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Prompting: Part VII
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill 1/

(Hope it's what OP intended. Pls ignore the glaring mistakes in police procedure. Unbeta’d and unBritpicked, SORRY.)

Lestrade half ushered, but mostly pushed the younger man through the door into the empty room of the custody suite.

“This isn’t the processing area. There’s no detention officer. And where’s the custody sergeant? I haven’t been processed in.”

The note of entitlement in the moneyed tones got right under Lestrade’s skin, and he slammed the door unnecessarily hard behind him. He saw the other man eye the room, taking in the odd fact it had features of both a charge room and a medical room.

“I wouldn’t have thought you’d be so keen on a paper trail, kid. Aren’t you worried about what your family will say when they find out you’ve been taken into custody?”

“Without a warrant? Hardly.”

With no warning Lestrade shoved the man onto the plastic chair in front of the desk.

“You really don’t want to antagonize me. Especially not by telling me how to do my job. I’d say finding you in possession of a Class A controlled substance constitutes a ‘serious offence’ and ‘reasonable grounds’. It’s not your first arrest – I bet you’ve got the Misuse of Drugs Act pretty much memorized. You haven’t learned anything though, have you? Just another stupid rich kid wanting his kicks.”

“Are you charging me?”

“Are you charging me Detective Inspector, I think you mean? Haven’t decided yet. Got 24 hours to make that decision. Let’s see how things go, shall we? But a charge for possession wouldn’t do you any good at all.”

Lestrade strode to the door and locked it, the metallic squeal echoing bleakly in the sterile, tiled room. He pointed up at the recording equipment on the wall. “Everything’s off. It’s just you and me. No interruptions, no witnesses. Now give me the name of your supplier.”

“I told you, I made the stuff myself. It’s quite simple to do.”

“Shut it. I don’t need a lecture on drugs from a strung-out junkie. You’re twitching already. This charge won’t look good on your CV. I’m guessing your fancy Oxbridge college or even any university won’t be so welcoming toward that aspect of your degree in Chemistry. Better hope that when you can’t get a job, your family still supports you, eh?”

Lestrade kicked the chair around so it faced the desk.

“Fill that out.” He hung over the man as he completed the form, close enough to catch his scent. “That had better not be an alias. ID?”

The man handed over his wallet, and Lestrade made a big deal of rifling through it.

Sherlock? You’d better hope these charges go away; seems your parents really don’t like you to have landed you with a name like that. Empty your pockets.”

Sherlock did so, and Lestrade decided he couldn’t be bothered with fingerprinting. They probably didn’t have that much time, despite all the favors he’d called in on this quiet Sunday. He made sure Sherlock saw him drop his possessions into a security tray, letting each item fall and sound out in the sparsely furnished room.

“Now strip.”

Sherlock locked his strange, almost colorless gaze with his for long moments. He didn’t pretend he hadn’t heard or understood.

“Shouldn’t there be another person present?”

“Into that, are you? I said strip. I’m sure you know what comes next.”

He hauled Sherlock to his feet and waited until Sherlock’s gaze slid from his. Lestrade wondered if he’d protest again, but then Sherlock removed his jacket and handed it over. Lestrade checked it, including the seams, with quick efficiency before he dropped it in the tray. Shirt, shoes, socks and trousers followed; Sherlock wore no underwear.

Lestrade looked him up and down, slowly, and couldn’t help the flush blooming on his face. Sherlock’s long, slender body and pale, arrogant attractiveness added up to an odd, offhand beauty, and he enjoyed feasting his eyes on it. Sherlock eventually started to move under the frankly appreciative scrutiny, making little, nervous tics. His weird gray eyes had taken on a tinge of colour, turning a bluer shade. Lestrade understood when a slight flush spread over Sherlock’s upper torso, reaching as far as those impossible cheekbones, and his cock started to fill and redden, a contrast to his stark paleness.

Fill 2/

Lestrade smirked and moved quickly behind Sherlock to slap handcuffs on him. He pulled those sinewy arms down farther, adding a pinch of pain and breathed, “And I don’t want to hear one word from you about procedure, got it?”

Sherlock swallowed and nodded.

