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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Sometimes you learn something new about yourself...

I always said I didn't have a squick, I would read anything and everyting. torture, rape, watersport all perfectly fine just bring it on.

But ever since I joined this fandom I found I have a squick that has me scrolling and back tracking so fast it scares me.

Apparently I can't handle dark!Holmes. Dark!John, bring it on. Dark!Lestrade, delicious

But dark!Mycroft and even worst dark!Sherlock make me feel wrong, irritated. And I just don't get it, I mean I shipped Harry/Voldemort. Why does dark!Sherlock do this to me?

So fellow Anons what are your unexpected squicks

Re: Sometimes you learn something new about yourself...


No idea why, but the second that shows up in a fic, I run for the hills. Don't care who's writing it or what pairing we're talking, can't do it.

Let me share my squees

I recently got two kittens, hoping I would be able to breed them successfully when they grew up. I was told by the person who gave me them that one was male and one was female... but when I checked, after having them for about 3 days, I discovered they were both male.

I had become attached to them by then, so decided to keep them anyway. The black one with the white smudge on its nose stayed Sherlock, so it was only right that 'Elizabeth', the tabby with the white paws, became John!

They're sooo cute! At first I was scared that two males would fight, but they get on okay most of the time. John follows Sherlock around everywhere, and sometimes he pins him down and rubs his little head on him, which is apparently a way of letting us know that Sherlock is 'his'. Sherlock waves his little black paws in the air and meows, and when he manages to escape he ignores John and jumps up somewhere high. John always tries to follow him, but he falls off because he can't balance as well as Sherlock can. After a while John will get bored of waiting for Sherlock, and he'll stalk off... and then Sherlock follows him and cuffs him round the head to get his attention.


Re: Let me share my squees

If you aren't now intending to breed them, do consider having them neutered! Apart from reducing the likelyhood of John knocking up three suburbs worth of queens, it'll make them less likely to pee all over your house while 'marking their territory'.

Apart from that - Eeeeeeee, kittens! XD ♥ ♥ ♥

I don't care that it was as big as your face and also poisonous. Just get a bowl that's bigger than your face and poison proof. Crushing spiders is a deal breaker for me, unless it's actively biting you. Just put it outside.

Having said that, anyone else got weird and probably unreasonable deal breakers they care to share?

Unnecessary throat clearing. Just...ew. I mean, i know it has to happen sometimes but when it's just because, or just to hork up something on the sidewalk (can you tell I grew up around cowboy wannabes?)...*gag*

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Som more Mycroft appreciation.

I don't know why, but this scene always turns me on, especially when Mycroft walks up to John so damn graciously with his equally hot umbrella and kisses shakes John's hand. *drools* if I were John, I would jump him right there and then.


Re: Som more Mycroft appreciation.

Oh anon, that scene, that scene! Well, to be honest, I love every scene with Mycroft and John. Especially when Mycroft is finding ways of touching John's hand. But here it's like he's gifting John with his hand and ngh, just kiss him already! *sigh* This is what sealed my love for them.

Do any of you live in/near Middlesbrough, UK?

Y'know, that nasty little place that used to be (might still be) the cheapest place to buy drugs in the whole of Europe? That place that was voted the worst town in the whole of the UK? (The council sued the vote and lost - turns out they really did live in the worst place in the UK.)

It would be cool if someone did. Then I'd be extremely paranoid, and wonder if that old woman who lives on my street was the one who wrote that filthy filthy porn for me.

I crashed my car there once. Was going to an interview at Teeside university. Didn't get in. Seemed a nice place though...

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Similar to the post above me

Am I the only sad sod on this board that lives in a giant cat pan Las Vegas? You know, the really kind of lame one that puts over-grown fairy lights and feathers on everything, and is the setting for so many bad movies.

Basically, I'd like to share my misery. Possibly at the Crown and Anchor (I am SO annoyed at the management change at Sean Patrick's. Man, that was the best place to go in Vegas, and now some American's taken it over, and negated the whole Irish pub thing it had going).

Okay, I don't get this club. As it is written in ACD's book, except for a single room, no one is allowed to talk to each other there. It's a club for unsociable men -- they all go there and ignore each other and do all the things they could have at home, but with none of the actual privacy.

What's the point in that. Why not just lock yourself up in your study at home. Why would you need to go to a club to read a book, or sit around and gaze at a wall? Unless it was essentially a private library, where the point was that you could look at the books.

It didn't even have a bar. The patrons could bring a bit of their own booze to drink.

Re: The Diogenes Club

It was de rigeur for men of standing to belong to a club in Victorian England (Regency as well, IIRC). Men would go to their club to get out of the house, to "network" or just...well, basically to get away from the rounds of calling and visits that women were supposed to enjoy. Diogenes reads like a satire, though, in ACD's books, like mocking the institution of the men's clubs.

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I used to be able to track threads and comments on the kinkmeme. Now, I can't - there aren't any links or icons or anything.

Other LJ posts & communities I read still have the links or icons. WTF?

