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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part X
Giggles at the Palace
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+Until further notice, RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
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Guys, I will only put in one reminder about this.
Think before you prompt about the way you are asking. It isn’t difficult, and it will only take a minute or so of your time.

I also urge you to consider warning not just for triggery prompts, but also for fills, because some people will be viewing in flat view.

That said...
This is a kink meme. As such, there will be prompts that could offend you in a number of different ways. Not every prompt will have a trigger warning, and not every prompt will rub you the right way. If you have an issue with a specific prompt, feel free to bring it up in a discussion that takes place off the meme. However, flaming will not be tolerated regardless of origin.
You have rights to an opinion, of course, just as you have the right to scroll right past a prompt that you dislike.

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Sherlock meets That Guy With The Glasses.


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(Deleted comment)

Re: Sherlock/John, sentinel fusion

Yes yes! I love the Sentinel. I love the idea of John comforting Sherlock with his ass as well.

Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness...

So John is bored or maybe it's some continuing ed thing or whatnot, he decides to take a few courses via a local school. One of them is a poetry course and he must memorize verses to present. Now that I'm thinking on it, maybe it's a public speaking course. Aaaaaaanyway, John reciting Keats=Sherlock's heretofore unknown kink. Bonus points for John reciting while receiving a blowjob...

(why yes, I'm craving fluff...why do you ask?)

Edited at 2011-01-21 04:21 pm (UTC)

Re: Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness...

This remind me of the audio of Benny reading Keats.

John Watson is stuck in Wonderland having tea parties with some Mad Hatter named Sherlock Holmes.

This just....inspired me.

YES! Soooooo seconded! :)

John is a telepath. He's been one ever since he was born, but as a child he became aware of the fact that there are no others like him. So for the past thirty years or so, he's learned enough about people from their thoughts that he is, for the most part, able to convince them he's totally normal. He'll guess things wrong on purpose even when he knows the answer, things like that. But then he meets Sherlock, who he can't figure out despite knowing his every thought.

Sherlock/John preferred, but not required.

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moriarty turns into iago and convinces sherlock that john wants to leave him

This sounds deliciously angsty.

One morning, John sleepily walks into the kitchen, still half-asleep. Only to be confronted with:




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Breaking Bad x-over

Okay there are several scenarios that would be awesome to see fic'd:

1) Heisenberg/Walter and Jesse Pinkman decide to relocate to England to start cooking meth, and they quickly become the kingpins of the drug community. Sherlock and Scotland Yard are on the case.

2)Dark!Sherlock meets Heisenberg/Walter (in England or otherwise, it doesn't matter). Can you imagine the amount of BAD-ASS CHEMISTRY they could do together? They team up and cook together to get cash. Sherlock knows his way around the criminal world, and knows how to avoid the police. John (and Jesse) sling the meth to the druggies.

3)Sherlock is Heisenberg & becomes the kingpin of London's underbelly by making the best quality meth. He adeptly avoids Scotland Yard by acting like nothing is going on, and solves cases. The usual. John is his assistant, who helps sell the meth and helps with a quick shag here or there

Basically, if you throw Sherlock/John in any of these I will be pleased. :D

Re: Breaking Bad x-over

You are an evil genius.

I hope no Lestrades will have to be shot by creepy boot-wearing brothers in a parking lot for this work.

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So, I love wordstrings and her excellent series as much as anyone, but I would love to see a different take (or, dare I hope, takes</s>?) on Sherlock having bipolar.

Maybe he has his first manic episode and John recognizes the symptoms. Maybe Mycroft mentions something. Up to the author!

Preferably bipolar I, but bipolar II is fine, too.

*sighs* Italic html fail. Sorry.

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OP is Bipolar I, as well (Anonymous) Expand
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Sherlock is the “type” for a serial killer (or something else nefarious) and is all, “Brilliant! I can be the bait!”

Mycroft, Lestrade, and John disagree and have to protect Sherlock from himself. Preferably with Sherlock not finding out that’s what they’re doing.

I did not know how much I wanted this until just now. *sets up camp to wait*

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Re: Fill! The Bait. 2/? C (Anonymous) Expand
Love to read a cute fill where John trims Sherlock's hair.

Pairing? Gen? May have something up in like, fifteen minutes if friendship is okay!

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Bear with me, because it's kind of longish.

Basically I'd love to see virgin!Sherlock who enters into a relationship with John, and they get to the point where sex starts coming up. John wants to take it slow because he doesn't think Sherlock's ready, but Sherlock being Sherlock, gets annoyed and keeps pushing and complaining to just do it already.

John finally gets annoyed and does, then feels guilty when Sherlock realizes that he really wasn't ready (but please, make it consensual, just kind of Sherlock not realizing it would affect him so much and being slightly shaken).

Happy ending?

Re: Virgin!Sherlock

I need this in my life.

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5 Nightmares

John Watson isn't the only person with nightmares.

