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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XI
Giggles at the Palace
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Guys, I will only put in one reminder about this.
Think before you prompt about the way you are asking. It isn’t difficult, and it will only take a minute or so of your time.

I also urge you to consider warning not just for triggery prompts, but also for fills, because some people will be viewing in flat view.

That said...
This is a kink meme. As such, there will be prompts that could offend you in a number of different ways. Not every prompt will have a trigger warning, and not every prompt will rub you the right way. If you have an issue with a specific prompt, feel free to bring it up in a discussion that takes place off the meme. However, flaming will not be tolerated regardless of origin.
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Someone gets addicted to being the first to comment (writing only "First!") on new posts all over the internet.

Re: First!


There should totally be a noob like that on Sherlock and John's blog next season.

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Sherlock starts getting attacked everywhere he goes, but no one will believe him. He starts to think he's going crazy.

Hmmmm. I like this idea.

Like what if they were set up by Mycroft (the attacks were fierce but not mortal) in some distorted way to gaslight his brother so that Sherlock actually backs down from his dangerous adventures.

Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock and John and makes them act out scenes for him. Like, taking care of a baby and going to the zoo. Sherlock and John have never been so terrified in all their lives.

All of us fangirls, so innocently prompting, not realizing that prompt by prompt, each cracky/angsty/fluffy/smutty fic is slowly drawing John and Sherlock closer to their doom as Moriarty prepares the ultimate fill. In other words, seconded.

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Fill Part 1? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill Part 1? (Anonymous) Expand
Weird things Sherlock yells during sex.

Also, weird things Mycroft yells during sex.

Fill: Sherlock Says What? (1/1)

Sort of crack/fluff.

Sherlock noted John was unusually quiet this morning as he sipped his tea. Normally John spent his morning before work reading the newspaper and making comments that he knew would spark Sherlock into conversation, even it was a bitter diatribe about the stupidity of his fellow man.

"John?" One of the things Sherlock liked best about John was his forthrightness. That single question had always been enough invitation for John to speak whatever was on his mind.

"I'm fine," John said. Clearly lying, Sherlock thought. "It's just..." John paused, fiddling with the handle of his teacup. Sherlock became concerned. John only fiddled when something was truly wrong. John cleared his throat. Even worse. Fiddling and throat clearing ranked in the territory of I've found a dismembered body part in an unsavory area of the flat and it concerns me you might actually be experimenting on a person you killed and chopped into little pieces.

"Please, John, what is it?" His voice certainly did not waver.

"Last night, when we, uh, when we..."

No. No, no, no, he was sure, he can't change his mind now he can't, Sherlock inhaled sharply.

"John, I realize that last night was a new experience for you, and that considering your previously strictly heterosexual encounters you might be feeling a certain sense of panic or perhaps regret."

"What? No. No," John cleared his throat a second time. "Sherlock, no. I'm not in a panic, and I certainly don't regret it. And, if we're going to have this conversation, then it wasn't, I haven't only had heterosexual encounters. Before." John fiddled with the teacup again before looking at Sherlock quickly. "No, I wanted to ask. Last night, when you, you said something and I, well it wasn't, it's fine, just unexpected."

"John, I appreciate this is clearly uncomfortable for you, but I am going to require one complete and coherent sentence to be able to understand what you're trying to ask," Sherlock said, much more calmly now that he knew John wasn't sorry about last night, and eager to get past whatever John was so unsure about and move on to questioning him about his previous partners.

"Last night, when you, when you climaxed, you said strontium."


"Yes, I can see why you might find that unsettling," Sherlock cleared his throat, and immediately regretted it as he knew John would recognize it for what it was. A sign of discomfort. "Truthfully, I was hoping to, prolong our intercourse, and I normally find reciting the elements on the periodic table an effective method of delaying my orgasm."

"Strontium is an alkaline metal, yes?" John asked with a smile.

"It was less effective with you than it had been in the past," Sherlock admitted.

"Well," John smirked, "maybe tonight we'll have to work on getting you to the noble gases."

Sherlock goes on Takeshi's Castle, also known as MXC.


