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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Re: Uphill both ways in the rain

je t'adore

all of that

Re: Uphill both ways in the rain

Thank you for bringing this up. I've been in fandom so long I now qualify as an old crone. But I remember going to the very first Star Trek convention in England at a little church hall in Leicester, being so excited when I first met an actor who'd been in Star Trek. Discovering fanzines, then writing for them. Finding other lost souls like myself and realising that I wasn't the only one, moving from one fandom to another and sometimes back again. Writing tons of letters because there was no Internet. It's a very different experience now but no less interesting and the expansion is amazing. You can still be a fan of Richard Green's "Robin Hood" if you want to. You can indulge your secret love of werewolves. It's not all great, I've had problems with internet bullies/call them what you will. But the experience has mostly been positive and fun.

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