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Mermaid Sherlock and Prince or Pirate John

Sherlock is a mermaid. John is a pirate, or perhaps some type of lovable fish friend.

Maybe this can be a whole Little Mermaid AU with Ursula!Moriarty. It's all up to the author. As long as I have my Merlock, I'm happy.

Originally prompted here:

Merlock 1a/4

Authors Note: I hadn't meant to write this linearly; I'd only really intended to do little drabbles of John's life but, as per usual, the hand that holds my pen got away from me.

` ` `

It took John only an hour to decide that the Island would be worse than the Tower. Only an hour, because an hour was as much time as he needed to explore the barren lump of rock. “Worse,” He told himself resolutely, “but also quicker.” Quicker, he thought, to die of sun and of exposure than of too many women and too much wine.


“You’ll die like this!” Harry had accused him one night in the great hall. Accused him loudly and angrily, deaf to Clara’s pleas and blind to Sara’s presence. “You’ll die drinking and whoring and gambling - and the shame that you’ll bring upon this house -.” And that had been as much as she’d been able to spit in his face before John, drunk and enraged, had drawn his sword and brought its gleaming blade to her throat.

“You think I don’t know that?” He’d asked. And, ever afterward, he’d remember the fascinating way the light of a thousand candles had danced back and from her golden circlet to his sword. His sword. Her crown. The crown his sword had won.

“You think I don’t know that I should’ve died out there with my men?” He’d asked. And, long after, he’d find himself questioning if that had really been fear in her eyes. “You think I don’t know that a limping fool with an injured sword arm is useless to a Queen like you?”

“You’re a fool.” John had said. And one day, long afterward, he’d wonder if that was when she’d decided to kill him.


“Are you here to kill me?” John asked the first night he woke on the Island, still half asleep and thinking, perhaps, that he’d fallen down drunk in some tavern in the town around the tower. The handsome, half naked man leaning over him, certainly supported that theory.

The man shrugged, shoulder pale and sharp in the moonlight, “You seem to be doing a perfectly good job of doing that yourself.”

John’s answer was lost in the mouthful of sand and seawater that crashed into his mouth.

He sat up, spluttering, on the Island and not on a Tavern floor.

“Tide’s coming in.” The man observed mildly.

“Yes, I’d noticed.” John spat. “You could’ve woken me earlier.”

“No,” The man said, “I really couldn’t have.” Which was when John noticed that the man had a tail and that the man was not, in all actuality, a man. “Now are you going to move further up shore?” The man asked crossly, “or will I have to save you again?”

“I -.”

“I don’t make a habit of saving Humans.” The not-man went on. “Please don’t make me do it again.” And it was that please, that absurd gesture of almost disdainful courtesy, that compelled John to move further up along the sand and onto the rocks. The not-man, who was apparently stronger than he looked, followed, dragging himself by his arms like the sea lions had along the shores of Tower Rock.


Merlock 1b/4

“You saved me.” John stated once the two of them had resettled. He remembered now, the strong arm around his shoulders, the black hair and pale face he thought he’d imagined. “When the ship sank.”

“We’ve established that.” The not-man said dismissively. He had strange, pale eyes, and John wondered if it would be more polite to look at them or at the gleaming black scales of the not-man’s tail. They reminded John of a dragon he had seen once, circling close over the battlefields of the eastern desert. Ignorant and uncaring of the thousands of men below, above them in every sense.

“Yes,” John conceded, “but why? I’ll die anyway.”

“All creatures die.” The not-man looked at him thoughtfully. “I thought you might be less boring than this.”

“Less boring?”

“Because you’re not a sailor.”

“How do you -.”

“Obvious. And I’d rather expected you to be relieved to have put your death off by however many years it is your kind live.”

“Years.” John said with some surprise. “You think – you realize that there’s no water on this Island don’t you?”

“Yes.” The not-man blinked curiously, “but why should that matter. We’re surrounded by water.”

“Sea water.”


“My kind can’t drink sea water. We need fr- we need water with no salt in it or we die.”

“You -.” The not-man seemed to lose himself in thought, then he said something in a language which John did not understand but which sounded rather like a curse. He glared at John accusingly. “Your kind,” he said at last, “are complete and utter fools.”

Then he rolled to one side, off the cliff-like edge of the rock, opposite the side John had ascended, and vanished into the water below in a splash of sea and moonlight.

Re: Merlock 1b/4

Fun start! Looking forward to more :-)

Re: Merlock 1b/4

<3 <3 <3 Can't wait to read more!

Re: Merlock 1b/4

Oh, this is so much fun, more please!

Please don't stop!

Re: Merlock 1b/4

Awesome. I hope Sherlock saves him!

Re: Merlock 1b/4

That looks like a wonderful story. I'd love to read more of this.

Re: Merlock 1b/4

So clever and funny. I'm really enjoying this so far... hope you're still writing?

Awesome!!!!!!! Can't wait for more!!!!!

Re: Merlock 1b/4

Aaaaand apparently Merlock left John to die due to the sad lack of update. This amuses me greatly.

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