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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Discussion/Chatter Post
Giggles at the Palace
This is a place for all sorts of off-topic discussion.

You can post anon or un-anon, per your personal preference, as usual.

All I ask is that you stay civil and (hopefully) friendly.

If you also want to use this thread to try to find a beta for a fic, or ask a brit-pick-ish question, I think that would be an acceptable use. Have fun!


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How is it that Mystrade is such a popular pairing (it even has its own name!), and yet they never even met in the show?

Because it's not that difficult to imagine them together? I mean, I had no trouble writing the pairing or imagining them interacting. Also, didn't we already have this discussion, like two pages ago?

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THERE'S A NEW WORDSTRINGS FIC POSTED YOU GUYS!!! \o/ (http://wordstrings.livejournal.com/5029.html)

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So... I have a mini(ish) fill that I'm working on, and I was wondering how I could get a beta reader for it....

It's a bit triggery for suicidal thoughts and imagery, and I need a beta to just do a quick read through for blatant Americanisms and anything possibly wrong with the voices. Also, it probably won't be online for 8ish hours, just because of Internet access (I'm on my phone right now).

If your interested, could you just please reply to this, and we can work out the details then? Its only one part, and when I've gone through it again, it should hopefully be around 1000ish words. (^_^)

Thank you for your time and patience,

Re: Triggery Mini-Fill

If you've no one else, I'll be willing to do it. (I have two English Lit degrees and have lived on both sides of the pond. Plus, I like editing.)

So I'm irritated and coping with said irritation by fantasy-shopping and guess what I found: JOHN WATSON'S STRIPEY JUMPER. (The link might give you a region select, but pick "U.S." and you should be able to see it.) YOU GUYS. STRIPEY. AND ON SALE.

Commenting on popular fics

Are you more likely to find yourself commenting on something which already has a lot of comments, or less likely? (On the meme, or elsewhere.)

I find that if I like a fic but it already has several comments, I won't say anything. Why should I? The author already knows people like it.

On the other hand, if I like a fic but it hasn't got many comments, I feel that the author should be encouraged and to know that they did impress someone.

I know I should comment on things I like, regardless of popularity, but in reality it doesn't work out that way.

How do your commenting patterns run?

(Mycroft feels that I should be excommunicated. ALL RIGHT, FINE, I'LL COMMENT MORE, OKAY?)

Re: Commenting on popular fics

I do the same. I also try to comment on gen and rarepair more than the popular pairings, even if I didn't absolutely love the story.

Ragey rage

Is anyone else having one of those irritating, teeth ground down to the gums, why can't people just do things my way, kind of days?

It has just been SO DAMN NOISY here today. The wind has been howling all night and day, whistling through the drafty places (of which there are a lot, in my house). I got woken up sometime before dawn because my neighbour, who we call The Harpy, decided that 5am was a good time to loudly sweep the pavement in front of the house (in the pouring rain mind you, she is a hateful mad woman), then there were roadworks, and the street sweeper came by about eleventy billion times, beeping and whirring. And lots of sirens, and now my other neighbour is outside coughing (I know, how dare he) and I am a little quivering ball of irritation.

Ahem. I am moving away from this shithole in 23 days. I can make it that long, right? *thinks soothing thoughts*

Re: Ragey rage

Oh Christ, now they (my neighbours) are shouting at each other again. I just want to beat the walls and scream at them to shut up for once.

But the walls are made of like, taffeta and candy floss, so my fists would probably just go straight through.

You might have noticed, the soothing thoughts are not working. Maybe I can get my boyfriend to take me out to dinner.

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For this fic I'm writing, I just thought of the phrase "créme de la crime" for Lestrade to say, and I thought it was so very clever.

But when I googled it I found out it was already a thing - a BBC radio show. I'm so pissed off I don't even wanna keep writing now.

If it helps I just took a quick poll of my household (all two of us) and we've never heard of that phrase

So if you had used it in a fic I would have thought you were very clever and given you full credit for it. And I probably wouldn't have been alone in that.

(deleted post was me, gah! Typos!)

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I got a fill for an odd little prompt of mine, and I love it. It's everything I had hoped for and more, and I told the filler they'd made my day. However, no one else commented... D: I'm really sad now. Small fics need love! Please comment if you see one that you like.

