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Prompting: Part X
Giggles at the Palace
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John gets fired from the clinic for being possibly the world's least reliable doctor, and he decides afterwards, you know, fuck this job search, if Sherlock can be unemployed, so can I.

In his spare time, he starts baking. Cookies and boxed cakes at first, then going on to more complicated things: pretty soon it's a peach clafoutis here, a triple-chocolate cheesecake there, an espresso chiffon cake with mint fondant, don't know how to do that but I'll try. Word of John Watson's baking skills gets around, and soon enough John's running a pastry shop out of 221B, taking orders at crime scenes and using the kitchen table to pack up boxes of mail-order treats.

At first Sherlock refuses to get involved, but eventually he starts being coaxed into trying new recipes, and maybe he starts using chemistry to improve the recipes, too. This all has the side effect of making Sherlock gain weight, and John loves it. And of course, John's #1 customer is none other than Mycroft Holmes himself.





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Sherlock has a huge motherfucking crush on Jude Law. John is possibly a little jealous.

Then John's Lovefilm queue shifts from "all Bond, all the time" to a more... eclectic mix. Of course John'd be interested in Iron Man, being a BAMF who escaped Afghanistan with shrapnel in his torso, but Chaplin? Tropic Thunder? The fourth series of an American comic drama about a skinny neurotic attorney?

Round Robin Style 5+1

So, I brought this up in the chatterpost, and I wasn't told that it was a bad idea, so I'm going to put this here, and hopefully it's okay. ^^;

I had a dream the other night, it was "5 John Watson's who didn't exist, adn the one who does" (well, that's what I'm calling it anyway). I was going to write it up, and put it in one of my ff sites, but after I got the first one up, I couldn't get any more out, so....

I mean, I have an amoeba of half-formed ideas for the +1, and I have the first life, and I have the lives that I would have put down, but I can't get the rest to fit. (^_^);

What I'm trying to say is this, do any of you guys want to do it Round Robin Style? I have the first chapter done, and I'll post it, and if anyone else wants to add more, they can claim it. (I mean, if you guys want to). (^_^)

~Some of the ones I was going to try and do but failed~

-Harry Potter (Sherlock=Ravenclaw, Mycroft=Slytherin, Lestrade=Hufflepuff and John=Gryffendor. Yeah, that made more sense in my head methinks).

- Stravaganza John, who has his talisman in battle, and stravagates to Padavia and meets a young scholar...

So, yeah, fail.

I hope no one minds this~


Round Robin Style 5+1. pt. 1/6?

The first John Watson that doesn’t exist dies in Afghanistan.

He moves, just a little differently, just a little wrong (only a little), and the bullet doesn’t pierce the sweet spot on his shoulder, no… The bullet hits him near the heart, collapsing a lung. He’s the medic, not the only mind, but the best one.

The other medics do their best to save him, to rescue this brave, valiant man who risked his life in the field of duty for no reason other than to help people. The other medics try their best, but they are too late and fail.

He is buried with full military honors, and Harry can’t decide whether she wants to stay sober in honor of her brother, or drink so much that she forgets about everything. Their mother isn’t there, too busy being in the hospital from the relapse after she heard the news, and hell only knew where their father was.

She goes walking one day, to go see his school, see if any of John’s school friends are there, to see if anyone can tell her about her brother the bits she didn’t know about.

She thinks about moving to London, move out away from Clara, and get some heading, some new sites. She’s been trying to sober up a little, for her brother, but it’s a long and hard process. Sometimes she wants to quit, but other times something stops her, and she remembers his smiling eyes.

She meets Sherlock Holmes in one of the morgues. He had just finished beating a dead body with a riding crop, and she was fascinated by that.

“Harriet Watson.” she introduces herself.

“Sherlock Holmes.” He says, and he’s watching her. Then he gives her a nod as though she’s just been figured out. He opens his mouth to talk, but she holds up her own hand.

“I’ve heard about you Sherlock Holmes. I don’t want to- I don’t need to hear your assessment of me. Please.”

There is something in the way that she says it that reminds Sherlock of things that will never be. A certain steadiness in her eyes, a firmness in her stance… The way that she is wearing an old cable sweater despite the rest of her clothing being new makes him frown a bit, and try to match it with what else he knows about her.

“I heard you were looking for a flat-mate” she tells him. “I want to live in London, but I couldn’t afford to live on my own. Not now. Someone told me about you.” At Sherlock’s face holding its stony pattern she adds “don’t worry, I’m not coming onto you, I’m a-”

He finishes her sentence “Lesbian, I know.”

