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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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The Overflow post looks lonely. :(

Hey, here's a challenge: How about, just for funsies, we all pick an old prompt from one of the filled posts, and get the party started over there.

Nothing huge. No pressure. Just microfills and whatever.

kicks own ass to write something</i>

Re: The Overflow post looks lonely. :(

This sounds like a good plan. Now if I could only get myself to write something...

Comfort fic?

Am stressing out and having kind of a crap day, could I get some comfort fic? Any rating/pairing (though I'm partial to S/L and S/J), doesn't have to be hurt/comfort specifically, but something that's like, awww heartwearming happy sunshine rainbows whatever. I NEED TO BE WRAPPED IN A WARM BLANKET OF FIC.


Re: Comfort fic?


p.s. hugs, anon :)

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what do I do?

Okay. So, I've had a LJ account for over ten years. I've used it as a diary, a place to post my art and the like. Here's the thing. A week ago I got into a rather nasty car accident. I sustained a very bad concussion. As a result, I've forgotten some things. Like all my pin numbers, passwords, phone numbers and the like. I've been assured that with time it will all come back. But, I have absolutely forgotten my LJ username and password.

Does anyone have ANY ideas as to how I can get my LJ back??? THAT Journal was always private. I was the only one privy to it. It has ten YEARS of my thoughts, ideas and work.

I might get it all back but I'm a bit worried I might...and ten years is a lot.

It was a totally private place. My only area where I could be myself. HELP!!

Re: what do I do?

Okay, so you don't even remember the name of your LJ? Did you ever comment to other's while logged in? If so, there should be an email in your email browser in response to one of your posts. You can find your LJ name that way.

Once you have the name, go to the log in and hit the "forgot your password" button. It will email you your password.

And from now on, keep your pins and everything in some document somewhere.

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looking for the url to a lost prompt

this is the prompt:

If this has been prompted before, it hasn't been filled, and that is a goddamn tragedy. So...

The Inception team has been hired by Moriarty. The target is Sherlock.

Unfortunately for them, Sherlock has his own special form of security. It looks like John Watson.

And it's increasingly more badass John Watsons all the way down.

I think it was on post 10, but if it wasn't, it was on an earlier post, probably 8 or 9. Would anyone mind helping me find it? Alternatively, do you think the mods would mind if I posted the fill in the overflow post without having a link to the original source? That kinda seems a bit not kosher, though... =/

Re: looking for the url to a lost prompt

Oh, how weird is this? I just recently went through the filled prompts post looking for Inception prompts, and I actually started tracking this one. It's on post nine: sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/5880.html?thread=23054840#t23054840.

I'm really excited to know it's being filled!

Spoilers are sure to appear

Who else on here has seen Frankenstein? Did you see it with Cumberbatch as the Creature and Johnny Lee Miller as Frankenstein, or the other way around? Did you see BOTH? What did you think? What was your favorite part?

Re: Spoilers are sure to appear

I just saw Cumbercreature yesterday and I'm still in awe. There's not one scene I can point to just yet as a favorite, but the overall sensual feel of it really captivated me; the creature's awe of nature as the dawn comes at the beginning, for instance. The great attention to nonverbal tells as the creature learns about the world. Very unlike the Hollywood horror films that I was half-expecting going in, and refreshingly human.

Can't wait to see the other version in a week.

Because s0mmerspr0ssen seems to be busy at the moment, I'll share her wonderful find:


Edited at 2011-04-18 03:50 pm (UTC)



All I can say now, as I'm not supposed to be on here at all and don't have time damn it RL, is this:


I also heard it'll be in 3D? Rumor? True?

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OP replies

Let me ask you a question, fellow kinkmemers. I have seen rants about OPs who never respond to a fill fic. And I have seen rants about OPs responding and being douches. This is my question: When a filler writes a fill for my prompt, but my prompt has been discarded for something else that I find terribly squicky... what then? Is the polite thing to just respond and say "thanks" anyway, even when I don't mean it? Is there a polite way to say "wow, you discarded the whole 'fluff' part of my prompt for cruelty, mockery, and darkfic, wtf?"

