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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1a/4?)

sorry for how late this is, the fill sort of. ran away. a lot. anyway. hello, meme, nice to meet you at last.

things happen because the plot says they should.

[redacted] posted in fandom_wank,

In Which consulting_detective Would Like You All To Know His Thoughts About Sherlock Holmes

Thanks for the mousies at wank_report for the beginning of this account; I filled in the rest.

Right. consulting_detective. Best damn fanartist in Sherlock Holmes fandom, makes you take one look and jump under the cold shower, master snarker, deadpan cynist, canon lover, sneers at everyone who's in his way, etcetcetc. If you'd like reminders of his previous antics, see here, here, and here. (And here, if you want to be scarred forever.)

So Sherlock Holmes fandom has been small and refined for the longest time. (Many would have it that it's the First Fandom Ever, and that Holmes/Watson is the first slash ship sailin' the seven seas, back when all fapping material fans had were 'zines and mail chains.) The original stories have been adapted left, right, and center — see Basil Rathbone and Bumblin' Nigel Bruce, or the scrumptious Jeremy Brett and his two Watsons. And then there's been the '09 movie by Guy Ritchie, starring Robert Downey Junior as a disheveled, scruffy Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as gambling, gun-savvy John 'REALLY FUCKING HOT' Watson.

Fandom, as a result, exploded in many and various ways. Fanfic was written. Fanart was drawn. Discussions were had. There were challenges. And at least two kinkmemes.

There's been a bit of a lull recently, but after the confirmation of an upcoming sequel in winter 2011, and several set photos being let loose, fandom is sizzling once again.

(This background info was brought to you by extensive reading on holmesian_news.)

In the wake of these set pictures, s_sarah publishes this thread on holmeschat, linking back to this cast list in which Kelly Reilly, who plays Watson's fiancée, is recorded as Mary Morstan (as opposed to Mary Watson) and asks the community whether 1. this means they are not yet married, and 2. what it signifies for the Holmes-Watson relationship.

For a while the discussion is pretty civil, with several suggestions and polite disagreements (possible spoilers behind the links). And then consulting_detective comes in, and everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

consulting_detective is reputed for being an out-and-out canon supporter; his fanart is resolutely canon-based, with inspiration taken from the original Paget pictures and the Granada series starring Jeremy Brett. His dislike for the '09 movie is an open secret, but so far he'd been pretty quiet in his criticism outside out of his journal. Here, though, he really lets himself go.

Highlights include:

Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1b/4?)

Downey would be not be able to play Holmes if he stuck a mop stick up his arse and drank his tea with one pinkie outstretched, and even then he would still be a sugar-hyperactive monkey with no proper sense of manners and the most ridiculous face in the history of christendom

The Ritchie movie is nothing more than American-bait with many explosions and basic appeals at the impressionable human psyche with supernatural stupidities

How To Butcher A Strong Female Character, or why they turned the most intelligent woman of the entire stories into a trousers-wearing, fighting-savvy, men-dominated femme fatale with red lipstick and no brains of her own

Funnily, though, consulting_detective refrains entirely from making scathing remarks about Law's Watson. People remark on this. consulting_detective keeps silent, and then admits that Law's Watson is interestingly-thought and better-played than his detective counterpart.

salts_theway suggests that someone has a crush.

andrés_son makes unfashionable remarks about consulting_detective's sexuality.

consulting_detective replies with a damning deduction about salts_theway and andrés_son relationship.

Shit gets personal from then on, and more people join in. Some mice laugh at everyone and then some. miss_toby takes consulting_detective's defense. storm_ford complains that this is why fandom can't have nice things. jim_fromit predicts it will all end on fandom_wank.

