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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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So, LJ is fucking up with me again: it's decided to make everyone's page look like mine.

Now my page, eh, it works for my LJ, but I don't want EVERYONES page to look exactly like mine. I like to be able to see the community formatting. Maincom looks like my LJ, This comm looks like my LJ. Everyone who I read's LJ looks exactly like mine.

I didn't change any of my settings in the last 2 hours. There's no coding in the URL to be doing it.

So WTF's going on?

I found a ticky box. A ticky box I'd never seen before and it was ticked.

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Etiquette for replying to comments?

If you comment on a fic, be it anonymous on the meme or on someone personal/fic journal, do you expect the author to reply to you? Even if it's a simple "Thank you for reading/commenting"?

If people comment on my fills on the meme, I don't usually reply, because I don't want to eat up comment/fill space, but now I wonder if the same kind of behaviour can seem rude outside the meme. My general problem is that I'm really awkward with compliments, so all I can come up with is a general "Thank you", and posting that over and over again as a reply seems a bit... well, repetitive and impersonal. If the commenter asks me a question or something else that requires an answer, then I of course reply, but in other cases I usually leave it be.

(Yeah, call me too nice if you want, but this is the kind of stuff that I worry about online. XD)

Re: Etiquette for replying to comments?

Off-meme, I expect authors to at least make a decent effort to reply to comments on most of their fic posts. Reply to all comments if at all possible, even if it feels repetitive. If that's too much, at least reply to people with questions/notices they recced you/especially awesome feedback/etc.

Don't reply to any comments ever, and I'm going to side-eye you a bit. Obviously only reply to your BFFs and/or BNFs, and I'm going to think you're an asshole.

On meme where comment space is a concern, I think authors should at least leave one thank you, preferably to the OP if they comment, or a general thanks to the thread if they don't.

(Deleted comment)
Don't we have until, like November?

I'm racing against the clock because I take too fucking long to write period.


Okay, I have this premise I really like for an original fiction thing that could potentially be a novel.

Thing is, even thought I love writing, last thing I wrote of any significant length was like in junior high (so like 8 years ago) and that was crap. All I've written since then has been either bullshit school papers, crap poetry, crap music or crap flash fiction.

But I'm falling in love with these characters a little and I want to develop them and their relationship more than anything, but I don't know where to start. I've figured out a bit of their general background shit and some of the support for the premise, but I can't seem to get the ball rolling to explore anything deeper.

Idk. Basically it's a "you have characters x and y and they feel thusly about each other and they are in this situation" kind of premise, and the plot and setting would only serve as an excuse to explore the characters more. I have a couple of milestones I'd like to include but I don't feel equipped to write them without the context.

So idk beautiful talented writer!anons, how would you suggest a fail!writer of flash fiction and crap poetry approach this sort of premise on this sort of scale? I have been thinking about it since march and as much as I would like to start writing it I feel stuck.

drunk!typing on my phone, please excuse typos and general failures at life

To be honest, my advice is to stop worrying and start writing. Remember you can always go back and make changes as inspiration hits. As long as you aren't publishing serially, there is no reason to expect each segment you write to be final draft worthy. Don't fall too much in love with any one bit, because you may discover it doesn't fit the final product and has to be cut.

Looking at books that are in the same genre as the one you are writing can also help. Read through them critically and see how they are structured, what tricks the writer is using to move the story along.

Words of wisdom

Drunk and naked is not a good time for ironing clothes.

Re: Words of wisdom

Or frying bacon.

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Re: Words of wisdom (Anonymous) Expand

Yet another Brit question

This may already have been discussed to death, so please feel free to redirect me if there's been such a question somewhere in this post.

Given his history and background, and his current job, what kind of studies is John most likely to have attended? specifically, what type of medical field? is there some sort of training particularly linked to the army, or would he just have enlisted after graduating?

More generally, what is university life like in the UK? (This is both for the sake of research and for myself, actually, as I'm probably going to go study there a year from now.) Are there campuses? do many people have both classes and a job? are there specific things one should be aware of before going there?

Re: Yet another Brit question

University life in the UK really depends on the University. A country campus like Loughborough will be different from a split site, city uni like Brighton. It also depends on what you study. History or philosophy graduates have far less lecture and contact time than courses like education or nursing and midwifery.

The UK has a larger percentage of mature students than many countries so it's likely a course will have people who are 19 studying with people in their thirties and older.

Some people have jobs but some Universities ban or discourage students from taking jobs. As far as I know students are legally limited in the number of hours they can work.

John could have gone one of two routes. Medical degree then joining the Army or signing up and having the Army sponsor his training. I think we see his CV at some point so you could get clues from there. Personally, I'd go with his family having some sort of Army contact either in an actual military or a civilian capacity - the Army isn't a normal career option for middle class Brits.

Glasgow Central Station

Has anyone here got any experience with Glasgow Central Station?

Mainly my question is, if someone was waiting for someone to arrive by train into the station, where would they wait?
Can they get onto the platform without a ticket or are there barriers? Would they have to wait in the entrance hall or can they get closer to the platform? Is there generally a crowd of people waiting... whereever you can wait or is it really busy where you have to dodge out of people's way every two seconds if you were to stop? Are there benches where you can wait?

Any information you could give me would be appreciated

Re: Glasgow Central Station

Oh, this is cheery - I was in Glasgow last week for a conference and went through Central.