Re: OP replies

"Wow, I never thought of that take on it! Thanks for the fill!"

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Guns, Gunshot Wounds, and the Resulting Scars

A post to the main comm has given me the idea to do give you, denizens of the meme, some of my learnings on this subject. Given that this is a crime and action sort of fandom, with war heroes and evil villains, this is a popular subject.

My source on the matter: I live in the States. I've owned guns since I was eight years old. My partner is ex-army and has some friends who were wounded in the Middle East. Basically, this is a topic that is very near and dear to me.

First, John's shoulder scar. One thing that always really gets me in fic is how badly his shoulder scar is described. For one, the bullet would most likely not have been dug out. Not by John, not by surgeons, not by anybody, unless it was right there in an easy-to-access location. Doing so would only cause more trauma to the body and may have actually killed him. Given that bullets are designed to fragment and turn to shrapnel in the body, I wouldn't put any stock in this idea.

Most of John's scar would have been from the resulting surgeries: long, wide, and not unlike the scar Bruce Willis has on his own shoulder. There's a chance, depending on how high he was shot in the shoulder, that it would go up and over to his back where his scapula would have been reconstructed.

Flack jackets protect the chest, but for reasons of mobility, do leave the shoulders vulnerable. This is also assuming that by 'shoulder,' we're taking it to mean that he was shot in the front or back in the shoulder area. He could have taken it in the side for all we know.

All this said, John is amazingly mobile for someone who recently suffered a GSW to that area. He'd be looking at a string of surgeries, months of physio, and very possibly nerve damage to his arm. Really, everything about John's injuries bothers me.

Could this be why John shoots right-handed? Possibly, but I wouldn't count on it. If he's been shooting left-handed for his entire military career, switching to a right-handed stance would kill his accuracy. He's always shot right-handed, if he was able to make that shot at the end of ASIP. Most guns eject the spent cartridges out the right side, making them sort of by default right-handed. You can fire left-handed though, and it's easier to do so with a pistol than a rifle. But the hand you fire with depends not so much on your dominant hand as on your dominant eye. For example, my partner is right-handed, but shoots left-handed because he is left-eye dominant. Most things, I can do with either hand, but I can only shoot right-handed for the same reason.

There's also the matter of ballistics. Bullets are crazy things. They're whizzing about at anywhere from 800 ft/s to over 6000 ft/s. That is very fast for a piece of copper-jacketed lead to be travelling. When something is going that fast through air, and then hits something that's wet and squishy with hard bits in the middle, that thing explodes (usually. More later). Pieces go everywhere, and will wind up figurative miles from the entry wound.

Another thing bullets will sometimes do is 'mushroom,' or expand as they enter the body, becoming so distorted that it doesn't resemble anything. So many times on crime procedurals, you'll hear talk of obtaining ballistics from a bullet dug out of a victim. What they're talking about is the rifling left on the side of the bullets.

Do you remember that scene in the Great Mouse Detective, when Basil is comparing two bullets under a microscope. That's what they mean by ballistics. Every gun leaves a unique scratch pattern on the bullets. It is possible to obtain that pattern from an intact bullet that's been fired, but more often than not, that bullet was not fired into a person. It was a miss, and wound up in a wall or something.

Guns, Gunshot Wounds, and the Resulting Scars

This got long. Breaking it in two.

Very occasionally, you'll hear of someone having an 'exit wound,' or hear the phrase 'through and through.' You'll get this mostly with 9mm semi-automatic handguns, and some higher-powered rifles. It also depends on the sort of bullet that's used. A cheaper round (known as a 'plinking' round in most gun shops) will do this. Home defence rounds (the sort used by the police) are what most people know as hollow-points. The little indent at the point of the round is what makes it expand and stay in the body, so as to prevent collateral damage. These are also sometimes as much as three or four times more expensive than the alternative, so you will get people who use the cheap stuff on people, rather than during target practise.

