on the meme feel free to send a PM or contact us via the page-a-mod post.

Please consider warning for triggery prompts (and also for fills, because some people read in flat view) and phrasing prompts in a manner that strives to be respectful.

Things which you might want to consider warning for include: Rape/Non-Con, Death, Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm, Underage Relationships, among others.

That being said, this is a kink meme. As such, there will be prompts that could offend you in a number of different ways. Not every prompt will have a trigger warning, and not every prompt will rub you the right way. If you have an issue with a specific prompt, feel free to bring it up in a discussion that takes place off the meme. However, flaming will not be tolerated regardless of origin.
You are highly encouraged to scroll right past a prompt that you dislike.

Remember, guys; Be civil, be friendly, but don’t be shy!

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Overflow Post

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Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1c/4?)

Please. Stop. It's not worth dragging old battles in the mud like that; it's only going to make things worse, from now on. The original thread was actually pretty interesting, before everything began to get personal, and there were some discussions around the ACD canon / '09 movie resemblances and dissimilarities between some people not involved in the wank. These were good, I enjoyed reading that. I've already told my fill on those issues here and here, but I suspect SH2 is going to change perspective all over again.

(Yes, I'm still bitter about Rachel McAdams being off the cast. Shut up.)

That said, I think I've answered everyone who kindly commented on A Day Like Today — if I've left someone out by accident, I'm very sorry, and thanks very much. You guys know how much I appreciate your feedback.

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To: jumperfucker,
From: shbigbangmod,


You have been paired with
consulting_detective for your entry
in the Sherlock Holmes Big Bang.
Please discuss the details of your
association with them.

If you drop out, please let us know
at least two weeks before the final
submission date so we can reassign

Best of luck,

The Sherlock Holmes Big Bang Mod

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

Hello there. So, uh, we've been paired
together in the shbigbang, and I was
wondering — I know you got sent the
first draft and all, but is there anything
you want to know about the story? I
mean, I can give you a general outline
or maybe send you everything I've
written so far, and then you can draw
whichever passage you like.

Also, what type of art do you think
you'll do? a big one? small ones? Just,
well. Just let me know if you want to talk
about it.



To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective

You have too detailed a writing style.
A general outline would not help any.
If there are specific scenes you want
to see illustrated, write them and send
them to me.

Your first draft was structured in five
parts. That would mean one ink drawing
for each, as well as a final piece for
the epilogue.

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

Seriously? I — wow. That's a lot. But
I guess since I'm writing a 50K+ story,
you have to keep up? anyway, I'm
sending you three separate passages,
which I think are among the most
important bits, I'd love to see them in
your art — that's the meeting at Bart's,
and there's the Chinese circus bit, and
the discussion in the living-room at
221B in the last part but one. They're
unbeta'ed, but I don't think they're too
rough for you not to get a clear idea.



To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective,

I do not have to 'keep up' with your
work. I merely want this to be the best
we can do under the circumstances.

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

I, yes. That's, I guess. That's


To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective,

Glad we agree. This is the first draft
of the St Bart's meeting, in pencil. I
will have to ink it in later, but you may
imagine the final result.

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

Wow. That's — well, that looks
rather amazing. You know that's
actually what people expect from this
sort of challenge exchange, right?

By the way, I've been talking to
sarah_s — that's my beta — about the
Chinese mafia subplot, and she says
it's fairly problematic, which it is, upon
rereading. I'm going to rewrite that bit
in. The circus passage should remain
mostly unchanged, but if you plan on
illustrating that one can you wait a bit
and focus on another for now? I
should be done with a rough draft of
scene at the pool by the end of the
week, if you want it.


To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective,

I am not most people. And fine. The
draft of the pool would be most

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