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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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So hrmm... I'm rereading the Hobbit. And thanks to this meme I no longer think of Bilbo has a thumbsucker with orthodonture (and image that perplexed me as a 10 year old when I read the novel the first time)when I read about him putting his thumb behind his braces.

But I still have this image as him as a major baker because he keeps pulling cakes of all sorts out of his larder to feed the Dwarves.

I've been wondering for a long time, what are these cakes? Are they scones? Muffins? Cupcakes? Rolls? Are they slices of cake?

Surely they aren't what I think of as cake: big round or square fluffy things with buttercream frosting and the words "happy birthday" written across the top. Because those things go stale awfully fast and even a hobbit wouldn't be so gluttonous as to have 10 of them on hand at a random moment.

Re: Cake?

Probably not muffins, because up until the 90s I'd never seen an American style muffin in the UK. Muffin meant a small round cornmeal dusted bready thing.

Given The Hobbit was written in the 30s and I can't imagine electric hand beaters were common at that time in Oxfordshire I'd read cake more as a fruit cake (which lasts for ages) or a seed cake: something substantial, mixed rather than whisked and served in thick slices with a cup of tea, rather than a more airy, iced type of confection.

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Share your weird reviews, anons!

I just found out somebody left me a review and it has baffled me. It was on my very first story (unfinished), posted on a now abandoned account. It was a lovely long review, that had some very good points. It also complained that I had my facts wrong about some canon details.

Canon details we would only find out 5 years after I wrote the story.

They also asked when I would finish it. The story has been abandoned 9 years ago and was horribly written. I wish I could still access that account so I could reply.

So dear Anons, what was the weirdest review you ever got?

Re: Share your weird reviews, anons!

"Is it just me or are there some similarities in phrase and theme to [Book ABCXYZ]?"

That was the entire comment. I replied that I'd never heard of the book. Reviewer replies:

"It was pretty big. Won some big...award and generated a lot of controversy...[continues on about how "big" Book ABCXYZ apparently was]."

I could never figure out if she was trying to accuse me of plagiarism or what.

I want to write another werefox!Lestrade story, but it's just not coming together.

I have scenes and ideas but no framework.

I'm pondering a casefic as the frame for the "how Sherlock discovered Lestrade is were" but can't seem to find ideas to match what I have.

This isn't a "Sherlock comes in and deduces everything immediately" case, that would be boring :) And also this story is about Lestrade, not about Sherlock...

I'd really appreciate some ideas and casefic help to try and get this thing happening...

Re: casefic help wanted

I have no idea how this would fit with your ideas buuuuuuuuuuut... there's a popular folktale, at least 'round here, lol, about man who marries this woman who keeps disappearing at night and one night he follows her but she loses him in the woods. Instead, he finds a big huge massive cat and it chases him. He sets a jaw trap for it and one night, he hears it snap and a awoman scream. No cat is in the trap but there is a woman's hand. Long story short, he finds his wife bleeding to death the next morning. She had been a were (cat/puma/panther/shapeshifter/witch) and, well, you get the gist. there's also versions where her "paw" is shot off by the scared man. Maybe Lestrade is injured when he's a fox and Sherlock figures it out from that? Maybe he hears about someone nearly catching a fox in urban London and it goes from there?

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Why is it when people post masterlists, or anything purposefully dated to the future so that it stays at the top of the journal, (myself included,) we always set it to a date that we will likely live to see expire? I dated that entry for 2020. It's maybe improbable, but not impossible that I will be kicking it on LJ that year, and then I'll have to redate that post. So why didn't I just date it for 3020? I'll definitely never have to worry about that one.

Oh, the burning questions...

I've been on LJ since 2001. My first future-dated entry did expire last year. My new one is my birthday, 2020. It feels odd to post it decades into the future for some reason.

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OMG YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT (err, spoilers for Hobbit casting?)





(I swear to Godtiss, Mycroft is keysmashing. He must be pretty excited as well.)

