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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Sherlock 2011 S/S Season

So we all learned that the shooting of season 2 will start in May. Yay.

The thought that doesn't leave me is... I can't imagine Sherlock without his great almighty Coat; and the scarf too, for that matter. It won't be that wrong to say I generally think of whole Sherlock as a winter series. Do you think they will maintain the characteristic wardrobe (and the actors will suffer from heat this time, after the freezing cold of 2009 winter) or just smoothly get us used to the spring/summer Sherlock, because, duh, they are Moffat & Gatiss.?

Latter seems more reasonable, of course, but my brain refuses even to start imagining Sherlock without that scarf-around-the-neck motion. So there, everyone. Let me hear your thoughts. Or more like, help me get used to the thought of Coat!less Sherlock.

Re: Sherlock 2011 S/S Season

I vote for a transparent hipster scarf and stylish summer jacket for Sherlock.

John will wear khaki shorts and sandals with socks and be BAMF anyway.

I always listen to Fleetwood Mac when writing Mycroft. I like to think he'd enjoy their music, although perhaps more the Peter Green days and now I'm just rambling.

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So guys... This might be a bit personal, but hey, that's why anon is so handy! I tried to give my boyfriend a handjob today. He was so cute! From his reactions and from what he told me, he enjoyed it, but I couldn't get him to orgasm, even after about 15 minutes.

Neither of us has been in a relationship before, and this was the first time I tried touching his penis. I'm under the impression that I'm quite a bit younger than many people on this meme (don't worry, I'm legal!) so I was hoping I'd be able to find someone with more experience to share their own knowledge with me. I looked it up, and apparenty it usually takes a man 5-10 minutes to ejaculate - but I don't know if that goes with all the foreplay stuff we did. I heard it takes some men a very long time to orgasm... But that would make my arms ache! My bf has not had a partner or masturbated before, so I though I'd be able to bring him off despite my inexperience. I think I'll be able to do it once I get more used to the whole thing (I barely even toched his penis with my bare hands, and mostly stroked him through his underwear). What are your opinions on this?

In all honesty, ask your partner to learn how to masturbate- then he'll be able to tell you what he likes, and what gets him off.

If he's had very little experience with what it takes to orgasm, it may be harder for you both to get there. Alternatively, just keep playing?

See if he likes quicker or slower strokes, what kind of grip, if he likes pressure to the underside of the head (as from the heel of your palm, if your hand is on him pointing downward).

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Okay, so in a similar vein to the above anon, I'm starting to get into having sex with women and what's the timeline on that? *virginal anon is virginal*

Mycroft's estimating about a yeare but he's been on a steady diet of Lestrade/John/Mycroft so what does he know...

Timeline? Do you mean how long it takes to reach orgasm?

That's entirely dependent on the woman and the method in question, and it varies rather a lot.

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Memers! I have got a question!
I'm thinking of participating in the upcomming challenge! Since I'm more of an artist than a writer myself, I was looking for artprompts. But while looking through the prompts on the parts 1~5, I've realized that the promtps I'd like to fill are all asking for a fic.

So my question is:

Would it be okay to make fanart for a prompt that's actually not asking for fanart? What do you think?

I would say yes! Most of my prompts are like epic story outlines, so I can't really see anyone wanting to make art for them, but if someone got randomly inspired and did art, I'd be thrilled! And who knows, your art might inspire someone to write a story.

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Difference R/NC-17? (Rating applies to this thread, too. :P And triggers!)

This drives me nuts.

Sex is sex and violence is violence. I always thought R and NC-17 were essentially the same thing - which is no children, please be of legal age when you read this. In some cases/countries/societies that's 17, in some others 18, in some apparently even 21.

But the longer I look around, the more it seems that NC-17 seems to be "even worse" than R. But I don't see how you can top violence and/or sex? Either there's penis and/or vagina or there isn't. Either an arm is explicitly cut off or it isn't. How can I top that rating?

Yes, some sex/violence is written more vividly/explicity than other sex/violence, but essentially, as soon as two people are, pardon my language, fucking or wanking or torturing each other or whatever, I just warn the children off with an R and that's that. For the rest - triggers, kinks, etc. - there's the warnings that indicate just what the R is actually about so the reader gets the picture before clicking the link/reading on.

So - is there a difference? If yes, is it "official"? Where would you set the line between R and NC-17, if so?

I am confused. :(

Re: Difference R/NC-17? (Rating applies to this thread, too. :P And triggers!)

The way I use the ratings is (and YMMV): R may have strong language, violence, sex, drug use, etc but NC-17 is more explicit. Sex scenes in an R rated fic may be described but in NC-17 they are hella detailed, for example. Instead of a vague "He slid his hand down his lover's pants and grasped his erection" it's that and "and began stroking, spreading the precum..." yada yada yada.

Mycroft says ""involves gasm" Um...yes. Yes it does, apparently.

1. Would it be more common to say "grave marker" or "tombstone" (or something else)?

2. Would you ever refer to a tough, demanding person as a "hard-ass"? Or is there another equivalent term?


Re: Brit-pick Question(s)

1. We'd normally use gravestone

2. I'd say hard bastard. But other people may use different regional terms.

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Any Aromantics out there?

I'm one.

I love sex, both having it and watching it and reading and writing about it, but I've always been a bit bwah about romance.

I've never wanted a card. I've never been able to read more than a chapter of a harlequin romance without getting bored. I have no idea what to do with roses. I'd much rather have a new vaccuum cleaner than a diamond necklace.

The idea of being kissed from head to toe sounds boring and pointless -- if I'm going to be touched all over, why not make it a massage and have it actually feel good? Or sex and have it feel fantastic? Dating sounds about as fun as the proposed activity. Cuddling feels awkward, I never know what I'm supposed to be doing with my body, or how long I should hold still for it.

