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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part VIII
Giggles at the Palace
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John/Mycroft family, puhlease?

We have a million John and Sherlock have kids prompts and quite a few adorable fills.

Could someone please do something for John/Mycroft? Mpreg, adoption, surrogates, dropped-on-the-doorstep, whatever! I just want them to have a tiny little (or not so tiny) family.

*puppy dog eyes*

Re: John/Mycroft family, puhlease?

Wait, there have been some Sherlock and John with kids fics? Where?

Oh, but I'm definitely seconding some John/Mycroft with a family. Definitely.

OP here (Anonymous) Expand
Mycroft tries to fix Sherlock with John. But the thing is John is actually in love with Mycroft and Sherlock is really asexual.

This prompt is totally saved! I don't think there'd be any objections to Mycroft finding John quite intriguing himself, would there? And of course John makes a darn good friend so Sherlock would still care...

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'Tis the Season

Mummy still makes her boys take a picture (preferably in holiday sweaters) to put on the family Christmas card. This year, John Watson gets a copy.

I have no idea if this is a standard practice in the UK, but please humor me.

Re: 'Tis the Season

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. This is amazing. I would kill to see that photo.

(Deleted comment)
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Re: Holiday Cheer (fill) (Anonymous) Expand


Reprompt: Sherlock worries that alwaysagirl!John will someday leave him for another guy and with his fucked up sense of logic he decides the solution is to get John pregnant and then they will be bound together for at least the next 18 years. So he seduces her and messes with her birth control.

Either she can end up pregnant and all that falls out from it good and bad, or she can figure out what's going on and say "wtf this is an awful idea stop!" either way is fine with me.

sorry for the screaming.

hopefully this won't end up on F!S this time.

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seriuz biznezz >:| (Anonymous) Expand
Re: seriuz biznezz >:| (Anonymous) Expand
Re: seriuz biznezz >:| (Anonymous) Expand
Re: seriuz biznezz >:| (Anonymous) Expand
Sherlock meets Poirot.

[On a side note: I am desperate to see this pic, apparently it is mega-hot (and NSFW) but my computer won't load the site T_T Would any anon be so very kind as to reupload it to Photobucket (not Tinypic, that doesn't work either)?] http://postimage.org/image/35ho78twk/

I'm not scared! However bucket would take that down in a second... that's what I have a scrapbook for...just saying

and if anyone would do a fic based on that, I'll bake you cookies. SERIOUSLY.

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It's time for a kinky dubcon sex request!

Moriarty takes John hostage and in order for him to be released, Sherlock agrees to be Moriarty's slave for a week.

Super mega ultra bonus points if Moriarty makes Sherlock wear a maid's dress at some point, but it's not absolutely essential.

(Feel free to write it without sex if you wish, but don't you think it would be so much hotter with XD)

Super mega ultra bonus points if Moriarty makes Sherlock wear a maid's dress at some point

I would give my left arm to see this as art.

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People, look at this picture

posted vy pudupudu at markcroft

Look at his long, sexy neck!
Doesn't it look like he's waiting for someone to nabble his neck?

I think this pic totally needs mutible fills!

I just snorted with glee. OMG... *faints*

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It's so cold out there, it gives me ideas! lol
The Thermodynamics series by entangled_now made me realise that I had kind of a body heat sharing kink!
So basically, I would to see Sherlock and John (well it can be Sherlock/Lestrade if you want) trapped somewhere where it's cold and they have to spend the night there and share their body heat to stay alive! :p
And since John is a doctor he knows what is right... (sharing heat naked works better... ;)!

I would absolutely love to see this! One teeny niggle: sharing body heat CLOTHED is actually more recommended by medical teams, so if you want them to get naked they should be a bit wet too ;)

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Lestrade almost arrests Mycroft for breaking into 221B as soon as he sees Mycroft there alone without anyone around. Becauae he once overheard Sherock call him an Arch-enemy. Lestrade thorws himself to Mycroft and presses him down with his body and handcuffs him. And you know what is going to happen next.

