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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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Love Post
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Resource Post

Which is the better way?

- reply part 1 (replying to prompt)
-------- reply part 2 (replying to the first part)
-------------- reply part 3 (replying to the next part)
------------------- etc


- reply part 1 (replying to prompt)
- reply part 2 (replying to prompt)
- reply part 3 (replying to prompt)
- etc

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Re: When Filling Posts

Personally, I like

- reply part 1 (replying to prompt)
-- reply part 2 (reply to part 1)
-- reply part 3 (reply to part 1)
-- reply part 4 (reply to part 1)

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If you post a mini-fill for a prompt, but don't want to scare off anyone who might come along and do a "proper" fill, should you link yours at the filled prompts post?

I would, but in the title of your comment on the filled prompts post put something like '#13 - MINI FILL' or something, to make it clear it's not just plain filled, there's still plenty of room for more filling :)

For you American's out there:

I just got my SAT scores back, and I was wondering what you know to be a "good" score. (^_^);

I know this is a British-based show, but I know that Americans are on here, and for some crazy, insane reason I trust you guys. Yay me? (^_^);

Re: OT Chatter

700 and up = Freakin' PWNED!
600 and up = Very good.
500 and up = Not shabby.

At least, that was pretty much the general consensus back when I was in high-school. Last I heard, there are three subjects on the regular SAT now, so that a perfect score is now 2400 instead of the old 1600. But I think each individual subject still has 800 high; correct me if I'm wrong...

Of course, all that really matters is what the colleges you're looking into want. As long as you're within their range, you're good to go.

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foodstuffs? sundries? (not specifically brit, but might fit the tone of the sentence)

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Moar British Questions

What would a woman call her specifically female friends? Girlfriends? Mates? (The last sounds very strange to me...)

Am I hallucinating this vague memory I have that "mantelpiece" is an Americanism? And if I am remembering correctly, what would Brits use?

Would a place like Tesco have things like cat food, too, or is it just groceries? Also, would you call cat food "cat food"?

Is "living room" acceptable or is it always something like "sitting room"? Also, would a living room have a "loveseat" or are all sofas created equal? (And I'm correct in thinking that "couch" is out, right?) And what are throw blankets called? "Throw blankets"? "Afghans"?

Since I'm pretty sure the would "guy" is taboo, how would a woman say, "I'm just one of the guys"? Is "tomboy" used?

</weird combination of things that came up in this fill>

Re: Moar British Questions

OK one at a time here

Female friends: Mates is fine, although not specifically female. You might say 'going out with the girls'. Probably just friends really.

Mantelpiece is fine. You're talking about a shelf above a fireplace (whether blocked in or not) right?

You can definitely get cat food at tescos. You can get EVERYTHING at tescos. And yes, it's cat food. The most well known brand is probably Wiskas if you're interested (and for future reference the most well known brand of dog food is Pedigree Chum)

Sitting Room / Living Room: Hoo boy! This one is a completely class issue. As in different classes call them different things. Options include Sitting room, Living room, front room, lounge and main room. For Sherlock and John I would opt for Living room.
Couch/Sofa/Loveseat is another class issue but I would plump for Sofa. Throw blanket is fine but would more likely shorten it to throw or blanket. Not Afghan.

Guy is not taboo at all. I would say 'hi guys' to any group of people male or female, although I would probably not call a group with no males at all 'guys'. And certainly not 'the guys'. But a girl can definitely just be 'one of the guys'. Although bloke(s) is an optional alternative.
Just had a thought 'one of the lads' is probably the phrase you're looking for.

Mrs. H. Fanon

So, is there a common fanon for Mrs. H's first name? Maiden name? Place (part of country) she's from? Back story? tubi

Re: Mrs. H. Fanon

I know I've seen Mrs Hudson's first name as Martha around the various SH fandoms, but I can't for the life of me remember if that's from Baring-Gould or what.

Lets talk crossovers.
Sherlock Holmes has always been fun to cross. But what with BBC Sherlock, the modern-day-cross-ability just makes things even better!
What crossovers tickle your fancy? Any recs you can hand out, or crossovers you'd love to see?

I think Great Gatsby!inspired fic would be brilliant. I have unabashed love for Gatsby.

Well, sort of. ^_^

Actually, I had a different sort of question, though.

I read TGG with a horrible, horrible teacher, and now I have a hrd time liking the book. I was wondering, what parts did you like? What made you like it? I mean, I can sort of see why people could like it, but I just had a horrible time with reading it, so I don't like it, but then lot's of other people like it, and I end up feeling like I should like it.

Does that make sense? P_P

As for crossovers? I'm an anime fan, not gonna lie, and I would make, I dunno, apple pie or something for anyone who could/would fill ridiculous anime crossovers. I mean, Sherlock would be the perfect Lina Inverse-type character! ^_^

Types I would love to see:
- A proper BBCS/Enchanted Forest Chronicles crossover (my mini-fill does not cut it)
- Montmorency/Sherlock BBC (that would have the potential for awesome, but I have never actually met someone else who's read the book, so...(
- Sherlock/Clue(do)
- Sherlock/Phoenix Wright ~or~ Professor Layton
- Sherlock/Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles (there's even a plot device already written into Tsubasa!)

I really wish I could fill these, but I'm in my senior year of HS, and I should be workign on getting my full IB, not hanging out here on the meme... BUT I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!

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dearest most darlingest meme dwellers, i want so very much to be friends with you guys, but i haven't seen a friending meme or anything similar anywhere on this comm (or, indeed, on any of the other major bbc sherlock comms). i'd be most obliged if someone could point me to any memes that do exist or let me know if/how i could start one. i can't be the only one who wants this, right? :D

(Deleted comment)
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What's with all the humming in fics?