The mod of the comm, let_us_trade, eventually turns off anon commenting and administrates the following smackdown:

SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU WANKERS. It's a very nice weekend here with the missus and the kids, and I'd rather not be dealing out bans on precious members of the comm, thanks very much. Get off the laptop, get yourselves a drink, and remember that we're all here because we love the same characters. DON'T COME BACK UNLESS YOU CAN BE CIVIL. Christ, what are you, kindergarden kids?

s_sarah, who was apparently out at work for the duration of the wank and had no idea that her thread had degenerated so rapidly, seconds this, and advices everyone to stop flooding her inbox and go read jumperfucker's latest epic 30K fic instead, because 'at least [they] can all agree that his fanfiction's the best out there.'

salts_theway replies that she has always thought jumperfucker's stuff to be vastly overrated. So far, nobody has really reacted to this, but considering that jumperfucker is one of the best-known BNFs of SH fandom, has written some 200K of fanfiction in both the ACD and the '09 premises, and has well over 3000 LJ friends, that should turn into another wankfest pretty rapidly.

ETAs to come!

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cute enough to shoot you down (jumperfucker) wrote,

Well. Uh. I think everybody and their grandmothers' cats have seen this clusterfuck. Thanks for the unexpected publicity, I guess? I know s_sarah was only trying to help and calm things down, for which I thank her, but god now I wish they'd shut up and be done with it.

Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1c/4?)

Please. Stop. It's not worth dragging old battles in the mud like that; it's only going to make things worse, from now on. The original thread was actually pretty interesting, before everything began to get personal, and there were some discussions around the ACD canon / '09 movie resemblances and dissimilarities between some people not involved in the wank. These were good, I enjoyed reading that. I've already told my fill on those issues here and here, but I suspect SH2 is going to change perspective all over again.

(Yes, I'm still bitter about Rachel McAdams being off the cast. Shut up.)

That said, I think I've answered everyone who kindly commented on A Day Like Today — if I've left someone out by accident, I'm very sorry, and thanks very much. You guys know how much I appreciate your feedback.

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To: jumperfucker,
From: shbigbangmod,


You have been paired with
consulting_detective for your entry
in the Sherlock Holmes Big Bang.
Please discuss the details of your
association with them.

If you drop out, please let us know
at least two weeks before the final
submission date so we can reassign

Best of luck,

The Sherlock Holmes Big Bang Mod

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

Hello there. So, uh, we've been paired
together in the shbigbang, and I was
wondering — I know you got sent the
first draft and all, but is there anything
you want to know about the story? I
mean, I can give you a general outline
or maybe send you everything I've
written so far, and then you can draw
whichever passage you like.

Also, what type of art do you think
you'll do? a big one? small ones? Just,
well. Just let me know if you want to talk
about it.



To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective

You have too detailed a writing style.
A general outline would not help any.
If there are specific scenes you want
to see illustrated, write them and send
them to me.

Your first draft was structured in five
parts. That would mean one ink drawing
for each, as well as a final piece for
the epilogue.

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

Seriously? I — wow. That's a lot. But
I guess since I'm writing a 50K+ story,
you have to keep up? anyway, I'm
sending you three separate passages,
which I think are among the most
important bits, I'd love to see them in
your art — that's the meeting at Bart's,
and there's the Chinese circus bit, and
the discussion in the living-room at
221B in the last part but one. They're
unbeta'ed, but I don't think they're too
rough for you not to get a clear idea.



To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective,

I do not have to 'keep up' with your
work. I merely want this to be the best
we can do under the circumstances.

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

I, yes. That's, I guess. That's


To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective,

Glad we agree. This is the first draft
of the St Bart's meeting, in pencil. I
will have to ink it in later, but you may
imagine the final result.

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

Wow. That's — well, that looks
rather amazing. You know that's
actually what people expect from this
sort of challenge exchange, right?

By the way, I've been talking to
sarah_s — that's my beta — about the
Chinese mafia subplot, and she says
it's fairly problematic, which it is, upon
rereading. I'm going to rewrite that bit
in. The circus passage should remain
mostly unchanged, but if you plan on
illustrating that one can you wait a bit
and focus on another for now? I
should be done with a rough draft of
scene at the pool by the end of the
week, if you want it.


To: jumperfucker,
From: consulting_detective,

I am not most people. And fine. The
draft of the pool would be most

Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1d/4?)

To: consulting_detective,
From: jumperfucker,

I'd noticed. The draft is attached.

Speaking of the pool, I'm still
a bit blurry on Moriarty and what
his appearance should be in this
'verse; d'you think you could sketch
me a quick outline of what you think
he should look like? it's like, your art
makes it clearer to determine my
writing. Or something. All my canon
fics are based off your art, anyway.

