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Welcome! (Prompting: part i)
Giggles at the Palace
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This is a fic prompting meme based around the BBC series Sherlock, written by Stephen Moffat & Mark Gattis.

There are a couple of communities that have sprung up already, namely here and here and here, and also a very busy sherlockkink meme based around the Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law film, but since there's a GAP IN THE MARKET for a BBC Sherlock prompt meme and people are gnawing off their own hands in need of fic, here we go!

ETA: There's also a very dedicated meme here which covers all varieties of Sherlock Holmes adaptations/ spin-offs.


1) This is a Sherlock meme, so no RPF please! We don't want any legal trouble.

2) Feel free to post anon by all means, it's a matter of personal preference.

3) Remember to include a warning in the title for anything a little more "niche" or that people might have a problem with - non-con, dub-con, death!fic, incest, death!fic etc. Other than that, anything goes - crack, slash, het, gen, fluff, angst, whatever floats your boat.

4) Feel free to prompt as much as you like, but do try to fill as well as prompt; we don't want pages full of frustrating unfilled prompts!

5) Have a look beforehand to see whether your prompt has already been prompted - we want to avoid duplicate prompts as much as possible!

6) Please, be civil, be friendly, but don't be shy!

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I was musing on another fill and...

Poor Watson's limp can lead to some...ambiguous implications.
I can just see someone going, "wait, I thought the limp was psychosomatic. You got over it. So why are you limping again?"
Watson coughs. Sherlock looks insufferably smug.

Re: I was musing on another fill and...

lol THIS

Re: I was musing on another fill and...

Ah, yuss, that was a fill penned by yours truly, I do believe.

A/N: This needed to be Mrs Hudson...

"Mrs Hudson!" Sherlock bellowed down the steps. "I need you to come up for a minute, if you can spare it! And even if you can't," he added quietly, hands steepled and pressed against his mouth, looking intently at the bare wall before him.

Mrs Hudson rushed up the stairs. "What is it, dear?" she asked, aghast. John could see she was worried it was something dreadful.

"I need you to stand at 90 degrees to the window there and just--stay still," Sherlock ordered. "The sentence of a man in Brighton depends on it."

Mrs Hudson looked questioningly at John, who shrugged. "Something to do with the shadow on the carpet," he offered, then stood up. "Can I get you a cuppa for your trouble?"

Mrs Hudson nodded. "Still!" Sherlock yelled, eyes raking over the floor and wall. He whipped out his pocket magnifier to inspect her slightly trembling shadow.

John returned with the tea in a few minutes. Mrs Hudson was settling herself into his armchair. "How's your leg, John?" she asked benignly, accepting the cup as John settled himself at the desk to face her. Sherlock was texting furiously in the doorway.

"What? Oh, it's...fine," John answered curiously.

"I thought it had been looking better," she commented, staring at the limb itself as if to search for tampering, "but when you put the kettle on I saw you limping again! Like you'd a pain in your-- oh," she stumbled, catching the look exchanged between Sherlock and John. "Oh, never mind me!" Mrs Hudson hopped up and put her cup gingerly on the side table without taking a sip. "I'll just be off, then, shall I? Leave you to your recreational activities..."

John coughed, embarrassed, noting that Sherlock looked insufferably smug. He thought he heard Mrs Hudson whisper "Well done" to him on her way out, but it had to be his imagination.

Re: fill?

Why, hello again, my awesome filler-of-prompts~
I don't think I've ever had two prompts filled so swiftly.

:D I really enjoyed this!

Re: fill?

Hee, I love Mrs. Hudson :3
This was adorable.

Mr Hudson is made of win. Yes, she is.
Thank you for that-

I love how stoic and knowing Mrs Hudson is. Great fill, made me laugh.

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