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"we get all sorts around here."

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This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

Some people seem to have really cool experiences/sensation while on the verge of passing out and others don't. I don't think this discussion belongs on the rant post, but I'd love to hear more people's experiences of what they've seen under different circumstances (not necessarily auto erotic). It might make for more realistic scenes.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

I've never passed out, but I had a period (lasting for about a year) a couple of years back when I'd slightly black-out for a second or so and collapse once a month because of what probably was low blood-pressure and hormones, and standing up suddenly/rising from a crouch/stretching for something high up would mostly be the cause of it.

Before I blacked out, I'd feel like I was falling, even thought I wasn't (yet), and I would see streaks of light that were really similar to when they go into hyperspace in Star Wars, like shooting out from the center-point of my vision, but mine would either flash in white, yellow or orange. I'd see this even if my eyes were shut. I also felt some pressure on my breastbone (?? not english-speaker but the part beneath your collar-bone but above your beasts) and I would feel tingles at the back of my ears and my neck, sometimes running down my back. My hearing would also grow slightly muffled, as if the sounds around me blended together. Then it would go black and I'd come to again while falling down and catching myself on reflex.

Basically the world outside myself grew dim and what I foremost perceived was myself and my body; limbs, breathing, thoughts. Very self-centered. Some of the sensations were pleasant, like the tingling down my ears and neck and the feeling of falling, but my mind knew what was coming and it was frightening to loose control of my body like that. And there's some really dirty floors you don't want to land on...

Hope this was to some help. I haven't written every sensation there was, because that would be too much text, but feel free to ask if there's something more you want to know.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

I have never auto-erotically asphyxiated myself, but I have fainted several times. First I start to feel too hot, and dizzy. Then my sight goes all purple. After that it's tunnel vision and then I'm gone.

I remember when I was a kid, when I was being revived I thought it was my mum trying to wake me up for school.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

No hallucinations from strangulation or asphyxiation here, just vision going black, but it wasn't an erotic situation on any occasion. I have had some hallucinations coming out of anasthetic, but that's a different beast, and also non-erotic.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

As mentioned in the rant post, I have nearly drowned, which would be useful if people do the jump-in-the-pool TGG possible ending :D

My experience was a loud ringing in my ears, severe disorientation and random flailing, quite bad fear (I was scared of water before this happened; you can imagine what I'm like now) and these weird visual hallucinations of spinning multicoloured lights gradually swallowing my vision from the sides. If you close your eyes and press into them really hard, it sort of looked like that. Or if you suffer from classic migraines, it was like the auras you get across your vision. When I was pulled out, I was crying, although I wasn't actually aware of it at the time. It took a very terrifying five or so seconds before I could even get enough air in my lungs to cough up the water I'd inhaled.

I've also suffered from fainting spells on occasion, and with that it was more like someone had turned down the brightness on the world. My legs will give way when I'm still conscious but I pass out before I actually hit the ground, so it goes from wobbly and dim vision to on the floor.

Hope that's useful!

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

I don't know if my experience would be different in the erotic context, but I've blacked out a few times both from trauma/medical situations (in an ocean once, after giving blood once, after which the nurses disqualified me from donating again) and several times from simple low blood sugar and/or low blood pressure. In the absence of trauma it was strangely pleasant, my brain feels a sort of ineffable levity and I can't entirely feel my body in terms of spacial relation to itself or other things, but at the same time I'm very aware of it, like my entire nervous system lit up all at once but doesn't really know why or relay any useful information, sort of like the second after a minor injury when you feel the sensation but haven't processed it intellectually. But pleasant, warm and sort of humming. I lose any sense of time, and while I feel aware of my surroundings, I'm actually not processing anything said or done around me. The experience is something like a migraine aura for me, but less self-aware and with less forboding of what's to follow.