Mycroft whips out his ninjitsu and kicks Lestrade's ass? Then the oral sex?

Mycroft likes this one - about time, he says

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John and Sherlock need to go undercover and form a band to solve a case. YEAH A BAND. A PUNK ROCK BAND. LET'S GO TO THE PUNK ROCK SHOW \m/. I can see Sherlock on his violin, or even on a guitar. And John gets roped into being lead singer.

Basically I want Sherlock and John rocking out IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE.

Bonus points if they have to wear punk clothing or something for a disguise (John with eyeliner, y/y?), or if they argue over their fake band's name. xD

Please tell me that they actually name their band In the Name of Science. Because that would really rock (also: if their first album is called The Period Table and all the songs are named after elements...too much?)

Seconded, though. Obviously.

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Lestrade/fem!Sherlock, bondage or sadomasochism (her receiving). None of this guilty-feeling Lestrade nonsense. I want them both to like it.

Dunno if this has been done...

It's John's birthday, and he doesn't tell anyone.

Re: Dunno if this has been done...

Awww, that's so sad. Hopefully Sherlock would know-- he knows everything.

prompt from Texts from Last Night

please don't text me until you can spell three letter words again.

Re: prompt from Texts from Last Night FILL

John jerks awake from some quickly fading dream and immediately regrets moving. His head, it seems, has shrunk down to half its original size, leaving his facial features fighting for space. His tongue has been replaced by a wad of cotton. His stomach has decided that it needs to leave through his mouth, very, very quickly.

John stumbles into the bathroom, just in time to make it to the toilet. He retches and heaves and moans in pain. After the contents of his stomach (and then some) are flushed away, he fumbles for a glass of water. He stares bleary-eyed at his reflection.

"What the hell did I do last night?" he thinks, for talking will just make his head ping.

The good doctor crawls back into bed, only to hear his phone chirping. He moans and curses Sherlock, but fishes his phone out of his pocket anyway (which are hanging from the ceiling lamp, why are they up there?? John wonders.

Feeling the after-effects of last night?

John attempts to write out a reply. His fingers feel too large and unwieldy.


Despite feeling so hungover, his skin doesn't fit, John can feel Sherlock rolling his eyes.

please don't text me until you can spell three letter words again.

John can feel a wave of deja-vu rolling over him. He pauses for a moment, just in case he's confusing it with nausea. He checks his outbox.

You should join us!
JW 11.34pm

Not interested.
SH 11.45pm

You're not experimenting with someone's body parts, are you?
JW 11.54pm

Of course not.
SH 12.03am

Testing the effects of Potassium Chlorate and gummy bears.
SH 12.05am

JW 12.06am

you* kick*
JW 12.07am

I am ignoring you
SH 12.11am

im ignring u 1st
JW 12.25am

Anderson id singing @ Lstrad
JW 12.45am

Hilarious, I'm sure.
SH 12.50am

Dobovan loks jelois
JW 12.55am

John tries to make sense of the increasingly more non-sensical, drunk texts.

dhe satd ure a gresk
JW 1.10am

ure nit a freek
JW 1.13am

ure mt freqk
JW 1.15am

i lvoe u shelock
JW 1.20am

John's eyes bug out of his head. He drops the phone in shock. He doesn't see the reply.

I "lvoe" you too, you idiot
SH 1.25am


Two things: I've never experienced a hangover, but I have had migraines and I've been told the experience is similar, so I based it off that.

look up Potassium Chlorate and gummy bears on youtube.

Edited at 2010-12-27 03:32 pm (UTC)

Crossover with Warehouse 13.

I don't even know.



I would be up for any of the following configurations (author's choice):

--John blows Sherlock and spits it in Sherlock's mouth

--Lestrade blows Mycroft and spits it in Mycroft's mouth

--Bonus cookies for: John blows Lestrade and spits it in Sherlock's mouth

--If you want to go the dub-con/non-con route: Moriarty blows John and spits it in John's mouth (or Lestrade's w/ no prior relationship b/w him and John)

I like the last one!

...because I'm creepy.

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