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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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question about spousal support / child support

Can anyone advise me what / how much characters like Anderson or Lestrade would have to pay for spousal support and child support if they divorced their wives? The fill I'm contemplating has them bonding over this. Does it sound likely they would have moved out, left their family homes to their wives and kids, had to find / rent somewhere and pay financial support? I'm wondering if that's possible on their salaries! Any help appreciated.

Re: question about spousal support / child support

If you google 'child support agency' they actually have a calculator on their website, which will give you a rough idea of how much they guys woukd pay, according to how many fictional children etc. You give them.

The met police page (I think) gives an idea of Lestrtade's salary. You may have to search a little harder for Andersons, although I expect someone here already knows!

Strangest Brit-picking question that's ever tripped me up.

Voice mail messages:
a) Robot lady rattling off the number then telling you to leave your message.
b) Robot lady pausing for the person to say their own name then telling you to leave your message
c) Person has their own greeting.
d) All of the above, depending on the person.
e) It's fucking voice mail why the hell would it be so different just because it's across an ocean?

I know the answer is probably e, but it's suddenly very important to get right when you're writing post-Reichenbach fic and need as many cheesy ways for them to hear each others voices as possible.

Re: Strangest Brit-picking question that's ever tripped me up.

Landline or mobile

Police gear for CID officers

What police-issued equipment would Lestrade et al be permitted to take home? For that matter is there even such a thing as routinely issued equipment for CID officers, or do they just sign things out of stores when necessary? I thought there was a thread for this already here, but I can't find it.

Re: Police gear for CID officers

They are not permitted to take anything home. All equipment - ASP, comms devices, handcuffs must be left in their lockers.

I want to play video games but I feel like writing fic is more productive, which is like, all the lols, I don't even.

Because at least when I'm done writing fic, I have an end product. When I'm done playing video games, it's like "whelp you just killed a few hours of your time for no reason."

We humans have so many hours to fill, there's really no harm in 'wasting' a few of them on a totally recreational activity! After all, if you went and rubbed one out (or jerked one off, whichever), you could argue that it was about as productive as playing a video game, since all you really get at the end is self-satisfaction. Of course, productivity is good, writing fic is better, and writing Sherlock fic is BEST. But don't feel guilty for just jacking around sometimes!

So, reading a fic with Moran in it today, I realized I read his voice with Mark Sheppard's accent. And I could totally see Sheppard as Moran.

Does anyone else have a particular voice/actor in mind for Moran? What about Irene?

Nice choice.

For me it would be Michael Gambon, or possibly the cricket commentator Michael Holding, for Moran and Gillian Anderson for Adler.

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I came out to my dad about being trans earlier tonight.

He's not okay with it and he really would rather I wasn't and thinks I'm just confused and that if I had a boyfriend I'd never feel this way or something stupid like that, but he still loves me and says we're still family and that he'd never disown me over something like that.

Yay! \o/

(and got apparently really upset when he heard I'd thought/fantasized/daydreamed (NON-SERIOUSLY OKAY NON-SERIOUSLY) about killing myself over it, and like repeated like a million times that if I was ever really upset or unhappy that I could always call him because otherwise what good a father would he be and stuff)

Also I mentioned I was scared my mom would want to send me to a psychiatrist to "fix" me, and he was like "No, she wouldn't do that, and even if she wanted to, I'd never let her try" and also mentioned that if it was who I am, then it's not something that can be "fixed" or "cured".



♥ my daddy ♥

i'm tearing up right now thinking about it, but in a good way.

Yay! I'm glad for you and your father :D

I'm self medicating with ibuprofen and bourbon and I think you guys are amazing. Actually I always think you are amazing. Somehow the combination of booze and painkillers and pain that withstand both booze and painkillers reminds me I should tell you this.

Anyway, carry on.

I think this meme is wonderful and amazing too :D

So, my experience in the Sherlock BBC fandom pretty much begins and ends with this kinkmeme. I check out a few things on ff.net, but beyond that I'm completely removed. (A lot of this comes from being shy about posting stories, and being able to be anon is a lot of what makes me feel comfortable about sharing my fanfic. The rest of it is that I love this meme, with all the jokes and high levels of ridiculousness, humor, and porn, often all at the same time)

But are there any communities that are perfectly wonderful that I'm missing out on? Most of my other fandoms have some really hardline/crazy fans and communities, so maybe that's made me unnecessarily paranoid :/

What are you looking for? Small, but fun community, a pairing/character specific community, massive fic filled main com, challenges comms, crack?

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Any Hellenist or Greek speaker over here?

For the sake of an Ancient Greece AU...

1. What would be the best equivalent for Moran : Moranos, Moranis or Moranes? (Sebastos has already been claimed by Wilkes).

2. Google gives me "adelfos" as the Greek word for "brother" and "adelfaki" for "little brother". But if Mycrofos was addressing Holimes (which is the only name I've been able to come up with for Sherlock because apparently ACD was thinking of a certain Oliver Holimes when planning canon and all this is entirely off-topic, sorry), would he use a specific form, like the Latin vocative, or merely say "Don't be childish, adelfos"?

