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Prompting: Part IX
Giggles at the Palace
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Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)

I want to see Sherlock on all fours, tightly restrained so that the only directions he can move are backwards and forwards. Behind him, a cock or wall-mounted dildo is sticking in his arse, and for whatever reason he's trying very hard not to get aroused by it. Unfortunately for him, leaning forward just gets him another form of discomfort (he gags on another cock/dildo, chokes on a leash, gets his nipples/balls pulled, whatever)

He ends up rocking back and forth, desperately trying not to get turned on, until he's fucking himself helplessly, hard and leaking precum.

Could be consensual or nonconsensual. John or Jim can be involved. Or both?

Re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)

yes please

Re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)


Re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)

Oh dear. Anon-ing my enthusiastic YES, I WANT THIS TOO.

Re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)

For the love of all that is holy I need this prompt to be filled.

Re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)


Wanting of course.

Re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)

Non-con with Moriarty = me = GUH... *DIES*


Fill re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage. 1/2

Sherlock whimpered a little round the phallus John had ordered him to bite down on. Not rebelling exactly - there was no point in trying to rebel from his current position - but definitely registering protest.
‘Less of that.‘ His tormentor said severely.
Sherlock raised his head to where the other man sat, not at all moved by Sherlock's obvious reluctance, legs folded up, arms circled demurely round them, so that Sherlock couldn’t see how much he was enjoying it. Typical John, to realise how much more bearable it would be to Sherlock if he knew John was aroused by it too. But John was all business tonight, not pleased with him and not letting him see anything beyond disapproval.
‘Don’t give me that woebegone look Sherlock, you know you brought it on yourself. In fact, keep your head down until I say otherwise.’

Sherlock nodded and dropped his gaze, still unwilling, but penitent too. There was no point in trying to pretend he didn’t know why he was being punished. He refocused his eyes on his bound hands - not just wrists, John knew him too well to make that mistake - and tried not to think about the other dildo, the one in his arse, long and thick and vibrating powerfully with the cockring John had placed on it.

He had been ordered not to come until he was told and he was determined to manage that. However long it took for John to relent, however strong the vibrations got in the thing that nestled - oh sweet cruelty - against his prostate, he would not give John any further reason to punish him.
To make it even more effective - Sherlock supposed - John had actually fixed it to the built in bookshelf and, with a sadistic genius most people would never have credited him with, left just enough play in Sherlock’s bonds that he could slide a little way off if he wanted, moving the bulbous head to a less distracting position. If he didn’t mind the sudden tension in the crocodile clips John had fastened to his balls and connected, the bastard, to the same damn cockring, so that when the wires were pulled taut not only agony but that sodding distracting vibration began to travel straight to those sensitive nerves.

Sherlock tried it again as John got to his feet and walked to Sherlock’s left side, presumably in order to appreciate the view from there as well. Tears welled in his eyes as the pain hit, hot and biting and oh fuck he couldn’t, just couldn’t. Sherlock relaxed back again and the dildo slid that inch or so back in to distract him again. Despite all he could do to control it Sherlock began to shake.

‘You’re dripping on the carpet again.’ John scolded. Sherlock knew that of course. Quite apart from the tears there was the fluid leaking from his cock and the sweat running in little trickles down his arms and thighs to soak into the weave. Of course he could do nothing about those but he wondered if perhaps he should try and stop some of the saliva that dripped messily down his chin.

Sherlock swallowed what he could noisily, slackening his jaw just a little to ease it but careful not to let the dildo drop - the consequences for that level of naughtiness didn’t bear thinking about. He wanted John to know that he was trying to be good, even if it didn’t make any difference.
His thighs ached from kneeling up, legs bound at the ankle, stiffening. His back too. They were welcome aches, they distracted from the need to come, to just give in and enjoy it and damn the consequences.
He knew he was getting closer though, despite them. He tried to pull forward again, giving up after the briefest moment. He told himself he was pathetic, tried again. Sobbed with need and pain at the tug and again as he slid back.

‘I’m sure I told you to be quiet.’ John’s calm still voice was unbearable. Sherlock froze at the sound of it, hot and cold chills chasing themselves up and down his spine, shaking violently with the sensations inside him that would not stop. He knew there would be no mercy. The only reprieve was to hurt himself again for a few moments and then, when he had gathered himself again, a few moments more.
Forward, back, oh he was going to come, he couldn’t stop himself. Had to stop himself. Had to get off it. Had to. No, no it hurt too much, back again.

Re: Fill re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage. 2/2

Sherlock barely knew that he was rocking now, keening, still aware he must not come but unable to stop, the pain only adding to the experience by this stage.

