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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill: Four Cups of tea Sherlock made John, Cup One

Tea solves all. Trufax.

If you're cold, tea will warm you.

John could barely feel his fingertips when he and Sherlock tramped back up the stairs of Baker Street at some God-awful time of the morning. Sherlock and he had been on the trail of an invisible suspect for most of the evening and John had misplaced his gloves somewhere along the way. His hands were shaking as he tried to undo the buttons on his jacket, stood in the doorway between the living room and the hall.

By the time he’d wrestled his jacket from his shoulders and hung it up, Sherlock was in the kitchen rattling things, no doubt intent on an experiment that would keep him occupied for the rest of the night. John wanted to retire to his bed, but found his feet leading him to his armchair where he slumped, exhausted. He pressed his hands underneath his armpits to try and get his blood circulating again. Tea would probably be a good idea.

Sherlock loomed over him, holding a mug by the rim so the handle was facing John. John blinked and Sherlock shoved the mug closer to John’s nose. John removed his hands from his armpits to retrieve the mug. Sherlock’s hand remained on the mug until John had a firm grip on the handle, left hand touching it to see if was cool enough to wrap his frozen hands round.

‘It’s cool enough to drink. I put some tap water in it.’

John blinked a couple of times at the mug before he took a tentative sip.

‘Probably advisable to put another layer on before we head out again in a few hours, John,’ said Sherlock, heading back into the kitchen. Cups of tea made by Sherlock always had ulterior motives.

Re: Fill: Four Cups of tea Sherlock made John, Cup Two

If you're heated, it will cool you.

John threw the covers off of him. He was sweating profusely. It was a muggy day in April and his throat had been niggling at him for a couple of days, the last traces of winter flu making the rounds at the surgery. It was 2am now and it still felt like it was the middle of the day. John’s window was open wide, but not a breath of air stirred the half drawn curtains through which John could see the cloudless sky.

He sat up, throwing his bare legs over the side of the bed, coughing a couple of times as he sat there with his boxers bunched up round his groin and sweat trickling down the back of his neck. He felt awful. He rolled his shoulders, tilting his head left and right so his neck cracked and popped.

He pressed the back of his hand to his forehead. He was warmer than he should be, but he didn’t know if it was due to the weather, or because he was running a fever. There was a knock at his door before it opened. Sherlock stood in the doorway dressed in a t-shirt and boxers holding a mug of something that was steaming.

‘I brought you some tea.’

‘Sherlock, it’s too warm for tea.’

‘Thermodynamics, John. The hotter the tea, the more you’ll sweat which will lower your body temperature,’ Sherlock said, thrusting the mug at John. ‘That and it will hopefully ease your throat enough to stop you coughing, which I can hear through the paper thin walls.’

John didn’t have the energy to glare. He took the proffered mug from Sherlock and tried to drink it without burning his tongue.

‘I might have accidently put whisky instead of sugar into the mug too,’ Sherlock said as he left the room and went back to torturing his violin.

Re: Fill: Four Cups of tea Sherlock made John, Cup Three

If you're depressed, it will cheer you.

‘Mrs. Hudson advised me once that tea can be quite cheering.’ Sherlock was stood beside John’s chair, holding out a mug of tea before him like some kind of shield between John and his emotions.

‘A cup of tea isn’t going to solve this, Sherlock.’

Sherlock set the mug of tea on the table beside John’s chair before going to sit in his own armchair opposite. He crossed his legs, steepling his hands in front of his face as he regarded John.

‘You must be aware that this wasn’t your fault, and yet irrationally you feel guilt.’ Sherlock uncrossed his legs and leaned forward in his chair, trying to catch John’s eye. ‘You couldn’t have done anything more than you did, John.’

John opened his mouth to argue, but Sherlock wouldn’t let him. ‘She was eighty-four, had been suffering from chronic asthma since she was in her thirties. As much as I loathe the expression, it was her time to go, John. I understand that the soldier in you requires you to save everyone, but unfortunately that’s not the way things work. If you must care, at least acknowledge the reality that people die and that it is inevitable for all of us.’

For a moment Sherlock didn’t move, watching John closely as he took in Sherlock’s harsh, but fair, words. John swallowed then nodded once.

‘Your tea’s going cold,’ Sherlock said as he got to his feet and went back into the kitchen.

Re: Fill: Four Cups of tea Sherlock made John, Cup Four

If you're excited, it will calm you.

