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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Sherlock's first mobile?

Possibly a strange question, but at what age do you reckon Sherlock got his first mobile phone (if we go with the assumption that he's the same age as his actor and was born in '76)?

I clung to my landline for as long as I could, but I still don't remember seeing kids and teenagers around with mobiles until around 2000. So if we say Sherlock was 16-17-ish in the early 90's, is it safe to say his family would still have a landline?

Re: Sherlock's first mobile?

They'd still have a landline even if he had a mobile, surely? I've got a mobile but when I'm home I'm just as likely to be called on the landline as the mobile.

In response to the other part, I agree that 1999-2000 is about the time when mobiles were more common. I can see Mycroft having one a lot earlier, though, one of the massive ones.

I have to admit; when I come across comments like the first one in this thread, I get rather uncomfortable, even if it is an obvious troll. I've not really come across anything like that in this fandom, but I do have to wonder if people honestly feel this way?

The thing that makes trolls so effective is the possibility that they could actually think that way. Especially after the thread a few pages back on the rants page, I just... I dunno. Wonder if maybe I am making people uncomfortable.

This fandom does seem to have more men in it than what seems normal, which may be why I've never really noticed these sorts of things before recently.

I don't know. I realise that I'm probably overreacting, but still. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if this topic didn't keep popping up so much.

The secret isn't showing (exceeded bandwith it says). Can you recap the content, if you're okay with that?

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trans*-themed rec list?

I'm wondering if anyone has compiled a list of SBBC fics that are trans*-themed -- I'm pretty sure I know most of them (redconverse, a couple of fills here and there on the meme that I've bookmarked, and now etothepii's new fic), but if there's not already a list anywhere, perhaps I should compile it myself?

Re: trans*-themed rec list?

I seem to recall someone having a rather extensive list when I asked on one of the fichunt memes for one of them. No idea how to find the post again, though.

My new laptop is silver, sober, reliable (so far), already hosts an appalling ton of paperwork and has been christened Gregory. I'm officially insane.

Not that insane. My cat has a fandom name (though hardly anyone recognizes it, especially since the character's first name is only mentioned once or twice), and my boyfriend has already picked out a name from Sherlock for the dog we're getting.

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news in AIDS research


Is this as monumental as it sounds, or is it just the way it's being spun in the media?

Re: news in AIDS research

Theoretically, yes, but in practice people with full blown AIDS aren't getting treatment, let alone people with early-stage HIV.

Anti-depressant withdrawal

Anyone here ever gone through anti-depressant withdrawal? (Paxil specifically)

Every now and then, I'll forget my meds for a few days and it's worse than how I felt when first diagnosed.

!Mycroft just told me to contact control!

Our milk keeps running out in insanely quickly time frames and my mom came home and had this to say; "The milk is gone? Again?! Where does all the milk keep going?"

Of course I went immediatly to Sherlock and about sufficated with laughter.

Barkeep! Pour me another!

I asked her out, she said no. Heeere I gooo agaaain on my ooooown! *drinks*

Re: Barkeep! Pour me another!

But you were brave enough to ask! Hearts up, upper lip stiff - you'll get a yes next time, I'm sure!


I was reading a comment earlier where an anon said that they were going to have trouble remembering that Anderson liking dinosaurs is completely fandom made idea, and not in fact canon.

It made me remember a thread in fic-find community for HP where someone was looking for the fic where Charlie explained that Norbert the dragon was actually a female. It was driving everyone crazy because it everyone remembered the scene, but couldn't place it. It took an embarrasingly long time for someone to point out that it actually happened in the books, and not fan fiction.

So, I was just curious if anyone had an interesting stories where fandom actually messed with your rememberings of canon? (Doesn't need to be Sherlock)

Ages and ages ago, when Anderson's dinosaurs roamed the earth, I read a lot of X-Files fic and there was one really long, detailed one where Scully had a past that included cocaine use. There was quite a bit of backstory about her using it recreationally and how she tapered off of it in med school. Cue to some seasons later when I wasn't reading fic so much anymore (I'd gotten tired of the tropes pretty much), I was watching an episode of the show when I thought "Why don't they ever bring up her drug use anymore?" It took me a few days to remember "Oh, yeah...that was fanfic". A few days and a few weird comments to friends and fellow fans *ahem* *blush*.

