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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Can any Londoners help me out? I would love to visit your fair city, but I have no idea where (which neighborhood) to stay. Any suggestions you want to give me (or any books or websites you recommend)? Husband and I would be coming in late October, and we like visiting museums, bookstores, and just walking around and enjoying the atmosphere.

One thing: we are too old to stay in a hostel. :P

I've got good deals on London hotels using laterooms.com, so that's worth checking out.

And if you like bookstores, Charing Cross Road is the place for you.

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So Gay Pride is coming up here in San Francisco and I am very excited about being on my first ever float! (Also hoping I don't make an ass of myself.)

Any of you guys going/have already gone to Pride celebrations in your cities? Any memorable experiences?

now wanting a Folsom Street Parade fic with Sherlock and John. *cough*

I love Pride celebrations! I'm super bummed that I'm missing the NYC one because of a business trip :/

My favorite memory is from high school. I was in a hip-hop class taught by a man who was a big figure in the gay community in the city I grew up in, so we ended up dancing at one of the big pride street fairs, and it was awesome.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: Concrit comm

I thought the mods of this meme were planning to set up a separate concrit post?


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Random curiosity

So, nothing to do with fandom, but I was wondering, do people in the UK/USA actually wear black clothing at funerals or is dressing everyone in black just a stylistic choice tv shows and movies make for atmosphere?

Re: Random curiosity

They do in the US.

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Meme writers -- types of prompts

Hello fellow prompt fillers,

Random question because I'm curious: When you're picking prompts to fill, do you often find yourself doing the same types of prompts over and over, or do you vary it up (and, if the latter, is that your natural inclination, or a conscious decision to challenge yourself?).

Obviously most people have particular areas/genres they are and aren't drawn to (crack vs. angst vs. fluff, different ships, gen, etc), but I'm thinking more specifically than that. I recently realized that I've been bookmarking literally every prompt that involves some element of "John gets hurt, Sherlock realizes/shows how much he means to him." I keep trying to tell myself to branch out, but I just love that trope like burning...

Anyone else have that problem?

Re: Meme writers -- types of prompts

I'll fill pretty much any prompt that I feel drawn to. For example, my potential to fill list has on it, at present:

- Sherlock is David Bowie's illegitimate son
- M/M/M double penetration
- Sherlock and John being cursed to exist together only on every leap day
- 50s high school AU

There's an absolute load more as well but yeah, I find my selection varies wildly. I am continually drawn to prompts with fantastical/magical elements though.

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career options this fandom made me think of...

...so I'm two years away from being done with Medicine. Because being a doctor in some hospital around here would slowly kill me from the inside, the original... not plan, more like guideline... was to get the required two years of experience somewhere, then join some international organization like the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders or something along those lines. Not sure I'll fulfill their requirements, though, or if they'll get me exactly what I want... (which, admitedly, even I'm not very sure what it is. I just have a burning need to travel and be challenged and not be tied down to some.... everyday, dull job)

Then this fandom, and a few soldier!doc!John fics ("Two Two One Bravo Baker", anyone?) made me think, "heeeey, what about the Army?"

The idea intrigued me so much I actually started looking into it. And so far, resistance run aside, I meet all the requirements. (Which I thought was quite interesting, by the way. XD)

Now, I have two years until I actually have to decide anything, but after reading several things about the experience written by army doctors from my country's army, the idea is..... strangely attractive.

tl;dr John This fandom sort of 'pointed out' to anon that, considering the kind of plans for the future she has, she could become an army doctor instead, and anon might just do it.

Thoughts, anons? Similar experiences of "oh, I hadn't thought of doing it quite like that but maybe I could, maybe I will"?

Re: career options this fandom made me think of...

A guy I know is actually an army doctor. He's doing his residency down in NY - but his primary reason for doing it is so they'll pay off his tuition loans.

He's a surgeon though so he doesn't anticipate seeing any actual action.

Hipster meme liked Nigel before he was mainstream

I love how Nigel Thornberry is literally all over tumblr, yet we had a fic with Nigel Thornberry in it weeks ago.

The meme predicts memes!

Right, that's it, I'm stuck


Can anyone think of how someone could look at the person and belongings of an eleven year old child (she's away from home so just her belongings and not her home) and know that she is the child of a single parent (specifically a single father (even more specifically - John))

Re: Right, that's it, I'm stuck

The hair?

One of the things that friends tell me about their families is that Dads aren't very good at doing their daughter's hair. They tend to be very tentative about brushing and don't have much idea about styles.

It's not usual for me to hear to hear friends say - 'I came back from a weekend away and [daughter's] hair hadn't been brushed for three days.'

(I'm sure some Dads are excellent at hair styling - but as a generalisation it could be a clue.)

Question for the Brits...

Stateside, we have these teen-focused dramas like Dawson's Creek, 90210, the Vampire Diaries, etc. Some can get pretty maudlin and purple and just...ridiculous. Do y'all have an equivalent? Not necessarily American imports but a homegrown variety?

And I just realized I'm likely showing my age by mentioning Dawson's Creek, lol.

Re: Question for the Brits...

