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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Nitpicky location question about ASiP

When the cabbie drives off with Sherlock, where exactly does he take him? I've replayed Sherlock's line over and over again, but all I can make out is R_something_ C_something_ Further Education College, and Wikipedia doesn't have anything with a similar enough name. Is it a real place to begin with?

Re: Nitpicky location question about ASiP

it is not a real place. In dvd commentary they say they tried soveryhard to find two exactly same buildings adjacent to each other, but they couldn't, so they just filmed it at a building in Cardiff and photoshopped it. :)

My Negativity And Guilt Feelings

It's so ingrained in me I fear I'll never be able to reduce it, let alone make myself healthy.

I now can pretty much hide it openly but inside, it's my default position. When I try to consciously watch my internal reaction to change it to a more positive view, I second and third guess myself until I'm paralyzed. I live on Zoloft, Lamictal and Klonopin.

What's worse is because I'm more outwardly positive, friends and family tell me how much better I seem, so healthy! Each time I get told that, I feel so scared and angry inside I feel sick.

Re: My Negativity And Guilt Feelings

:( I hate when I act cheerful and people believe it. It's creepy. It would be nice to be openly unhappy and cranky and unpleasant, except that I'm sure people would worry.

I think I know what you mean by secondguessing yourself. I used to have a 'logic loop' where I would convince myself by means of elaborate arguments that communication was impossible, life was meaningless, etc, and then the arguments themselves became exhausting to maintain. I finally just dropped the arguments and decided to take communication/meaning/etc as givens, which I think was a good move (although it didn't make me like Pollyanna or anything). I don't know if that would be helpful to your situation though.

Good luck and hugs, whatever you do!

Your Personal Sexing Sherlock Kink Poll

OK, feel silly posting this if it comes right after the previous angsty post but maybe this will take minds off their problems.

In your imagination, not for a fic, forget about literary reasons, good or credible plot lines, Sherlock is having sex with either yourself or your favorite pairing character. This is the first time you/your favorite and Sherlock have done the deed.

In your ideal, hottest fantasy, is Sherlock....

*An inexperienced virgin that catches on to lovemaking skills quickly and learns to enjoy the carnal pleasures?

*An inexperienced virgin and a lousy lay? (Hey, odds are it could be someone's kink.)

*A terrified virgin? If so, does he learn to overcome his fears or is he nervous and wide-eyed the entire first time.

*An inexperienced virgin who still isn't interested in sex afterward? (Once again, it could be someone's kink.)

*Limited experience from adolescence? Limited experience from uni? If so, were they negative or boring experiences, that's why he avoided sex or he enjoyed it but his partners thought him too weird, unresponsive, whatever and he's feared rejection?

*Tons of experience, too much sex, so much it bores the crap out of him?

*Tons of experience because he was a rentboy, that jaded him?

*Tons of experience, in fact, a Casanova, but has decided to channel that massive talent and energy into his work?

*An abuse survivor, childhood or older, learns from this experience sex can be mindblowing between consenting, loving partners?

*A demisexual, mad for only you/your character?

*Asexual, purely emotional romantic relationships only? "Let's just kiss and cuddle." or "Let's just cuddle, no kissing."

*Asexual, aromantic. "Problem? Sorry."

If I left any alternative out, sorry. I'm getting fuzzy-brained and fingers tired of typing. Post my omission please!

Only rule? Have fun picking and describing (Hopefully in detail!) your personal sexing Sherlock kink!

Re: Your Personal Sexing Sherlock Kink Poll

:D :D :D

Demisexual with limited experience with people he hasn't especially cared for, which is why he hasn't sought out sex or bothered to get good at it. He knows just enough to not be lousy, but his partner needs to take the initiative in bed for things to turn out well.

This applies mainly to Sherlock paired with John or Jim (my favorite pairings). If I were pairing Sherlock with Mycroft or Lestrade or Molly, for instance, my answer would be different. (Mycroft informs me that he has issues with my pairing preferences.)

Prompt Hijacking

What do you all consider to be prompt hijacking? It occurred to me, while reading the rant post, that we might each be working under slightly different definitions.

When someone adds something that contradicts the original prompt, that's definitely hijacky. But then we get into grey area. When someone adds something completely unrelated to the prompt that doesn't flow seamlessly to the prompt, that seems a bit hijacky to me too.

But when the prompter offers a few options, and a responder says they'd prefer option 2 of the 3 given, is that hijacky? It's steering the prompt a little, but it's still in line with the prompt. If it's a "anyone/Sherlock, [prompt here]" and a responder jumps in "I'd love to see Lestrade/Sherlock for this!" is that hijacky?

When a responder says they'd like to the see the prompt with a new element that totally flows within the prompt, is that hijacky? I don't know what to think of this in general, I suppose it depends on specific instances that I can't think of at the moment.

So yeah, what do you think of as prompt hijacking?

