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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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I got a wisdom tooth out on Tuesday and I am already sick of Jello. \
To anyone else who has had their wisdom teeth out, what foods did you enjoy?

Wow. Let me think back eons ago to when I got mine out..........

Ramen noodles and ice cream were my favorite things during those painful days. Well, when I wasn't too busy being ill, of course. Not a pleasant experience for me. Yeeech.

Can't remember anything else other than those two. Maybe pasta if you're feeling adventurous.

Hope your recovery goes well! =D

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I love the big meta-fic ("Theory of Narrative Causality") but I still don't get why everyone lolled over Jim writing a fic called "My Immortal". Is it a wink to the ACD canon or something? Or did Moftis say somewhere that Moriarty is an Evanescent fan? I feel culturally ignorant, help!

It's a wink to the Harry Potter fandom. :)

"My Immortal" is a fairly fandom infamous troll!fic of immense proportions, filled with crack, OOC-ness, Mary-Sues, etc. Not to mention, it is intentionally written poorly, as a parody of many bad!fics that exist out there. It is one of the more legendary troll!fics, so having Jim "write" it, so to speak, is rather amusing.

Here is the fic (a repost, since the original got pulled down): http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4719325/1/My_Immortal_REPOST

Here is the TvTropes article: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/MyImmortal?from=Main.MyImmortal

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hook me up?

Happy. I really need some happy. Anyone got some to spare?

Re: hook me up?

Me too please. I'm stressing so much right now I want to vomit.

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Is John really that BAMF?

According to fanon, John "three continents" Watson is a master of hand-to-hand combat and knows 18 ways to kill a man with his thumb.

But is there any evidence for this in canon? Any canon? We know John can shoot a handgun like it's a sniper rifle, but is there any evidence at all that he is any good whatsoever at fist-fighting? Was he at all effective in his flailing against the Golem? He was able to grab Moriarty when he had the element of surprise, but Moriarty didn't actually fight back.

Or is it more a matter of him being very brave, but not a hugely talented fighter?

Re: Is John really that BAMF?

In my head!canon, John is one of those guys who grew up a bit defensive and got into a few fights, maybe a bit of an argumentative drunk and had a few pub brawls under his belt, but I can never see him, at least when I write, as superninjamonkeygod at the hand to hand combat. Maybe street fighting type stuff, rough and tumble with little finesse required, but not full on mad skillz. That said, he also seems, at least in BBC!verse, like a guy with a lot of pent up anger and little sense of personal safety so that can influence a lot.

Just putting this out there but we'd LOVE to get an andres_son over in the holmeschat group so if anyone's been pondering it - DO IT. PLEASE.

(also, even if you're not, join and participate as yourself/someone else anyway!)

My super was up to look at my stove yesterday and I asked him if he knew anyone who installs air conditioners in the neighborhood. He immediately got his drill and installed my 70 pound AC himself. He refused any monetary compensation.

Does anyone have ideas about what I can do to show my appreciation. AC installation is really not the responsibility of a building superintendent, at least in New York.

You could bake him something. People love baked goods.

Benedict Cumberbatch is proloning my life

I've been planning on suicide for a few years but needed to sort some last things out. Then I got hooked on Sherlock, followed by getting hooked on Benedict.

When it was announced there would be a second series I decided I can't kill myself until I see the second series.

Then it was announced that Martin Freeman would star in The Hobbit and I debated on whether it would be worth it, but then Benedict Cumberbatch was announced to have a role and I decided that I would stick around to see it. So I'm going to be around until 2013. It's going to be my going away present to myself.

So yes, this is prolonging the suffering I feel, and these 2 years will probably be hell, but who knows. Maybe something might change while I'm waiting.

Re: Benedict Cumberbatch is proloning my life

I've been there, so I know about the suffering and the decision-making.

Just... is there someone you can tell about this? Someone professional, who will listen to you?

Also, I would stick to the "who knows". It worked for me. I really hope it works for you.

Theory of Narrative Causality - Recapitulatory post

This took me a bout of speleology to find so I suppose others might find it useful. It's a post listing all the chapters (with links) and characters in this awesome - a word I rarely use - meta fic which is by now more or less buried under the (deserved) buzz it fatally created.

I suppose the author will want to post an entry of her own but until then, for those who want to read the fic, this can make it easier.


