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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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I'm just curious to see how long everyone has been around this fandom.

Status: I've been around since the first episode aired in the UK. I've never been in a fandom from the very beginning and it's been ~*~*marvelous~*~*~.
Thoughts: I'm constantly surprised by how active this fandom remains and by the fantastic fanworks that continue to be made. YOU PEOPLE ARE VERY TALENTED. That is all.

I started looking for fic pretty well just after the first ep was shown, too. But I didn't really get involved in doing anything beyond reading straight away, and I wasn't on the meme until about part four or five, I think.

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Can't visualize female Moriarty, anyone have suggestions and/or pictures?

I quite like sadynax's genderbent BBC!art. Her Moriarty is very hot.


God (or the Devil, according to some) is in the details

... and there's one small detail in ASIP that still bugs me.

When Sally says "Freak's here, bringing a man" in her phone, is she calling Lestrade or Anderson? Logic would have it that she's warning her boss, but I hate to think that Lestrade, who apparently respects Sherlock and sees his potential for goodness, should allow his team to insult him on a regular basis. And it's Anderson we see coming out of the house.

In your headcanon, is Lestrade aware of the whole Freak thing (that does seem to rile Sherlock a bit)? Does he close his ears to it or think it unimportant? Or is it something he can't control but rather fears might degenerate now Sherlock has a BAMF!assistant? XD

In my headcanon they've turned it into an erotic password - whenever Sherlock hears it, Lestrade owes him a favour in bed.

Re: God (or the Devil, according to some) is in the details

1. I think it may have gone to Lestrade but Anderson overheard and went out to pre-emptively piss a circle around his crime scene.

2. I think it's touching that you're so concerned for Sherlock's feelings but I think you're projecting. I really don't think it riles him on a personal level. Given his disdain for most people, I think he'd see it as equivalent to being taunted by a child. "Yes, yes, speak your peace. Here's a verbal smackdown so you don't do it again. Now, onto the fun!"

3. I do like your headcanon, though. XD

wilaer lab - see, Sherlock was grown in a petri dish. That explains everything.

I started writing for it since the first episode aired. The main comm put me off the fandom for a bit, but then I found the meme towards the end of the first part, and have been here ever since. I think I might have sold my soul to it at some point, because I really can't break away.

My first errant comment, derp. Was meant to be for the survey oop there.

Sorry if it's been discussed here before. What exactly is Molly's job (or what has fandom decided is the closest fit), and what are her duties? I've no idea if she'd be doing autopsies or pathology or what. And she would probably need specialized degrees?

I tend to write her as a doctor who works in the morgue. IIRC there's a difference between the US and UK when it comes to forensic certification and the like but I write her as a qualified MD. I've seen her described as a morgue tech (doing intake and paperwork and the like but no hands on stuff) and MD about equally in fandom. The one thing I would NOT say she is--Mortician. That's someone who prepares bodies at funeral homes and the like.

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In order to keep all your bookmarks, you have to 'opt-in' here: https://secure.delicious.com/settings/optin


I remember reading a lovely quote from Medea somewhere in this meme, but the filled prompts post is not yielding results.
"What is the use of being clever," I think, was the beginning.

Re: Searching

I can't find the prompt, but the fill is here: http://postcardmystery.livejournal.com/19663.html

The full quote is:
"What do you gain by being clever? You neglect your own affairs, and all your fellow citizens hate you. Those who are fools will call you ignorant and useless when you offer them unfamiliar knowledge. And as for those deemed wise, if people rank you above them, it is something they will not stand. I know this from experience: because I am clever, people are jealous - and the rest dislike me. It would seem I am not so clever after all."
[Medea, lines 296-304]

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Someone find me a Sherlock/Moriarty prompt to fill? I have something I wrote a bit, but if I can fit it to a prompt (it's kinda non-conny) and make some OP's day, that's even better.

I would prompt for this fic, but my contribution would be mainly be a quote or "Sherlock/Moriarty, kinda non-conny" which wouldn't help you.

There was a prompt for Moriarty and Moran double-penetrating Sherlock non-consensually recently, but that's a bit more than that "kinda non-conny".

I think I woulda liked it better, had they introduced "Jim from IT" in the second episode rather than the third. And maybe not called him "Jim", but something not so obvious.

You know, cos I like to be surprised. If he had come up in episode 2, being Tim from I.T., as a sort of one-off joke about how Sherlock is a living gay detector, I probably wouldn't have thought he'd be the Lord of Crime.

Mycroft says: 11111101 enemies... that's a lot.

I totally agree on this. He would have been more effective, I think, had he been around for longer. Sort of having him actually hiding in plain sight all along, rather than suddenly, "Hey. Here's a character called Jim, which is a diminutive of James, right as this whole Moriarty thing is really starting to heat up."

It's sort of like Sherlock not getting the cab thing in ASIP. Just always sort of bugged me.

I need more John/Lestrade established relationship fic! Neeeeeeeed. Need like a zombie needs brains. Any recs, meme? Is there anything on the most recent part of the meme which hasn't been delicioused at all yet?

Dunno if you follow it, but I recommend John/Lestrade blogs as a never-ending (and reader-interactive) sort of fanfic? They're updated every day.

John's blog is here: http://boringlifeofjohnwatson.blogspot.com/

there's a link to Lestrade's on it.

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Fic search

Does anyone remember a J/S fic from a while back, where John drinks his vodka (or maybe gin) with a sprig of rosemary in? This is how Sherlock realises that they met and had a one night stand back when John was shipping off to Afghanistan, and Sherlock was a bartender.

Thanks in advance

Re: Fic search

Rosemary: sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/5013.html?thread=17206677#t17206677

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Looking for a dissertation topic?

Just goes to show you can do anything academically if you try.


Word choice in gay porn. Focusing on a couple of words. I can see potential for several research areas in this subject...

the internet is full of awesome

What if the Internet was a high school or something, I have no idea but these people are on the awesome crack:


A song that's practically a kink meme anthem, to the tune of Single Ladies


Help with John's army rank/uniform?

What would John's army rank and uniform be? And would he have a dress uniform, and if so, what would it look like?

It would be marvellous if someone could give me a hand with this... I know nothing about this topic. Love and firstborns etc are on offer :D

Re: Help with John's army rank/uniform?

http://www.messkitonline.co.uk/acatalog/Royal_Army_Medical_Corps._Officer_Mess_Dress.html looks like it.

His rank will depend on how long he'd been there I think. If he's a qualified MD I believe he'd be at least Captain. I think that's safer than Major.

ambiguous endings


I'm working on a fic that currently has an ambiguous ending, but I know exactly what happens after the fic stops and I could easily write a definite ending instead. It's just that the last time I wrote one (not in this fandom), a few people told me ambiguous endings really bothered them, so I'm kind of nervous about it.

I'd appreciate a couple of opinions! :)

Re: ambiguous endings

Personally, I ADORE ambigious endings. For example, the ending of The Great Game. God, that pissed me off, but I loved it. I loved having my mind freak and try to fill in the blanks. It's great fun.

Of course, some people like a concrete what-happens-next ending, which is okay too.

Just write what you think would be fitting, rather than what you think people would want to see. Also, have fun! :D

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