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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Okay, I'm seeing a lot of characters on the meme that I can't remember seeing on the show, and I never had any interest in the whole Sherlock Holmes thing before BFF was like HEY LET'S WATCH THIS SHOW IT INVOLVES STEVEN MOFFAT. BFF says these characters are from ACD!canon, sooooooo.

Anyone want to do a quick and dirty cliffnotes rundown for fail!anon of non-BBC!verse (yet) characters that have been turning up on the meme?

Also I'm confused about the bees. Is this from ACD!canon or an injoke? O.o


It's cannon. Holmes retires to Sussex where he keeps bees.

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CBS is so going to sue me over this...

So I was watching 48 Hour Mystery and guess what the hosts name was? Erin Moriarty. Yeah. My first irrational thought was 'SHE DID IT! SHE DID ALL OF IT!'

Now it's my headcannon that M(r)s. Moriarty is the estrange American cousin of our dear Jim. Irrational anon is irrational.

Re: CBS is so going to sue me over this...


There's a fairly well-known company here that installs invisible fences (like the ones you use to keep your dogs from running out of the yard).

Naturally, it's called "Moriarty's Fence Company."

And naturally, I'm like, "FUCK NO HE WILL STEAL ALL YOUR PUPPIES D: D: D:"

Or even worse: "Moriarty's milkshake brings all the puppies to the yard." Or something. Never mind. Forget I said anything. o.o


I've been on Wikipedia for a little while now and I can't quite figure out how to cut through the legalese re: sexual assault/rape laws in the UK. It's pretty clear when it comes to forcible assault but not so much when it comes to intoxication. I've seen a lot of discussions that differentiate between "drunk sex" and "rape," but I'm mostly just confused now.

The scenario: A and B are in non-established relationship, A and B become intoxicated and have sex, A is penetrating partner. Later B realizes that he would not have had sex had he been sober.

My questions:
1) Is this a prosecutable offense? I'd presume not, as A had no reason to believe B was not consenting, and B would not wish to prosecute, but is anyone sure of the exact legality?
2) Would it make a difference if A had been sober and B intoxicated? Would it make a difference depending on A's and B's levels of intoxication?
3) Even if what happened to B cannot be legally defined as rape, is it still justifiable and reasonable for B to feel that he has suffered a violation?

Thanks for the help.


In the US, also being drunk isn't a defense for the rapist. Rape by intoxication requires higher than average levels of intoxication, though, to the degree that function is majorly impaired. I'll be interested to hear how that compares to UK laws.

Anyone else read so much kinky stuff that you hear "flashlight" and you automatically think "fleshlight?"

Well, I will now =D *giggles*

Mycroft tried to give me one word and then two lines of text. WTF?

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Weird... (and personal. Also, triggers for abuse?)

Someone I hardly know, but to whom I've been speaking quite a lot lately (yay Internet), informed me that my mother was verbally and emotionally abusive....
I mean, something like that never crossed my mind, not even once. I know my mother is strange, she has insulted me on several occasions and dismissed my social phobia that made me incapable of going to High School for 3 years as something I just made up to avoid school and annoy her and said that I would end up a junkie and an 'enormous prostitute' (I'm overweight and I have terrible body issues -that she doesn't know of), and clearly thinks I'm a manipulative bitch/mentally ill and told me so once or twice, doesn't believe a word I say, reminds me daily that I need to lose weight and makes me feel guilty to eat when she's here... she also is quite capable of manipulating me into thinking bad things that happen to me or her is my fault.
Is that verbal or emotional abuse? Or just... I don't know, bad parenting. I don't feel like it's abuse, I just think it's not quite right. But then I may be delusional.

Most of the time, she's nice. Very nice, the nicest person you've ever met. And fun and happy and she will take my side if someone tries to mess with me. I'm always ill at ease around her and slightly frightened of what she'll say next, but then I'm ill at ease around everyone and frightened of everything.

Well, now I'm so very confused about all this.

Mycroft, I can't write upside down. Or in Hebrew. Stop it.

Re: Weird... (and personal. Also, triggers for abuse?)

Talking to a counselor about this would be a good idea.

I need some 80's British slang, as tacky and annoying as possible, please!

Re: Help!

Wicked! Skill! Blinding! Ace! Mega! Huge! Brilliant! Crucial! Mega! Killer! Quids in! Gorden Bennett!
(more negative) Naff. Seedy. Yukky. Grotty. Naff off. Stroll on.

I pity the fool. Frankie says relax. Just say no. Let's do lunch. Let's diarise. Pencil you in. What's green and gets you drunk? A GIRO! Let me just liberate this (drink my pint) Okay, yah.

Wally. Knobhead. Knobend. Spanner. Spaz. Spakker. Wanker. Tosser.

shampers/shampoo/fizz = champagne.
Fast black = cab (London).

(To do with coke) Who's got charlie? Then, when the coke was produced, hooray for henry! Billy Whizz (speed) Buck's Fizz (whizz, speed)

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So as not to derail the probable rant on the rant post.

There's a lot of talk on female centered (in particular) fanfic sites about triggers and warning for them.

What I wanted to ask is how do those of you who feel warnings are useful/necessary for you cope with fiction in spaces unlike this; such as the semi pro areas of Holmes fandom or more normally the whole world of published fiction? Do you not read outside fandom? And what did you do before you found areas where warnings were given?