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Living with Sherlock, John discovers something. When Sherlock does something irritable on purpose, he gets defensive when John becomes angry with him.
It's only when his response to John is bafflement that John knows he didn't mean it. (Because John understands him, right? So why are things turning all pear shaped?) Slash or gen, doesn't matter.

John and Lestrade Find Something in Common

If the streets of London are indeed a battlefield, too, then Lestrade's as much a veteran as John. So...

I'd love a scene/story in which John and Lestrade accidentally find they share something in common from their pasts that no one else can quite understand unless they've lived through it. (For example, Lestrade was shot once, too; or both have a similar PTSD trigger; or both survived a gun to the head, execution-style, thanks to the appearance of allies; or both were "interrogated" with the same tools by hostile forces and managed to escape on their own, John from the enemy and Lestrade from a criminal gang, etc. Maybe something they see at a crime scene brings this up?) I'd like them to compare a detail from their pasts that reveals them both as strong individuals who've lived through a lot, and that leaves everyone else (including Sherlock and/or Sally, potentially) going OMG! and seeing them in a somewhat new light -- and/or feeling protective of them.

I'd prefer this not to be in the context of an established slash relationship between them, but friendship or preslash or another pairing is great. (In other words, their discovery doesn't immediately lead to sexytimes with each other.) Thanks! :)

I've got this. *cue dramatic music*

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Flailing OP here (Anonymous) Expand
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Moriarty masturbates to thoughts of Sherlock. Specifically, to the really creepy, fucked-up things he wants to do to Sherlock to break him. The more twisted Moriarty's fantasies are, the better. Seriously, I wanted to be squicked out and horrified, and Moriarty's getting off on it because he's just that creepy!

YES. SECONDED. (And if there's anything vaguely like this out there, recs please?)

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Sherlock, John and Mrs. Hudson play the board game Scotland Yard.

me likes :D
I think that could actually be SO hilarious...
Argh, to write or not to write, that's the question... :/

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I really like the idea of John being totally okay-with-it bisexual man. SO, that said... John is introduced to a young man (by Harry? Clara? Someone who knows he's bi) who is thinking of joining the army and he (the young man) is hesitant because he is bi and still trying to be okay with it. John begins to mentor the young man (sort of a "see? you can be bi and a soldier and it's fine--really!" situation) and Sherlock grows at first suspicious of these lunch dates and evenings at the pub, then jealous. So yeah... jealous!Sherlock in denial about being jealous, smooth and sweet!John being smooth and sweet...


Love Jealous!Sherlock and the young potential soldier sounds adorbz.

Re: Hey, Jealousy (Anonymous) Expand

Facing the law

One thing I found so appealing about reading Holmes/Watson in ACD fics is Victorian Morality Laws.

Obviously in other parts of the world this is still quite an issue (a state in the US just tried to put up a bill making "sodomy" a felony).


AU! It's 2010 and homosexuality is still a crime. Enter John and Sherlock and how they deal with it.

Maybe even before established!relationship status? (After all everyone always thinks they're a couple!)

(Bonus points if Mrs. Hudson still knows about "the married ones" married in a country where it is legal?)

There will quite likely be a continuation of this. Later.

The landlady’s knowing smile as she guides John Watson around what will soon be his new home is a bit unnerving. He can’t imagine what it is that she thinks she knows, to look so self satisfied.

The comment about the married couple the woman probably bakes pies or something equally banal next door gets pushed aside by the violent spluttering of his mind when she accuses him of indecent behavior, and it doesn’t come up again for some weeks.

The two men next door are old; older than Mrs Hudson and certainly very kind. Generous. They have tales to tell of bygone eras, and enjoy keeping John in the afternoons when Sarah is working and Sherlock is being entirely too Holmesian for his sanity why does he allow that behavior, anyway?

He often finds himself being offered more biscuits than can possibly be healthy, between toffees and whatever other sweets the pair happens to have lying around, and he is so enamored by their pleasantry that he forgets quite regularly that what they are, first and foremost, are two sloppily hidden notnotnot criminals.