“Good lad.” And he actually administered a hard, meaty thwack to the pale globes of that work-of-art arse, just for the fun of seeing the imprint fill in with a red stain. He walked slowly round to stand in front of his captive and let the silence build and thicken.

“As you see, I’m complying, detective inspector. I’m telling the truth about not having a supplier. Please believe that.”

“And now you’re complying? After struggling to resist arrest? Why should I believe you?”

“I, well, I would be grateful if this didn’t go on my record. As you say, finding employment in my field would be difficult with a conviction of this nature.” He coughed, his throat dry.

“So you’d be grateful if this all went away, as if by magic?” He nodded, and Lestrade stepped nearer to him. “How grateful?” His voice had dropped a little in anticipation.

“Very. Extremely.” And the little tart sank to his knees and looked up under sooty eyelashes, wiggling his arms to make the metal cuffs jingle, Lestrade’s cue to remove them.

“Sorry, kid. They stay on. Let’s see how clever you really are.”

He leaned back against the desk, his crotch at the level of Sherlock’s face, and thrust forward. Sherlock blinked, pressed his full lips together and then caught the pull tab of Lestrade’s zip between his teeth and tugged it slowly downward. Despite years of experience with both men and women, Lestrade found the slow descent of the zip’s slider and the noise the zip’s two rows of teeth made as they separated the most erotic foreplay he’d ever had.

Sherlock sat back a little and looked lost. Lestrade pushed his pelvis forward again, but took pity in the inept nuzzling attempt to free his cock. He fisted it out and ordered, “Suck me off.”

The man on his knees in front of him actually licked his lips before leaning forward and running his tongue up the length of him, from balls to head. Lestrade’s cock jerked in response as Sherlock tongued his slit and nibbled gently on the crown.

“That’s a good start.”

He watched Sherlock take the head in his mouth, closing his lips over the rim, then circling his tongue over him. He fought against the instinctive movement of his hips and instead grasped the edge of the table in a tight, one-handed grip. He rested his other hand on the back of Sherlock’s head and pushed down, forcing him to open up and take more of him.

“You can take it. Breathe through your nose. That’s it.”

And he was sucked deep. He put both hands around Sherlock’s head, guiding him, controlling the pace as he murmured, “Fucking fantastic.” The contrast to the feigned ignorance at the start was glaringly obvious as Sherlock gave a deep inhalation, which softened his palate for a split second before he swallowed him down the rest of the way.

Jesus, his throat’s fucking exquisite. The muscles squeezed around him every time Sherlock swallowed, and he lost himself in that gorgeous rough-velvet texture as much as in the sight of his slick cock pumping in and out. He didn’t want it to end, didn’t want to lose that torture, but half-wished he could free those long-fingered hands to cup his balls and squeeze his sensitive sac as he encouraged the clever tongue to feather up and down.

But all too soon he felt the familiar tingle at the base of his spine. His balls tightened, and he knew he was close and so tangled his fingers in the curls under his hands, pulling and twisting them as he began a heavier rhythm of driving in and out of that unbelievable mouth. Incredibly, the lips firmed, the suction increased, and those unearthly eyes locked onto his as he came hard with a strangled cry, shooting streams of cum down the throat engulfing him. Sherlock swallowed him down, not missing a drop. Lestrade didn’t release him after, but held him in place to lick and suck him clean as he sagged against the desk.

“Am I free to go now, detective inspector?” Lestrade reveled in the hoarser note now overlaying the already baritone voice.

“Go? We’re just getting started.”

Fill 3/

Lestrade took a moment to master himself, then motioned Sherlock up, back on the chair. He slowly took off his jacket and rolled his shirt sleeves up a few inches. He crossed to a further table and returned with a medical tray, from which he picked up some instruments.

“Know what these are?”

“That’s a disposable tongue depressor and that’s an otoscope.”

Was it? Probably. He’d know, thought Lestrade, making a mental note that Sherlock was getting his arse slapped hard later for taking that tone.

“And I’m sure you know what ‘body cavity search’ means. Visual and manual.”

“An inspection of the…”

The roughened words were cut off by Lestrade deploying the unwrapped tongue depressor inside Sherlock’s mouth, up and down and side to side as he searched. Chucking it into a waste bag, he next bent Sherlock’s head down onto the desk and took his time scratching his short fingernails through the dark curls he’d only just now been pulling and twisting. He wiped the otoscope, was it, with an alco swap and used it to inspect up Sherlock’s nostrils and inside his ears.