When I blacked out from getting pulled into an undertow and inhaling water, though, that was terrifying, with none of the pleasant physical sensations, just the distortion of time and disconnect between sensations and intellectual processing, and when I gave blood I felt like I was watching blood roll down my elevated arm forever (it was closer to 10 seconds, and in reality much less blood than I "saw") without knowing why or how to stop it before I passed out. So my tiny sample size of one would say that context matters greatly, but I'd imagine, for me anyway, that erotic asphyxiation would tend toward the experience above.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

My asphyxiation was erotic, but not autoerotic. My partner was behind me, his arm wrapped around my neck. I passed out for about ten seconds, struggling accidentally, and saw the colors, sounds and images as in the rant post. I felt very disoriented afterward, but also very relaxed and obviously aroused.

We've done things differently as well, (the first time was a bit scary for him) with his hand on my throat for thirty minutes or so, blocking my airway. It was a giddy, almost floating sensation, very pleasant but with no blackness or hallucinations. I was almost hyperaware of the act.

I think having someone you trust as a partner is one of the main aspects of my experiences so I acknowledge that others could have a more painful, less fun time. Autoerotically, and perhaps this is all very TMI, I find that a hand around the throat, pressing down on the the spot just below your jaw, works best. I have never experienced blackouts or even been remotely close to one in these situations. I did have one experience with a metal necklace tied to a headboard where I saw darkness on the edges of my vision but again, no blackouts. I think it's difficult to make yourself pass out.

All and all, I think it's rare kink and safety, trust and love makes it to be a comfortable situation for everyone involved.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

Hm, also posted on the rant post, but I'll add it here.

I have orthostatic hypotension, which means that whenever I change position too fast (sitting down to standing up, etc) I "grey out", which is just what it sounds like.

It feels like my head just kind of empties, like I'm really, really light-headed, then my vision goes grey, then out completely for a few seconds. I just kind of sink to the floor; it's not a complete faint.

*shrugs* Just me, though.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

I practice asphixiation on my partner. He loves it and says the orgasm is really intense, although it's mostly the control/dominance aspect that he's in to. I, by contrast, 1. can't stand stuff touching my neck and 2. feel absolutely pukey sick when I'm near passing out. The two times I tried pot, I passed out--the last time for like 5 minutes. Waking up was not fun and I was basically down for the count for the entire night. So, I think it really depends on the person and on whether they enjoy being dominated/losing control of their body.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

I faint from heat occasionally (luckily, where I live now it rarely gets hot enough for that to happen!). The main thing I get is a feeling of distance - sound (including my own voice) is muffled as if far away, and vision dims/grays. It can happen gradually (by which I mean over a period of 15 seconds or so) or very quickly (maybe less than a second). Then basically my POV switches to the time I wake up (usually only a few seconds, never as much as a minute) and I feel disoriented for a while. I've also had the same feeling without it leading to fainting, if someone did something to cool me down. I do feel disoriented while I recover from that, too.

I also had a weird reaction to a certain antibiotic a few years ago. It started and ended quite gradually. I couldn't sleep so I was reading. The print on the page started having sort of a purple shadow or afterimage, which seemed somehow sparkly. Then the air started having the same effect. I got up and felt very much distanced from myself, almost as if I weren't in my body, and very panicky - at least partly because I didn't know what was happening. I couldn't tell if I was awake or asleep, and said so aloud, and my husband got scared and wanted to take me to the hospital (I didn't want to go, and talked him out of it). I had the idea that I might actually be dead. I continued to feel distanced and scared until it wore off a few hours later. I had NO IDEA what caused it, so I started looking up side effects of various medication I was taking, and discovered it was a rare side effect of Bactrim or Septrin.

Captcha: nest amaxing - no, Mycroft, I'm not going to describe my next amazing medical problem.

Re: Autoerotic asphixiation vs other ways of passing out

Last time I passed out I thought I was standing on the ceiling. It was when I tried to walk away from the ceiling that I fainted. This was when I was ill with the 'flu, and I remember thinking that it was a fever dream before passing out because I saw everything like it was a photograph being taken. A very weird situation to be in, I assure you. But everytime I moved my eyes to look at something else it would flick like a shutter clicking. I was on my own in the house and luckily I woke up after about five minutes and freaked out completely when I couldn't feel my legs and ended up crawling to the phone and calling my brother. Hope you've found my little story interesting. :)

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