“How did you…? Never mind. It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway, innat? Everything’s smoke and mirrors.”

“Do you mind if I play violin late at night to help me think? That I can be insufferable for weeks on end, that I do experiments in the flat? That I don’t get much sleep and I’m up all hours?”

“I don’t mind.”

There is silence, and then Sherlock seems to make up his mind. Harry Watson feels as though she were a mere human in the presence of a god, and maybe just maybe she’s passed some sort of test. The silence is broken by Sherlock announcing the address (221B Baker St.) and that she should come straight away to see if it suited her fancy.

Harriet managed to get all the way to her car parked on the university grounds before she started to cry. The building, the land, the rooms, the people (yes, even Sherlock Holmes) had all reminded her of John like a stab to the gut.

She held herself in the cable-knit jumper and tried to calm herself down.

There was silence in the car before “you would like him John, I think, he’s interesting and I know that you always hated to be bored.” And then she dried her eyes and drove away.

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Sherlock and John are in an established D/s relationship by the time TGG takes place, with Sherlock as the Dom and John as the sub. Moriarty notices John's collar while kidnapping him, strapping him into the bomb, whatever (I don't much care - he could notice before kidnapping John if that's where the muse leads) and, clever bastard that he is, immediately realizes what it means. He then proceeds to somehow use the relationship against Sherlock.

I want Sherlock being possessive and protective and an at least somewhat happy ending. Cookies and eternal gratitude to the one who fills this.

yes please Where is all fic with John in a collar hiding anyway? You can't tell me this fandom doesn't have some.

BAMF Mrs Hudson crack oh god why am I prompting this

Mrs Hudson is such a BAMF she could take on John Watson.

with a strap-on

until he cries like a little bitch.

(not noncon though)


"Get down, I said!" squeaked Mrs. Hudson, staring at John Watson where he knelt on the carpet.

"I am down!"

"Further," she asked politely, and as John turned away to crouch lower on his hands and knees, she hastily strapped herself into the packed harness, twitching a little switch at one end to turn on the vibrator hidden inside the fleshy dildo hanging between her thighs, sweating beneath the too-long purple skirt she had tried in vain to hitch up more permanently. No matter.

Mrs. Hudson got to the floor and spat in her little hand, working it between John's legs. He made a noise she decided to take as assent. She gripped his hip with one hand and herself with the other, pegging him in one swift motion.

"Jesus," he hissed between his teeth.

"Sorry, dear, I didn't catch that," Mrs. Hudson said mildly, thrusting quickly and forcefully into her tenant. "Who am I?"

"Mrs. Hudson," John whined under his breath, head dropping to press against one of his trembling arms.


"My landlady!" John said, tears beginning to form at the corners of his eyes.

"That's right. What am I not?" she asked mercilessly, pounding away at an ever-increasing speed.

"My, ah..." John drifted off, taking himself in hand and beginning to pull violently.


"My..." John knelt further to rub even more against the shag carpet.

"Careful, I'll not be cleaning up after you," Mrs. Hudson murmured into John's hair, wrenching a fist into the brown strands in stark counterpoint to the movement of her hips. "Now, who am I not?"

"My housekeeper!" John wept, coming suddenly and copiously over his fingers, white and red with the strain. Mrs. Hudson climaxed against the back of the vibrating cock at her crotch.

"That's right!" she cried, but the scene was disappearing before her...

Mrs. Hudson wakes up to find her two lodgers staring curiously down at her where she lies on the sofa. "Right," John says, turning to Sherlock, who nods. "I have to agree." Sherlock leans down to pat her hair sympathetically.

"No more herbal soothers before bedtime."

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Something happens to Sherlock and he ends up in the hospital. There's a tricky medical decision to be made and Mycroft as Sherlock's brother gets to make it, but John doesn't agree with Mycroft's choice. John knows its not what Sherlock would want and thinks that Mycroft is making it for the wrong reasons. So John fights him on it. Mycroft is like 'bitch there is nothing you can do' and John is like 'oh yeah' and produces legal documents saying John and Sherlock are married (or civil partnered which I believe is what's legal in the UK). Mycroft is all o.O 'How did you do that without me finding out!?' Don't care how it ends, either John gets to make the decision or Mycroft uses his slipperiness to block John out.

Bonus points if Sherlock wakes up and flips a shit at Mycroft.