All the time Sherlock sat passively, his breathing hitching and catching, letting Lestrade position him this way and that way, still cuffed, goose bumps erupting and dying on different sections of his marble white but reddening flesh.

Lestrade even checked under his arms. Of course Sherlock had no contraband on him. He had nothing on him, Lestrade knew that. But that wouldn’t prevent Lestrade from moving on with this.

“Up. Sit on there.” And when Sherlock was sitting on the edge of the desk, Lestrade took up the slim aluminum penlight and shone it into his navel. Sherlock jerked away as if scalded, and Lestrade barely repressed a snort of laughter.

He moved down to Sherlock’s penis, pulling the foreskin down the erect shaft with one hand, and enjoying it, abandoned the penlight to stroke up and down. Sherlock hissed at this, and Lestrade paused and raised an eyebrow, but no words were forthcoming, so he indulged himself a little more, playing with the velvet-over-steel sensation and twisting his hand over the weeping head as it emerged. God, he could do this for hours, but knew even Sherlock couldn’t last that long.

What was next? Oh yeah. He rooted around for the small ziploc pack of small cotton swabs and felt for a pack of gloves.

“No. Don’t, Greg.”

Lestrade almost jumped at the use of his name and looked Sherlock in the eyes.

“Do you want to–”

He received a narrow-eyed glare and a short, sharp shake of the head that set him back on track.

“Right. Only one cavity left. And it’s a biggie.” He watched Sherlock carefully as he snapped on the latex gloves but saw only a widening of those eerie eyes and heard only a loud intake of breath, He twisted hard to unseal the cap of a fresh tube of gel and spread some on his fingers.

“Turn around and bend over.”

Sherlock did so, shakily, his still-cuffed hands twisting up, and Lestrade pushed his feet farther apart, widening Sherlock’s stance so he could fit himself between those long legs. He separated the globes of Sherlock’s arse and touched a lubed finger to his opening. Just that small touch had Sherlock jerking and writhing. Loving it, Lestrade slapped that delectable arse, warming it with a few hard spanks.

“Did you know,” he began, conversationally, “regulations state that during manual body cavity searches, body orifices are probed using fingers or the entire hand?”

He pushed a finger inside, going for ruthless, seeming to achieve arousing, if the reaction was anything to go by. He added a second, wondering how many nerve endings he was sliding over as he twisted from side to side on his journey. He brushed over Sherlock’s prostate and continued to press forward, until a groan urged him to add a third finger. This felt so strange with a latex barrier over his fingers.

It was becoming increasingly obvious he was simply finger-fucking the body curled over in front of him. Sherlock’s vocal response as he pushed back onto Lestrade’s brutal thrusts was making him hard again. At his age. Amazing.

Fill 4/

He pulled out abruptly and listened to the different sighs and moans this elicited from his victim. Sherlock had leaked an embarrassing amount of precum onto the desk, and his stomach was slick with it. Only now did he look vulnerable, etiolated, still bent in that position, which must be getting uncomfortable. Lestrade uncuffed him, and before Sherlock could accuse him of sympathy or pity, he grabbed his arms and spread them over the desk to hook over the opposite edge.

“You said you’d do anything?” He turned Sherlock’s head to one side and saw him nod. “You might want to hang on. This could get a bit rough for a delicate thing like you.”

The condoms were not in the examination tray but in his pocket. He ripped one open, sheathed himself and took a second to cup the heavy balls underneath him before pushing through the lubed hole, feeling it yield to the pressure. He didn’t pause, but forced his way, pushing and stretching, working deep inside as Sherlock bucked beneath him.

He bent flat over the body in front of him, rubbing against the spank-reddened arse to whisper, “I’m going to fuck you, and you’re going to love it. I want you moaning and panting, and you’re going to come with me inside you when I say so.” He paused at the long, low moan and shiver Sherlock gave.

“Don’t pretend like I’m the first. You gave such a professional blowjob - is this how you make your money?”