OP, in case you're loitering here... I'm sorry about the delay. I'm one turtle-snail writer and RL is dragging me away from Internet next week. But still on it.

British things without sleeves

I've recently learned, but cannot believe, that in British English, a sleeveless jumper is called a tank top. I've read a few things that say this, but it seems incredible to me.
OK, there are differences, that is cool with me.
Vest=Waistcoat, fine, I understand
Tank top=Vest, yes, American underwear is British outerwear, I see a pattern.
But the reverse throws me, that a sweater vest could be called a tank top...How did this happen?
There's an etymology for the American usage--bathing suits are usually strappy, with a cross in the back, so a top that is like a tank suit, tank meaning pool.
What's your excuse? Is it really true? How did this come to be? What kind of tank is like a sweater vest?

Re: British things without sleeves

but it seems incredible to me

Why is it incredible? It was given that name because it was what tank crew wore. It's hot inside older tanks.

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Brit-pick Question


I know that there is a lot of hate for that phrase, let's not get into that. I just want to know what a shop assistant would say at the end of a transaction.

Re: Brit-pick Question

Shop assistant: "That's £2.99, please"

Customer hands over money or pays with credit card

Shop assistant "Thank you."

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How much research is too much?

I've written about 1500 words today but every paragraph I have to stop and check a fact or five.

Is it even worth it? I feel like I get a more immersive feel if I know more about the world I'm writing in than I necessarily put in, but I've read fics where I've thought 'nope doesn't work like that' and still enjoyed them.

On the other hand, I am dead handy in a pub quiz, due to the large amount of random information I've accumulated.

Re: How much research is too much?

There is no such thing as too much research. Doesn't exist. Really, it doesn't. (I love research. If I could find a job where I got paid to do research - I don't really care what I'd be researching - I would never quit. I would die at my desk.)

Actually... I do tons of research for fic I write, then get so into the research I forget about why I was doing it in the first place, and then have ideas for different fics and so start researching them and... okay, maybe there is such a thing as too much research. But I'm skeptical.

Hairy John?

If I write a fic where John has a significant amount of body (chest, stomach) hair, is that going to seem cause people to suspend belief? The picures I can find of MF he seems to be quite smooth but he sports facial stubble fairly frequently.

Write him how you want to write him... personally, if the s tory is good, I'm fine with him being Robin Williams levels of hairy or bald as an egg.

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How old would you say Molly is? Sarah? Sally?

I'm terrible at guessing ages myself, so I need the help. Do it for the moon kingdom!

According to her blog (http://www.mollyhooper.co.uk/blog/27january) Molly is 31.

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Maybe tiggery. I don't know. Heart attacks.

A family friend I've known my whole life just passed away, from a heart attack. We've been completely blindsided. I still don't quite believe it, except for the part where I can't stop crying.

I have to get ready for work in five and a half hours, but I'm certainly not going to sleep any time soon. And I can't exactly bail on work, either, because I'm temping so they need me because they don't have anyone else. And if I don't go to work, I'll just sit at home and cry. My mum is with his wife right now, and there's really nothing I can do. I don't know what to do.

And his daughter used to be my best friend, only I realised last year that she really wasn't a friend, but her dad's just died and even though we're not friends anymore I feel like I should send her a note or something, but I have no idea how she'd take it.

I didn't know him very well, only saw him at Christmas and birthdays and a couple of other times through the year, but his wife is a really good friend and my parents have known them since before their marriage, which was thirty-two years ago, and, like I said, their daughter used to be a good friend. I still don't really believe it's happened. I mean, fuck. He was the same age as my dad.

Fuck. I don't know what to do.

Re: Maybe tiggery. I don't know. Heart attacks.

Send a note, you say what you've said here - you're shocked by this sudden loss, she and her family are in your thoughts. If you have any special memories of her dad you share them with her. You offer your help – if you think you can follow through on that, don’t make the offer if you feel too emotionally wrecked to deliver.

Think about getting some food in, both for them, and for your mum who will have had a traumatic day. People may not want to eat, but not having milk for a cup of tea can seem insurmountable at a time like this.

If it’s a sudden death there will probably be a PM. The funeral might be over a week off, but think about what you might wear to it. Be aware that anything you choose may well be forever associated with the funeral and you might not want to wear it again.

Be aware that if this has come as a real shock to you it may take a while, months for you to feel ok again. That’s all right, but at the moment it isn’t about you, it’s about the family. Try to avoid telling them how dreadful you feel – they have enough to deal with. Talk to your other friends though, you need support too.

If you've not thought about death before as something personal which will affect you, you also need to think about whether you need a will yet. You need to confirm with your parents that they have wills and where they store them. You need to think about setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney, not necessarily now, but while everyone is fit and well. I suggest you use the funeral as a starting point to discss with family what their wishes are for when they die.

Sorry anon, this sounds very prescriptive -the first time someone I was close to died, I needed someone to tell me what to do, not tell me how sorry they were.

When someone you care about dies, it changes you. Things never go back to how they were, you will in time feel ok, but you won’t feel the same as you did before it happened.