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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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A question for fans in the UK

This might be a sensitive subject.

As  far as I know the Queen is a rather symbolistic figure who doesn't have any actual position in the governemnt. She may have some  indiret influence here and there, but she isn't some invisible force behind the government.  Am I correct?  But I have encountered a lot of  fics where Mycroft says something along the lines of "I work for the Queen."  I know it's just fanfiction, but this kind of sentiment is quite alien to me, so I had to ask, do people in the UK actually equal the British government with the Queen?

Like if I said 'I hate the Queen to a British person, would they feel offended? Would they take it as a serious offense to their country? 

I know you guys make a lot of jokes about the Royal family on TV, but what if a person outside of your county made fun of the Queen? 

Actually a few weeks ago, on Tumblr,  I witnessed something. 

A blogger there posted a Morrissey's statement in which he basically said he didn't approve of the Monarchy and suddenly people started unfollowing the Tumblr because of the post..

So how sensitive is this subject in the UK? And is it true thst every school and government office has a portrait of the Queen? 

Ah, one more question. Is there any more appropriate, inclusive alternatives for the term 'british'?

Re: A question for fans in the UK

British IS the inclusive, appropriate term, bb.

The power of the state is vested in the symbol of the Queen/King. So when Mycroft claims the power of the Queen for himself that is quite a strong statement. The Prime Minister is generally the person said to wield the authority of the Queen and he consults with her weekly. She can dismiss the PM and Govt as one of her powers and she does this every five years. Mycroft is presumably being positioned as some sort of 'shadow' to the PM in those fics.

Older schools have a portrait of the Queen somewhere, but mostly they don't bother nowadays.

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Did anyone here go to the Sherlock Holmes panel today at Con Carolinas? What did you think of it?

Re: ConCarolinas


prob TMI but we all share here

So I've been deliberating posting here for a while, but I kinda wanted to see what you guys said.

I can't masturbate. At all. Not like the girl from a few pages back who can't get off - this is more, I try and it doesn't even feel right, doesn't do anything for me in the slightest. No happy feelings. I'm female and I've had a couple of boyfriends, both of whom tried to get me off but totally failed in all respects. I thought maybe I was a lesbian but that didn't work out either, so I settled for asexual without certainty.

But I still feel the need to get off sometimes, and partly I'm curious as to what it's like. I've tried different things but nothing seems to work. I'm starting to wonder if I've even got my nerves wired right because there is literally no sensation inside my vagina itself and I can't seem to work out how the clitoris is supposed to be so amazing either. I have sex dreams and nothing else.

Any help?

Re: prob TMI but we all share here

Have you tried toys? It helps to not try to force it, but wait until you're actually in the mood and aroused. The inside of the vagina doesn't really have a lot of nerves. You should be able to feel externally and just slightly inside, but otherwise the interior of the vagina is sort of a dead zone.

Hey guys - if you post a fill to the filled prompt post without quoting the original prompt, I won't read your story. "Filled #7" means nothing to me, and I don't just randomly click links. Even if I'm viewing that page in standard view as opposed to flat, I'm not likely to scroll back up to the original comment to see which prompt you're talking about. You might not care if I in particular don't read your story, but I mention it because I'm likely not the only person who does this. The mods ask that you quote the original prompt, maybe for reasons all their own, but it makes it easier on your potential readers if they have some hint of what your fill is about.

Re: be specific!


This is me.

I sometimes wonder if I need an annotated guide before I do anything. I manage this fairly simple formula:

- fill number
- prompt
- link

about half the time.

HALF THE TIME, people. I am in possession of an IQ higher than 12, I swear. I just can't count to three. And then I can't edit and I make flapping motions with my hands and I go 'arOIWejalfkj`spzofj!'

Which is quite difficult.

Will do better.

Friend conundrum

So, this is probably TMI, but I don't really have anyone I can talk to about this particular problem and it's keeping me awake. :\

The background for this is that a few months ago a friend of mine told me I had to choose him or my other friend (who was his ex-girlfriend). In his attempt to get me to choose him, he changed the story he told me seven times. When I pointed that out, he called me shallow and immoral (because she started dating someone else, which is horribly immoral and how could I possibly remain friends with her after she did that?), and told me we couldn't be friends anymore. So I was like fine, whatever (well, I was more emotional than that), good riddance.

Then after all this, he says: "I hope you're not angry with me, because I never intended to stop talking to you." (No, of course I'm not angry, why on earth would I be angry?) And then, contrary to what he said, he refused to look at me (we were in uni together), wouldn't say anything to me unless we passed in the hall and he had to acknowledge that he'd seen me, and wouldn't sit with our mutual friends if I was there.

Two of these mutual friends recently had birthdays, and invited him but not me. Which is actually fine, because they’re closer to him than they are to me, and who wants a lot of a drama at their birthday? Also, these are people that I’m not really sure I want to be friends with; I must sound like a horrible person, but I’ve honestly considered them friends because we were going to school together and seeing each other all the time – if it weren’t for that, I really don’t think we’d be more than acquaintances. We’re really not that close, and most of the time it doesn’t bother me at all.

This is where the problem comes in: there is a very stupid part of me that thinks there’s something wrong with me if everybody doesn’t like me best, and another part of me that’s hurt that I wasn’t invited to these birthdays, despite the fact that we’re not that close. My birthday is coming up soon, and now I want to invite them to whatever it is I decide to do. But I’m really not sure if I want to invite them because I want to invite them, or if I want to invite them to let the stupid part of me confirm that they still like me or something. And there’s a part of me that’s being really cynical and saying “why on earth would you invite them at all?” only I’m pretty sure that’s the part of me that’s hurt, because I do enjoy spending some time with them.

