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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Hey fandom, so this is a real noobie question because I'm not much of a fic writer. Can someone explain to me what exactly a beta does? Is it just like having a human spell-checker and grammar editor, or do they get more deeply involved than that?

(Mycroft's telling me that the beta's the sheriff.)

It really depends what you want. But yes, betas are like the Internet version of editors.

To me, there are three types of betas:

> SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) checker
> sounding board: someone to discuss ideas/characterization with
> one who will work as BOTH a sounding board and a SPaG checker

Of course, different authors will look for different types of betas to suit them. Most people are comfortable with doing most of the tasks, but you'll occasionally come across people who prefer only one or the other.

Please note: This is a generalisation from personal experience. Feel free to chip in if I've missed anything in the explanation.

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*hugs tight*

I hope tomorrow is better for you, hon. I don't really know you, but I see you around and I can tell you're a really lovely, great person. You deserve a million hugs. <3

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I'm boycotting That One Sherlock Comm as a result of said mod's utter asshattery, and in hopes that any of you might choose to do the same, I'm trying to compile a list of alternative comms in which to post your fic and graphics:


bbcsherlock -- SBBC slash, any pairing, any medium
221b_slash -- SBBC slash, any pairing, any medium
sherlockhet -- SBBC het, any pairing, any medium
bakerstreetfic -- SBBC gen, any pairing, any medium
221b_after_dark -- all canons, all content, any medium (kink/darkfic friendly)
shbbc_quickfix -- all canons, all content (SANS UNDERAGE), fic from 1-1000 words
sherlockicons -- SBBC, icons and graphics


sherlock_john -- S/J, BBC canon
sherlestrade -- S/L, BBC canon
john_lestrade -- J/L, any canon
brother_mine -- dedicated to Mycroft, any canon; lots of Mycroft/Lestrade
dilestrade -- dedicated to Lestrade, any canon

That's everything I can think of (sans challenge communities) -- please do suggest the other comms I've missed. Thank you for your time. (Yes, this is crossposted to the rants post. Refuge in anonymity. Anonymous is legion. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget.)


hooperholmes -- Sherlock/Molly, any medium

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Hey! :)

So, I was just thinking about something I watched on a regular basis when I was a child and since there's so many British people in this fandom (go figure) I thought you'd guys know what I'm looking for.

It was a TV show about a 50 pence piece (the one with the funny shape? :D). Once you rubbed the nose of the Queen on it you'd get granted a wish - I guess?

It's all rather fuzzy, I was quite young when watching this, but I remember really, really liking the show

Anyone have any clue at all?

Re: Looking for a TV show

The Queen's Nose! I used to watch that...


Wait... there were SEVEN series... You learn something new every day.

Would someone kindly explain to anon where with thing with Anderson and dinosaurs came from?
I can't say I remember in being in canon, so? :)

Someone crackishly prompted 'Anderson is sexually attracted to dinosaurs' on one of the early parts of the meme, and it ballooned into a massive in-joke from there.

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I'm sorry, I just need to share my fail.

Yesterday in Biology, my class talked about grapefruits and their supposed link to breast cancer.

So today I walked into the kitchen and picked one up from the fruit bowl and said 'Mum, did you know grapefruits increase the risk of breast cancer?'

And she said 'Great - but that's a melon'.

Re: I'm sorry, I just need to share my fail.

...I don't know whether to laugh (because it is a tiny bit funny), or cry (because that's totally something I would do)




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I swear, this is the only fandom I've ever been a part of where all the really interesting discussion of characters' actions/motivations/backstory happens on the RANT POST, of all places. Because the main comm considers such discussion to be a waste of time/wanking, and the main newsletter doesn't link to meta/discussion posts. (That I've noticed.)

I'm curious.

Do you get turned on by your own porny fic?

Re: I'm curious.

Until about a month ago I'd have said 'vaguely, yeah'. Then I wrote a kinkfic, which - HOLY FUCKING SHIT UNF UNF UNF - ahem, hit my kinks just right. (It wasn't terribly popular, but I don't know if that's because of the quality or because of the particular kink.)

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Question! Inspired by the post above

So, this mostly-gen writer is in the middle of writing the most sexual fic she's ever written. Rawr, kinkmeme. Rawr. *kitten claws*

Which has started me wondering: what are the most important lessons--good or bad--that you've learned from your first attempts at sex scenes?

Re: Question! Inspired by the post above

Keeping track of where everyone's bits and pieces are :-) Seriously, I noticed that it's far too easy to suddenly give someone three hands, or a penis that's accessible even if they're lying on it (*ouch*), or the ability to snog someone who's facing the other way.

Oh, and also that people who've just walked in off the street are most likely to be wearing shoes and socks, and may need to take them off at some point :-)

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I've been writing a fic which features Jim heavily and I am slightly concerned that my personal interpretation of his character will differ from other peoples and that this may mean readers don't like it.

I see Jim as being genuinely psychopathic and insane, likening him to the comic book Joker - terrifyingly devious and clever but entirely unhinged. I also play up his flirtaciousness, not as a "he is clearly gay" thing but as a technique to unnerve the people he is talking to, especially with an asexual Sherlock.

How do you all see Jim's character? Is my idea totally different to yours? I'm curious.

No, that tracks pretty closely with how I see him. While Sherlock may hide behind the sociopath label without actually being one, Moriarty is a full on psychopath. IMO.

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Another characterization question

Mycroft and omniscience. With John, it was an obvious intimidation tactic but what about someone he wants to date? Do you think he has the same boundary issues as Sherlock?

Re: Another characterization question

I personally think Mycroft would amp it up to eleven with any potential dates. He'd be analysing nose hairs and having all their individual skin cells monitored from space.

I'm looking for The Great Game fic in which Moriarty knows that Sherlock has feelings for John and uses this information while ordering John what to say or do.
Sounds familiar?

Has anyone figured out a pre-John timeline for Sherlock? I'm mainly trying to work out his drug use habits.

Lestrade seems to know that there are going to be some kind of illegal drugs in the flat somewhere, which Sherlock seems to confirm. In the pilot, when the cabbie asks Sherlock if he does a lot of drugs, Sherlock says "Not in a while." So, less than five years clean, but maybe not more than a year? Thoughts?

Does anyone know how Lestrade addresses Sally? As Sergeant? Donovan? Just calling her Sally seems informal for a work setting, but then he is her boss so it's not unlikely. I don't know, I've gone completely blank :|

I think he calls her Donovan at one point in ASiP, but that's (I think) the only time he refers to her by name overall.

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Well, it's totally off-topic, but...

I just got into Cabin Pressure. Can anyone rec any good fics? Are there even any fics out there besides Sherlock x-overs? Where can I find them?

Re: Well, it's totally off-topic, but...

There are a few. I have a couple favorites, but since there are so few that you might as well just read all the ones that interest you (there's pretty much just gen and Martin/Douglas). Places to go:

cabinpres_fic: the meme
cabin_pressure: the comm (has a tag for fic)
http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Cabin%20Pressure/works: AO3 section (much of it is crossposted here, but I think there are a couple stray fics that aren't in either LJ comm.)