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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Anon is working on a fill, and needs a new writing playlist.
Could anyone possibly share their fanmix recs with me? Preferable if they're .zip, but I'll be happy with anything. :)

Maybe it's not exactly what you're looking for, but have you seen this community?


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My toppy-dommy-subby-bottom manifesto for S/J

First of all, I'm not one of those people who believes that a pairing has to be one way or another. I think there's justification for both.

But here I've come across a case where I really, really, really prefer Sherlock in the active/aggressive/leadership role and John in the submissive/passive/follower role. And since fandom seems mostly to like it the other way around, I'm going to lay out my reasons and hopefully convince more of you to write what I like.

It mostly stems from what turns me on in canon -- I just want to see that same dynamic in the bedroom.

Being the aggressive/controlling partner gives Sherlock a chance to do the things I love most about him in canon: allow him to experiment, manipulate and control the situation, unravel it, explore it, and ultimately satisfy his curiosity about it. It puts his bad-ass observation techniques to work: His partner is like putty in his hands, and he can use all his natural skills to make a work of art (ie: highly satisfying sex). He knows where he wants to go, what he wants to achieve, and he's rarely uncertain about his goals. I like this about him.

Having him be the passive/uncertain/submissive partner is interesting to me as a kind of balance. He's usually such an unyielding force in his life, having be vulnerable, uncertain, needy is sometimes a nice change of pace. But ultimately, I really want to go back to what made me fall in love with this version of Sherlock Holmes. That driving intensity, ruthless cleverness, that strength of conviction. I want that. In bed.

As for John, I love his canon vulnerability. Sure he's a doctor and a soldier, he's badass with a gun. But he's also utterly lost without someone giving his life direction. Before he met up with Sherlock, he didn't know what to do with himself. He was lonely, unemployed, untrusting. Then Sherlock came along and gave him a direction to point in, and suddenly, happiness. He likes it when Sherlock orders him about.

I mean, he could have told Sherlock to sod off many, many times. He needs his rest for a job, he doesn't have to spend all night comparing books. He does it for Sherlock. He lets Sherlock buy his tickets for the circus for his own date. He let's Sherlock stand behind him during that date. He could object a whole lot more, but he doesn't, and he certainly doesn't object effectively.

There's really only one reason he doesn't tell Sherlock to fuck off when Sherlock asks him to reach in his pocket and get his phone -- because he likes being used like that. Otherwise, it would be so simple just to say, "no."

What he doesn't like is being left on his own. When Sherlock tells him to go out and investigate solo, he isn't excited about getting a chance of proving himself, he's uncomfortable. But he still does it. He relaxes when Sherlock returns and takes over, and doesn't even mind being wrong. He wants Sherlock's admiration, but he doesn't want to be Sherlock.

One of the sexiest moments of the show for me was when John was at the train tracks doing Mycroft's case for Sherlock. He stands there, floundering a bit, but determined. Then suddenly Sherlock is there and his face just relaxes. And Sherlock says that he's been following John all along. And there's that relief, that Sherlock was watching him, caring for him and not letting him fail. Granting him independence, but not abandoning him.

And that's the dynamic I just can't help but find amazingly sexy.

Edited at 2011-03-04 08:19 pm (UTC)

Re: My toppy-dommy-subby-bottom manifesto for S/J

This. Don't get me wrong I love Sherlock whump and I love seeing him in the role of comfortee when it comes to hurt/comfort fic. But when it comes to D/s dynamics, I'd really, really love seeing him in control and John following his lead.



What kind of education did characters past Sherlock and John receive?

Lestrade? Sally? Anderson? Any thoughts?

Re: Education?

Personal opinions:

Sherlock: privately educated, at a good quality, probably famous public school, GCSEs (Mycroft might be old enough to have done GCE O levels) staying till 18 to do A levels at the same place. I can see him and Mycroft at Eton or Harrow or the like. Followed by a PPE at Oxford (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy,_Politics_and_Economics) for Mycroft and probably chemistry for Sherlock at either Oxford or Cambridge.

John: my guess is a good state education, possibly at one of the few remaining grammar schools, GCSEs, staying on at 18 to do A levels (or maybe going to another school/further education college to do A levels). Followed by medical school. My guess would be that he joined the army after qualifying as a doctor.

Lestrade: state education, O levels and CSEs, might have done A levels, more likely some sort of vocational qualification; probably not a degree, joined the police when he was relatively young, worked his way up.

Sally: similar to Lestrade at a guess. She's younger, she might have a degree (it's really only been in the last decade or so that it's become quite so common for people to do a degree regardless of their intended career). More likely to have done A levels than Lestrade.