People hum into kisses.

They hum out with pleasure when their lover kisses their knuckles while they are cuddled together, watching telly.

Most puzzling to me is when someone hums against a penis while they are blowing it and the partner moans with pleasure. Though I guess that clears up another puzzle for me, why blow jobs are also called 'hummers.'

I've slept with five people in my years on earth. To my knowledge, no humming was involved unless it was in a pitch range only dogs could hear.

Is this humming like the steady drone of a radio tower? Or a "HMMMMMMMMM" like the harmonizing at beginning of a barber shop quartet ditty? Like the hum of a bumble bee? Like a lady humming in the kitchen?

Help a hum ignorant understand what, how and whence all this humming started. Please?

Re: Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

IAWTC. If someone started humming while attached to my junk I wouldn't know WTF.

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So... This American memer started watching Misfits after seeing this one person's icon over and over and over and over again, and I like it, but I do have a Britpick question.

What exactly is a 'chav'? (Sorry if this is offencive, which, guessing by the context, it is.) Is it the name for a person form a certain region? Social class? City -vs- rural? Inquiring mind is curious!

(Also, to the person with the Misfits icon, thank you for getting me interested. ^_~)

Trailer trash, only usually living in cheap apartment buildings.

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Dear Kink-meme,


(And as a 25 year old straight girl who's dated women for the last 10 years and only recently come to terms with being straight, but has yet to have sex with a male, that's kind of terrifying.)

Congratulations \o/

sexuality question

I accidently just posted this in a thread in topic buried a few months back. So here it is front and center.

I have an honest question about myself.

Slept w/mostly men, a few women. Always found the beginning of the sex great, erotic, exciting. After a year or so, less interested, dwindle, dwindle...

Oddly enough, The longest running, satisfying sexual relationship was with a ginger-haired brit w/a tiny penis shaped an d tapered like a baby carrot. Trust me, wasn't Cumberbatch. It was my Marxist film theory professor. One of the reasons the sex was hot was he was nutty, the most ridiculous stuff would come out of his mouth during the sex act, sometimes scorchingly hot, sometimes so nonsensical I felt as if I was banging Marvin The Martian.

I also got a scary, dangerous vibe from him, Like he could go off his nut any moment ,kill me, kill himself, kill us both. Sick , I know. Plus he was a needy alcoholic. Good times.

I've been in a committed relationship for the last 24 years. Sex was fun the first few years, slowly became 'I guess we need to have sex." Soon as we do, we're like 'That was fun. We should to do it again!' Few days later, it felt like one more thing to do, like working out. We both feel this way.

We both feel this way. We are best friends, rather spent time w/each other than anyone, crack each other up, are each other's support.

Right now we feel, 'if it isn't broke, don't break it.'

Low sex drive? Asexual? Lazy lovers?

Re: sexuality question

After 24 years, the couples who don't get a bit lackadaisical about sex seem to be in the minority. That's a quarter century. That's a lot of monogamy. If the rest of the relationship is good, and you enjoy the sex when you have it, and neither of you feels bitter about the quantity or quality of sex, it's a non-issue. If it is a concern, maybe rule out hormonal issues? The way you describe sex is pretty much exactly how I feel when I'm on birth control. Like I entirely forget that sex is fun and have no urge to pursue it.

I'm crazy about my fiance, we're in our late 20s, been together about 4 years, and we only have sex on average 4-5 times per month. The sex is very good when we have it, and we enjoy lazy wanks in between. We're both fine with that. There's no right amount. I found that letting go of my expectations of what was normal for people my age also made sex less of a chore, but of course I can't speak to how best to maintain sexual intimacy in a relationship that long.

Is it just me or...

does the guy from the Ting Tings looks like he could be related to Rupert Graves?

Idk, I was just watching this video:

I was thinking that the jaw line, lips, and kinda the nose look similar. Especially the way Rupert looked in "Different For Girls" Even the way this guy talks seems to remind me of rupert.
lol, i'm probably just crazy XP

Re: Is it just me or...

I went all HOT RUPERT GRAVES IN SUNGLASSES before I read what you'd written.

... Damn.

Thoughts on WIPs.

Love them?

Read them?

Or avoid them until they're done?

Or are there some vague guidelines you stick to?

Sometimes, if it hits delicious before it's finished and it's really good ( Transport by thisprettywren is an example of one I ended up following while it was being written), I'll read it and bookmark it and check up on it every few days for updates (unless it goes a week without updating, and then I usually assume it's dead or updated rarely-enough to not bother checking regularly). Usually, this happens because I don't realize it's a WIP -- if I know it's a WIP, I'll usually just ignore it until it shows up in completed form.

But in general, I hate following WIPs because I'm bad at keeping track of them, so I avoid them until they're done whenever possible (I have a massive inception fic bookmarked that I'm waiting to get finished).

I make exceptions for authors I like enough that I'd read an unfinished WIP of theirs, but that's not guaranteed.

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Thanks goodness for the anon function...

Has anyone here had any experience with FetLife? I've just joined.

Yes. I was on it for a while and I have some friends who are still on it. It's like any other social site--it can be quite the mixed bag in terms of meeting people (even just for an online chat). Depending on your profile you may get the weirdos or you may just get the typical run of perfectly normal folks and the occasional wtf. I had to change my profile when I first joined because it was getting a lot of people who were...let's just say pushy, lol. They didn't believe I had the parameters I had and were also very insulting due to my not meeting their aesthetic standards. SO I took out some phrases, added some in...and it all went well after that.

tl;dr: I've had experience on there and it's not much different from other sites just keep a head's up because some folks on there can be REALLY wtf.

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