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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Anybody else here ship T Hard/B Cum?

Never seen any evidence that says I should. Do you have any?

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I don't understand this: Why does Cucumber lisp in interviews, but not within the shows/movies he's in?

What I'm saying is, if you can *not* lisp, why lisp?

If it's a naturally accuring speech impediment, it probably takes a shit ton of effort to control, effort you'd be wise to expend if it was your job to do so. Or maybe it's a nervous tic he gets during interviews. *shrug*

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In jokes.

I am a newb. I don't get a lot of the in jokes and it's something I would like to fix. :C

I understand Sherlock's obsession with bees, because that came from him wanting to be a beekeeper when he retired, right? But where did the Mycroft being capthcha (or whatever that is called) thing start?

And, most importantly.. JOHN AND JAM. what is that about? It's hilarious but I feel weird laughing about it when I have no idea where it came from.

I DUNNO IF IT'S AN UNSPOKEN RULE THAT YOU SHOULDN'T ASK but yeah I feel so wrong not knowing these things :C /anons from embarrassment

Pfft, nobody here bites. At least not in the bad way, I don't think. ANYWAYS.

I don't think Mycroft being Captcha was one specific comment (unlike Anderson and dinosaurs, which was a prompt), I think it just sort of... evolved. People were getting weird/funny/semi-coherent responses and somebody or other went "lol it's really Mycroft" and the whole thing grew from there. I could be wrong, though.

John and jam most likely comes from this Kate Beaton comic strip: http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=210 (Check out the rest of her stuff, it's equally awesome.)

Not a rant, so posted here - sorry if the issue was raised before

John Three-Continent Motherfucking Sexgod Watson does crack me up when I encounter him in prompts and fics...

... but doesn't quite fit my vision of BBC!John. Unassuming, slightly awkward John, being practically begged by his girlfriend to make a move.

I don't mind reading humorous fics where Sherlock discovers, say, that dear John seduced half his contingent when stationed in Afghanistan, including the top brass and his head-surgeon. But when the trope is used more seriously, suspension of disbelief has a hard time with it.

Am I a biased reader? (All the more as I have no difficulty with sexually!shy Mycroft even though canon shows him to be such a control freak control - probably because he's such a control freak.)

Always found ACD Watson something of a braggard there, anyway. "Look, now! I may have no brains but I've got b..."

Re: Not a rant, so posted here - sorry if the issue was raised before

Actually the calmness and pretty smooth way he manages to get a date with Sarah makes me think he has hidden depths.

Two Britpickish type questions

One, what is the difference between a pram and a push-chair? I've read both referenced in regards to parents and young children (so and so had their kid in a pram, so and so had their kid in a push-chair). Are they both like the American "stroller"?

Two... and this is a bit twisty but I may have enough caffeine in me to make sense, lol. Is there a generalized sexual ideal of Americans in the UK? Like a stereotype American man/woman? Not like "oh Cameron DIaz is hot" but more along the lines of "Oh, yeah,American girls all have big breasts and are easy" or "American guys are all xyz" (I can't think of a stereotype for men right now lol).

Re: Two Britpickish type questions

Baby faces up at adult in a pram, out in a push-chair/stroller. Google image search can help you out on this one. (The distinction exists in American English, as well, it's just that prams are not often seen or talked about nowadays.)

Long fic recs, please!

I'm in the mood to read longer fics (say, 10,000 or 15,000 words or more, and would happily read 80K+ if it's out there). I'd greatly welcome any recs. I'd prefer a pairing rather than strictly gen, and I'm especially interested in slow-building first time fics (John/Sherlock is my favorite, but I like basically all pairings, and any rating).

(Deleted comment)

Jonesing to prompt during the prompt freeze?

You can prompt at the Spring into Sherlock Fanworks Fest: http://community.livejournal.com/sherlockmas/20781.html

good pages for brit-pick research?

Anyone with recommendations? Could be blogs, anything. I'd like the focus to be on secondary school, university, armed forces or army- Watson research- way of life stuff that dates back to the wars, etc. Anything with verbiage and language differences would be awesome, too.

Specific questions:

What is the age of consent for sexual relations? For get a drivers' license, and for drinking alcohol? In England specifically and London in particular. Is there a mandatory curfew at night?

Do some secondary schools do scholarships? Is there career guidance in secondary school?

How safe is it on the streets if you're a student or younger person?

This IS for ficcage, I swear.

Is there a post for research I could look at??

Love and hugs to everyone.

Re: good pages for brit-pick research?

What is the age of consent for sexual relations? 16

For get a drivers' license, 17

for drinking alcohol?18

In England specifically and London in particular. The same laws cover all of England (Scotland may vary, though not on these particular laws)

Is there a mandatory curfew at night? No, we're not a police state.

Do some secondary schools do scholarships? Education at secondary level is free in all state schools, independents (called public schools) may vary

Is there career guidance in secondary school? Yes

How safe is it on the streets if you're a student or younger person? Depends on the area and the time of day. But, in general very safe.

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Olivia Poulet

I'm not from the UK. Totally unfamiliar with her except for seeing her listed as an actress and long time partner of Benedict Cumberbatch.