Because the bullets behave so oddly, and how fragile the human body truly is, there's also no such thing as a 'safe' place to get shot. Shoot someone in the thigh, and you've probably killed them. Shoot someone in the stomach, and you've almost certainly killed them. Oddly enough, shoot someone in the head, and they may not only survive, but make a fairly decent recovery. This is because we know almost nothing about the brain, and it's always doing strange things. There are very large arteries in the leg that when severed, will actually contract and burrow up in the hip, causing the victim to bleed out. The stomach/gut area has all sorts of nastiness. Stomach acid, bowels, urine; stuff that, when mixed with blood, will cause the victim to die of toxaemia before they bleed out. Armed with this knowledge, anyone could have figured out the ending to the Sixth Sense within five minutes.

And another very quick point. Gun maintenance. Practise it. Live it. Gun powder residue left in your gun can cause it to misfire. Quite badly. Clean that thing after you use it every time, or you'll wind up killing yourself before you kill the person you're trying to shoot.

Apologies if it's already been asked, but some suggestions for related Sherlock BBC communities would be more than amazing. Thanks in advance!

Whatever anon is doing the re-written Study in Pink quotes in part xiv, you are the best thing to happen to me this month.

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I've lost a fic I was reading, because I am obviously a numpty.

John had somehow ended up in a mirror world, where he and Sherlock were the bad guys, and mirror!John had been shot and killed (maybe by Moran?) a couple weeks earlier. Moriarty was a good guy, and Lestrade was a crooked cop.

Cheers to anyone who can help!

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Does anyone know if Katie Forsythe is still around, still writing?

Has she seen BBC Sherlock? What she thinks of it? If, too much to hope for, I know, she's been inspired to write any fics by it?


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RIP for Who fans

There is a lot of cross-over with Who fandom here, so I thought this should be posted.

Elisabeth Sladen has died. She had cancer. There's a BBC radio statement from RTD if you Google around, I can't link it or LiveJournal will screen this.

I'm quite in shock.

I know! I'm so upset. I was looking forward to more Sarah Jane adventures and now, I know there are like 5 episodes made, but then it's gone. No more cameos. No more Sarah Jane coming to the rescue with her sonic lipstick. That's all.

And I found out today that Dianna Wynne Jones died, so no more Chrestomanci books to look forward to either. Looking for new books by her was a ritual every time I went to a bookstore.

Today sucks.

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I'm A Fan But He Isn't The Infant Of Prague

Does anyone else get annoyed at how reverential, awed, protective, defensive and humorless most of the Cumberbatch fan pages are?

I'm not saying they should maliciously gossip about the guy or fling poo at him like hydrophobic chimps but pages like cumberbatchfans treat the guy like he is the Christ child.

Does anyone know of an intelligent, playfully irrelevant, witty middle ground fan site between the High Priestesses Of The Demi-God Cumberbatch and the tawdry dumbness of the Toss Your Baps In The Air If You Are A Cumberbitch ding-a-lings?

Re: I'm A Fan But He Isn't The Infant Of Prague

I don't and it drives me nuts.

Yes, I find the guy attractive, I like his acting, I am saddened to hear he's a bit stressed at the moment, but I am not a fucking "Cumberbitch", that term gives me the creeps.

I just enjoy a lot of his work - and his arse. I do not want to make him my God, just have a bit of friendly discussion and fun about him and his work.

I have yet to find a community, though, in which not falling on my knees for him is entirely appreciated or accepted.

Does anyone else have problems with Delicious eating bookmarks? I go to the pages and my toolbar shows that it's bookmarked, but the account doesn't list it.

If other people have this problem, I wouldn't feel so bad. Otherwise, I'm likely to suspect that the internet hates me again.

It's fine for me.