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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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And while you're at it:


NEW VOTE UP HERE!!! Sherlock is looooosing by a mile, folks! And Eleven is barely winning!

So I'm thinking about putting an anonymous sherlock comm, for a long, long time now.


captcha: gralides algorithm...hmmm.

It'd be like the rant/chat/love posts combined! I'd be interested, anyway.

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There's Something About Mary

This discussion was inspired by a recent prompt, but I didn't want to hijack the thread there. Basically: Mary Morstan, or Sarah Sawyer, or whoever the BBC equivalent of that character will be and my thoughts on yaoi love triangles.

I think it's always challenging for a writer to deal with a love triangle that doesn't just involve taking the easy way out by making one of the people into villains or an obviously bad choice for a character (e.g. Mary is secretly Cthulhu!). I've seen it done more than enough on television by professional writers, and I've seen my share in fanfics as well, and I think it's a lazy way to resolve what could be a very interesting and angsty conflict. I'm sure if I just left this discussion here, I'd find lots of people agreeing with me...

HOWEVER. Am I the only person who hates the absolute opposite of that even more? I'll tentatively read through any fanfic that doesn't paint Mary into a good light, but there's nothing to make me turn away faster than Saint!Mary. Unless they went into an open marriage, or there's some sort of pre-existing arrangement where they know the marriage is not monogamous, I just can't get past my suspension of disbelief that Mary would not only be okay with the fact that her husband is still in love with his old flatmate, but in some circumstances, to go ahead and encourage it. In those fanfics, I feel like Mary is just as much of a caricature designed to get John & Sherlock together as a Mary whose evil/horrible ways drive John away. In fact, it feels worse to me because there, Mary is nothing but a sainted martyr who cares nothing for her own needs and is just there to make sure John is happy, even if that involves leaving her for Sherlock.

I really wish there were more fanfics dealing with the concept of cheating (even emotional cheating as most John/Sherlock or Holmes/Watson will tend to be during Watson's marriage) more realistically that doesn't paint Mary as some sort of one-dimensional villain or saint. If they can't do that, I almost prefer oblivious!Mary with a healthy dose of guilty!John. Because really, if you're writing about a man leaving his wife for someone else, someone is going to be hurt, no matter how much you don't want to paint your favourite characters in a bad light. Unless of course, you turn it into a threesome, but picky picky me, I'm not a fan of resolving love triangles by turning them into threesomes unless there's evidence of all three loving each other, and not just two people in love with the same person who decide to share.

As a note - I'm not referencing any specific fics in the BBC fandom and I haven't really read a lot of John gets married fics. Most of it is just my thoughts after reading lots of ACD!canon slash that deals with Mary's presence in what I feel like is a fairly shallow way.

SEARCHING: a hipster!fic with Freeman picture promt

Okay I'm tearing out my hair with this one, I swear I saw it just a day ago and now...

There was this one prompt that had a pic of Freeman in an utterly adorable/ridiculous/YMMV get-up (red checkered-type shirt, huge sunglasses, light fedora-ish hat?), and while I can't remember if the prompt itself asked for hipster!Sherlock, I'm pretty certain the fill had it.

Also the word "gaycation" got thrown around a lot. If that helps jog someone's memory. :"D Seriously guys, I need help.

So I finally had time to listen to Cabin Pressure, and I am now addicted to this whole radio comedy business <3 Problem is, I've finished that one. :( I've got an eight hour car trip tomorrow, and I was wondering if you guys knew of any other humorous radio programs that I might occupy myself with. Pretty much the only other one I've even heard of is I'm sorry I haven't a Clue, but I'm hoping for something that's plotty.

Re: Rec me some radio?

Then what you need is 'Bleak expectations' or 'Claire in the Community'

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Any ideas for specific classes he might have taken and/or textbooks used when in med school (is it even called pre-med/med school in the UK?)? Or, if this has been asked before please point me to where I can find the info.

This is for an AU, so I suppose it doesn't have to be 100% accurate, but I'd like to try my best anyway.

I've seen it discussed (on the rant thread, IIRC, and other places) that Sherlock would not listen to, say, Bowie or Iggy Pop and the like and while I can see that (both sides of the coin, actually), I can't see him listening exclusively to classical music. What are y'all's opinions on Sherlock's own personal playlist?

okay, ever since the accidental hipster prompt, it has been my headcanon that sherlock loves the notwist. because, you know, german music is so contemplative.

but seriously though, i could see it.

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(Deleted comment)
I feel like I've seen an I Am Number Four prompt on the meme, but I have absolutely no idea what part it could be on. Since my only Internet access currently is on my phone I can't do a keyword search on the FPP, so I was hoping maybe you wonderful folks could help me out?

In Which I Am A Dumb Ass And Accidently Posted This In The Rant Section..

...a week ago, then wondered why I couldn't find it here in the discussion area.

I did get a couple well-thought replies but my question is much more suited to this area. My brain, she no work so good sometime.

Original question...

Question Regarding BC's Parents (particularly interested in eleanorb 's opinion)

This question relates to a sub-discussion about the UK class systems a few pages back.

As an American, the UK class system is almost unfathomable to wrap my mind around.

I know BC went to Harrow, then to Manchester University to try to tone the posh down.