To: jumpefucker,
From: consulting_detective,

Are they, now.

"… I loved him best when he was asleep, when his face slackened, and his body's ever-brilliant intensity was assuaged with his exhaustion; at intervals, on days that grew hot and close in the evenings, he would curl on the settee for long hours, a dark coiling comma that was all legs and dressing-gown, and his lazy eyes followed me 'round our sitting-room, sometimes flickering like a pale candle, sometimes — sometimes touching at my neck, my wrists, as though he dreamt of softer things. Sometimes, they slipped shut, and I saw his chest rise and fall, gentler than I had imagined; it was the chest of a bird, fluffed and vulnerable, and the bones of the same, thin and delicate, moving under his skin.

I loved him best like this, although it was different — it was subdued, mellower than his chemical explosions, the supernovas he kept in his drawers, his maps and constellations. I had seen them once, glimpsed at long rolls of darker paper, and he had shrugged a laugh, quite literally — I had seen the rippling movement topple off his shoulders like a bathrobe — and said something about astronomy. Here, though, was no brilliance and no stellar thoughts, and for the first time in the day he looked absolutely human, clenching his pipe between his teeth, making soft sweeping declarations about humanity as he dozed.

I would not have given him up for all of London, the man with wet hair and open waistcoats who sat very late in the fireside armchair; by day, I treasured his exclamations and cutting, knowing eyes, the ever-quick composure he cherished so fitfully in all his dealings with other men and women. But when he was like this he was quite ruthlessly
mine. In four years of rooming together I had seen every step and hook in that direction, the stages he had very cautiously taken before he had deemed it acceptable to sprawl.

It has become public knowledge, now, that I made lists to puzzle him out — they were hundreds of scribbled thoughts, on thin little slips of paper; I tried to organize them, made timetables of his regular thoughts and reactions. He saw them all, for I was not attempting to hide them from him. I thought he was flattered, perhaps. He certainly laughed at them often.

My hands itched at times for something different from ink and pen, when I wished to retain the image I had of him just then — the graceful curve of my friend's body became something I could have drawn, the angle of his bent knee where it became sharp, the arch of his fingers as his arm near fell to the floor. I am not an artist, and when the words did not come as easily to me as they usually did, it was something of a regret to know that I would forget tonight, let it shift and loosen into the memory of a dozen such evenings, tinged with red fireplaces and long, pale hands."

A Day Like Today; part III

Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1e/4?)

(hchatmod) wrote in holmeschat,




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Dear other member of this wonderful little comm I'm a member of.

Yes, I know I made a mistake that day. I am aware I committed the gravest crime. I am guilty of the worst sin ever. Oh, woe. What shall I do with myself now? tell you what, I'll cover my head with ashes and go sit in that corner for the rest of my life, bemoaning the day I ever dared contesting Thy Infinite Knowledge —

… oh, wait.

I admitted I haven't read the stories. Yes, I am writing fic off the movie and the movie alone. NO, THIS IS NOT A BIG FUCKING CRIME.

Fuck you and your stupid elitism and condescendence — see, I can use big words too! and I can do it without insulting you every other sentence! or implying you need to leave fandom forever! which is exactly what you did to me!

Fuck you.

(sorry for the rant, guys.)

dude, that's, like

not even anon

at all

Well, the comm where all the drama happened is a small one, so I was kinda hoping nobody had noticed.

Guess I was wrong.


consulting_detective again? ohhhhh boy.

Are you new, anon?


Oh, nonnie, watch and learn.

Poor, bitter anon. ): *hugs* don't worry, we've all been on the receiving end of his wrath at one point or another in this fandom. He's like a five-year-old in a sandbox, except he knows where all the sand came from, what it's made of, and what maladies you'll catch if you stay there too long. Eek.

man, lurk moar

Oh, come off it. You were claiming that knowing anything about the original stories was useless for fic-writing in a canon-based comm. And claiming that anyone who didn't like the 09 movie was just a closeted homophobe, no matter however many rational arguments were put to you. Don't act as if you were blameless here.

Seriously, there's honest-to-god mistakes, and then there's good ol' LURK MOAR AND DON'T SAY STUPID SHIT syndrome.