John didn’t bother to scold Sherlock this time, he doubted the captive man was thinking rationally enough to understand it. At least he’d made sure Sherlock couldn’t do himself too much damage. It was quite clear that that Sherlock himself didn’t give a damn what happened any more, fucking himself viciously with the dildo, flinging himself forward to get away. His panting and sobbing filled the familiar room, increasingly hysterical.
John pressed his thighs together for relief, determined not to touch himself, not because Sherlock might see him (Sherlock was far too far gone to notice) but because he wanted to fuck Sherlock’s mouth once he was done, and he wasn’t sure how much longer that would be. Assuming that Sherlock could actually come from this of course. It was possible that the detective was just winding himself up increasingly tightly with no hope of relief.

Or perhaps he was still trying to be good? John crawled to sit in front of Sherlock again, crosslegged this time.
‘Sherlock stop.’ He didn’t shout exactly, but he did raise his voice. Something got through anyway because Sherlock stilled, whimpering and shaking, but otherwise passive. John took a couple of deep breaths, preparing himself to issue further instructions calmly. ’Look at me.’
Sherlock lifted his flushed and tear streaked face and let John pull the dildo from his mouth. He looked utterly undone, the earlier resistance washed away as if it had never been. John decided he’d earned a pat on the head - literally - and probably his orgasm. ‘Carry on then, I want to see if you can make yourself come this time.’

Sherlock leant slightly forward, pain clouding his eyes, then back, whimpering in relief. Forward and back, just once more before his eyes dropped. Long enough to see John lick his lips, quite unconsciously, long enough to feel all that arousal flood back, to not care if it hurt. He moved faster, sliding back into instinct, rocking on his hands and knees, begging out loud for something, he didn’t know what.
‘John, John, please. Oh fuck please let me..’ Then ‘Hurts but.. yes, have to.. Please.’
‘I already said yes.’ John reminded him. ‘Come on Sherlock. I haven’t got all day.’ Sherlock sobbed, relief or frustration, John couldn’t be sure which. He was being violent with himself again now, past caring. Increasingly incoherent and high pitched as he thrust and tugged and skewered himself into coming.
The orgasm was as violent as the build up, Sherlock bucked and shrieked and would have collapsed after if he hadn’t been bound so tightly and impaled, still, on the dildo.

Instead he whimpered that it was too much, ‘Please John, I’ll be so good, please just make it stop.’
‘If you’re sure you’ve learnt your lesson.’ John undid the crocodile clips and slid Sherlock carefully away from the shelving, letting him drop on his side, still shaky, raising his head a little way to put a cushion under it.
He slithered out of his own clothes, Sherlock watching him with damp and sleepy eyes, a little apprehensive that John might want to do things to his poor abused arse that he was sure he couldn’t bear but knew he couldn’t prevent.

He breathed a silent word of thanks when John’s hands cupped round the back of his head instead, pulling him up from his cushion to kneel and bend, hands still bound, mouth full again. He almost choked as John began thrusting violently from the first, but he recovered quickly and it was nice to know that his tormentor hadn’t been quite as collected as he’d seemed.
If Sherlock was allowed to swallow he’d know he'd been completely forgiven. He tried not to hope for it, afraid of being disappointed. There were fingers twisting viciously into his hair though, as if John didn’t plan on letting him go anytime soon, the hips snapping aggressively as Sherlock went on taking, licking, sucking it all down.
It was over quickly, in a warm, salty flood of forgiveness and release that Sherlock drank down every last drop of.

Re: Fill re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage. 2/2






This is...goodness. The way you present the details in this story gives the reader a very clear image of what is going on. A very clear image. Unf. O.O And naturally, this type of John always does it for me.
You’re dripping on the carpet again. JESUS CHRIST.

Thank you SO MUCH for the hot fill, anon! And now I must depart to my bunk in awed, gibbering splendour. NNNNG. =D

Re: Fill re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage. 2/2

Oh God, fuck. That was entirely amazing. It's been a while since a fic managed to present me with a mental image this vivid and suffice it to say that I genuinely need to excuse myself to my bunk right now.

Re: Fill re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage. 2/2

OP says THANK YOU, AUTHORNON! I <3 this!

Author anon re fill (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Fill re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage. 2/2

I had to get up and walk around my room no less than three times while reading this. That is how hot it was and how cloudy my mind got while reading. UNFFFFFF.

GOD, I really, really want to know what Sherlock did now.

Re: Fill re: Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage. 2/2



BE IN MY BANK (yes my bank)


author anon re fill (Anonymous) Expand
Re: author anon re fill (Anonymous) Expand

Link to reprompt and second fill

Warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness

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