Anderson: I could see him having a private education, GCE O levels, then A levels, then a science degree, then post graduate qualifications, probably a doctorate of some description.

Just my guesses though, others may well see things differently.

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Re: Education? (Anonymous) Expand

help wanted - genderqueer and transition

This could be a bit confronting and I might not go through with it but if I do... I want to get it right.

I'm pondering a Lestrade centric story about the emotional toll of getting it wrong based on the ACD story The Norwood Builder.

I was thinking of how someone might hide in "plain sight" in the modern world, and thought about changing sex.

Now this will not be the focus of the story, so won't be much explored. I haven't even determined which way the change would go, as it's really only background for the idea that Lestrade has done it all right, made a very good sound case... and only because of a couple of things that Sherlock has noticed was the real culprit brought to light.

What I'm after is what small things about someone making the change from one sex to another might Sherlock notice? What did the changed person do, or leave behind, or use, that gave the game away to someone with very good observational skills who was willing to see them?

It really needs a long story to tell it well, but it's not the story I want to tell. The story I want to tell is Lestrade's dealing with his close call not the story of Sherlock solving the crime, but if anyone else wants to tell that please do!

And if anyone can give me some sensible ideas on what someone first transitioning might do or not do or have or not have to give themselves away I'd be very grateful. I think they are transitioning, not just dressing up for a bit, because they are making a new life just as in the original.

I suppose they might actually have done most of the transition a while back, and be maintaining two lives. That probably makes a difference as to the clues.

I still don't know FtM or MtF. I don't know if hormones are involved or how long they have to be taken to have obvious effect and how someone would cover up those effects if they were leading a double life. All information and advice gratefully received

(And I still need to come up with an equivalent of the bloody thumbprint made after the first police check of the place, but that always annoyed me in the original story cos the cops should have realised it had been placed later as they would have looked the place over same as Holmes did. I suppose the idea is the cops had decided whodunnit and looked no more but I don't like that.)

Re: help wanted - genderqueer and transition

Depending on where they are in their transition, it could be a lot of different things. If they're just coming to terms with it, there might be one or two sets of clothes for the gender they're heading toward hidden away somewhere. If they've fully transitioned, there might be an expired ID with a previous name/picture/gender, or a picture from childhood. I can see Sherlock digging an old family picture out of a drawer and saying "But she doesn't have a brother, I can tell from her (I don't know, shoelaces or something)" and figuring out that the person pictured is trans.

Obviously finding a prescription in the trash would be a big clue. Alternately, a business card for an endocrinologist, or a therapist who works with gender issues. The toiletries of somebody undergoing transition might be enough of a clue for Sherlock -- if someone who is officially male at work is actually MtF, they may have way more disposable razors than one would expect, because they're shaving their legs, which is a huge pain if your body has a lot of testosterone going on.

There's plenty of room for subtle clues, but I don't think I can give you many right now. Once you've narrowed down a timeline and a direction, drop me a line, and I should be able to be a lot more helpful. I'd also be happy to give the finished work a readthrough -- a partner of mine was trans, and I'm pretty sensitive to how to write these things without coming across as rude (nvm if you don't need that, it just sounds like you might not have much experience with trans issues but don't want to offend).

(Deleted comment)
It's not a perfect synonym, but calling someone "chav" often conveys the same sentiment.

(Deleted comment)
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The great beta hunt of 2011

Oh hoi there! The title pretty much says it all, I'm looking for a beta for a few fics I have going. If someone had time to look at one or all of them I would be eternally grateful.

Do you prefer the word dick or cock or the simple penis? Erection during the sex scenes, maybe? Why, why not?

I can't really tell a difference but I avoid "dick" 'cause it's the German word for "fat" which gives me the giggles, but how about you? Do they come across differently at all?

Yes, no? Awkward topic, maaaaaybe.

Re: Let's talk penis! :D

I find it a bit odd when people suddenly throw in "penis" during a sex scene. Anatomically correct, yes, and all that but it's a completely unsexy word to me. XD So cock or prick or something along those lines. Or even "length" if one prefers a bit of euphemism.

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Re: Let's talk penis! :D (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Let's talk penis! :D (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Let's talk penis! :D (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Let's talk penis! :D (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Let's talk penis! :D (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Let's talk penis! :D (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Let's talk penis! :D (Anonymous) Expand
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Roleplaying on FB

So...me and some others are roleplaying as the characters on Facebook. We have a John, Sherlock and Mycroft...but we are sadly lacking in a good Lestrade, particularly one who is up for some Mystrade debauchery.