Re: Theory of Narrative Causality - Recapitulatory post

I should have posted that here too, sorry!


If John wanted to play rugby again, where would he play? How much of his time would it take, per week? How often would there be a match? Against whom? How many people/what sort of people would attend the matches? Would the team go to a pub together afterwards?

I'm sorry if this is stupid, but I know absolutely nothing about team sports.

Re: rugby

ACD canon is that Watson played for Blackheath so I'd start with their website: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/blackheath/

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The Theory of Narrative Causality - cast needed

Third, lucky post about this fic on this page, it seems :)

We're still looking for storm_ford, andrés_son, not_thatbill and s_sarah to join the crew. (I might have missed someone, don't hesitate to ask if you're not sure.) You're also welcome to join the party as yourself, of course :)

All info needed is to be found here: holmeschat

Re: The Theory of Narrative Causality - cast needed

Is this still true? (because I might want to grab s_sarah or storm_ford, trust ally rallying force.

What's the official naming of each?

Storm_Ford is Mike, yea? Andres_son is Anderson, Sarah is Sarah...

But I feel ashamed that I might have 'not_thatbill' translated wrong, can anyone tell me who it is?

I've been reading and googling for an hour and I'm a little lost. I need your help!

Pretty much everyone seems to agree that the original John Watson was born in 1852, but when was Sherlock born? I think I've read every year mentioned between 1854 and 1862. Is there a real answer?

Usually the accepted date is January 6, 1852, but it's just speculation. There is nothing about it in the stories.

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Prozac and pr0n - best medicine ever!

I just finished my first full week at work for eight months. I was signed off with severe depression back in October and since January I've worked my way back up from 3 days a week to 4 and finally to 5 this week.

A lot of days when I wasn't working I quite probably wouldn't have got out of bed at all if it weren't to come read some of the wonderful fic here. After a while I even managed to get up the wherewithal to write some and people have been very encouraging. I might even de-cloak one of these days!

I'll miss having the extra time to write but I feel so much more like the old me again, the old me that loved to write. Time isn't worth anything without the impetus.

Thank you meme. You should be available on prescription. :)

Re: Prozac and pr0n - best medicine ever!

Hooray! Glad you are feeling better! *hugs*

If you were to speak chatspeak (netspeak, whatever it's actually called) aloud, how would you say it?

For example: I LOL'd IRL. Lawled erl? Lawled eye-are-el? el-oh-el eye-are-el? Is there some kind of protocol for pronunciation?

Background for question, in case that changes anything: I'm writing a character who uses it in speech to annoy people, and I'm wondering how I should write it out in the dialogue.

Mycroft says "thentcon stopping" - I don't think he wants me to go through with it.

I'm very inconsistent about it.

LOL = low-el
BRB = berb
IRL = eye are el
BTW = bee tee dub
AYRT = ay-ert
LMAO = el-em-ay-oh
ROTFL = rot-fle

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Britpickers ahoy!

British terms for the following, please?


Child Protective Services (the people who would take your kid away if you weren't treating it right)

State custody (formally giving up rights to a child or having it taken from you would be putting it into state custody here)

Diapers--are they always nappies, or is that just informal? Which would Sherlock say? Which would Lestrade say? Is there a different term for the plastic ones that cover the baby's butt as opposed to the cloth ones that might get used for burp rags or to wipe up spills and such?

Is there a technical term for "burp rag"? You know, you put it on your shoulder when you burp the baby, because those suckers WILL spit up everything you just so painstakingly poured down them, and that mess WILL stain your expensive Belstaff coat. Permanently.

TYVM! I might have more questions as I go...

Re: Britpickers ahoy!

Oh, yeah. What do you call a diaper bag?

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Yesterday I met a British lady at the supermarket and we started chatting. At some point she mentioned that she married a Belgian during The War.
The way she said it surprised me, she intoned the name in such a way that it was obvious she was using capital letters. And she called it The War instead of the Second World War which I would use.

So, is this something typically British or is it a generation thing?

As she is still alive today, she must have been too young to live through the Great War, so calling it The War is standard. My parents do the same and they were toddlers during the only war they have been personally involved in (to the extent of having to run to air raid shelters, fear that their fathers would never come home again.)

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