When he talks about going to Harrow, he often makes it sound like his parents scrimped and saved to send him there, his grandmother helped, etc. Sometimes it sounds sincere, sometimes it sounds like he's playing down an elite, advantaged past.

I'm not certain how well known his actor/actress parents are, if they are character actors, bit players, television staples.

I also know that actors, much like artists, writers, etc blur the class lines because they're considered rarified, demimonde types.

But what social class would Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton be considered?

Help - Narrative Twist is Twisting My Knickers

a) I need Jennifer Wilson to have been the Cabbie's unfaithful wife, whose face was torn off on the photograph. So that while he picked the other three at random, her murder was planned (like, she called him after seeing her lover to say she was back from her "business trip" and he offered to give her a lift home).

b) I need Sherlock not to realize this. Which is not too much of a problem because he is so focused on the Rachel clue and the serial suicides that he never once inquires about the cuckolded husband.

c) I need the Yarders not to realize this at once. Which is much much more bothersome because if they discovered who Rachel is, then they probably found out who the husband is, so that Lestrade would react suspisciously to "your taxi's here, Sherlock-oh but I never ordered one". And the Cabbie wouldn't risk coming up to Sherlock's flat if the police are there.

Any way I can fix this? Make it be plausible that the Yarders missed the "husband is a taxi driver" clue? Would Jennifer Wilson's ID only mention her maiden name, making it more difficult for them to investigate about the huband in the few hours between the discovery of the corpse and the drugs bust, especially if they were focusing on the Rachel clue (which they might have learnt from another source)?

Argh, I really liked that twist and now I feel there's no way I can pull it off. Any advice would be loved and revered.

("Nedporen" isn't exactly helpful, Mycroft.)

Re: Help - Narrative Twist is Twisting My Knickers

PS Not a major issue in my fill which is not centered on Jennifer Wilson, so I don't feel I'm spoiling the fill by asking for help here - which is really the only place where I can ask.

That comm wanders way off topic a lot. Star Wars pic spam for instance. Not sure what that was about. The no-slash rule was hastily changed when it was challenged by members of another comm. 90% of the content is fluff and I'm being generous with that figure because I get bored after page two and the comm owner gives me the heeby-jeebies. A grown woman talking about Mycroft and Sherlock as if she lives with them and kissing and cuddling her copy of canon because Mark signed it for her? WTF? Part of me would like to think it's being done ironically but I doubt it.

I read the reasons why she was banned from the Supper Club and that seems fair to me, especially if its true she was spamming other members by phone and email.

usage of present tense in fanfics

Where did it start/originate? or more like, how did this present tense writing became so common in fanfic writing?

I read about this in the rant post some time ago, which made me think "huh, yeah, it is everywhere indeed." I am not against it, or have any firm opinion about it, to be precise. But I did become mildly curious after realizing it. I have been in this fanfic business for... quite a long time (gosh, I just did the calculation and it nearly frightened me.) but can't remember exactly from when it became so popular. Any ideas? Testimonies?

Re: usage of present tense in fanfics

I recognized a shift, but I can't remember when beyond the broad sweep of when I started (~'95) to today. Out of curiosity, I went back and randomly selected 20 stories from the mid-90s X-Files archive (it's still up, amazingly) and 3 were in present tense, all also in first person. I looked at 20 random Sherlock stories on AO3 and got 8/20 in present tense (one in first person). I sort of feel like the actual rate of use in fandom is a bit higher than that, but maybe I only think that because present tense sticks out to me and seems odd in a standard format story.

Fanfic follows trends; going back and comparing, I've noticed that fic from the mid-90s tends to be written differently, and differently again from the really old Star Trek fic that's been uploaded to the internet decades later.

Commitment is sexy

I'm a university student and I was recently assigned a tutor that all my friends had assured me was absolutely gorgeous and sexy and hot etc etc all those kind of adjectives. I met the guy a few times and thought he was a really lovely person but not my kind of thing.

Then I saw he wears a wedding ring.

Suddenly, INSTANTLY HOT TO ME. What the fuck, self? I would never, ever in my entire life want to be "the other woman" or ever go for a married man, and yet seeing that silver band on his finger made me fall in love with him a bit. I'm not going to pursue him at all but it's like there was a switch in my brain that saw he was a loving and committed person and just went HEL-LOOOO.

Does anybody else have this?

(also I deliberated for a while over whether this should go in rant or chatter but ended up putting it here because I'd rather a chat about it)

Re: Commitment is sexy

I find a wedding ring a damper on actual attraction. It may make me admire the guy, think he's a great catch, or be mildly envious of his spouse (when I was single, anyway) but I won't be actively attracted to him myself. I guess I can't get over how skeezy it would be if it were even the slightest bit mutual, and I tend not to pine over people I can't have.

we are famous


Re: we are famous

Well icedmaple is famous, at the very least. ;)

(In b4 "don't name specific people, baaaaw!")

A bit not good?

I'm kinda late to the series and at first thought this was a canon bit from the commentaries or somewhere, but it is apparently a fandom invention. If so, where did the phrase originate from? Is it considered to be (however loosely) some specific fanficcer's intellectual property or free for all to use?

Re: A bit not good?

It is canon. When Sherlock goes off about why a woman's dying thoughts would be of our dead child, everyone gives him a look. And he goes "Not good?" to John, who replies "A bit not good."

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