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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Opinions Please!

Situation: There are less than 1000 comments left in a part

You are: An author!anon who has received some lovely comments on a fill.

Do you: Respond to those comments because it's polite to or leave the comment-ing space for other fills/comments on other fills?

As a rule, if I reply to one comment I reply to them all. But....

Re: Opinions Please!

Reply to the non anons and the people who wrote something thoughtful. The non-anons will get your response, the thoughtful people might check back. The rest will never see your response because they have no reason to ever check back.

It can take a while to widdle down the last 1000 posts so it's not that bad a situation.


Is there something going on with Delicious? I know Yahoo! said they weren't going to run it anymore, but that it was going to someone else... at least I think that's what was said.

I ask because all my Delicious bookmarks are gone. GONE. Not there anymore. *cries*

Re: Delicious

Mine are still there. I don't know what happened to you! I hope they reappear just as mysteriously

Re: Delicious (Anonymous) Expand

Eye colours!

Guys, need help: What colour are Gatiss's eyes? I think canonically Mycroft's eyes are meant to be grey like Sherlock's, but they look a good deal darker in the series.

Re: Eye colours!

Gatiss has blue eyes, but they're not extremely bright or saturated, so they can appear darker or more gray depending on the lighting. For visual reference: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/dec/05/mark-gatiss-interview

Help me!

I wanna see more shows and movies with Cucumberpatch that are slashy! Where should I start?

(Deleted comment)
Sherlock has such a boner at this.

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In my quest to fill my brain with Rupert Graves.... anyone know what film this is from?


Right...I *think* it's from Charles II - The Power and The Passion.

Generally in it he has a massive wig, and underneath that a shaved head. But at the start, I think he has hair like that.


ETA: It's definitely that, those still are from about 5mins in.

Edited at 2011-02-20 08:02 pm (UTC)

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So there are a bunch of wips that I'm tracking on older parts of the meme and loving, but as those bits hit their maximum comments I'm left wondering if they've since been updated, maybe in a place that I haven't seen? And I was wondering if maybe we should have a standard way of linking up fills that overspill their original threads.

This Iron Man crossover's an example -
http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/6375.html?thread=27738599#t27738599 - where someone (not the writer-mous) has put a link in the last comment to a new thread. But maybe a note on the filled prompt post/a tag for continued stuff on the delicious archive would be better?

(Has this been mentioned before? Or am I the only one who's twitchy enough about this sort of thing to ponder it?)

so i've been awake for almost 24 hours now but i can't sleep because i'm freaking out about what's happening in libya:


is there anything we can do? there has to be something we can do. a petition to sign. people to call. i know atrocities like this are nothing new but i just can't even sleep, i feel like I need to be doing something about this. does anyone know how?

Sex Against A Wall~~Shudder

Please explain the hotness behind the idea of sex against a wall. Let's start small, with a wall at 221B Baker St.

It leaves me cold. Sounds uncomfortable. Not at all intimate. Give me a bed. Even that narrow, dirty looking leather couch that probably smells like Sherlock's feet.

Don't even get me started on brick walls in alleyways or gardens of crime scenes.

I suppose it's supposed to be the hot passion that can't be contained long enough to walk the few steps to a comfy bed where you can spread out and take a good look at the body you've been fantasizing over for so long.

I'll admit that in my younger days I'd have sex in weird places just to say I did it but later on, and these are guys in their late 20s, early 30s, i said, 'fuck it!' I'm going for comfort and privacy. I have a home now. As a fumbling teenager or university student with a room mate I didn't have those advantages. This is the perk of being an adult.

So...what's the thrill of the rut against a wall?

Re: Sex Against A Wall~~Shudder

I agree that going at it full steam does sound a bit... uncomfortable. At least my legs would be killing me, and if you're the walking skeleton type (as incidentally Sherlock is) you're gonna bump something against the wall no matter how gentle you try to be. But a brief moment of smooching and grinding before moving the show elsewhere, that I can understand.

This made me laugh so hard.
I mean, how come Sherlock never gets tired? Is he on some stimulant? Hm..

HAHA that gif is a thing of beauty

I'm in need of a beta! :D

I know this is probably weired to ask, but is there anyone interested in 'beta-ing' my art? I'm probably going to draw Mystrade pics or Mycroft mostly as I'm a huge fan of the pairing and also there is not enough (actually none as far as I know) of Mystrade art. I've seen many writers asking for a beta, but never seen any artist doing this, but I think I need one. Don't need to be an expert or something, because what I need is just some simple opinions, like you will probably get questions like which one looks better, or what I should draw in the background, stuff like that. If you are interested, drop me a PM!

Re: I'm in need of a beta! :D

Sadly, no one can PM you if you're anon.

We've gone from unseasonable warmth to bordering on snow storm here. I'll take both! As much as I loved the feeling of spring, my recent illnesses kept me from taking my friends sledding. Second chances, ftw!

And! Now that I'm well enough again, I've picked up writing my epic crossover. XD

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Virginal Sherlock's First Time

BBC Sherlock and John succumb to the pressure of the many shippers in their daily life, Mrs. Hudson, Angelo, etc and consummate their ever growing relationship.

It's Sherlock's first time.

Look deeply into your honest hearts of heart. Kink memes, fantasy, what you wish for cast aside...answer the following question:

This first time with John, is Sherlock Holmes a good lover or a lousy lay?

Re: Virginal Sherlock's First Time

I vote lousy lay. He'll know precisely everything he needs to do to be fantastic in bed, and then he'll come in his trousers before John is half undressed and then lose interest in sex entirely.

Hey! I just wanted your opinions on two things:

1) If you were John and wanted to buy a can of beer, is there a particular brand you'd buy and where would you go to buy this brand? (For example, where I live, San Miguel is a very popular brand of beer, especially amongst the mid/lower classes and can be bought from supermarkets to convenience stores) Cause I wouldn't think John would be the type of person to go for the more expensive brands and, given that he is short on cash, he'd opt to buy it in convenience stores (where it's cheaper, at least, it is here).

Or does he seem like the sort of person who wouldn't drink? (Given that Harry is an alcoholic)

On a completely unrelated topic:

2) What is Anderson's first name? It's never mentioned, right? Or is it just me who never hears it? O___O

Thank you :3

The beer question has really got me in a muddle. Nothing particularly strikes me as jarring, so I reckon any of the main brands would be fine. John's probably the type to buy whatever is on offer at the time!

You're right, Anderson's first name was never mentioned.

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I just need to share this because it is so awesome and I have never loved F!S more. The thread is hilarious and everyone should read it: community.livejournal.com/fandomsecrets/641962.html?thread=408269994#t408269994

Anyone here frequent F!S?