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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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I'm writing an AU fic. I think people like it. It's got no pairings and I'm planning on leaving it mostly gen. Hope that's vague enough you can't pin me down on it.

I would like to write in a small kudos to Irene Adler. By small, I mean a decent sized bit. But there's so much random hate of her. Should I not do it?

Irene was an intelligent woman who kept insurance against her creepy royal ex, and discarded it when she married the man she loved. Ex-actress, knows the world, capable.

Just don't write her as a criminal, or dumb enough to wear full evening make-up while in male drag, or in love with Sherlock, and you should be fine?

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Probably a dumb question

I know what a pound is and a quid. But what is a shilling? And what's guinea?

Re: Probably a dumb question

Those are names for the UK's pre-decimalisation currency.


I was thinking that the reason Moriarty sort of falls flat as a villain is because he doesn't refer to anything outside himself. I have no idea what his motive is. I'm aware that he harasses Sherlock for the sake of amusement, but I don't know what drives him in any way. He has no point, so he's a little bit boring. He's not even evil for the sake of it, which I could get behind. One of my favorite villains of all time is Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty: her sole motive is to make sure everyone suffers as much as possible. It's not out of malice, or for any other reason; her evil is as pure as the fresh driven snow. Moriarty is just...a phone in, basically.

I think this has something to do with the somewhat limited scope of Sherlock fic being written. Don't get me wrong - I love this fandom and the fic being written for it is awesome. I realize that the point of the series is epic bromance while solving crimes, and not commentary on human nature, or formulating social or political platforms. However, since Moriarty fails as a villain, we're kind of lost for established conflict. This means we're relying on the emotional dynamic for most fic, with social/political/action-based conflict penciled in as an after thought. This is fine! - because people are still coming up with awesome ideas. But, like, even Harry Potter's two dimensional villains were a product of their racist culture; there was more to explore there than "Oh I'm bored, so I'll pull the wings off this fly," which is all Moriarty gives us.

You could see him as a reflection of our current society's need for constant entertainment, I suppose? (Um, I'm not saying I do. I honestly haven't given it any thought before now.) Moriarty represents that need to watch people suffer by eating worms in a jungle in the company of Gillian McKeith, or whatever it is they do on these reality shows.

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Here's how you comment on a prompt you like:

1) An exclamation.
  • OMG!
  • What the actual-?

2) An opinion or statement about your relation to the prompt.
  • This is so awesome!
  • I didn't know I needed this in my life until I read this prompt.

3) Elaboration as to the manner in which you second the prompt.
  • Seconded with the power of an ancient Greek God.
  • Seconding this like whoa.
  • Seconded like Mycroft asking for seconds.

*hands you the internet*

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Hi anons. Sex does nothing for me at all, no matter who it is, no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes reading porn works for me a little bit if I'm bored and want some action, but - boring. Take it or leave it. But show me Sherlock (and some other characters in the past) completely destroyed and broken, and guhhh. Intense, intense orgasms. Why is this? I know I'm not the only one, you kinky devils. What is it that's so fucking sexy about about hurting the characters we love? I never fantasise about myself in the situation. My sexuality is twisted and it confuses me. However, I know what I like and I know that this meme is my fucking crack. <3

ha. thank god for anon, eh.

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lost fic, please help

There's a fic that I liked and lost. I think it's a new WIP from this meme, but I might be wrong:

Mycroft is kidnapped, and the stress causes him to stutter when he calls Sherlock.

(Deleted comment)
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Lovely nonnies, I need you! I'm taking a course on family and community violence, and for our first paper, we're to write about a book that exhibits some form of family violence, abuse, or neglect. Obviously, that covers a wide range of books, and I'd like to narrow my focus to domestic violence in same-sex relationships. My google-fu hasn't really been fruitful, other than showing me a bunch of textbooks (which are interesting, but not helpful). So, I thought I'd beg you guys for some ideas. So, if you happen to know of any novels, biographies or memoirs on this subject, I'd love it if you could let me know.

Thanks everybody! =)

Edited at 2011-02-08 03:45 am (UTC)

Re: Possible Triggers

I'm writing one. I'd like to think I might get published sometime in my lifetime...which gives me hopefully 60 odd years. That doesn't help much, does it?

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Oh, Wise, Discussion/Chatter Post...

I have written a fill. It could either go with a prompt on Page III (which is where I first got the inspiration) or a suspiciously similar prompt on Page I (which is actually closer to what I've written). Obviously, I will have to post to the current Page X. But which prompt should I list as filling? III? I? Both? Is that allowed? I wish I & III had space left so I could post to I and put "relevant to your interests?" in III. D:

Indecisive!Anon is indecisive and wishes for the Discussion/Chatter Post to solve all problems like a Magic 8 Ball.

Mycroft says: See Peref. So I guess I wait for someone named Peref to respond and do what they say. Thanks, Mycroft!

Re: Oh, Wise, Discussion/Chatter Post...

If it's closer to the one on Page I, I'd list it as filling that, and post it there on the filled prompts post. But where you actually post it, you could also link to the prompt from Page III and point out that it may be relevant to that prompter's interests. Since it will be posted on the current point, there's a high probability that the OP will see it.

