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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part X
Giggles at the Palace
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continued fill from iii: john is a dream wanderer.

original prompt:
John is a dream wanderer. When he sleeps, he can jump into the dreams of other people, and they don't know he's not a natural part of the dream.

This is not an Inception prompt, btw, I haven't seem the movie so I have no idea what their rules are on dream wandering.

previous: parts one through four

The second time is a complete accident, as far as he’s convinced himself, and not something he wishes to linger back on.

They’re in a hospital, and John can’t wake up. He’s pretty sure that he’s still alive – because he’s adamant that he’s seen death before, or at least part of it, and it certainly wasn’t like this – but he’s not exactly feeling thankful for the predicament.

Despite his present inability to be disrupted from his sleep, it takes what he thinks – believes, feels, assumes – is three days to discover Sherlock within the building.

(It brings him a gentle, offhand comfort that he even finds Sherlock at all.)

Sherlock is dreaming of an office when John finds him. It looks almost like Mycroft’s, upon reflection; or at the very least, how Mycroft’s office could have looked in some stage of its existence. The windows have been thrust open, the night breeze tugging carefully at the curtains, easily pulling the lace through the frame but struggling on the heavier patterned fabric. Sherlock is seated in the chair behind the desk, face in his hands, but he immediately looks up and rises from his seat when John enters.

His initial instinct is to leave, God, he shouldn’t even be here (but it’s so, so good to see Sherlock, to see that he’s alright), but then Sherlock is striding across the space, on the verge of breaking into a dignified run. The moment he is able, Sherlock wraps one arm around John’s shoulders and draws them together, blocking any attempt to escape, and John’s too stunned to complain, to fight against it. The heat across his back feels far too real for him to want it to stop.

“Sherlock,” John says, weary, but Sherlock is frighteningly quiet. His eyes are desperately searching him, as if he’s suddenly so incredibly lost where he is and John is the only one with any possible answers.

Then, so raw and wrecked and near-silent that John double-takes, uncertain he even heard something at all, Sherlock whispers “John,” and presses their lips together. It’s over in barely a heartbeat, Sherlock pulling back with an agonising gradualness, John’s fingertips fluttering indecisively between them.

“What-“ John trails off when Sherlock begins to shake his head with short, rough jerks.

“Sorry,” Sherlock tells him, voice strained. “I am so sorry, John.”

“I don’t understand, why,” John starts, but stops to instead follow Sherlock’s gaze down to his own chest.

He rather didn’t expect to see the handle of a knife protruding from his shirt. And he rather wishes he hadn’t seen it, because as comprehension hits him so does the pain, and his knees buckle out from under him with a shocked grunt. Sherlock’s hands grasp underneath his shoulders and guide him to the floor, and he feels himself being pulled into the other man’s lap, his face held against Sherlock’s chest. Every breath and beat of his heart burns, and he can hear Sherlock’s against his ear, thumping with a panicked haste.

“John,” Sherlock says against his ear, fingers stroking in his hair, but John doesn’t hear what else he says, can only numbly watch his lips move.

He wakes up mid-scream, hand flung protectively across his heart, with only an empty hospital room as company.

Sherlock comes to see him, still weak on his legs and looking far too pale and vulnerable in a hospital gown, but he seems very pleased to be in John’s company again, and stops picking at the IV entry point on his hand when he is scolded. Despite himself, though, John can’t help but keep his chest slightly turned away from the other man, can’t help the tenseness wired into his frame at Sherlock's proximity (however much he wants to welcome it), and he feels sick and miserable and helpless for it.

*Excited gasp*

You're back! It's continuing! Am SO happy to have stumbled upon this, I confess I'd given up on you when part 3 hit 10,000 and I'm thrilled to have been mistaken.


Re: Wanderlust [5/?]

I totally understand, I gave up a little on myself, really. Updates are still going to be slow-going because of real life, but I'm endeavouring to chip away at this bit by bit, even if I have to spread it across more prompt posts. I'm so glad you're still with me! *hifive*

Re: Wanderlust [5/?]

I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE CONTINUING THIS. :D Absolutely marvellous update, as ever.

Sherlock's dream made my heart clench.

Re: Wanderlust [5/?]


Re: Wanderlust [5/?]

yaaaaaaaaay! *spins*

I did not expect an update so thank God for Delicious as I have found you again and it is marvelous!

I suspect Sherlock had one of those dreams where you do everything bad and it is all your fault. Probably caused by worry for John's condition, his not waking up?

My goodness, so much looooove! ♥

OMG <3
I've been checking up on this on the old part every once in a while (there's always hope...) and I'm very happy you're continuing. <3
Wonderful continuation!


SO awesome! I love it already! It's incredibly well done for such a risky idea, and his forays into Sherlock's dreams are just perfect! I can't wait for more!

Oh, oh, oh! You're back! Any chance this will be compiled on your journal..?

Re: continued fill from iii: john is a dream wanderer.

uhm. More please? Yes? Right? There will be more? This is wonderful and I want more. /me nods

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