Triggery prompt

When Sherlock was young he was taken by a pedophile who kidnaps prepubescent children then after he tires of them leaves them for dead, but somehow Sherlock survived, though he was never the same. The pedophile/killer was never caught. The trail grew cold and that would of been the end of that, except that years later, after a long hiatus, he is back. During the course of their investigation, Scotland Yard discovers that there was one survivor, Sherlock. How do they react? Mycroft? John? And how does Sherlock cope with revisiting memories, that he thought he deleted; while trying to find the killer and his latest victim before it is too late?

Re: Triggery prompt

Revelant to your interest :

Once upon a time, there was a handsome young man whose Mummy always made him stay home with his little brother. And the little brother was a spoiled child, and wanted everything to himself, and the young man was practically a slave. But what no one knew is that the King of the Goblins had fallen in love with the young man, and he had given him certain powers. So one night, when his little brother had be particularly cruel to him, he called on the goblins for help.

"Say the right words," the goblins said, "and we'll take your little brother to the castle, and you will be free!" But the boy knew, that the Goblin King would keep his little brother in his castle for ever and ever and ever, and turn him into a goblin. And so the young man suffered in silence. Until one day, when he was tired from a day of homework, and he was hurt by the harsh words of his Mummy, and he could no longer stand it...

tl;dr - This is the story of how Mycroft Holmes Rescued his Little Brother from the Goblins, Conquered the World and tamed the Mesmerizing Crotch of Doom.

You are clearly batshit crazy and I think I want to marry you.

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Sherlock begins having sex with one of the married ones next door. John is bothered, since (a) cheating is wrong and (b) he wants Sherlock for himself.

Please oh my god someone fill this I beg of thee karma

Brütal Legend

I've been replaying a lot of Brütal Legend recently and I've been taken by a desire to see a Sherlock crossover. Please, it's eating my brain. I can totally see...


I have come to realize what I always knew . . . that Holmes was a deeply passionate human being. His susceptibility to emotion was an element in his nature which he tried almost physically to suppress. Holmes certainly regarded his emotions as a distraction, a liability . . . those moments during his career when circumstances forced open floodgates of his reserve were rare indeed, and always startling. The observer felt he had witnessed a brilliant flash of lightning on a darkling plain.
-Nicholas Meyer, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Something happens to Sherlock--a case, an incident--that forces him to express deep emotion for the first time in years. John is there, of course, to comfort him.

Supernatural Crossover: Another High-Functioning Sociopath

In the Supernatural episode "Weekend at Bobby's", the brothers Winchester visit the UK for plot-related reasons and imply that they will be doing some hunting prior to returning to the states. They end up at the same crimescene as Sherlock and John (and preferably Lestrade and his team). Since this would be taking place early in the sixth season of Supernatural, Sam is a high-functioning sociopath at the time.

Special bonus points:
* One or both pairs of boys assuming the other pair is a couple.
* Donovan and Anderson not noticing anything wrong with Sam.
* New Scotland Yard finding out that their extra consultants are officially dead serial killers.

Re: Supernatural Crossover: Another High-Functioning Sociopath

Holy shit yes! Half of Sam's lines this season have had me going, "...Sherlock?"

Mycroft/Sherlock, John+Sherlock

Mycroft has been carrying out sexual experiments on Sherlock since they were children. It never once crossed Sherlock's mind that what they're doing is anything wrong. Certainly, it sometimes physically hurts, and he doesn't consider the results - or whatever Mycroft is mentally recording from his experiments - useful knowledge, so he doesn't comprehend why Mycroft still wants to continue. But a body is just a body, there's no damage to his mind (which is far more important), and Mycroft has always been interested in a wider spectrum of things than he (and Sherlock will admit, is more capable than he, so there may be something to it Mycroft sees that he doesn't). Furthermore, their experiments get Mycroft physically active and perspiring in a way that's so uncommonly seen.

Some time into living with Sherlock, John finds out. (Relationship status: vague - they care for each other, but not as boyfriends/lovers.) John talks to Sherlock but doesn't get him to see the arrangement as wrong. So John confronts Mycroft. What happens with that, whether anything is changed or it all remains the same, I leave up to writer.

Re: Mycroft/Sherlock, John+Sherlock

tl;dr, Mycroft carries out sexual experiments on Sherlock, who doesn't see it as wrong. John finds out.

5 times

4 times John saw Sherlock's cock when he didn't want to, +1 time he did.

Re: 5 times


"See the value of imagination," said Holmes. "[...] We imagined what might have happened, acted upon the supposition, and find ourselves justified. Let us proceed." - Silver Blaze - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock supposes outcomes to things before he takes part in the proceedings. I want: The five times Sherlock imagined things completely wrong and the one where he got it allll right. :D

(Mycroft, you're being fucking ridiculous tonight -.-)


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