Glasgow Central has a very large concourse - it's a big station, with large screens above it. It was quite busy when I came and sent (arrived lunchtime Thursday and left mid-afternoon Sunday - so not rush hour), but not so much that you couldn't stand around and chat to people. If you were waiting for someone, that would be the logical place - or maybe you would arrange to meet by the information and ticket office, which is to to the right of the exit to Gordon Street as you leave the station. Sadly, I can't remember about benches.

There were no ticket barriers onto the platform where I caught my train from. Also, unlike, e.g. Manchester Piccadilly, where there is a glass wall between the concourse and the platform, it just opens straight onto where the trains leave.

You might find this helpful, if you haven't already seen it: http://www.networkrail.co.uk/aspx/7074.aspx. There is also a link on the page to a map of the station itself. Hope that helps!

This is very off-topic, but could you help me out?

I'm looking for some random skills to learn that don't require too much effort. Things that can be learned in less than a week or so. Like, learning the phonetic alphabet, making an origami box, learning how to moonwalk, etc.

Any suggestions?

Knitting, the Japanese alphabet (hiragana and katakana, not kanji, eff that shit), playing ukelele (seriously, if you know how to play just about any other instrument it's easy as hell to become a mediocre ukelele player and you can get a crap one on amazon for $20), speaking in spoonerism and pig latin... Idk.

I'd say poi because it's fun as HELL but it takes a bit of effort though you can get some basics down in an hour or so, so maybe?

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Strange question... (and maybe a little TMI)

Am I the only one finding sex hilarious? Actual sex I mean, not reading porn.

It's just... every time I'm having sex, I think about how this situation is surreal and I have to make great efforts not to laugh. And anyway, genitals are funny. It's just big lumps of... weird. I can't get serious at all and I can't do any roleplaying because I would burst into hysteric laughter immediately.
Maybe it's because I don't particularly care for sex, but people getting all serious while doing it as if it was the most important thing in their lives is also incredibly funny to me. And watching porn is hilarious.
I contain my laugh, of course, it would be misunderstood by my partner and I really don't want to be mean, I can't control what my brains think is fun...

But am I the only one? Is it just me being an immature 14 year-old boy giggling when "boobs" appears on his calculator?

Re: Strange question... (and maybe a little TMI)

Sometimes I imagine how what we're doing would look to someone else and it strikes me funny, yeah. And porn can be side-splittingly funny. If you lose it and laugh, maybe you can say it's because your partner is making you so happy?

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College in the UK

What sort of college would Sherlock have gone to? I need to find one mediocre college and one that Sherlock would have liked/tolerated.

Re: College in the UK

Do you mean Sixth Form College (the years he took his A Levels) or University (degree level)?

If you mean college then it would probably have been the one attached to his school - most likely an independent school like Eton, Winchester etc.

If you mean University then Sherlockians usually place him at Sidney Sussex, Cambridge.

(Deleted comment)
You donning your spambot persona again?

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United Kingdom, need your help again

So, Brits, I read that 'getting off' is much lighter in meaning in your parts, something more like making out and not meaning orgasm. This makes The Blind Banker make a bit more sense to me, I was like, 'John, buy the girl a drink at least, you weren't planning to get off with her there, in the circus? Haven't even gotten to first base and already focusing your plans on getting off, well you can't say he's not goal oriented.'


Sooo how about being 'brought off.' Do you say that for ejaculation/orgasm? Someone brings someone off?


Not really. Getting off in that situation did refer to sleeping with her. I've never hear an adult male use it with any other meaning.

Yes, I think some people do use bringing off but personally I've not heard it.

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New Art Meme for the Holmes Fandom

There used to be one, but it died about a year ago. Now there is a new one, and while the layout is fuck-ugly (working on that right now, actually), it is open for business.


Prompt to your heart's content. All visual fills are welcome -- not just artwork but icons, manips, et cetera. It's like any other anon meme; just read the rules, and you'll be fine!

Gettin' knocked up by the good Doctor Watson

We are trying to conceive a child. For various reasons, this is an intensely medicalized enterprise.

I received my shipment of fertility drugs for this cycle, and guess what the brand is, written in big letters on the side of the box?


That's right, y'all. Dr. Watson is going to get me pregnant. I know he can do it; hell, I've read many times about how he's gotten Sherlock pregnant. He is just that virile.


Re: Gettin' knocked up by the good Doctor Watson



Good luck! <3

What's your head canon about your favorite characters


that other fans might find rather OOC?

My personal head canon is that Mycrfot is a fierce David Bowie fan and always listens to his songs, like Velvet Goldmine while traveling in his car.

Just.. IDK.

Re: What's your head canon about your favorite characters

In my head canon, Molly drives a searingly pink Vespa and Lestrade is divorced rather than widowed (usually... I've written him widowed but in my Molly/Lestrade fics, he's divorced 9 times out of 10). Sherlock has a surprisingly wide array of dirty jokes he can rattle off at the drop of a hat and he isn't so much gay as bisexual but prefers men. John has a deep and abiding affection for 90's club music and still owns a pair of obscenely tight black leather trousers. OH! and Mycroft isn't on a diet due to his weight... in my head canon, he's hypoglycemic and practices food combining.

There's more, lol, but that's off the top of my head.