Am I alone out there? Anyone else like me?

Re: Any Aromantics out there?

*Raises hand*

Occasionally I've gone through a bought of "oh, maybe I should start dating again" and mostly it just seems like too much trouble. Occasionally I actually do go on a few dates, or sign up for an online dating service or something, and all that does is remind me how much I despise dating. And being in a relationship - meh. I can't stand the thought of having somebody around all the time. Give me a solid "friends with benefits" and I'm happy. Also totally with you on preference for the practical, useful gifts.

Friendly reminder for those with WIPs on part 11

You are less than 200 comments away from being maxxed out. Time to move your WIP/fill to part 13.

And wowsa... weren't we just talking about a slow down a few days ago and how we need to encourage fills? Part 11 seems not to have gotten notice there was a problem.

Re: Friendly reminder for those with WIPs on part 11

When there was a slow down, I was so worried and now - I miss it, kind of. ;_;

Is there really a difference between rounders and baseball? Or is baseball just rounders in a helmet?

I don't even know why I'm asking this. I don't even like sport.

I've never heard of rounders. Looked it up, and it seems that the pitching is more like softball, but other than that...yeah. It's the same thing.

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The Opposite Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Now that spring has sprung in certain global areas, anyone else find they're cheerier, more productive, all around thumbs up when the weather's cooler, overcast?

Especially if there's either a hint of rain, actual rain, pouring rain or non-damaging thunder, wind and lightning storms? I enjoy them at night but practically tap dance in joy if they occur in the daytime hours?

I can't believe that I'm the only Wednesday Adams here.

Re: The Opposite Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

I'm more productive both in hobbies and career in crap weather, but I'm happier in nice weather.

I'm not cut out for leadership D:

Tl;dr warning. Wall of text. Upset anon is upset.

About a year ago, I joined a fun group that had a lot of organized weekly activities that were sometimes competitive, and had really enjoyed myself. But lately, the membership has dwindled a lot, so I offered to help see if we could get some renewed interest, and was made one of the officers in charge. And I really really hate it. =\ I spent hours drafting up new ideas, re-organizing forums, and all I get are people complaining and being negative about this and that. I'm usually an incredibly low key person that's never caused any drama, but apparently now I'm fair game to be yelled and sniped at whenever we hang out with each other? It feels like now that I've been included in the leadership, I'm no longer one of "them" and it's barely been a week, and I get the feeling that I'm somehow being resented. The leadership itself is not really a fun group either. I never even realized what an ugly place it is when it's just them together.

It's not all terrible. There are times when we have fun, and it's really more often than not. Like, 70-80% of the time, I enjoy myself. But then some drama pops up 20% of the time, and now it's just affecting me to the extent I'm really down and stressed out.

I'm beginning to really not enjoy hanging out with any of them anymore, not the leadership and not the membership either. But every time I want to leave, I feel really guilty about it. If it weren't for a group of people leaving earlier this year, people wouldn't be so unhappy about lack of activity and attendance, which leads to all the griping. And this is not an exaggeration, just the facts I think, but the reason I've been given this position is because no one else has the time/initiative to do stuff about things anymore and I've generally played a key role. So I think if I leave, it'll be a pretty bad shot to morale and could very well destroy the group altogether. And I know I'll be blamed and that makes me feel even worse.

I guess this is just random whinging, but I wish I never accepted this position to begin with. At least then I wouldn't have to deal with everyone else's unhappiness on top of my own.

Dark!Lestrade/John fic?

I've been in the mood lately for dark!Lestrade, especially paired with John, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any fic for it, on and off the meme? There's no tag for dark!Lestrade on the meme's delicious account, and I've already read (and loved) Nothing is Free (sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/5950.html?thread=25095486#t25095486) and the three-parter by stickstockstone (stickstockstone.livejournal.com/tag/starts%20with%20%27des%27).

Any help would be much appreciated! ♥

I'm somewhat at a loss here. Can someone explain the difference between under, underneath and beneath to me?


another ESL anon. ;D

I can try..... And I bet people will disagree!

Under is below, but can be anywhere. off to one side, heaps below, whatever. It's simple and straightforward.

underneath is usually close by, so it is below something but very close under it, and often hidden by it.

beneath is oldish, and not much used now. Usually in "beneath him" when talking about actions or words, and then it means whatever it is is lower class, not physically underneath him.

It can sometimes be used like "underneath" like "The envelope was beneath the table" but it really isn't common.

You probably wouldn't use beneath in a fic unless some one old fashioned or very formal (eg Mycroft...) was saying person A was acting badly, by insulting someone or behaving with bad manners *and* Mycroft expected better of them.

So you can say "the envelope is under the table" and "the envelope is beneath the table" and "the envelope is underneath the table" and they'd all be right.

But beneath would usually be said by someone old fashioned or formal, underneath if it was hidden or difficult to find, and under if it was just there.

Most people won't worry too much about the difference between underneath and under, underneath might be slightly higher class.

(Oh, the other time you hear "beneath" is "beneath the waves" which again is very old fashioned. I wouldn't expect someone to say that unless they were quoting a hymn or something)

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Hey, Chicago people!

Four Chicago showings of Frankenstein have finally been added at the Music Box Theatre on the North Side. Info and tickets here.

I'm throwing this up both because it may be relevant to your interests and because a meet up could be fun. If there's any interest maybe we can get something informal organized. The 2pm April 30 showing would probably be the best choice for a meet up (Saturday showing, Cumberbatch as the Creature).

Re: Hey, Chicago people!

XP This right here? This is why I wish I lived in a major metropolitan area. At least when I lived in the mountains it was pretty... Now I get all the nasty smoggy citiness, and none of the cool cultural benefits.

But I wish you the best of luck in finding other people to go with!!