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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part X
Giggles at the Palace
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An AU where people can use elements that they identify with. Element systems either western or Eastern or random, but John's elements are earth and air. Sherlock has at least lightening. Any way you cut it would be awesome.

OH GOD! I was thinking up something like this with a friend ages ago, though we thought that John would be more towards water. It got a little too complicated and we just forgot about it. Dx Either way, dude, I want this.

Just a little too complicated? xD

But, yes, this.

Sapphire and Steel Universe?

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Seconding John for earth. Sherlock totally lightning - or if you went with Chinese elements, metal.

If you go for gaming-style elements, though, lets see

Both of them are a bit touched by the Dark, aren't they?
(Oh god, Vagrant Story Sherlock...)



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Can they learn to use elements they don't identify with?

OP here

It's your AU, so do as you will (or in other words, it's lovely!).

Now, I really want to write a modern Avatar: The Last Airbender AU.

So I'm thinking Earth, Fire, Wind, Water.... and Heart?

Anyone? Anyone?

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If you go with Eastern elements, Sherlock is so metal it hurts.

John is wood.

Together they are an axe that cuts through crime like a crazy axe-like thing.

I need more sleep.

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First fic for any prompting. I make no monies off of this, and 'Sherlock' belongs to who it belongs to, which is not me. I'm not British, but horribly American, so all mistakes are mine on that front, and is un-betaed. Please forgive any mistakes.

When John Watson was invalidated home, he was not happy at all. The chances of him doing stitches much less a surgery is unlikely. His hand’s tremors comes and goes and comes again, annoying him much more than the phantom limp that forced him to use a cane. Even with all the physical therapy his body is not a hundred percent. The blond man can not do what he loves, and more, it has affected his quality of life.

The pension he has been given was just barely enough to get by, even being put up at the dormitory adjoined to the rehabilitation center. The tiny flat was one of the better room options- he’s not sharing space- but it has a kitchen and bath attached which means they expect Watson to be in their clutches for a long while. Worst of all is the feelings of uselessness and boredom that drowns him between his appointments and the daily maintenance of his body. The blog his therapist suggested he write mocks his inability with its blinking curser; he does nothing that merits any journaling.

He practiced the disciplines that maintained his control over the elements he used as a doctor only because it was a habit, like breathing. It doesn’t take up enough time, doesn’t steal enough boredom.

The four walls issued to him at the veteran’s flat sit were bland, bland to the point of closing in and suffocating him. So he went out and walked, revisiting old haunts. It wore him out so that he slept a bit at night. He ignored the veiled glances of curiosity and pity at the limp and cane. It grated, but they didn’t mean any disrespect.

Coming across Mike Samford in the park one day was more uncomfortable than anything, and John wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed or angry. It was a bit like being caught with your trousers down, when you met an old friend cum classmate while down on your luck.

Mike Samford turned out to be heaven sent, and meeting Sherlock Holmes was the most exciting thing that happened in a while. Left staring after him at Bart’s, he couldn’t help the question that welled out. “What does he identify with?”

“Lightening for sure,” replied Mike. “I’m not sure of any else.”

Most people were born with an affinity for a couple of talents, usually one more so than the other. John was born with an affinity for air and earth. As a doctor he was trained extensively in fire, water and metal beside those two so he can manipulate them in the human body. Control of body fluids, oxygen content, essential vitamins, minerals, metals and salts are helpful and so is the ability to sanitize equipment or cauterize wounds on demand.

Lightening and those with its affinity can be more erratic and excitable than a new puppy. The ones John had met while in the army had been very disciplined most of the time and only let it rip out on the battlefield. Their results had been devastating.

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Correction of Mike Stamford's name; it isn't Mike Samford.

Staring at the computer screen, John glanced down at his list written out on his memo pad that usually lived in his jacket pocket for case notes. He had written down ‘lightening’ and ‘Sherlock’, and under that the other rare elements. Sherlock could be cold, but could be equally passionate so ice was out. Thunder usually complemented lightening, but was usually not found in the same wielder, because it was just as difficult to control. Sherlock liked the dead only if they had been killed in a strange way, all the body parts scattered around the flat non-withstanding, and only tolerated the living because they usually brought him such unusual cases. His flat mate ignored most animals, and the same went for anything in a fish tank.

The article on the screen was a debate on subdivision of the elements, such as wood and metal being of earth, while another argued wood was as easily of water and air because it was basically a plant. Hurricanes were derived of air and water, as were water spouts…

“Christ,” he muttered, and shoved the laptop away. Resting his head on the notebook, he yawned. Not having a case, he assumed Sherlock was out roaming the streets. It meant a quiet evening in for once after a day of riding the tube and being nerve wracked about interviews. Tea had come and gone, and as another hour drew to a close, his stomach reminded him of that fact.