Looks like consulting_detective has come to play!

As if consulting_detective would sully his white, white hands with the filth of the anonmeme.

Pffft, consulting_detective wouldn't stoop to saying LURK MOAR AND DON'T SAY STUPID SHIT. He'd rather turn in witty, witty circles all round the OP until zie slinks back into lurkerdom in a teary fit of shame and raeeeeeeg.

anonymous — ayrt
Honey, I'm just so fucking tired of seeing him discussed all over fandom over a few old antics of his. You guys need to shut the fuck up and just look at the pretty art, seriously.

fuck you, consulting_detective's a piece of filthy psychopathic scum who's been flouncing all over fandom floor for years



O hai, I got salted butter. And beer.

*grabby hands*

:D *settles down*

Re: Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1e/4?)


*hands internets over*

Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1f/4?)

posted by [redacted] in holmesian_news

+ News
Jude Law in Cannes
New SH adaptation in French
Developments about Doyle's house

+ Challenges
Final Pairing Up @ shbigbang

+ Fanart
DINOSAURS by andrès_son (Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson | sfw | Others)
Reichenbach au by consulting_detective (Holmes, Watson | sfw | ACD)
evening at 221B by neveryou_again (Holmes/Watson | nsfw | Ritchie)

+ Fanfic
In Progress
Down the Fire Escape 4/? by s_sarah (Holmes/Watson | R | Granada)
My Immortal 2/? by jim_fromit (Holmes, Lestrade, Watson, Mary | PG-13 | Unspecified)
Homeward Bound 5/9 by storm_ford (Watson/Adler, Holmes | PG-13 | Ritchie)

Untitled PWP by w_harry (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | Ritchie)
Home Is Where The Heart Is by miss_toby (Holmes/Adler, Watson/Adler | PG-13 | Ritchie)
Not Your Girlfriend by salts_theway (Holmes/Watson, Watson/Morstan | NC-17 | Ritchie)
A Day Like Today by jumperfucker (Holmes/Watson | R | ACD)

+ Anon exchange
Untitled (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | Unspecified)
Untitled (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | Ritchie)
at your fingertips (Holmes/Watson | R | Ritchie AU/Supernatural)

+ Fanvids
We've Never Known Home by s_sarah (Holmes/Watson | Ritchie/Granada)

+ Graphics
Icons & Wallpapers by jumperfucker

+ Misc
Rec Day @ holmeswatson09 (Ritchie)
Sunday Watchalong: The Speckled Band @ shwatchalongs (Granada)
Crossdressing in SH Fandom: A Study in Silk by lass_sirene

From jumperfucker,
To: consulting_detective,

Well, I'm glad to say I've made some
headway with the first part, and I
think I've got the Holmes/Watson
relationship bit covered. Moriarty's
characterization remains still in the
shadows, as I'm sure it ought.
Sneaky bastard.

I like your idea for the cover art —
blue and black should be lovely.

From: consulting_detective,
To: jumperfucker,

Your Moriarty, such as you have
written him in the draft for the pool
scene you have sent me, is both
spineless and farcical. Doubtless
your betas have made this clear to
you. I am glad you think of rewriting
him, however.

This is a first draft of the cover art.
I am not convinced Watson's entire
body is necessary; I might amend
his picture to a mere torso. I would
appreciate your thinking on this.

From: jumperfucker,
To: consulting_detective,

Hah. Yes, they have. Thanks for
the vote of confidence, mate.

It looks a bit. Lopsided? I like your
Holmes — all these long pale limbs,
it looks really good as a modern
update. Bit different from your usual
style though, isn't it? and the
equilibrium is a bit off, but shading
might do good about that, I reckon.

From: consulting_detective,
To: jumperfucker,

I would not have elected to
illustrate this story of yours if I had
not the greatest confidence in your
capacities to make this into one of
the fandom's most beloved classics,

From: jumperfucker,
To: consulting_detective,

I. Well. Thanks.

Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1g/4?)

cute enough to shoot you down (jumperfucker) wrote,

Offline for the evening, lads, so don't flip your shit if I don't answer your emails till tomorrow (seriously, last time? I was gone for twelve hours. A bloke can't have a nice, quiet dinner with the nice, quiet guy from the flower shop when he's got such an active social life). Why yes, I do have a date tonight.