And a bit before that, now that I think on it, a similar incident with the show "Daria." I was a Daria/Trent shipper *ahem* and read a fic where he kissed her. It was an expansion of the ep "Pierce Me", in fact. Anyway, it was a very popular fic in the fandom and several people got a bit pissy about MTV "editing the kiss out" when the ep aired in reruns and someone posted to a fan bbs "Uh, that was this fic..." Cue collective "Um, oops..."

Edited at 2011-05-13 06:45 pm (UTC)

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Favorite ACD stories?

And why?

Personally, I love "Speckled Band" for

1. Holmes mouthing off to Dr. Roylott,
2. The sheer sinister creepiness of the murder plot, and
3. The bent fireplace poker :)

Re: Favorite ACD stories?

Charles Augustus Milverton for the fake engagement, hand-holding, and the "why that could be a description of Watson!"

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Possibly giving away my nationality with this, but uh -


Not anymore. Sigh.

(Also giving away my nationality)

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Personal Grooming, International Differences...

Weird question time. One of my SO's is German and does not shave her legs or underarms. Personally, I don't give a flip as it's her body so...whatever she wants to do with her grooming, rock on and I don't complain unless she hasn't showered, lol. Anyway, we got to talking and she was telling me how shaving and waxing and such aren't as huge a thing in Europe as in the States. I know, here, there's cases of girls as young as 12 and 13 getting full Brazilian waxes done and parents taking elementary girls to get their brows "done" so the whole hairless/deep grooming thing is pretty...well, popular? Ingrained? Obsessive? in the States. Has that obsession spread to the UK and other countries as of yet? Not asking to be judgy, just oddly curious after the talk with one of my SO's.

Re: Personal Grooming, International Differences...

Oh, I saw a thing on this. I think it was called Fuck off, I'm a Hairy Woman. I very much remember a scene where a young girl was taken in to get waxed, with the lady saying that if you start waxing early, when the body hair does grow in, it won't be as noticeable. Which sounds a bit wives-taley, in the same vein that shaving your hair makes it grow in thicker.

I'm fairly positive this was a BBC documentary. Annoyingly, when I look for clips of this on YouTube, all I get are Eminem videos. lol

TMI! Female hormones and mental health.

Okay. Here's the thing. For about 1.5 weeks before my period, I go insane. Literally. Paranoia, anxiety attacks, depression, suicidal impulses, self-injury, self-destructive behavior, social withdrawal, irrational rage, mental tunnel vision, you name it. One of these times it's going to be more than I can handle or coincide with a bad patch of stress and I won't be strong enough to make it through.

This has been happening my whole damn life to some degree, and it's only after getting on the Pill and getting my cycles somewhat predictable that I've concretely linked the two. This one to one and a half week segment of hell corresponds almost exactly to the progesterone cycle. The pill I'm on is mono-phasic and has as little progesterone as possible, and it's still happening. It's also doing a rather shit job of regulating things or suppressing ovulation since ovulation is what sets off the progesterone cycle, but at least there's a structure to compare to.

I have no use for my reproductive system. I'm female, and I like being female, but I hate my hormones trying to convince me I'm worthless and I need to die for over a quarter of my life. I don't care if I never have another period, I'm likely incapable of bearing children (family tendency to miscarriage) and will never get a chance to try, and probably shouldn't be allowed to raise a child anyway.

I know no one here is a doctor, and I am talking to mine about all this, but he seems a bit at sea and keeps getting sidetracked off the hormone link. Does anyone know if it's possible to stop the progesterone cycle completely? Or even if it seems likely that that's the cause of this hell? Even something to calm things down and bring rationality back during that week+ of hell would be helpful.

Re: TMI! Female hormones and mental health.

Has your doc looked in to you having PMDD? It is not PMS--It is a LOT more intense and sounds a LOT like what you are describing.

trans*-themed rec list!

I have done made one! HEEEEERE

Feel free to link to this, or to point out other stories I've missed!

I almost cried.

A small child with her father walked past me on the street today.

"That's a lady. Whose mommy is she, Daddy?"