And now I’m not sure if it’s actually that I’m okay with the friendships fading away and it’s the stupid part that wants everyone’s approval that makes me want to invite them, or if I actually don’t want the friendships to fade away and it’s the hurt part that doesn’t want me to invite them. And I don’t know what to do. Should I invite them and try to keep the friendships going? Not invite them and let it all wither? Is any of this actually a problem or am I just tired and feeling really sensitive?

Anyone have any advice?

Re: Friend conundrum

The guy sounds like a manipulative little weasel, and it's likely that a lot of his 'friends' may choose him over you only because they know he overreacts if he feels he's been wronged (and people like that can find wrongs everywhere.) I know it's hard not to feel hurt, but high maintenance creeps like that guy do, unfortunately, suck up attention and people like leeches. They survive by trodding on nicer, more deserving folks. I hope I don't sound too bitter, but I've watched this happen on (luckily rare) occasion and it's never, IMO, justifiable.

As for your question - it's bloody hard, and there is likely no right answer, so my best advice is just not regret your own actions. Maybe you invite them, they come, everyone has a great night and that's win/win. If you invite them and they don't come, hey, no worries, you'll go your separate ways and no one was in the firing line. If you don't invite them, don't see that as you cutting them off, there will be other chances to maintain the friendship if it is really worth maintaining.

My instinct is usually to invite everybody and then just enjoy the party. It's your birthday! You are ALIVE! And that's good. Everything else is a bonus.

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So today I was out on my recumbent bicycle.

I usually get a lot of comments about the 'bent, especially from kids, and I got the usual quota of "cool bike!" on this trip.

Except for 2 kids...

One yelled out "that's disgusting!" and his mate agreed "Yeah, disgusting!"

I don't know if they objected to my not-very-slender self riding a bicycle, or if "disgusting" is a logical progression in slang from "wicked" and "filthy" and "fully sick".

Anyone know?

Re: Slang

Using my Google-Fu skills, I looked up "recumbent bicycle". I've got to say, that's pretty cool. :D

As for 'disgusting' being a new slang? Not in my area, but you never know...


All the other links were legit so I never saw it coming AHAHAHA dammit. :P

I don't know why rick rolling is still so funny to me. XD

Of course, everything pales in comparison to being rick rolled by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

God I feel like shit.

I made a prompt on a sensitive topic that i thought was worded delicately- spent ages tryin to get the wording right- and unknowingly insulted someone who interpreted it in a way I never throughout possible, but had every right to feel upset.

And anon, if you're reading this, I apologise, again.

I know this will sound exceedingly selfish and self absorbed, but this is the second time I've had a prompt misinterpreted and I'm so wary about posting them now I fear that I might inadvertently upset people. Has anyone else felt this way?

It's ok, I understand how you feel. I've been called out a couple times for wording something the wrong way, and it's actually made me cry irl in the past because the thought of people out there thinking I'm a bad person really sucks.

But in the end I always realize I'll be a better person in the future and look at it as a learning experience. So the more you post, the more you'll learn, right? :D

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when writing a fill...

What do you do when you realize your fic is not quite matching up to the prompt?

I'm several parts into a fill (3k's of story worth) and I realize that while I've hit all the plot points the prompt asked for the final one was that it end with a declaration of love between the characters and I just don't see my fic going there.

Basically the prompt wanted slash/preslash and I think my fill will wind up as gen (best friends as opposed to lovers). Should I give up filling the prompt? Force it into a love story even if it's clunky? Or just write it gen and hope the OP thinks it's close enough?


Re: when writing a fill...

I don't have much experience with kinkmeme netiquette, but I would talk it over with the OP.
Maybe he or she doesn't mind if you continue down the road you're on. But it might be a good idea to remove your claim from the prompt (if you have claimed it) so that someone else can have a shot at it.

You could post your gen version in your own journal and link it to the community, or create a new prompt and post your fill.

If you really want to force your story you could try to create a mindmap to plot out new routes and destination.

Good luck?

Does anyone else avoid putting a second fill on a prompt when it already has a fill with a lot of comments? Even thought I really wanted to fill it, it'll never live up to something like that.


(lol Sorry - you've pretty much encompassed the whole worry, anon. So there's really nothing I can add but "you're not alone." =D)

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Saw this and immediately thought Mycroft.


LOL YANA, anon.

Well I feel stupid, but

what's this "The Everthere" fic everyone's been talking about? For the life of me I can't find it (my google-fu fails me so), so um could I get a link, please?

Re: Well I feel stupid, but



Passive tenses

Maybe it's because I'm not a native speaker, but to me the past perfect continuous (had been being) and the future perfect continuous (will have been being) look very strained and unnatural.

Do you guys use these tenses very often?

Re: Passive tenses

Only when writing time travel fic, really.

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Binding question

The longest of long-shots, but figured I might as well try. Anyone have personal experience with Love Boat binders? I think most of us all have Underworks, but we can all also agree that UW is rubbish, haha.

Re: Binding question

Depends on what brand you're looking to get from them. I've got some from Juya, Double, and Double's Air 7. Basically, I'll always suggest Double. They make fantastic binders that flatten well and are comfortable. Skip the Air 7 though, it's no better than a tight sports bra, and Juya is comfortable but probably only worth buying if you have a small chest, since it tends to ride up and stretch out over the course of the day for me.

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