OK, I'm going to reveal my amazing goofiness here, so others may benefit from my example.

My problem? I had somehow blocked certain graphics on LJ with Adblock Plus. I went into my Adblock Plus rules and took the LJ ones out of it, and everything was back where it belonged, including the tracking buttons.

*is super American and very bad at google-fu*

I'm writing a fill right now, and I'm about to make a (very brief) passing reference to the early two-thousands terror attacks and subsequent war, which I think was not as big a deal for the Brits, but I'm honestly not sure. Either way, I'm just wanting to confirm that in early 2002 you all were still more or less unscathed by major terror strikes? Because I can hardly keep my own history straight as an individual, let alone a foreign country's... Like, the subway bombings were 2005, but is there anything else I'm forgetting?

I have clearly devolved into a ridiculous nit-picker...
Mycroft disagrees: "self-blame heresy"

Either way, I'm just wanting to confirm that in early 2002 you all were still more or less unscathed by major terror strikes?

Not really. The UK, and England in particular, has been subject to major and minor terror attacks since at least the late 1800s. Anyone over 40 would have lived through the most active years of the IRA Troubles, for instance.

A lot of people felt 9/11 was the US finally understanding how foreign policy could bite you in the arse - now you know what we had to suffer etc.

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What's your hobby, anons?

I'm bored, and I've got nothing to do. Tell me what you do beside reading and writing fanfiction, obviously.

Re: What's your hobby, anons?

I take my seven pound against-the-lease-terms dog out for six mile bike rides, because she can run forever without getting tired.

I also make kingdom hearts keyblades out of plywood, but they're sort of terrible.

I also sew cosplay costumes to go with those keyblades. They are more terrible.

And, since I just turned twenty one a few seconds ago (and am American), I also drink vodka without having to hide it from the police or the public or the internets.

Finally, I find it terribly amusing that, since I'm a computer science major, Mycroft has been spitting random programming commands out in my captcha all night.

Live Action Cosplay is hard

So I wanted to cosplay the Sherlock series, but. I'm not really the shape of anyone, and I always feel awkward trying to imitate actual faces.

Considering how many gender!switch prompts we have, does anyone think it would be terribly strange to do a female!Sherlock/John/Mycroft/Moriarty/whatever (or conversely a male Anthea/Sally/Molly/etc, I just didn't mention them because I'm not a man, and though i HAVE done male characters, nobody cares about boys being ridiculously androgynous in anime/vidja games)

I'm not usually a big fan of rule 63, but trying to look like real people scares the crap out of me.

Re: Live Action Cosplay is hard

The vast majority of the Sherlock cosplays I've seen in particular are female, and if you have the giant coat, it isn't especially hard to pull of the androgynous look either (Sherlock isn't exactly the manliest man ever to exist), so I can't imagine it'd be an issue. As for the other men, I think a flat out gender swapping would probably be more appropriate for them, since they're less fantastically in between in terms of femininity, but if you've got the chin, you could probably get away with a fairly androgynous Jim too.

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I call this research

Cigarettes - please discuss. I am writing a little something and wanted a general consensus about it.

- what do they feel like to you?
- what do they smell like to you?
- why do you smoke?
- are there differences in brands, flavour wise?
- do your chests hurt after long term smoking?

- what do they smell like to you? (I'd love multiple opinions on this.)
- have you kissed a smoker, and if so, what did it taste like?

NOTE: this is not a place to shame smokers or smoking. It's unhealthy, yes, (sexy to see, yes mmm), but I would rather not start wank with this question. Thank you and goodnight.

Re: I call this research

It's going to be different for everyone but this is my personal take.

-Papery? Compact?
-Like cigarettes? I don't know what to compare them too. It's a smell that has a will of its own. It permeates everything, becomes part of you.
-Originally as a social thing. Now because I'm an addict. But also because of the social thing still, especially since the us-them divide just grows larger, with us huddling outside in the cold.
-Yes, very much so. There are some brands I'd rather take the headache than smoke.
-Yes? But I've always been an asthmatic so there's not a big difference.

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Hey meme, whatcha reading?

Just curious, what are the last three books you read or are reading? Mine: Persuasion, by Jane Austen; Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach; Perdido Street Station, by China Mieville.

I think I may give ACD Holmes another chance next. It didn't really interest me when I first tried it a few years ago.


Re: Hey meme, whatcha reading?

Just finished Gatiss' Vesuvius Club, and I'm rereading Dianna Wynne Jones Power of Three.

How any languages do you speak?

I'm thinking of taking up a knew language. But I can't seem to find any language that draws my Interest.

Re: How any languages do you speak?


Guys! I need to know what this is called in English!

Then I can post that crazy Lestrade-covered-in-kittens-fic that I promised to do ;)

I'd call that a 'cat box', but without the cat in it, I'd probably call it an 'animal carry box' or some such mangling of words.

Have just sought a second opinion. Immediate answer was 'cat box' there too.

(We're both from Southern England - both born S/W. now live S/E, just FYI, and if other people have wildly different views on what it is!)

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