Let's see Lestrade, Mycroft, Molly, and, of course, Sherlock -- plus one more character of your choice (including John, if you wish) -- each waking from and dealing with a particularly terrible dream.

Take this in any direction you like. Angst is love! :D

FILL: Five Nightmares 1/2

This is my first fill ever. \o/ Now I've got to figure out how to respond to that that "filled prompts" post (!). Any corrections to Americanisms (or typos) are most welcome. Thank you!


He's a pallbearer. Again.

The coffin is heavy, far too heavy than any single body, any morgue-full of bodies, should make it.

No, he's not a pallbearer: he's the pallbearer. Again.

He seeks vainly for any other soul on this bleak, blasted moor, but he is alone.

Hoisting the coffin awkwardly up to his shoulder, he stumbles forward before sinking to his knees.

Then, with a dream's utter disregard for logic or cause and effect, a coil of rope appears at his feet. Knotting it around the coffin's handles, he fashions forms a harness for himself. He will be an ox at the plow, a donkey at the cart. Looping the rope across his chest and shoulders, he yokes himself to his burden, and then begins his ascent of the rocky incline, step after dogged step.

The weight of the coffin drags at him. His muscles throb with the strain, they burn, but he continues to put one foot in front of the other and lean his weight against the rope.

Despite his stubbornness, he makes precious little headway in his struggle.

He never opens the coffin, never looks inside. It might hold the child from the crime scene last week. It might be the old woman who was murdered last year. It might be Jenny, as lovely as she was on their wedding day, as cold as she was on the day he buried her.

At last Gregory Lestrade opens his eyes and drinks in the darkness. His alarm will sound in less than half an hour. He turns it off, staggers from his bed, and heads to the shower.

As the hot spray of water beats on his back and neck, he rolls his shoulders and stretches his spine. It was just a dream, the usual one, but he aches from it all the same.


The sound is wicked and shocking and ceaseless, echoing down the halls of St. Bart's. Molly Hooper follows it, dread coiling in her belly like a fevered serpent.

He's not a monster, not a criminal mastermind. He's just Jim from IT, smiling in boyish delight as he brings the riding crop down over and over and over again on the still form that lays on the gurney. The effort draws grunts and gasps from him. His pale forehead shines with perspiration.

The corpse he's whipping is slender and long-limbed and white as marble, its head crowned with a riot of long black curls. Its face is turned away, hidden from its assailant.

The body should be beautiful to her eyes, she thinks, but instead it's pitiful, the skeleton too visible beneath the spare flesh, its nakedness too close to defenselessness, its display too much like violation. And although she knows it's dead, dead, dead as stone, it bleeds lines of crimson everywhere the crop strikes it.

Jim pauses and grins, gesturing at the body with his free hand. "Molly-dear, what a thoughtful gift you've given me," he says, panting slightly with exertion. He lowers his voice, more intimate now, and winks. "It's what I've always wanted, you know."

She wakes gagging, and barely manages to stumble to the bathroom before she's violently sick. After she has retched and heaved until she's empty, she curls on the floor beside the toilet and weeps.

(Deleted comment)
Sherlock rarely eats when on a case,but he does have one weakness:
powdered raspberry jelly-filled donuts.
John happily discovers this.

Oh my god, please yes.

When John and Sally Join Forces, Things Will Change

Sally Donovan has tremendous respect for DI Lestrade. The others don't see how he works, day in and day out, not only in the glaring spotlight of media attention (and pressure), but in the thankless and lonely tasks of paperwork, of political red tape, of forging a team from a random set of professionals, and of riding herd on an eccentric genius and his soldier-doctor-partner, bending the rules as far as they will go and then some to get results.

Sally's sick and tired of the insults Lestrade takes for doing his job so well. She's sick and tired of the way he sacrifices his own ego, his own professional reputation, in order to save lives. She's sick and tired of Sherlock belittling her boss in front of his own people.

John Watson has tremendous respect for Sherlock Holmes. The others don't see how his mind works, what a burden and a nightmare it can be to experience the world through his eyes, always observing, always deducing, always searching for new data to mine. What makes him a genius also sets him apart, irrevocably, from the rest of humanity. He pushes his mind -- and his body, which he constantly ignores -- to its limits and beyond to find answers.

John's sick and tired of the insults Sherlock takes for being his brilliant self. He's sick and tired of the way Sherlock sacrifices his own health, his own sanity, in order to solve crimes. He's sick and tired of the Scotland Yarders mocking his friend when he consults for them.

One day, almost by accident, Sally and John compare notes. They discover they have far more in common than they thought. They're unlikely but natural allies, each devoted to a good man.

When Sally and John join forces at the next crime scene, things are going to change.

TL:DR: Sally and John are protective of the men they follow. It's time for each to get some respect.

Re: When John and Sally Join Forces, Things Will Change

I love this idea.