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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Welcome! (Prompting: part i)
Giggles at the Palace
Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

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This is a fic prompting meme based around the BBC series Sherlock, written by Stephen Moffat & Mark Gattis.

There are a couple of communities that have sprung up already, namely here and here and here, and also a very busy sherlockkink meme based around the Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law film, but since there's a GAP IN THE MARKET for a BBC Sherlock prompt meme and people are gnawing off their own hands in need of fic, here we go!

ETA: There's also a very dedicated meme here which covers all varieties of Sherlock Holmes adaptations/ spin-offs.


1) This is a Sherlock meme, so no RPF please! We don't want any legal trouble.

2) Feel free to post anon by all means, it's a matter of personal preference.

3) Remember to include a warning in the title for anything a little more "niche" or that people might have a problem with - non-con, dub-con, death!fic, incest, death!fic etc. Other than that, anything goes - crack, slash, het, gen, fluff, angst, whatever floats your boat.

4) Feel free to prompt as much as you like, but do try to fill as well as prompt; we don't want pages full of frustrating unfilled prompts!

5) Have a look beforehand to see whether your prompt has already been prompted - we want to avoid duplicate prompts as much as possible!

6) Please, be civil, be friendly, but don't be shy!

*Any problems, please message jjgd *


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I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

After 16 years of dating, Sally Donovan had been convinced that nothing would surprise her anymore.

She had dated a man who couldn’t come unless she explicitly ordered him to, she had slept with a woman who had a habit of screaming “oh mommy” on the top of her lungs during orgasms.

She had purposefully dated a woman who owned a BDSM job once, she had really enjoyed this particular relationship. Though not as much as she had enjoyed dating a girl who’s twin brothers liked to join in the fun.

Up to a brief number of weeks ago she had been engaged to a man who couldn’t sleep unless he had a plug shoved up his arse and he liked her to be the one to do that at night. And just to be clear, this kink was not what broke them up.

That was why, when Anderson had told her he had a rather unusual preferance she had assured him, that whatever it was, she wouldn’t be appalled. She had meant it, at the time, she really had.

She took a look around the room once more. Sally was sitting on a bed in Andersons cellar, she hadn’t known about this room, they’d done it in his bedroom upstairs multiple times, but this room was different.

The walls were covered in a tapestry that showed prehistoric creatures, the shelves were filled with miniature statues and sculptures that matched the tapestry. Even the bedsheets had dinosaurs printed on them.

And on those bedsheets Anderson was currently spread out, wearing a pyjama top that almost let him blend in the the sheets, he had not bothered with pyjama bottoms.

While Sally was watching, as they had previously agreed, to understand his preference his hands were running up and down his swollen member, pumping while he mumbled the names of various dinosaurs, which Sally didn’t bother to listen to.

When she took a final look at herself, dressed in silk lingerie which Anderson had printed with what looked like a recurring t-rex pattern especially for her, she decided that no, she couldn’t handle this!

“Anderson I’m sorry, I can’t! See you at work tomorrow!”, she called back at him when she fled the cellar. Anderson had stopped his ministrations when she’d gotten up from the bed. His face fell.

He looked at the stuffed Cryolophosaurus on his nightstand and picked it up carefully, “We don’t need her, do we?”, he asked and resumed his prior occupasion.

(Deleted comment)

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

thank you! haha
it was a lot of fun filling this, glad you like it XD
I almost consider de-anoning cos I have no shame and I'm kind of proud to have filled this epic prompt!

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

I will never be able to unread this or possibly think about dinosaurs in the same way again and yet it makes me happy to know that some brave writer went out and wrote this. I'm going to have a funny look on my face all day that I won't be able to explain. Thank you.

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

I'm very sorry for traumatizing you, i really am XD
but damn that was a lot of fun to write! XD

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

You are a God among men.

(also, fuck yeah Sally pings my bi-dar)

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

Ahahahaha!!!!! Awesome! That's almost cute!

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

recaptcha says: manksors discussed

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

Is it just me or is recaptcha starting to achieve sentience?

Skynet is coming, and she's a fangirl...

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

Oh my God. Ahahahaha

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

I just... I... IDEK what just happened but I think I loved it.

*wanders away dazed but elated*

Re: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm filling this!

OMG! Just half an hour ago there was this documentary on TV about fetishes and a guy explained that his fetish wasn't all about sex and only 45% led to intercourse, while 30-35% didn't. A friend and I were wondering what the missing 20% were.

I think it's agreed that it's Anderson jerking off.

I love this more than I should.

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