He likes to rationalize that it is only a crime in the same way that fourteen year olds sneaking their parents’ liquor is a crime, but that isn’t true, of course.

They are an abomination against nature how can they be so pleasant?

They are also very much in love. Not the passionate gazes and clasped hands of newlyweds, but the quiet acceptance and deep understanding of people who have been together through so much that they aren’t actually two anymore; they are only one. They are far more united in soul and spirit than most other legally married folk John has met in his lifetime.

Sometimes, when people imply the same about himself and his flatmate, John wonders what could possibly be so awful about being like Caleb and Nathaniel they are happy.

Of course, there are the jail sentences, the public opinions, and the risk of being beaten silly. So he always splutters, or coughs, or turns an uncomfortable shade of red and denies, and denies. Because if he feels any passion for Sherlock Holmes, it is certainly not amorous in nature.

It is merely jealous interest. Sherlock is captivating and exciting in ways that no other mere mortal seems able to achieve. He wants too keep all that excitement for himself, to indulge in it at every turn. It sounds so much more suspect than it is.

John has never once imagined kissing Sherlock Holmes, and that is exactly how it should be. Because one cannot ever hope to keep a relationship he does not want a relationship, hidden for very long from the public, and they already have plenty of watchful eyes gauging their interactions, looking for secret cues, hints of forbidden intimacies.

No. John does not imagine touching Sherlock in a variety of deeply wrong ways.

But, he does have the useful habit of never remembering his wrongwrongyeswrong dreams.

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Ahhhhhhhh (Anonymous) Expand
So, during this prompt freeze I created a document to type up all the other ideas that I had that I couldn't req. This document was known simply as "Sherlock after prompt freeze", but due to the limits on how much of the document's title could be shown, I keep seeing "Sherlock after prom..."

That is my req.

Um, and I don't know if promp actually happens in England... Maybe Sherlock was a teen when he went to Florida and helped Mrs. Hudson, and he participated in prom there? And maybe he met a guy named John who was visiting some American cousins, and got dragged along? Or something...

*snicker* I wonder if his prom (which I also don't know if they have, but surely there are graduation formals or something?) would have half as much sex and booze as mine did... If so, I imagine he'd be either frustrated or humorously distraught by the end.

Regardless, I sooo want to see this.

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5 Times Lestrade Visited Someone in Hospital + 1 Time Someone(s) Visited Lestrade in Hospital

5 Times Lestrade Visited Someone in Hospital + 1 Time Someone(s) Visited Lestrade in Hospital.

Bring in any characters you like. This could include all sorts of investigation owwies with Scotland Yarders, Sherlock's drug days, John and Sherlock after the post-TGG explosion at the pool, Lestrade's former (now dead?) spouse/child, who knows what. I'd just like a chance to explore Lestrade and his relationships with others. Angst is love! :)

Re: 5 Times Lestrade Visited Someone in Hospital + 1 Time Someone(s) Visited Lestrade in Hospital

Huge second

That's not the only thing that's HUNG

Sherlock isn’t asexual so much as he’s a major size queen. Like, he can’t really get turned on otherwise. Since the start he correctly deduced that John is larger than average but inaccurately by how much. Going by John’s stature he’s thinking maybe 8’’. But when the truth comes out, all, let’s say, I don’t know, 12’’ of it, Sherlock is left literally reeling. He’s absolutely dizzy with lust but isn’t sure how to proceed, not only with hot to get John to fuck him but also how not tip him off about the utterly shallow basis for his desire when he sees just how sensitive John is about it.

Re: That's not the only thing that's HUNG


This is the hottest porn prompt I've ever read on this meme. God, I would read the hell out of this.

I'm not the only one here who read Redwall as a kid right? D:

In honor of the late Brian Jacques, it would be wonderful if someone could write something Redwall-related. Anything from a small reference to a full-on crossover would be amazing :) Crack, epicfic, adventure, slash, whatever you like.

Re: I'm not the only one here who read Redwall as a kid right? D:


Especially if Sherlock was one of those animals that always got stereotyped as evil, like a stoat or a rat. :(

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