‘I feel sick.’ John was leaning over the kitchen sink, shirt open at the collar and cuffs undone. He had his cufflinks fisted in one hand as he tried to take deep breaths.

‘Anxiety,’ Sherlock said, flicking the switch on the kettle and pulling two mugs from the draining board. Sherlock was already fully dressed, cufflinks in place and tie neatly knotted.

‘What have I got to be anxious about?’ John demanded, bolting upright and looking Sherlock straight in the eye. Sherlock took John’s indignant distraction to prise the cufflinks from his sweaty palm and start doing up the right cuff.

‘You’re about to pledge your life to another person, for better or worse. I would imagine that would make anyone anxious.’ Sherlock switched to the left cuff

‘I invaded Afghanistan.’

‘And yet the idea of getting married has you almost throwing up in the kitchen sink. Excitement, then?’ Sherlock suggested as he poured hot water into the two mugs and then stirred both teabags with a spoon, digging them out and leaving them in the sink. John was attempting to put his tie on now, but appeared to have forgotten how to tie one, looping the same bit of fabric round and round again, so much so Sherlock suspected he was making himself a noose. Sherlock pushed John’s hands aside and started tying a half Windsor knot.

‘Are you anxious?’ John asked, meeting Sherlock’s eyes for the first time.

‘What on earth have I got to be anxious about?’ Sherlock enquired as he helped John on with his jacket, lip quirking into a smile as he straightened John’s medals.

‘Coo-ee!’ Mrs. Hudson called, knocking on the kitchen door. She stopped in her tracks when she caught sight of John and Sherlock stood in the kitchen together. ‘Look at you two.’ Mrs. Hudson reached for a lace handkerchief she had tucked into the sleeve of her pink day jacket.

‘Mrs. Hudson, I think you’re supposed to save the tears of joy for the ceremony,’ John said, smiling as Sherlock handed him his cup of tea.

‘I’m sorry, love. It’s just you both look so handsome, you in your uniform with your medals, and Sherlock,’ she paused, looking Sherlock up and down in his suit, that wasn’t that far removed from his everyday suits. ‘With a tie.’

John laughed, almost choking on his tea as Sherlock tried not to glare. A horn blared outside the flat.

‘That’s the car, dears. I’ll tell the driver you’re just coming, will I?’ Mrs. Hudson asked. John nodded and Mrs. Hudson took one last look at her boys before turning away with a grin lighting up her face.

‘Still nauseous?’ Sherlock asked as he threw the remainder of his tea down the sink.

‘A little,’ said John, following suit before he put his beret on, tilting it to one side. ‘What about you?’

‘I told you, John, I have nothing to be anxious about.’

‘What about excitement over getting married?’

It was slow in forming, but by the time Sherlock and John were down on the pavement, Sherlock’s smile was enough to rival Mrs. Hudson’s, his own sweaty palm encased in John’s.

Oh, this is lovely. The prompt was tame enough and you've managed to make it resonate with feelings, showing Sherlock caring on the sly and being more honest and direct about the issue than others, with more apparent "empathy", might be. (I did like the little speech about accepting death as a fact.) And the last one is my favorite - John finding Dutch courage in tea and Mrs Hudson all teary-happy.

And I must really check "Windsor tie" on the Net - that little bit reminded me of Victor in Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride", twisting his tie around when he first meets Victoria!

I'm very lucky that all my prompts meet with fabulous fills lately - thank you so much!

Re: OP is smiling too!

The prompt had tea in it, I couldn't resist. So glad you liked it - not sure where the fluff came from at the end though. I think that's half the reason I love Sherlock - he doesn't do tip-toeing round the issue, he doesn't see the point of it. And a half Windsor knot is just a way of tying a tie. You can do a full Windsor too - which is kinda like making a noose tbh. (Author-anon may have a tie fetish.)

Re: OP is smiling too!

(Op might have a tie fetish too : here's a little thank you rec. John seems to have lost his half-Windsor in the heat of the moment, but Sherlock is quite the beau.)

Re: OP is smiling too!

Put John in his uniform and I do believe we have a pic to go with the fic. ;) Thanks for this. :D

Re: Fill: Four Cups of tea Sherlock made John, Cup Four

Really lovely :D

Re: Fill: Four Cups of tea Sherlock made John, Cup Four

Very nice, especially the last one <3

Re: Fill: Four Cups of tea Sherlock made John, Cup Four

Awwww, this was soooo lovely! The last one was my favourite, even though all of them are great. Thank you!

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