Lestrade fucked him ruthlessly, the pace too punishing to last, but he was still broadsided by his orgasm, losing himself in the heat and constriction of Sherlock one moment, and then pulsing heavy and strong the next. He fumbled and closed his hand over Sherlock, a blunt demand, come now, then Sherlock's cum splashed hot over Lestrade’s fist, against his stomach and over the desk. Lestrade fought not to collapse totally over the pliant body under him but found himself remaining there for long moments, trying to remember how to breathe normally.

Somehow Lestrade heaved his body off Sherlock’s, gave him a swipe down with wet tissues and pulled them both over to the tiny examination table he’d covered in white paper couch roll. He lay down first so it wouldn’t stick to Sherlock’s spent, sweat-soaked body and wad up beneath him.

Fill 5

The bed, really just a padded bench, was so narrow Sherlock had to lie on top of him. He covered him with the blanket he’d left there. He rolled out a plastic bottle of energy drink and nudged Sherlock to sip it, planning to take care of his sore wrists and raw arse as soon as possible. He held him close as they lay breathing in synch, trying not to fall off the side, Sherlock’s face and curls plastered to the crook of his neck.

“That thing you said, about me being a rent boy. We didn’t discuss that.”

“It just came out of nowhere. Oh, for Christ’s sake. Don’t start with the critique!”

It flashed through his head; all that swabs and samples stuff - he’d forgotten that, should have written it all down. And, oh God, Sherlock would be fascinated at having come up against his own boundaries, and his need to push them would be traded up into some even sicker, medical fetish scene. Jesus.

“No!” Sherlock lifted his head up, peeling his skin and hair off Lestrade with a wince. “It was great! It gave me an idea for when it’s my turn again. I’m on the street. You’re driving past…”

Jesus. Calm down a sec. It’s my turn next anyhow. And I know what I want. A nice, lazy Sunday morning in bed. Doing the crossword with no help from you. Then–”

“A long, slow massage leading to a long, slow fuck, then a really late lunch.” Sherlock spoke the last sentence along with Lestrade.

“Wasn’t it all right?”

“No, it was fine. I loved the massage; looking forward to another. And maybe you could get me a cock ring, delay things further…”

“Sherlock! So, what was wrong with lunch?”

“I’m sure it was fine. Just not that into eating. Food, I mean.”

“Sherlock! Just how juvenile can you get?”

“Now that is really giving me an idea, Daddy.”

“Belt up, for God’s sake.”

“So’s that. You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you.”

Lestrade tried conveying his feelings by rolling his eyes and noticed something worrying. He stared at the camera mounted high on the wall near the ceiling.


“I think the red light’s on up there. That means it’s recording!”

“Yes, I ensured it. Can’t wait to watch it. It will be didactic; we can–”

“I said no critiquing! I can’t believe you. You’ll be the death of me. And don’t take that as a challenge to instigate breathplay or any form of autoerotic asphyxiation, you sodding nutter.”

Re: Fill 5

See that? That's my bunk. I'll be in it.

God, that was hot! Please feel free to let us know what Sherlock comes up with next!!

seconding anon!
That was awesome.

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Re: Fill 5

Thanks for the nice comment!

Re: Fill 5

I didn't read the prompt first, so I was more than a bit squicked at the beginning, but then it was good. Very good indeed. :D

Re: Fill 5 (Anonymous) Expand
Do you hear that explosion? THOSE WERE MY PANTIES.

Thank you!

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Re: Fill 5

Ahaha, Brilliant! The scene was hotter than hot, but honestly my favorite is Lestrade's "No critiquing!" Lol, poor Lestrade, can't catch a break. :D

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This is quite possibly the hottest thing that ever hotted. Even though I knew what was going on you wrote the atmosphere perfectly, dark and sexy! And oh, that ending - Hee!

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Re: Fill 5 (Anonymous) Expand
rent boy role play (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill 5 (Anonymous) Expand
This is surely made from the most perfect recipe for a fic: a cup of hot’n’sexy, a jigger of naughty, splash of sweetness, and a healthy dollop of ‘oh Sherlock! for good measure.

You need to deanon pronto so I can see everything you've ever filled here.

Re: Fill 5

FUCK THAT WAS HOT! Any chance of that rent boy sequel?

Re: Fill 5

Holy crap. I'm not even a big fan of this pairing but that was delicious. Bravo!

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