Quick brit questions

For two different stories.

Opperating room? OR? Same as here?

and next

prenatal is antenatal?

And you wouldn't go to a regular surgery for an antenatal appointment, right? You'd go to an antenatal clinic?

Re: Quick brit questions

Operating theatre

Yes, antenatal but you usually go to your ordinary surgery (however they may call the sessions The antenatal clinic)

I hope Molly is Moran or Moriarty. She has this inexplicable dark vibe to her. I mean think about it, she seems to love cats,  shy, girly - she is the average next door girl that people see everyday but she also works at a morgue. 

Isn't it kind of an odd job for such a person to have? She also seemed totally indifference to the fact that Sherlock was conducting  his experiment on a dead body of someone she had been working with. Even she said how she liked the person or something like that. 

If she is actually the kind of person she looks then It'd be rather boring. I mean I love this show, but the way they describe women characters is rather frustrating. They are all described rather less competent than the male characters, passive and slow. Sherlock even treats Sarah as some sort of obstacle which I can understand. It's Sherlock after all. And I don't personally like Sarah much either. I mean there isn't much to go on about her anyway. 

But Molly is a different story. Her screen time is relatively short but she has the potential to be a great character I think. Only if they are willing to make it happen I mean.

I have this mental image stuck in my head in which Molly is Moran (Actually in my head, Molly is Moriarty and Jim is Moran) and she is wearing red high hills and a suit, women's but she is wearing pants and her hair is pulled into a ponytail. She is feeding her cat with dead mice. Its fur is covered in the mouse's blood and she is staring at her cat with so much love.

And she turns her head so that she could stare Sherlock squarely in the eye with a intimidating, cold, dangerous face, and  she says something like "isn't cats lovely? I love cats and you are like a cat, Sherlock. That's why I like you." 

Maybe Molly has been letting him in the morgue just so she can play with Sherlock?

This kinda got out of my hand..... D: 
In short, I need more BAMFY Molly in my life.

If you like her evil, feel free to write her that way?

Personally I like her the way she is, why can't you be a cat person and like Glee and work in a morgue and still be nice? I wish the show would allow her better taste in men, but I think she's an awesome character.

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We have like three more hours before the freeze ends. How do think it has been so far? Satisfactory? Do you think it's better off with longer freezes like this? Or have you been dying to get your ideas out on this meme like me? I am thinking maybe a week is too long. Maybe.

I think a week's too long. Did the freeze really meet its aims? I haven't noticed a sharp rise in the number of fills being posted. If anything, it seems productivity has decreased because no new ideas are being generated. Or maybe there are exams and things going on in the real world, what do I know!

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Random fact:

I'm in chemistry right now, and we're learning about Molality. Thanks to this meme, all I can think of is that this is proof that Molly=Moriarty. Thank you meme.

That is all.

Anyone shipping rarepairs here? Which rarepair are you shipping?

Frustrated? Take it out on here!

(or should this go to the rant post instead?)

I ship Sherlock/John/Mycroft, I'd love to know if anyone else is out there who wants to see how they'd get to that point, not just have porn and drama. (Porn is awesome, but it's so hard to find any fic of the brothers making up!)

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So, um. Little story.

I'm taking a wonderfully geeky class. There's these two brothers that also take it.
They're both equally hot/wonderful/geeky as hell, which I love. And incredibly different. Oh lord.
My OT3 fantasies have QUINTUPLED. (Specifically, SherlockXFem!JohnXMycroft, wherein I'm Fem!John) #hellonewkink
Consequently, I now have velvet_mace 's Between a Tornado and a Hurricane (http://velvet-mace.livejournal.com/333848.html) memorized. THANK YOU YOU WONDERFUL WOMAN.

And Sherlock himself has encouraged me to fully embrace my weirness. 8D

Discuss: how Sherlock has made you realize new things about yourself. (Especially on kinky topics, please)

Re: #MyLifeIsInfusedWithSHERLOCK

Researching Sherlock made me realize that being asexual was an option (thank you tvtropes!) and after doing some research into it, I've realized that, no, I don't have anything wrong with me, it's just possible that I'm asexual. ^___^

Thank you Sherlock!

Brit-pick Help: Food/Culture Question

Hello meme-folks. I'm working on a fic and I need some info on "comfort food" in the UK. Specifically:

1. What sorts of food items would John have liked to get in a care package when he was in Afghanistan...things that would really bring a piece of home to him? It would be helpful to describe what the items are, and common brand names (or however people most commonly refer to them).

2. What are some general examples of British comfort food?

3. Is there a British equivalent to US "soul food" (i.e. traditional southern African American cuisine)?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Brit-pick Help: Food/Culture Question

Hmm. Mash is a comfort food for me. And macaroni cheese (NOT mac and cheese, macaroni cheese is how we say it). Tomato soup is good, toad in the hole, baked potatoes with beans and cheese (sometimes coleslaw too). Cheese on toast, a good old fry-up, boiled eggs with soldiers.

As to the care package or the soul food, I'm not entirely sure. Sorry.

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