Rising, he went to the kitchen and put on the kettle for tea before braving the fridge. Butter was tucked into a back corner, and he fished it out. The new jar of jam was hidden with the bread, and he made himself buttered toast and jam on toast just for varieties’ sake. Taking the mug and plate back to the desk with him, he sat and munched wearily, thoughts drifting vacantly. As he finished off the food and tea, he began talking out loud.

“Sherlock’s element is lighting. He might not have a secondary element, not everyone does. But lightening could be considered a combination of two elements, air and fire? Except, I’ve known a bloke with lightening and fire, and he was more crackly-hot than Sherlock.” Said Lt. Simons had also introduced him to his bisexuality, but that was neither here nor there.

“Combination elements, then? Or an Eastern element, like metal?” Tracing the lip of his mug, he felt his eyes droop. He forced them open again, and turned off his computer, before gathering his dishes and taking them to the sink. The washing-up could wait.

Going back to collect his pen and pad, he carried them with him to his bedroom. He left them on the beside bureau as he dressed for bed. As he lay down, he gazed at the ceiling and dozed off.

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He was dreaming, and he was aware of it but that didn’t seem to make any difference. Explosions were going off, screams torn from ripped metals and human throats alike. A familiar adrenaline was surging through his veins as he watched from a distance, from in front of a surgical tent with some of the medics that had been gathered from the ranks.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been pulled from his unit to help elsewhere, but it was the first time he was paired off with so many Americans. Only one of them was as focused as he on the battlefield. Others were fidgeting with their gear or kits.

Something else exploded- a much bigger one than the others- and out of it rose-

“Oh. Oh!” John sat up in bed, sweaty and uncomfortable and heart thudding about in his chest. He had forgotten that HOW? Even if the operation was later classified as top secret and mum was the word? How do you forget a person wielding a great bloody Chinese fire dragon like someone out of those Potter books?

“Some elements can take a form like that. But what form would lightening take if it belongs to Sherlock?” There was a creak below him, and he swung out of bed, toes finding his slippers. Leaving his robe, he left his room and clattered downstairs.

Sherlock was pulling his violin from its case when John stumbled to a stop just inside the sitting room door. “The reason you don’t use your lightening is that it takes an animal form!”

Standing on his side of the work desk, case open, startled pale eyes flickered over him rapidly. “Is that what has had you so preoccupied lately? My element?”

“Yes. No. Only a bit.” John rubbed a hand across his eyes. “I was trying to figure out your second element.”

“And so you deduced that I do not have a second element but in fact have such a strong affinity for the one acknowledged that it must manifest as a totem animal as defined by the Harvard study conducted in nineteen eighty-three?”

“N-no. Based on what I have and haven’t seen so far. And something I’m not allowed to comment on, mum’s the word and all that.” Moving forward, the blond man plunked himself in the chair by the door, the one by the sofa reserved for guests, usually Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson. Sherlock set the violin case down and sat down on the far end of the couch, swinging his long legs up to sprawl over the expanse of the cushions with his shoes on.

“Sherlock? Do you have a second element, and if so, what is it?”

Amused, bright eyes looked at him thoughtfully. John suddenly realized that it was the face Sherlock tended to wear when he was trying to teach him something. He was not awake enough for that. “Have you not noticed when I might be using an element, John?”

“No.” If he had he would have watched to see what it was.

“Most people are taught to activate their power when they say a word, to give it form. But before we learn that, the powers, the elements come naturally to us. We do not use a word, we just do it like breathing.”

“Even though breathing is overrated?”

“Not the point. What is my point?”

“That you don’t need a word, you just use it naturally?”

“Yes! Very good, John!” Sherlock actually looked excited by John’s following of his reasoning. Watson hated to disappoint him.

“I still haven’t seen you use any element at all. Have mercy on me, it’s three-”

“-four- hang on, you were going to play?- Never mind. It’s the middle of the night and I still don’t know what your second element is. Could you just tell me, please? I’d like to sleep some tonight.”


“Air? But Mycroft-”


“Said to go rarer.”

“Why did you go to Mycroft?” Holmes slid to the end of the sofa nearest John, kneeling up on the furniture. There was a look of distaste on his face. “He won’t have told you.”

“No, he didn’t. I was hoping to be put out of my misery.”

They stared each other down for a moment.

“Air isn’t rare, Sherlock.”

The brunet man sighed and covered his eyes. “You just don’t see, John.”

Huffing himself, the blond closed his eyes and cast his mind back, running through every experience to date with his flat mate. “It has to do with the work.”


“It has to do with how you see things.”

“Perceive, actually.”

“So it’s perception.”

“Clarity.” Sherlock’s voice was grudging.

The thought of it rolled around in John’s brain, giving him time to absorb it. “Your element is clarity. I can see that.”

Sherlock snorted.

“Clarity of thought, sight. Seeing into the heart of a matter.”

“Better than heart at any rate.”

John sighed. “What’s wrong with heart?”

“Mycroft’s got it.”



Mycroft’s main element is heart because of his extreme big brother-ness. X) Sorry, Captain Planet.

Also, still no title, sorry.

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