This one: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/5880.html?thread=26603768#t26603768


It is COULDN'T not could.

If you say 'I could care less' then it implies that you could actually care less. That you have some small investment or feeling about what you are talking about.

Couldn't means: could not. As in, you have no feeling, no investment and don't care whatsoever about the thing/person/whatever you are speaking of


'I could care less if he caught'. This statement implies that you might care if he caught. That he means a little bit to you and, if he is caught it matters just a bit.

'I couldn't care less if he is caught' This means that you don't care if he is caught. That he means nothing to you, if he is caught it doesn't matter to you


That annoys me, too.

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Is it my imagination or has this page turned a bit ranty?

Not that I mind a good rant. But for a second I thought I was on the rants page and kinda did a doubletake.

Oh and since we are off topic and I'm watching the Granada Sherlock, is it my imagination or was the Greek Interpreter the slashiest episode or what. Even Mycroft got to feel other dudes up.

Re: Is it my imagination or has this page turned a bit ranty?

I like how the interpreted The Greek Interpreter. Mycroft was such a BAMF in that.

I don't remember particular slash.... except! When Holmes put his arm around Watson to stop him from saving the bad guy (you're such a good man, Watson!) and his hand just lingers there...

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I signed up for this sherlock20in20 thing, I was so sure I'd want to do another round (I even PM-ed the mod asking when the next round was gonna be!), and then I totally blew it!

There were no ideas whatsoever left in my head! Like, none. Which makes 70 my limit of ideas for Sherlock icons.

And it's not like I didn't try. I'd select screencaps and start cropping and masking and stuff, only to delete it all and make this instead:

It's a sad day when you can't even commit to your hobbies.

"It's a sad day when you can't even commit to your hobbies."

I've got five doc files of fic open for two different fandoms, and I keep picking one, writing another 200 words, hating it and deleting the paragraph, then switching to the next story... lather, rinse, repeat. Aaaaall daaaay.

So, yeah. Is it something in the water right now?

(Also, awesome gif is awesome.)

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I would like to direct the attention

of the writer of the hilarious 'Mycroft meets Sebastian from Little Britain' fill to this prompt asking for Mycroft to get Lauren Cooper as an apprentice:

I think it's tailor made for your genius, whoever you are.

Is anyone ever going to talk about how Wordstrings is obviously katie_forsythe.

tbh I'm just guessing here


but there is no way wordstrings just turned up from nowhere and they list the same birthday

That...makes a surprising amount of sense.

Unless they are TWINS! Obviously wordstrings is the evil one.

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formatting when anon

This seems to come up often enough...

<i>text</i> = italic
<b>text</b> = bold
<u>text</u> = underline
<strike>text</strike> = strike
<blink>text</blink> = blink
<marquee>text</marquee> = marquee
<tt>text</tt> = typewriter
<font size="1">text</font> small font ("-2" instead of "1" will work as well)
<font size="6">text</font> = large font ("+2" instead of "6" will work as well)

for spoilers: <table width=250 height=20><tr><td bgcolor=#000000>Spoiler text here</td></tr></table> =
Put OMG spoiler text that spoils here

for overly excited sparklely text: <table background=http://pics.livejournal.com/kylara/pic/0063qfze><tr><td><font size="6"> Sparkle text! </font></td></tr></table> =
Sparkle text!

for overly excited rainbow text: <table background=http://pics.livejournal.com/kylara/pic/0063yry2><tr><td><font size="6"> Rainbow text! </font></td></tr></table> =
Rainbow text!

for images: <table background="put the direct image url here" height="put height here" width="put width here">

Re: formatting when anon


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Recommendations please.

So, I am in the hospital with the flu. Yeah....I can't believe it either.
I've been through the delicious here and yes...I know watson's_woes exists.

Could you wonderful people tell me of some great fiction where John is injured/sick/on deaths door/dies/tries to commit suicide/is raped/ is tortured...or anything like that?

Thank you!!

No one is going to help you

You know why? Because this is the meme of 'hurt sherlock, only sherlock...and make him innocent of everything...and make it horrible if people even cross their eyes at him. And john is a horrid person if he doesn't lick sherlock's boots'

Hardly any 'john whump' prompts are filled.

Just leave, because no one is going to help....if you'd asked about sherlock this entire page would be filled.
Go somewhere else.

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