Re: OMG YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT (err, spoilers for Hobbit casting?)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he's supposed to voice the Necromancer character as well!

I started writing a fic and thought it was going to be short.


It's almost 6k words now and the climax (not porn, sorry) hasn't happened yet.



Nothing wrong with long fic.

Keep going! You can do it.

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Just finished reading Soulless by Gail Carriger and now nothing will convince me that Mycroft is not part of some Parasol Protectorate.

Or, at least, a fan of the books...

...and now I want a crossover. Damn/bless you anon!

Possible prosopagnosia blues

I think I might have a problem.

I've always been a bit of a mess when it comes to recognising people (and cars). I've lost count of the amount of times I've had lengthy conversations with people while wondering who the hell they are.
I always thought I was bad with names, just as I can't remember a phone number to save my life. I blamed my bad eyesight for focusing more on clothes and hair then on faces. And my very short attention span.

But yesterday was a rather disturbing.
I would have walked right past a friend of mine if it wasn't for her enthusiastic waving. She had styled her hair. I only recognised her because of her mannerisms.

Later that day I checked up on the photos of a race my father is competing in. I saw set of close ups that I thought were him, but turned out not to be. It took me a few minutes to realise that the man who was wearing the same sort of hat as my father was a man I have never seen before in my life. I could use the excuse that I haven't seen my father in a year, but we skype every other week with a webcam.

Then at night I ended up watching a movie, picking it up halfway. It was only during the credits that I realised that the leading actor was Antonio Banderas. I never recognised him, even though I loved the Zorro movies and ad watched them several times.

So, this morning I took a facial memory test and scored 29%. The average is supposed to be 85%.

I'm not really sure what to do with these suspicions. A diagnosis is going to be too expensive for me and won't help me anyway. And I can't stop thinking that I'm probably just over analyzing and being paranoid.

Re: Possible prosopagnosia blues

I am a teacher and manage to retain about 400 children plus about 40 colleagues in my memory each year, so I thought I would ace that facial memory test, but I only got 59%. Embarrassingly, I failed to recognise Tony Blair, Ronald Reagan and George Bush! I wouldn't put too much stock in the test. If you are concerned then put in place strategies to help yourself eg tell friends that you are short-sighted and that if they see you they should call out your name to get your attention. If they are very close friends you could tell them about your face-blindness but try not to let it worry you.

Does anybody know good sites for advice or support for people who are HIV positive? My friend is waiting on results at the moment but he's pretty sure he has HIV. It's understandably making him very nervous and edgy, and he flies off the handle at tiny things.

I'm trying to be as supportive as I can and talk him down when he gets into a self-destructive rage but it's really hard, because he keeps saying that I don't know what it's like. I was thinking if I could get him to talk to people who do know exactly what it is like then we could at least calm him down a little.

Thank you.

The Terrance Higgins Trust in the Uk has a good support site


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British vs. American usage thing?

So I saw this over on the rant post and had to ask:

I'm from the US and in my experience Cunt is not a word you use. Period. It's derogatory, demeaning, and not something that comes up in every day conversation. (I've lived most of my life in large cities on the east coast.) I'd never use it just like I'd never use the N word.

I take it that usage in the UK is different? (Similar perhaps to how I'd use bitch?)

Re: British vs. American usage thing?

Most Brits, at least in my circles, would see it as another word. Not one used in polite society or a formal setting, and it is harsher than bitch. We're just not that hung up about swearing.

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I hear that there are a lot of fannish things happening on tumblr these days.

I have one but I don't really use it. How does one find the fannish things? Browsing? I assume it's not like finding a com on LJ...

I've just put in *fannish thing* tumblr on google and it pops up a list.

