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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part VI
Giggles at the Palace
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Harry Potter/Sherlock crossover – Sherlock is a Metamorphmagus which is helpful when going on cases. It’s up to whoever fills this (if they do) whether the other characters are witches and wizards too or whether they are Muggles.

A/N: I may have gotten a little bit carried away. And by a little, I mean a lot. My plot went in a weird direction. IDK, I blame the meme; it's made me write deathfic (WHAT THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE) and now genderbending, of sorts (I HAVE ONLY DONE THAT ONCE BEFORE, EVER!) So I'm very, very sorry for my carried-away-ness... ^.^;;


"Married to his work."

What a sorry, sodden lie.

More like, married to the family. To his future. To the truth about Sherlock Holmes, and who he was, and oh, what he could do. Rubbish with anything practical, of course - charms, ugh, boring - but complicated, tricky spells, things that required thought and knowledge and brilliance... He had gifts. Rare gifts. And to the Holmes family, this made him... valuable.

For now, he was free. He could solve his cases and have tea with John Watson and pretend, for a few years, that he was a muggle. Most muggles were smarter than most wizards, anyway.

But he knew it was not going to last forever. One day, he would have to come home. One day, Sherlock would have to get married, to some person-or-other, because that was her duty as the first daughter of a pure-blooded household.

She, he, knew that one day the fun would be over. It was just...

Sherlock stared at the owl in the window, and closed his eyes.

He didn't think it would be this soon.


Mummy was fair, to a certain extent.

She wasn't about to thrust her daughter into marriage without at least ascertaining that her daughter's groom would be... tolerable. So, there was a dinner held. A first meeting. If things went well, the betrothal would carry on in the traditions of the old ways.

While both Mycroft and Sherlock were very much pro-muggle, and Mycroft pulled the strings in governments both magical and non-magical, the rest of the Holmes were recluses, not involving themselves in the peculiarities of either world and sticking to a mixture of toleration and tradition. Certainly not fans of Voldemort and his like, but not about to act against them, either.

So, they observed most of the simpler traditions. Betrothal was one of them.

Sherlock stood in the bathroom in 221b Baker Street. John was out, off to see Sarah, apparently. He didn't need to worry about being caught.

Slowly, Sherlock shifted back into the form of his birth. His hair lengthened, curled down to his shoulders. He became shorter. His features softened slightly, and then his shape began to change entirely, growing curves, and slowly, Sherlock became not a man, but a woman.

She was born in the form of a girl, and had been raised a girl, and sent to Beauxbatons - still a girl. Homeschooled, when he was kicked out, as a girl. But only minutes after birth, he had changed into a boy. A few minutes too late, of course; they had already marked his legal identity as female. But he always felt more comfortable with boy parts, a boy mind, the shape of a boy.

For this dinner, however, he was expected to be female, as Mummy's letter had strictly informed him.

Sometimes, Sherlock truly hated the magical world.

With a bit of clever wandwork, she quickly applied a hint of makeup, cleaned and styled her hair. She changed clothes, wearing robes of midnight blue, and was ready.

Sighing, Sherlock disapparated, headed for the home of Holmes.

It was to be a long night.


Sherlock was seated, her hands primly folded in her lap as she gazed (glared) across the table. Mummy was seated to her left, and Mycroft to his right, and to Mycroft's right, there was, of course, his ever faithful assistant, currently going by the name of Tabatha.

"Are you ready to meet your potential future husband?" Mummy asked.

"No. Are you going to tell me who you've found?"

"I didn't find him, this time. Mycroft did, background checks and all." Mummy smiled. "Alright. Let them in," she said to Nolly, their (paid) family house-elf.

"You owe me," Mycroft murmured. Sherlock turned and raised an eyebrow, but had no time to ask.

That was when they entered - the Watsons. Pure-blooded, of course. Sherlock pulled out other details from her mind: Hogwarts-affiliated, producing Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors, for the most part. Not excessively wealthy; they were shopkeepers and artisans and common people, rather than business lords or trade experts. Beyond that, Sherlock hadn't bothered to remember. If she had ever known all the names of his ancestors and the family trees of all the families, she had deleted it long ago.

First Mr Watson. Then, Mrs Watson. Then, Sherlock's apparent husband-to-be -

And out stepped a young woman. Young, and oddly familiar.

Mrs Watson looked furious. "Harry! Leave this table and bring out your brother; you know better!"