What is known about her? Anyone acquainted with her or has anyone met her? Seems like a total mystery to me. They aren't is the society or gossip pages of newspapers or mags, at least she is not.

As far as I know she's also a writer, comedy mainly, and a director (shorts). Late last year her writing partner (Sarah Solemani) was interviewed in one of the papers about a film or tv sitcom they were making. They also made a web series about environmentalists.

She used to be part of a woman's film collective, I don't know if she still is.

Edited at 2011-02-23 10:59 am (UTC)

Or Mycroft finally released the patent on his. :P

triggerish fic search; R

I'm looking for a fic and I guess it was a fill on here, with Sherlock spanking John after John has done something reckless during a case and thus scared Sherlock. At some point, Sherlock's fingers slip in between John's buttocks...
It had a bit of a dubcon/noncon feeling to it.
Sounds familiar, anyone?

Re: triggerish fic search; R

Not familiar but it sounds hot.

Two of them:

It's a short-ish fill with Posessive!Sherlock not part of the Paradox seroes. Short snippets of John and Sherlock's lives, with one scene Sherlock comparing the intense emotions behind a murder of passion with him and John's. It was quite early in the meme, but I cannot for the life of me find it.

Another is where Mike is cupid and has a shit day.
...I know, completely out of the left field.

Not exactly sure if this is what you're thinking of - I remember reading at least 2 Mike as Cupid fics, but this is the only one I have bookmarked, so hopefully it's the one you want!

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How would you talk to a kid?

Exactly what it says on the label. More specifically, anon is trying to write a fic that includes kid!Holmeses (around seven-to-twelve-ish?) and their parents, but is total pants at any interaction with children. Not to mention children that are twice as smart as they should be for their age.

More in general, any tips about writing the Holmes brothers as kids but still IC?

Re: How would you talk to a kid?

I used to teach in the local district's Gifted and Talented program as well as Special Ed and a bit of mainstream ed. It depends on the kid, really, and the situation. A kid can be scary-smart but at the core of things, they're still a kid. They may grok concepts as ideas but the reality of it is foreign, like death. in the G&T program, the kids in my group were middle school aged (11-14ish) and some of them still had issues grasping social cues and such not due to autism or the like but because they lived in their own heads a lot. Not all the G&T kids were like that but a lot were. I'd think kid!Holmeses would be of the sort that were very smart, had an above-average understanding of abstract concepts and how *adults* act socially but little concept of how to act around kids their age (though I think Mycroft could fake it a bit better than Sherlock in my head!canon).

I'd think writing them as having occasional flashes of childish innocence about topics or not *quite* applying an advanced concept correctly would work, and if their parents are the sort that encourages this high level of interaction they might correct them or they might just be very indulgent and very "Yes, of course that's how it works..." Working with kids like that, a lot of time we wouldn't talk down to them but at the same time we did not try to "drag them up to adult level" by forcing an understanding of concepts.

Sherlock and alcohol?

I've been wondering if Sherlock would drink alcohol, and I can't seem to decide.

I know that several programs for recovering addicts have a strict no drugs policy, but I don't really imagine Sherlock as a dedicated follower of the 12 steps.

So, what do you think, memers? Does he stay away from drugs completely, including alcohol, or just cocaine/opioids/his drug of choice? And if he does drink, would he ever get really drunk?

I'm having trouble reconciling 'the rest is transport' with Sherlock's drug use, and I have a suspicion that's why the line didn't make it into the final version. Any thoughts?

Re: Sherlock and alcohol?

Alcohol is a depressant, and personally I don't see his character as the type to seek out depressants. I suppose I envision him as the type who got drunk a few times as an older kid/teenager (I could see 13-year-old Sherlock doing an experiment to have first-hand knowledge of alcohol's effect on cognition and coordination) and then decided it was boring and not worth his time and interfered with his thinking too much. I'd say he doesn't seek out alcohol on his own now, but has a glass of wine when Mycroft makes him go home to have dinner with mummy.

But given that Sherlock does little in moderation I'd find a fic in which Sherlock hits the sauce and ends up three sheets to the wind potentially believable depending on the circumstances. I could only buy it being a very rare event, however.

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Parody of Sherlock Holmes by Bret Harte (1902) (http://gaslight.mtroyal.ab.ca/stolncgr.htm/)


I found Hemlock Jones in the old Brook Street lodgings, musing before the fire. With the freedom of an old friend I at once threw myself in my old familiar attitude at his feet, and gently caressed his boot. I was induced to do this for two reasons; one that it enabled me to get a good look at his bent, concentrated face, and the other that it seemed to indicate my reverence for his superhuman insight. So absorbed was he, even then, in tracking some mysterious clue, that he did not seem to notice me. But therein I was wrong--as I always was in my attempt to understand that powerful intellect.

"It is raining," he said, without lifting his head.

"You have been out then?" I said quickly.

"No. But I see that your umbrella is wet, and that your overcoat, which you threw off on entering, has drops of water on it."

I sat aghast at his penetration. After a pause he said carelessly, as if dismissing the subject: "Besides, I hear the rain on the window. Listen."

I listened. I could scarcely credit my ears, but there was the soft pattering of drops on the pane. It was evident, there was no deceiving this man!