… with Jeremy Brett's eyebrows. GRANADA MARATHON, FUCK YEAH. I got chicken cho mein and lager and no work tomorrow, I'm gonna party all night long.

(23 comments) - (post a new comment)

Pesky normal life, trying to come up against the delicious combo of Brett&Burke. Or is it Hardwicke?

Season One tonight, so it's still Burke. And true, normal life doesn't hold a chance. ;)



So what it's like, working with the freak?

No insults on my journal, please.

He's perfectly nice when you're nice to him, you know. He's — I don't know. Straightforward. Efficient. And his art is amazing.

You're only saying that because it's your fic he's artsing.

I'm not, really. He just doesn't take any bullshit. Don't rile him up, he'll leave you alone.

Rrrrrrrright. Like, he thinks he's so much better than everyone else, but you're a BNF, so he clams up. If you were an unknown little writer he'd be crushing you under his refined foot, John.

Look. Yeah, maybe that's why. But I like to think he likes me, okay? we're having a perfectly functioning relationship.

is that what you kids call it these days? ;P

Piss off, Harry.

awww ♥

Hey, John, sorry for threadjumping, but d'you plan on going to that con we were talking about the other day? cos I'm totally picking my tickets next saturday, I can do yours too

Oh yes, I've checked, and I don't actually work that weekend, so yes please and thank you. :D *offers myrrh and incense*

ooooh, can we meet up?

I'd love to meetup too!


From: my_croft,
To: consulting_detective,

You have yet to thank me for pairing
you up with your little crush, brother


From: consulting_detective,
To: my_croft,

I do not require coddling.


From: consulting_detective,
To: my_croft,

It's not a crush.


From: my_croft,
To: consulting_detective,

But you are now in speaking terms
with him.


From: consulting_detective,
To: my_croft,

You rigged the poll. Of course.


From: my_croft,
To: consulting_detective,

For which I do believe you now owe


From: consulting_detective,
To: my_croft

Piss off.



holy crap, this is longer than I'd planned. op, i really hope it's to your liking. (also, lj, i love you, but do please stop messing up my comments.)

kindly kinkmeme users, what should i do with this? post a filled! comment on the filled prompts post, or wait till i've finished it? i'm rather new around these parts.

Re: Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1g/4?)

This is brilliant!

I loved the different ways of telling the story you've produced with the emails and the posts. Ooooo I SO wanted to click on those links, you are taunting me with your blue lines!

Cannot WAIT for more.


It's up to you when you post to the filled prompts post. I'd say as long as you plan to update mildly regularly then there's no problem with posting now so people can find it and track it

Re: Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1g/4?)

I hate you, do you know that?

I actually tried to click those things that look like links.

I'm loving this story so far. I love what you did with the different styles. And Mycroft still controlling his brother's life.

Re: Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1g/4?)

This is BRILLIANT!!! :D

Re: Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1g/4?)


Re: Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1g/4?)

Skimming because I'm at work but this is THE MOST EPIC BRILLIANCE EVER and if you don't repost it off meme and link it to comms so everyone can see it it will be a crime against humanity. :D

Re: Fill: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1g/4?)

I want this framed on my wall.

Re: A bit long, this (Anonymous) Expand
Re: A bit long, this (Anonymous) Expand
a!a (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Oh, you... (Anonymous) Expand
Re: ≠ (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: a!a (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

LINKS for "The Theory of Narrative Causality"

Thank you again for an amazing, mind-bending story. Wow.

I had a terrible time finding the links for the story itself, particularly Part 5 and the Epilogue, so I made a little private entry for myself so that I can find each part (and eventually rec the story to my friends). It occurred to me that my links might be useful for other people. I've double-checked them and I think they're right, but I didn't reread every part and can't swear there's no error. I'll put them below. (I think someone else planned to do this; I couldn't find that entry, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been done. I mean no offense if I've just redone someone else's work.)

I couldn't figure out the best place to put them: I'm hoping people starting the story will see them easily and not get lost as I did. Anyone is welcome to copy and paste the links anywhere they might be more useful.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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