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Concrit and Gender Studies

I'm sure by now most of you have seen the epic wank over on the rant post. As is common in discussions like this, everyone has a valid point, and no consensus will ever be reached. My thoughts on the matter are so off topic that I thought I'd come here to mull it over.

carolyn_claire is firm in her opinion that one ought to send a cursory message testing the water regarding a writer's openness to receiving constructive criticism: hardly an outrageous stance. Various others, however, find this step to be unnecessary.

It's no groundbreaking news that fandom is a female dominated landscape, and what struck me as I perused the discussion was the way it seems that that gender bias has manifested in this instance. I'm not trying to make a judgement call; I only thought it was interesting because "be polite and ask" seems like an inherently feminine stance, Y/N? It's community minded, a simple courtesy to protect people's feelings, and something that would have probably never come up if this were a male dominated space instead.

Men in general are more competitive, more rough and tumble, not only physically but verbally as well. I can't remember what it was and it's driving me crazy, but I read some article that was primarily about the gender rift in senses of humor - that women's is generally self directed, while men's is generally at someone else's expense. Women perceive men's humor as a personal attack that will disrupt the harmony of the group. Men perceive women's humor as a "dangerous" way to let others one-up them by putting themselves down. It was basically about social hardwiring, left over from the hunter/gatherer days, and it also addressed the ways in which men and women's vocabulary of etiquette is significantly divided.

A woman who wants to hold her own at a table of men has to let go of "polite" in order to get a word in edgewise. The thing is, men don't think that's rude; that's just how they interact. A man at a table full of women will find himself baffled by what he finds to be unnecessary or beleaguering courtesy. Neither one of them is wrong, but their definitions of basic courtesy are very different.

carolyn_claire's position seems to be one that encourages us to play by the feminine standard, to think about the group, while others simply find this a "beleaguering courtesy," that recipients of criticism should "man up," as it were. It just interests me, the way each side of the argument seems to encompass qualities associated with female versus male social habits. Both sides are right, but they're different.

Thoughts, meme?

Re: Concrit and Gender Studies

That's an interesting insight, but all the wank is unfortunate.

As a Humanist, I sway towards carolyn_claire's position. I see no advantage to the community in alienating individuals, so I think it's for the best if we're polite to each other. That's just my viewpoint, though!

(Deleted comment)

Offensiveness Query, if that's alright. :)


In a certain fandom there are two characters are are best friends (both males). One of them is 15, the other 13. The 13yo has shown know interest in anyone romantically (and word of god states that it will not happen in show as he is considered 'too young'), and the 15 year old has shown interest in two girls his age(ish), and an older female teacher (mostly on her level of hotness, though).

Naturally the 13yo boy and the 15yo boy are shipped, quite often, and quite vocally- especially on the fic meme.

On a comment there, someone asked what kind of letters would be sent to the characters (the actual characters- i.e. hetero!15yo among others), and several people apologized for "making him gay" (not bi- most fics ignore that canonically the character in question has shown interest in girls, ignoring the possibility that he could be bi). Also, none of the comments went out of there way to id being "gay" as a bad thing- it was mostly used as short-hand for "not-canon" as it is not canon that the character is gay, and given where it's from, it's highly likley that it would never be canon.

How would you take it if you read this? Would you be offended by the idea that 'gay' is used to mean 'other'? Would you find this offensive? If you did, what would you say?

I'm asking because I never participated in the flare up, and while I consider myself Q for Questioning, I don't think I have the right to look at it and decide the offensiveness of it/lackthereof.

I woul like to ask, though, because there was a huge flare up, and it made several people- including those who are LGBTQ- uncomfortable about the way those offended handled it.

I know this is probably not the 100% right place to ask this, but I would like to as I have

a) Noticed a welcoming atmosphere for many people who ID as many things,
b) Most of the people here... Well, I don't really think the fandoms overlap much, so it might be more unbiased
c) You all are amazing
d) I'm genuinely scared to ask this on the original meme, as the mod has threatened to delete the whole meme, even just for discussion about this. TAT

Also, mods? I just wanted to say- you're beautiful and wonderful and I never realized how amazing you were until I saw the way this other mod dealt with things. Thank you for being awesome!

