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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Carl Powers theories

I find Moriarty's murder of Carl Powers intriguing for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is the questions that it raises about the character. Sherlock says all the living classmates check out; does that mean Moriarty was older than Carl when he committed the murder? Younger? Has he faked his death? Is he so sneaky that he slipped under Sherlock's radar of the living classmates? Did he even attend school with Carl at all? Assuming his Irish accent is genuine, does that mean he moved to Britain at a young age?

I'm just wondering if anyone has any interesting theories.

Re: Carl Powers theories

Younger and went to a different school, but met up frequently in sports events, plus had a different name.

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POV shifts

How do you all feel about POV shifts? I'm beginning to think the reason I'm blocked on a fic is because I need to shift POV to another character for the second half of it. I try to avoid POV shifts for... reasons I'm not sure about anymore. So I was wondering what you all think about it.

I think it's fine as long as the shift occurs within a distinctly separate section. I think that's what you're describing - the first half is POV character A and the second half is POV character B. It helps the reader with the shift if you clearly delineate between the two with an extra line and some ******'s, and make sure it's clear from the first sentence that the POV has shifted. As long as it's consistent within sections, and not shifting back and forth throughout the fic, I don't mind them as a reader.

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There seem to have been a lot of suicide-related prompts lately. (Or maybe I'm just noticing them more, because one of them was mine.)

I don't know if we're all just experiencing some April blues, or what, but it seems like the meme could use a big group hug.

So: *hugs to all*

(Mycroft thinks we need some MRI. I've already had my head examined, thanks.)

I'm not suicidal but thanks for the hug. I just got my taxes off today.

Anderson's 1st dinosaur encounter?

Saw this video of a "life-size" puppet & of course my first thought was that this scenario completely explains Anderson's dino-trauma. Hope others enjoy, too!


(First time poster so hope I did the link right)


... what are they? My Google-fu didn't turn up much. Are they pieces of gauze (that's pretty much what I got through Google)? Is it actually a brand-name that's become genericized (what I found through Google had the word capitalised)? I assume from the way they're presented in fics they're the equivalent of Bandaids, but I'm really not sure. /is confused

I assumed they were bandaids.

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UK foster care

How does the UK foster care system work?

I work in social services and there is information about fostering on the council's website:


I don't think there would be much difference anywhere else in the UK. If you need anything more specific, let me know.

Someone mentioned at this thread http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/7277.html?thread=35528045#t35528045 the existence of a Sherlock/The Cube crossover. Has anyone seen the fic?

The exact text was:
"There is a Sherlock and Cube crossover somewhere out there in the internet. It was pretty epic and quite long and well written too. Though there was only Sherlock in the cube and he was following clues left by someone *can't spoil it :D* who was in there before him."

I searched through sherlockkink, the filled prompts post here, and archiveofourown with cube as the keyword, but so far have only come up with ice cubes and Rubik's cubes.

Re: Fic search

I'm pretty sure there is no Sherlock/The Cube crossover. The fic anon described sounds a lot like a Sherlock/Portal crossover I read months back. I think anon might have confused "The Cube" with the video game's Companion Cube.

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tinker tailor soldier spy

Just reading this and came across a part where Smiley and Guillam test a recording device.

"We'll just try it," said Guillam, and while Smiley went upstairs to check the tape deck, Guillam sang 'Old Man River' in a low Paul Robeson growl.

I really, really hope this is in the film. :D

Would this bag (http://i588.photobucket.com/albums/ss324/317004083/2011/201101/20110189/12.jpg) be completely too feminine for a man to wear (besides it being a MAN-PURSE to begin with)? I ask because I'm already having enough trouble passing as a guy, and though this bag appeals to my sensibilities, I'm worried I'll just look like a 12-yr-old boy who stole some woman's handbag.

How are you planning on wearing it? Can you wear it across the front like a messenger bag? Because that's generally considered more "socially acceptable" for guys... :-/

(Not saying that I *agree*, but...)

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Can anyone tell me what ​rtyi mean? Seriously.

relevant to your interests

i.e. here is a fic that may match your prompt/hit some of your buttons

IRL, I'm fairly ambivalent towards smoking. People can do what they want, but I just don't see the appeal, neither of smoking myself nor of a person who does.

However, on TV or in films? Super, super hot. I don't understand this. It's actually such a distinct TV-only thing that if I was to see BC smoke in real life I wouldn't even blink, but in movies? Unf get in my bed you sexy man.

Anybody have any idea why this is? Am I just a crazy person?

(captcha says she ommeth. Oh yes she does, om nom nom smoking hot actors smoking)

Hmmm... a hot man's mouth around a smooth cylindrical object. Taking it, sucking on it, caressing it with his fingers. Then, he removes it, and holds the white smoke in his mouth a little, savoring it, before letting it spill out over his tongue and out into the air. Then he does it again, because he's utterly in love with it, addicted to it, get get enough of it.

Nah, I have no idea why smoking could be sexy.

It's really too bad cigarettes smell like total ass, stain and dirty everything around them, and wreck everyone's health.

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I'm supposed to be finishing a dark, angsty kind of fill. I know exactly how the ending's gonna go down, have even the style and pacing all figured out.

My problem?

For the first time in the past week it's warm and sunny outside, and everything is all birdsong and butterflies and warm, wet earth and I'm just itching to go outside cycling.

... Damn you, optimism, for striking at the most inopportune of moments.

Don't worry, the weather will be shitty again tomorrow. Go out and cycle.

Benedict in Pimm's radio ad


I'm a bit frightened of the way he says 'Britishness' in this.

Re: Benedict in Pimm's radio ad

Oh lordy. That just made my day.

Hi guys - I'm writing an AU regarding Sherlock's childhood at the moment and I was just wondering if anyone around here who has any knowledge of London greater than my own (not a difficult task) could help me out.

First - if the Holmes family were to live in London - what part of London do you think they would buy into? What's prime, posh-but-with-kids there?

Second - What part of London would someone significantly less better off live in?

And third - could you please name some state-run schools around either of these two areas.

I really have tried to do this myself but the school thing is just complicated and I know that if I don't have help with the questions 1 and 2 I'll and up screwing it up horribly and have Sherlock growing up on the set of Eastenders and John neighbors with David Cameron

Any and all help is appreciated guys :) Thank you

The trouble is that rich and poor people live in all areas of London, often just streets apart - it's always been the case.

The Holmes family are far more likely to live outside London than in it, or to have a house in the Home Counties and a flat in Town. But, if you had to put them in London Hampstead, Highgate, Dulwich, or Golder's Green. might be appropriate. All areas will have state schools - easily found through a Google maps search. If you want to know which school are good and which poor you need to look at the Ofsted site (they are the people who assess and report on schools for the state).

I think if you stop the dvd at the right moment in TBB you can see where John went to school. Though again if he was from an Army family he might have boarded in the UK or even gone to schools in Cyprus and Germany.

Sherlock and Mycroft wouldn't have gone to state schools at all, and even if they lived in London, would be out of the city in some boarding school for the majority of their childhood (from as early as 3) - good independent schools would be Harrow, Eton, Brighton College etc. and they can be found through the Independent Schools Association website.

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Something punky like Tenpole Tudor, Swords of a Thousand Men? Great lyrics and it was very big in those days. (I was a young teen in 1980!) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3zaew_ten-pole-tudor-swords-of-a-thousand_music

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