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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Does anyone remember a prompt

That John's blog was being made into a TV series? I think I may have imagined it. Anyway, I can't find it. Help appreciated.

Re: Does anyone remember a prompt

how long ago did you see it?

Can anyone point a girl to some wallpapers/graphics-that-are-wallpaper-sized of Martin Freeman? The main Sherlock comm doesn't have much, and freemanfans only has 1 use of the wallpaper tag. I know I'll just keep getting distracted by the shiny shiny icons if I try to find something myself. Help please?




I'm adhering to the theory that BOTH pills were poisoned. The cabbie had the antidote at the ready, or had already taken it. Thus, he always wins.

Interesting Article On BC And Celebrity

"Celebrity and the Celebration of Art: The Transformation of Benedict Cumberbatch" (http://www.popmatters.com/pm/feature/139431-celebrity-and-the-celebration-of-art/)


Required for Celebrity: An Impressive Body, Not Necessarily of Work

A January 2011 Independent article described the actor as one who “doesn’t possess the obvious, symmetrical looks of a star,” nevertheless adding that “it’s about time” for the 34-year-old actor to become the “Next Big Thing”. Cumberbatch himself commented in a 2010 Esquire interview that his face is “very period… I’m a bit of an oddity in a modern context… But I’ve tried very hard not to be typecast as the posh character in a period drama.” In that interview he also wondered what it would be like to be an actor with the face of, say, a Jake Gyllenhaal.

Whatever the actor or critics may say to or about his face, fans have been duly impressed with not only the physicality of his performance as the Creature in Frankenstein, but with his physique, so much so that Boyle ensured his actors were suitably covered during the National Theatre Live’s globally broadcast performance. Well aware of Internet fandom and interest in seeing the Creature up close and personal, the National Theatre did not want to limit the choice of camera angles during the play’s extended nude scene. The nature of NTL broadcasts makes the policing of illegal recordings impossible.

As the Creature, Cumberbatch’s body is on display, but the performance transforms the actor into an entirely new being. The actor’s body is an instrument used in service of a role. Even so, some fan galleries display nude shots not only from the current play but screen caps from previous films or series in which Cumberbatch has bared all.

No role has inspired fangirl lust more than Sherlock. His lean body and striking cheekbones have captivated Cumberbatch’s fans, many who identify themselves as “Cumberbitches”. In addition to the tamer fan sites full of testimonials of those lucky enough to meet the actor in person, sexually explicit fan fiction and art adorn many a web site frequented by the actor’s increasing number of fans.

Alright - so you guys know when John got arrested for vandalism back in TBB - could someone please explain the process that would have followed.

I seriously have no idea. All I know is what we heard on the episode - that there is a court date and that custody sergeants don't like to be rushed :)

Anyway - any help will be greatly appreciated and god willing, rewarded with a resembling factual fill :) Thanks guys

Can you tell I live with someone that works for the Council?

Sorry if any of this sounds patronising, I don't know if you're a Brit or not and, thus, how familiar you are with simple aspects the system.

I think, in real life, John would've got off with a fine and not much else, it was a one time thing. In the episode, though, he says he's got an ASBO. This would actually only be used for persistent vandalism but lets just roll with canon.

The person that collars John looks more like a Police Community Support Officer (usually abbreviated to PCSO) to me, rather than an actual Police Officer - this picture provides a good comparison of the uniforms. This is where it starts to get complicated, we can take what we are presented with and say that he is a PCSO, but they have no powers of arrest so I don't really understand the presence of a custody sergeant. Or we can go with Police, but I don't think they'd take John into custody either - an on the spot fine or a simple slap on the wrists, yes, arrest, no. I think it'd be best for you to ignore the custody sergeant and proceed with the PCSO idea because that would provide easier access to the ASBO process.

For the ASBO (Anti-social Behaviour Order) process to begin, the PCSO would have to report John to the local council, in his case this would probably be Westminster City Council, because they are the only ones that can apply for the order.

The application is then taken to the Civil Courts where, once they have ascertained that the act (in this case vandalism) has occured, the ASBO is issued. The order is tailor made to suit the offender, so when it is issued the court will specify exactly what they can and cannot do under the terms of the ASBO - obviously John would be banned from further acts of graffiti in the City of Westminster but there may be other terms imposed.