Re: Offensiveness Query, if that's alright. :)

Hai there anon.
I know what canon you are referring to even though I'm not very involved in the fandom for it. (and hey, I ship it too, but the furthest I like them to get is handholding lol /cool story bro)

From what I can gather from your description, and ID-ing as the B part of our wonderful acronym, that using 'gay' as a description for a general 'other-than-straight' is a little tricky because labels mean different things to people.

I don't know whether this will be helpful to you because it's my own particular opinions and as I said, sometimes people just see it differently.

I think using 'gay' for 'non-straight' is probably not the best term. I have used it before then clarified further that I'm bisexual but in that instance I used it because the person I was talking to used it first.
Personally I think 'Queer' would be better utilised as 'non-straight' (or even the lgbtq acronym) and that's the one I prefer to use if I don't feel like explaining or reasoning to someone who questions the validity of bisexuality. However, that's a separate issue altogether.

tl;dr: 'Gay' was probably not the best word used in the situation described and it got people riled up over it. My opinion is that it can be very subjective, so there will/might be people who differ in that opinion.

So, anon, no matter what label or non-label you have at the moment, question the offensiveness is ok, at least I think so, as it pretty much boils down to what words were used and in what context.

Lastly; seconding the love for the mods of this meme. Best and most welcoming meme I've ever participated in.

In TGG, does Moriarty tell them "Fuck off?"

I heard it and was like, "But it's PBS!" (I'm in America)

Not that I recall and I think I'd remember that.
At what point are you referring to anon?

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I have a plot bunny for a prompt fill, but I can't figure out how to put it together. I don't need a co-writer, just an idea of how to get from point A to point B without it being incredibly awkward.

This is the prompt. (http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/4777.html?thread=14740393#t14740393) (Possible triggers)

Something dreadful happens to Sherlock while he is at uni. He tells Mycroft about it, but so vaguely (because he is embarrassed) that Mycroft takes it as something completely different, and tells him it's nothing to worry about, and it's good that people like him that much.

This causes the Sherlock/Mycroft Rift.

Years later, he tells John about the whole thing, including Mycroft's response.

(the part I can't figure out how to do)

John asks Mycroft what exactly Sherlock told him. Mycroft remembers (being Mycroft). John tells him what Sherlock actually MEANT. Mycroft realizes how badly mistaken he was, and apology and/or revenge ensues.

Non-Con Triggers

Hm... there's really no way that a conversation of that sort isn't going to be awkward. I mean, we're talking someone revealing that they've been gangraped and their brother telling them "No, really, it's ok". But if you're going for narrative cohesion/something that doesn't look like exposition stuck there just for the sake of exposition...

I guess I would do something like this:

a. Seb drags Sherlock to a frat party with the intention of getting him sloshed and taking embarrassing photos. Only, he's already kind of drunk and, possibly, the party is already an orgy. Sherlock gets slipped something, Seb mentally goes "hey, freaks kind of hot" and they have sex. Seb passes out, Sherlock's only half conscious, someone else notices that's he there and it goes downhill from there.

The next morning, Sherlock doesn't actually know how many of them touched him vs just sat there and watched. Seb actually feels kind of bad b/c that wasn't what he'd intended to happen.

b. After TBB case Seb gets a hold of whoever has the evidence of what happened that night and, in his first act of decent-human-being-ness in a long time brings the photographs to 221B and gives them to Sherlock. ("You've already paid me Sebastian." "Yes but... look this isn't about payment, it... My wife is having a baby soon it -." "Ah... I see." "It makes you think is all.") Sherlock goes through the photographs. Possibly, he vomits. When John gets home, (surprisingly early and Sherlock doesn't hear b/c he's, well, flushing away vomit,) Sherlock is in the bathroom and the photographs are on the coffee table.

c. Exposition/revelation/Sherlock Tells, John takes the photographs to Mycroft.

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