I've had a quick look at the last dozen novels I read and quite honestly you cannot tell from the blurb (if there is any at all, and for most there isn't) whether or not these novels would contain any elements which we usually warn for and not one of them would have been reviewed anywhere. Twelve crime novels which were everything from country house to literary Italian. All had elements which would be warned for here - m/m, rape, graphic child abuse (in a novel which did not have this as it's premis or mention it in the blurb), the hero as violent killer, sadism, murder through the killers eyes, horror, mental abuse, etc. Some of these images will stay with me for days if not years but I could not have expected them from the tone of the novel, the blurb or reviews before I was hundreds of pages in.

Re: Triggers

I usually choose books to read based on recommendations from friends. I not only don't want to be triggered, I don't have time to read duds. Fortunately, my friends like to read, too.

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a grammatically correct pairing

Some of you may have seen a certain XKCD comic about slash.

Well... it produced this:


including appropriate fanfic! Now, I am wondering how long it will take for the crossovers.

How do you...

...create links in comment posts?

(Can you tell I'm new to LJ?)

Re: How do you...

If you're posting anon, you can't. You just have to copy&paste the link into your comment as it is.

Unanon you can use the html code (remove underscores) Link name here
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<_/a_>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

If you're posting anon, you can't. You just have to copy&paste the link into your comment as it is.

Unanon you can use the html code (remove underscores) <_a href="URL"_>Link name here<_/a_> for neater links.

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Moriarty's "Jimmy" song

Just got back from lovely rainy Normandy in time to learn that Moriarty will soon perform at La Cigale in Paris. As a homage to Rosemary Standley's voice, here's a link to "Jimmy" :


Don't know if our Jim would clap, but, my, do I love country!

(No, Mycroft, they're not Spanish. Do your research.)

Re: Moriarty's "Jimmy" song

...I keep saying I'm not dyslexic, but I read that as "Moriarty's snuggie."



Okay, so an album I have been waiting for for like 3+ fucking years was finally released today HOLY SHIT YAY



Yeah basically my computer is being indecisive about whether or not there is a cd in it, and then finally refuses to acknowledge its existence. It's not ejecting the disc, it's just not showing up in Finder or itunes. Which is not helpful when the damn computer is the only way of listening to a CD that I REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO.

This computer has never done this before and isn't doing it with any other discs, and Google-fu is failing me. I've tried restarting the computer and finder and itunes and no cigar.

Anybody have a clue?


Either a failed drive or a loose wire, maybe?

Go to the Apple menu -> About this Mac -> More info. This brings up the System Profiler. In the sidebar under Hardware, your drive should show up under Disc Burning. If not, look for your drive under ATA or Serial-ATA. If it's not there, click through the rest, you might have a drive with an atypical connector. If you can find the drive in the list, that means the computer knows it has one. Check the list during one of the 'can't find CD' phases, see if it's still there. If the drive has disappeared, it's probably a connector lose or a wire cracked. If it is still there, then the drive could be fried.

Either way, it will mean opening up the laptop and poking around, and at that point I'd reccommend taking it into the shop or a techy-type friend. Figuring out what the problem could be will give you an idea of how much it might be to fix.

It is possible to get in and poke around yourself and even swap out the drive for another, but unless you are confident you know what you are doing, or have a spare computer in case of an oops, best not to experiment.

Does anyone else finish reading an Alternate Universe fic and imagine that the character then wakes up in the BBC universe and goes "That was an extremely detailed and convoluted dream..."

(On an unrelated note, some AU authors should change the names, take out the quotes from the show, and try to get published, wait, listen, not for their own sake, but to encourage the publishing world to love more Sherlock-esque characters everywhere)

Kinda like the last ep of "newheart" lol.

and omg I can think of two or three AUs that would make great novels or novellas.

It's not even a rant. Just a "well, okay then..." I know that fisting has more than one meaning. "He fisted the cloth angrily" doesn't mean engaging in some heavy play with a piece of fabric but rather grabbing it and enclosing it in his fist. But I always have a bit of a "huh?" then a giggle when I read, in fic, "X was fisting Y" or some variant thereof when it's clear from surrounding sentences (yay, contextual clues) that the activity they're engaging in is mutual masturbation or just plain jerking off their partner. I read "He fisted so-and-so..." and wonder "Wow, there was no lead up...wonder if so and so is surprised or if this is everyday stuff for them?" It's my own fault for my brain leaping to the sexual meaning of the word fisting instead of "enclosed in a fist".

Re: Surprise!Fisting

Oh god. I feel ya. I have this any time someone mentions the word "finger" as a verb. As in, "They fingered the banker for embezzlement." It sure makes reading newspapers fucking awkward. XD

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I've just been informed that in the UK, roly-polies are short fat people, not woodlice like in the US. Unfortunately, woodlice just doesn't have that same colloquial ring to it. Any suggestions, meme?

I associate the word roly-poly with a pudding, not bugs or fat people.

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Where I live, there are two construction companies named "Holmes" and "Maycroft" (close enough!!). I see their big signs around construction sites everywhere, and I keep cracking up in town for what must look like no reason to other people...

Guys, this sibling rivalry is really getting out of hand...

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