Re: Prompt Hijacking

If it's "X with Sherlock/Lestrade" it's hijacking to say "I want X with Sherlock/John!" Just make a new prompt. If it's something that actually builds on the prompt and doesn't contradict either the explicit request or the tone (turning fluff into angst, etc) then I think it's fine. Prompts are kernels of ideas. Prompts have to be fleshed out to make a full story, and it doesn't much matter if some of the extra bits come from other suggestions versus the writer's own imagination. The OP is always able to come back and express an opinion on suggested additions.

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Looking for "Paper Fortunes"

Absolutely brilliant Lestrade/Molly fic from waaaaaaaaaay back in the meme. It's by alice_day... Anyone know where it might be? Or if there's more to it?

Re: Looking for "Paper Fortunes"


Please help



This was originally on F!S, but I wanted to spread the word. If the links aren't enough to tell you what's happening: Uganda is thinking of bringing back the anti-homosexuality bill which would result in losses in human rights and welfare for thousands of people. We are all human, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or skin colour. Please, join the petition and help overturn this bill.

Re: Please help

So, I've seen this going around Twitter and stuff, and I'm honestly wondering why we should expect the Ugandan government to take an online petition seriously? Yes, what their government is planning is terrible, but they're an entire government. I have very strong doubts that they'd listen to a bunch of people on the internet.

Cyber activism doesn't really do anything. You have to actually get involved. What are the UN doing right now? Has anybody checked in on that?

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Sex question for petite girls

So... This is awkward but you have all been fantasic answering others questions so I thought I'd ask mine as well. For reference, I'm five feet tall, mid-twenties, pretty tiny overall.

When I have sex I can't take more than 2 or 3 inches of length in my vagina without pain and anything more than an inch thick hurts like hell. My partner (haven't beem sexually active before) says that it's probqbly just because of my overall build but one of my girlfriends insists that I'm just being a wuss and if i "let him hurt him" (as in keep going even when I'm in pain instead of backing off to something I'm more comfy with) a few times i'll "stretch out" and it won't happen anymore.

... I kind of flipped out at her but uh... Is she actually right?

Re: Sex question for petite girls

Eh... yes and no.

Your size doesn't dictate how much you can take. Very petite girls can stretch themselves to take very large insertions, very tall girls can be very tight and find any insertion painful.

On the other hand the "just let him go at you" is likely to fail, too.

You want to stretch yourself out and get used to a larger insertion, but maybe the worst time to do it is under pressure with a guy who is being influenced by his own need to get off and both of you are feeling under pressure. Just fighting your way through the pain is far more likely to make you spasm harder and make it more painful than it is to get you to relax.

The best way to do it is to invest in a small sex toy, and on your own time, work on slowly inserting it. That way you are not under pressure and your body can get used to it. Then when the moment comes to be with your guy you can have confidence that your body can take it.

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Your favourite Vampire!John fic?

What is your favourite Vampire!John fic? I know so few. I'd be very grateful for recs.

Re: Your favourite Vampire!John fic?

PS: Are there any True Blood crossovers? Sherlock would be the ideal fangbanger.


Thanks to re-definition of fictional forms, many of the prompts on this meme are actually hint fiction. (http://www.suite101.com/content/what-is-hint-fiction-a369675) Discuss?

Re: Discuss?

Yessssss. I'm in love with the prompts just as much with the fills for being little stories on their own. Good to know there's a term for it. I fully embrace this concept.

Andrew Scott totally shoulda played Wheatley in Portal 2. Come on, a bumbly friendly looking robot chap, who ends up all creepy and wanting to kill you? And Scottish accents are a thousand times hotter than West Country ones.

And for those of us who haven't played Portal 2 yet? Too bad, I suppose.

The more time I spend on this meme the more I end up filled with self-loathing and wanting to die. WHY???

Can't speak for you, but for me it just serves to remind me how much better most other fic writers are, and that depresses me.

Re: prompt question

Hee! I know you meant a tv show or movie or something, but where I am, Daybreakers used to be a brand of low-cholesterol egg substitute. The images Sherlock/Daybreakers brings to mind for me are... unique. 0o

I'll just leave this here. WARNING: NSFW


I'll just leave the link there since it's NSFW.

Have a nice day.

Re: I'll just leave this here. WARNING: NSFW


Second... Every time I see stuff like that I think how awkward it must be for the actors lol.

I tease my friends who are afraid of Doctor Who monsters and things like that, yet I am vaguely terrified of the turrets in Portal.

Seriously, that little laser eye jiggling around, trying to seek out my body to riddle it with bullet holes and the cutesy robotic sing-song "Are you still there?"

Nightmare fuel.

How embarrassing.

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I'm looking for two fics:

- Multichapter Sherlock/(Nolan!)Batman x-over

- S/J where time is a currency

Thanks in advance if you happened to have bookmarked them. :)

is the batman xover by messageredacted?

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