Been a little while since I watched teen-focused dramas but...

The most obvious one is "Skins". Also (I believe) "Misfits" and "The Inbetweeners". "Waterloo Road" is one set in a school, now known as the programme that somehow beat "Sherlock" to best drama at one of the viewer voted awards last year.

No idea how ridiculous they are. "Skins" certainly deals with imporant issues in a reasonably sensible way. I'm sure other people can offer more... ridiculous suggestions if that's what you're after. :)

hello, I'm not sure this is the best place to ask this, but.... could someone rec me good fics that are AU/fusions, please?

I've read quite a few of the more "popular" (more easily found?) ones already (werewolf and His Dark Materials ones are my favourites, and yesterday I found two Sentinel AUs that were just addictive. But I'm open to any AU/fusion as long as the fic's interesting) and I was wondering if there might be more? Please, anon?

You may have already seen it, but the sherlockbbc had an AU themed recday on Sunday -> http://sherlockbbc.livejournal.com/2658482.html

Lots and lots of really good fic recced and someone on the second page linked to there own AU rec list, which had lots of fic I hadn't seen before.

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Where does everyone live?

We haven't had this in a while, but I'm super curious. Where does everyone live?

I live in the city of Oregon City, Oregon.

Re: Where does everyone live?

Spring, Texas


I mean, The City of Brighton And Hove, England.

Oops. Should be on the 'where do you live' thread.

Teach me for firing up the internet before I've fired up my brain.

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Insomniac, yeah


I'm an insomniac, have been since my early teenager years (I'm in my later ones right now) and I stopped taking sleeping pills and dealt with it last year and everything was fine until recently.

I can't sleep and when I do it takes me hours to fall asleep. It's probably just my body getting used to summer time and all but my main issue is that I have nothing at all to do. TV get's boring and I've read all my books.

So basically I was wondering at what other insomniacs/ hard to get to sleep people did while not sleeping?

(Captcha says "Jecenjo Practice" I would gladly do that if I only knew what a Jecenjo was)

Re: Insomniac, yeah

Do you enjoy listening to podfic stories? I listen to soothing ones like Endgame http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/endgame and The Case of the Unwelcome Owl http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/case-of-unwelcome-owl Fayjay is a fantastic performer, and these stories have no sudden shouting, which can rouse me from my sleep. I have a selection and listen to them repeatedly. The familiarity helps me to switch off.

Also, practice good sleep hygiene. You can google for more info on that, but basically have a routine that you follow every night, keep your bedroom calm and quiet and make sure that by a certain time you are lying down in the dark, resting, even if you are not asleep. Get your brain to understand that you are not going to get up and do something interesting, you are just going to stay there!

Good luck from a fellow insomniac.

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British military in uniform in public? and on commercial flights?

In a fic I'm working on right now I have John (pre-series) in London on leave, wearing fatigues because he's on his way to the airport to return to Afghanistan. My brit-picker alerted me to the fact that this might not be plausible, though - is it true British soldiers aren't permitted to appear in uniform at all when not on active duty? I'm so accustomed to seeing US soldiers in fatigues in major airports stateside that it didn't occur to me this might not be a common sight in other countries.

Also, do soldiers ever fly commercial airlines to the UK and back for R&R? I'm googling for answers now, but I'm thinking this might be one that UK frequent fliers or friends/family of military personnel might know off the top of their heads!

Re: British military in uniform in public? and on commercial flights?

Wearing of uniforms in public when off-duty was banned for many years because of the threat from the IRA. I think this has now been relaxed, but it's still very unusual to see it.

Public support for the wars in Afganistan and Iraq is patchy, and members of the armed forces have received abuse when wearing their uniforms in public, which contributes to this.

Every so often a politician pops up and says that soldiers should be encouraged to wear their uniforms when off duty to encourage national pride, but it never seems to be massively seized on by the forces, Probably because they have other more pressing concerns.

The other thing is that wearing a uniform in public if you didn't have to would be a bit over keen - something a new recruit would do but not a seasoned soldier. I think it's the 'lets pretend we're not taking anything too seriously' aspect of the national character.

Requesting information on loss of sex drive:

When a sexual person temporarily loses their sex drive through medication, or a psychological reason, can you still feel arousal in certain circumstances? Would a man still be able to get an erection, for example, or would making out be an awkward or uncomfortable experience? I wasn't going to write a sex scene, but is it plausible for the character to want to want to have sex, even if his body isn't co-operative?

Please help, as an asexual I'm really stuck with this, and can't seem to find the relevant information!

Re: Requesting information on loss of sex drive:

Yes, I think that's very plausible. In my case, as a previously sexual person, I really wanted to want sex. I'd loved it, and felt the loss. It was awful to think I was being changed (and yes I know that's the point of medication, but it's still very difficult to feel drugged and helpless). I felt guilty as though I were letting down my girlfriend, and constantly worried about hurting her emotionally.

It wasn't that I couldn't be stimulated, but it took lots of time and effort and my mind would keep drifting to other things. I didn't really get turned on like I used to, and it didn't feel completely natural. Sex just kind of slid off the radar.