We are pretty active, post at least everyday, and our Lestrade would need to frequent the site pretty regularly, not everyday if that's too much, but you know...often.

Anyway, this is a casting call for a good Lestrade RPer who might fancy a relationship with our Mycroft.

Or, if you want, just add us as friends to your personal accounts. :)

Mycroft (http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001486541238)

Sherlock (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001445691161)

John (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001451063851)

Re: Roleplaying on FB

EDIT: Found one! :D

Is it weird that I usually read almost all of the comments left on a fic?
Anyone else do this?

Sometimes I do this before I read the fic, not caring about spoilers, because it gives me an idea of how quality the story is. This is bad, I know.

*shifty* I do that sometimes... Mainly because I want to know if I need to brace myself for sadness or if I'm going to need to shut the door so my SO doesn't read over my shoulder lol.

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Help from a Londoner needed

Can anyone tell me a likely place where John could go to play Rugby. A playing field somewhere in the region of Baker Street maybe? Or a leisure centre with sports facilities?

Any help would be rewarded with virtual hugs and kittens

Re: Help from a Londoner needed

Regent's Park has rugby pitches, and that's just over the road from Baker Street.

Who would corporations turn to in the government to protest/influence legislation that directly effects them before it's passed into law. In the US they'd testify before a congressional committee (Usually a House committee). What's the British equivalent?

Re: Brit Culture help

Departmental select committee?


But the committee determines its own subjects: you can't insist they undertake an inquiry into your subject of interest.

Or lobby the Minister direct - any large company will have a route for doing this.

NB in UK tend to say company rather than corporation.

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Ignorant anon, here. Was watching my Sherlock DVDs, like a good fan, and Mark Gatiss commented that it was good to have some things that didn't need explaining, like the comments about the bottom third of the door handle or the turn ups on his jeans jokes.

Unfortunately, I need them explained. I'm fairly certain I could take a guess about the turn ups on his jeans comment, but the door handle? Just...what?

Sincerely hoping this is a Brit cultural reference that I am too American to get. (And not that I'm unbearably stupid.)

Mycroft, I will happily confirm I am human if you would kindly present a Captcha that has recognizable words in it.

Re: What?

I think MG meant that it was good that they didn't have to explain that sort of thing... as in, they were just sort of out-there deductions that didn't actually make any sense, but the showrunners could just handwave them as "Sherlock stuff" and let them stand.

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Some form of critique please~

Hello! Anon!author needs some help.

Actually, I'm not sure I can post it here because this isn't for a fill in the kinkmeme. I have something nearly half way done & it's kind of a weird concept inspired by the "I've been informed that I don't have one" conversation in TGG. Basically, hearts can be taken out and John is one of those rare ones who can hear/understand hearts. Uhm. :'D

It's John/Sherlock, although, as I tend to do with my fics, it could considered implied/pre-slash. I'm not done with it yet. I stopped typing mid-way because I suddenly thought, 'What if what I'm typing lacks in detail/the juxtaposition with the present & John's past don't make sense?' so, I need someone to tell me if it does make sense, if there are parts I should move/take out/add. Grammar-wise, I haven't gotten to editing it yet, I'd like to finish typing the entire story first, so expect. However, if you want to edit it while you read, I won't stop you either :'D

As I mentioned, this isn't really for the kinkmeme. However, I couldn't open Mibbit to ask for help. My usual beta is offline & we both don't know when she'll be online. I hope I can get help here but, if beta searching is strictly limited for kinkmeme's, it's all fine :DD

Thank you~

OP here!

Oh, also, I forgot to mention, I can email you the document or PM you, whichever you find more convenient.

Old prompts - please fill

I've seen a few people comment in various threads that they don't see the point in filling old prompts, because no-one's following them, or no-one's interested, or whatever. So this is a plea to all our lovely writers to *please* fill old prompts. I know I can't be the only person who tracks the filled prompts post, so I know I'm not the only person who would read the stories.

Please also don't assume that because people aren't re-prompting over and over that they're not interested in getting fills; some of us just don't like re-prompting time and again, but would still love to see fills.

Re: Old prompts - please fill

I feel kind of weird saying this since I haven't filled anything yet, but I prefer looking at the old prompts and filling those. There's less of a chance of someone being faster than me (I'm an extremely slow writer). I'm one of those people who're hesitant about writing a second fill for a prompt.

So, what I'm trying to say is: there are some of us - well, me - who do look at old prompts. :)

Hey Meme, what's the shock blanket made of? Wool? Polyester?

The shock blanket it made of pure cotton, is actually red, rather than orange (it looks orange under yellow street lights) and is available from all good first aid retailers (I bought my housemate one for Christmas)