The details of the order are kept by both the Police and the Council and the Council will review the need to keep the ASBO active on a regular basis. If the order is breached, basically if John is caught in the act again, then the Police can take more drastic action.

Hope this helps.

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Finally succeeded in my attempts to successfully give a handjob. Hooray!

Except I was scared to take my hand out of my boyfriend's pants in case his semen looked gross. LOL. I was surprised to find that it was clear and kind of watery. After some research, I discovered this was a fairly common occurrence in younger teenagers, or men who masturbated a lot (my boyfriend is neither, but he is inexperienced - never masturbated before or had a GF), but...

I was thinking, "shouldn't it be white?" at the time.

Thanks, sex ed! 8D

Random thoughts

Although I can't think of a practical implementation for it, I wish there were some sort of "Updates" post, where authors can post that they've added a new chapter to their WIPs for those who can't track threads. Or if the traffic would be too much, just a final notice that the WIP is finally complete. We do get some form of this through the Overflow post, since older prompt pages are likely to be full, but it's not quite that.

Re: Random thoughts

Well, I think you can use the Filled Prompts post and note if your fill has been completed/de-anoned in your personal journal. But I don't see how a whole post just for updates would do any good.

Could anyone please tell me if there's a htlm code for inserting a line between two parts? I'm getting a bit weary of




I think it's <*hr> (take out the * when using the code )

Has anyone heard about the knews on possible TV adoptaion of The Vesuvius Club?

I've just come across this artile in which it says that the BBC is making a show that based on Gatiss' The Vesuvius Club, but the article was published in 2007, so I'm wondering if they are still intending to make the show, or the whole plan was called off already. :/

Re: Has anyone heard about the knews on possible TV adoptaion of The Vesuvius Club?

I couldn't really say, but I googled "The Vesuvius Club" and now I HAVE to read this. Mark Gatiss, where have you been all my life? Thanks for pointing it my way.

Can we get up a master list of Rec-lists here?

For those who want to read something good that appeals to them? Especially if the reccer is someone who ventures beyond LJ and knows some goodfic from FF.net and AO3, or if it's some dynamic-specific (Like a list of Mystrade fics). Or collections of fics for victorian!verse that we here in the BBC Sherlock fandom might not automatically know about.

I'll start us off with a couple I've collected.

Main-comms Sunday Recday for those who don't already know, is a weekly mine for interesting fic.

List of Top!Sherlock/bottom!John fics

List of sub!John fics (any top)

Caffienekitty's mostly gen and squint recs

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Re: Can we get up a master list of Rec-lists here?

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Gabby Gabberson

Informal survey. Good friend or relative with phone-itis. You see their name on caller ID and groan but you've ignored the calls too many times, this one needs to be picked up.

After an hour or so (I've actually had a four hour with a family member going through a divorce. I cut them slack because they were upset but FOUR HOURS of someone vomiting their emotional pain in your ear takes a toll.) of blabbity blab, mostly their latest news, blood is draining from your phone holding hand, ear is cauliflower, brain is numb, you consider jabbing a pencil in your eye, "Emergency! I've got to go!"

You tried several gentle hints at first, now you are saying, "I have to go."

"Oh, one more thing!"

I've done everything from lying someone is at the front door to firmly saying, "You aren't hearing me, I said I have to hang up now."

Reactions have ranged from "I'll call you back! to the silent treatment for weeks. (Sometimes welcome that.)

Next time you pick up when they call, the cycle starts over. Sigh.

What do you do in this situation? Do you feel guilty or feel, 'This is my time. That conversation was long enough.'

Is anyone willing to admit here that they could be described at the talker that will not hang up? If so, do you why you do it?

I suppose this is one of the advantages of having permanent foot-in-mouth disease, but when I'm tired of a phone call, I give a warning that I have to leave in ___ minutes, then I just interrupt and say "Gotta go now, bye," when the time is reached. And hang up. Even if the other person is still taking. Usually they catch the tone and manage to get out an "Okay-bye" before I disconnect, but if they don't... hey they learn that that's what happens when I say I have to go.