Harry tore her gaze away from Sherlock, to scowl at her mother, with a hint of confusion. "Yes, mum," she said darkly. She turned to leave the room...

"Wait," Sherlock said. "Turn and face me."

Albeit reluctantly, Harry did so - and she stared at Sherlock.

"Harriet Watson? Harry Watson?" Sherlock asked quietly.

Harry shifted nervously, adopting an almost military stance. "Yes. And you're Sherlock Holmes."

"And unless I'm wrong, and I'm rarely wrong, you have no brother. You're a metamorphagus." Sherlock sat back in her seat, and allowed herself to smile. "That," she said, "could be useful."

Harry, or John - did it matter? - began to smile back.

The elder Watsons and Mummy looked shocked and slightly horrified. Mycroft smiled to himself, satisfied with a job well done, and Tabatha tapped away at her Blackberry, pleased.


"Just to be clear - we've both been in love with each other all along, but since we both thought we'd end up marrying somebody else..."

"We ignored it."

"Right. And you don't mind marrying me?"

"John, if I must marry, I can think of no better person. It's not as though we weren't a married couple already."

"...True. And of course, our parents both hate it and are too proud to go back on their word, now."


"We're both metamorphagi. You prefer being a man, I take it?"

"Yes, and you're the same. Problem?"

"No. No, not at all."

"Good. Though as you know, I'm always open to a bit of experimentation."

"Oh, well if it's in the name of science."


DI Lestrade was confused.

Nothing seemed to have changed between John and Sherlock, otherwise. They acted the same. But now they had this little thing where they had what seemed like a hundred thousand inside jokes, overnight. They kept whispering to each other at crime scenes, and laughing over whatever it was they said. And nobody had a bloody clue what it was about.

Also, they kept doing the impossible. They didn't have lock picks; they couldn't possibly have lock picks. He had checked them, searched them, he would know - and yet, they got in everywhere. Sometimes the two of them managed to infiltrate a building, and nobody could figure out how they managed it. Any recovered security footage only showed ordinary people. No sign of either man anywhere.

And then, worst of all, there were the baffling reports. The DI kept hearing stories about himself. Apparently, last Friday, he was seen snogging the life out of John Watson's sister just outside Baker Street; the week before he had apparently been walking hand-in-hand through a park with Sherlock Holmes. Just to name a few.

Lestrade couldn't help but think that somehow, Sherlock and John knew. Maybe they were the ones doing it. He couldn't imagine how. But something had changed, and he didn't know what, and it drove him mad.

Finally, Lestrade decided - he just didn't want to know. It wasn't worth the effort. He calmly flattened the rumours - no, whatever it looked like, he was not secretly in love with Anderson - and waited. Resigned himself to never knowing the secret.

The day Mycroft told him was a long day, indeed.

Re: Fill 2/2


As amazing as all this concentrated awesome is, I think my favorite part is both John AND Sherlock role-playing Lestrade. 'Cause you know they both want some of that.

Rupert Graves; 'nuff said. THEY SO TOTALLY WOULD. Or at least I would. Mmmhmm.

Of course, it could just be that John roleplays as Sherlock, too, for the lulz, or Sherlock as John. In my head there's at least one day every few months where Sherlock and John switch places and see how many people they fool. Oh, the hilarity!

Thank you very much! :D

Re: Fill 2/2

oh, this is brilliant. Love the setup and it's generally lovely and hilarious. Also I now want like a hundred sequels, just so you know.

Haha, thank you! ;D I'm sorry, I doubt I'll be doing sequels to this, but if anybody else ever wants to they're free to go ahead... The things they must get up to... /grins/ They such horrible influences on each other.

(Deleted comment)
Oh my God it is SUCH a relief to hear that! :D I was terrified I'd taken it a bit too far! :) Thank you!!

Re: Fill 2/2

this was adorably cute & clever & quite amusing. Thank you! :)

Very welcome! :D /bows/

Re: Fill 2/2

Hahah, this was hilarious! A hundred thousand inside jokes overnight. :D

If I were magic, and suddenly found out that my best friend was magic, OH, THE PRANKS WE WOULD PULL... :D Thank you!

Lestrade's little bit at the end made it perfect. I love that, eventually, he will know. Although I'm rather amused and worried to imagine what John and Sherlock did that would necessitate Mycroft telling him...

Re: Fill 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Fill 2/2

This is AWESOME!! lol

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