Anyway, I gave them a warning, so they shouldn't be surprised. If they weren't going to pay attention to my urgent need to get off the phone, why should I pay attention to their need to do the whole "goodbye, call you later" ritual.

I can't imagine being stuck on the phone for 4 hours. An hour is more than my limit.

Re: Gabby Gabberson (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Gabby Gabberson (Anonymous) Expand
Am researching this as I type. I don't know much about drug relapses -- if an addict worked hard to get clean and stayed clean for several years, would one hit of their drug get them re-addicted? It would obviously depend on the dosage and the person's propensity for addiction, but if in-canon Sherlock were to be administered a strong hit of cocaine, would it possibly be enough to get him addicted again (psychologically, if not also physically)?

Thank god for anon posting

AS always, this is a difficult question because people are different. Also, I have only personal experience to draw on. I am not a psychologist. Sample size=1.

That said...

Physically, I would say no.

From here on it's pretty theoretical because when I quit cocaine it was because I had gotten to the point where doing cocaine was actually worse than withdrawal. Stimulants in general still have really negative effects on me. If I were dosed with cocaine now, I'd probably have a really hellish 12 hours and a lot of reinforcement to never to it again.

However, based on experiences with alcoholism (which I still do not have under control), a lot would depend on his views toward dependency and relapse. I've found that controlling substance abuse requires that rules be followed. For most, the rule is that they must never, under any circumstance, indulge in said substance. Otherwise they will start finding reasons to indulge and loopholes in the rules they made to limit consumption.

I would think that, if Sherlock was of the "never again" stance on cocaine and had quit while he still enjoyed it, being forcibly dosed might cause problems by reminding him of how much he enjoys being high. Then again, his adherence to his "never again" rule may still be intact as he did not choose to take the drug, so he might be reticent to dose himself after.

Actually, it would be very interesting if he started engineering scenarios in which other people force him to take cocaine in order to get high without violating the rules he's laid out for himself. I bet he's clever enough to do it.

Hope this helps. My incredibly addictive personality may as well be of use to someone.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: Anyone have Twitter? FF? Facebook? Youtube?

given that your userinfo states that you're 13, it is actually illegal for you to be here where there are adult concepts. i strongly recommend http://sherlockbbc.livejournal.com/ which is the main fandom comm. this is a kink meme, which has a great deal of porn.

I think I'm getting depression. But then I think, "If I think I'm getting depressed, I can't be because only the really depressed can't tell they're depressed!" in that crazy backwards logic that doesn't help at all. Sometimes I can convince myself I'm not sad, but then I remember and I feel really... lethargic? Apathetic to everything? Hateful and down and self-loathing? Which is strange, because I never hate my body, just my brain and personality.

Now, I don't feel like self-harm, but I do think about killing myself. A disturbing amount. But I know I'd never go through with it. But I can't STOP thinking about it because thinking about killing myself (not doing it, just thinking about it) helps. And I don't want to tell anyone in real life because I don't want to bother and/or scare them.

I mentioned feeling really down (hinting depression) to a friend and they were concerned and really worried so I stopped it. I don't want to bother anyone else. Which is a bad mindset, you're meant to talk to friends, but I can't bring myself to do so. I've got the idea I can handle it myself and it's becoming increasingly clear that I might not be able to.

Maybe I'll take up that offer of therapy at uni, but I just can't. And I don't think I could handle therapy or anything like that on top the workload I have now. My parents have enough to deal with in my sibling, I'm meant to be the good, organised one they don't need to worry about. No one is meant to worry about me, I'm meant to worry about them. That's how it is. I'm meant to be the stable, logical rock for them to lean on.

Aaand here come the suicidal thoughts again. Sigh. I wish I could get anti-depressants, but that would involve telling someone, which I want to avoid. Fanfiction is pretty much my coping method at the moment. D:

I went through this at uni. Go to your doctor, tell them your symptoms, and it won't be like you've told anyone because everything you say to them will be confidential. If you make it clear you don't want counselling, they'll most likely prescribe anti-depressants for you.

It's not the best way of dealing, but it got me through.

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Anybody else just spotted Rupert Graves on ITV-1? And it's even a new show! Totally watching this.

I just turned on the TV. Lol, he has a great job. Making lasers in Switzerland.....

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