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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part V
Giggles at the Palace
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Because I'm a sucker for Fluff

I want some innocent, fluffy touching between John and Sherlock that eventually evolves into slow, tender sex. Maybe John is trying to find Sherlock's ticklish spot or is tending a wound and things just escalate.

Bonus points if it's their first time together.

Re: Because I'm a sucker for Fluff

Yes. This. Please. Ta.

Re: Because I'm a sucker for Fluff

God yes. Seconded. I'll give you my first-born child, or I would if I had or was planning to have children... actually I'll just give you cookie, is that okay?

Fill: The Good Doctor (1/2)

"Hold still."

There's not much light, but John's done this before in even less ideal conditions. At least there's no sand in his eyes, no firefight carrying on around him, and the wound beneath his fingers is superficial at best. No one's losing a limb tonight. The flat is quiet and Sherlock is miraculously obedient, sitting shirtless on the floor in front of him while John sutures his left shoulder.

John bites his lip as he pushes the needle into Sherlock's skin and pulls it out again, tugging the stitch tight. "All right?" he asks. "Can give you a bit more lidocaine if you need."

"I'm fine," says Sherlock. "Can't feel anything but pressure."

"Nearly done," says John. "Of course, tomorrow you're going down the surgery for a tetanus injection. God only knows what was on that glass."

"I know what was on that glass, John. It was my experiment."

John snorts. "And now it's a crater in the kitchen table, and another mysterious stain on the ceiling. Mrs Hudson will be able to retire to Majorca if we ever manage to pay her for all the damages you've incurred."

Sherlock tries to twist round, give him an incredulous look, but John pushes him back into place with a firm hand.

"Don't move," he says. "Don't want to sew your head to your shoulder."

"The physical likelihood of you being able to do that is nil," says Sherlock. "You ought to know that, being a doctor and all."

"Could sew your mouth shut." John finishes the last stitch and ties off the threads, snipping the ends with his scissors. He picks up cotton wool and a bottle of betadine and paints over the wound again before covering it with a large plaster. "Don't pick at it. I know you're going to try, but leave it alone. And you ought to take something, it's going to hurt like hell when the lido wears off."

Sherlock grumbles and rolls his shoulders. "Bossy," he says, looking back at John. "Thank you."

John smiles. "You're welcome. Glad it wasn't worse. That jar could have blown up in your face instead of behind your back, and I'd rather not be sewing your nose back on right now."

"Sorry I knocked out the power." Sherlock looks almost contrite. "Not sure how I did it."

"Blew a fuse, I imagine." John packs away his things, back into the old-fashoned leather doctor's bag, a gift from the lads in his regiment before he was sent home. "I'll look into it when I'm done with you. Turn around."

Sherlock obliges, shifting so that he's kneeling in front of John, looking up at him. "What're you doing?"

John leans in, peering at Sherlock's face. "Making certain you've no bits of glass left on you. Get any in your eye and it'll be a nasty business." He uses his thumb to gently tug down the skin of Sherlock's left cheek, then his right, peering into his eyes. By the light of the emergency candle they are more ethereal than usual, too expressive to be blue, too lovely to be gray. He brushes at Sherlock's eyebrows with a fingertip, nodding when a single speck of glass drifted down to Sherlock's nose. John taps it away. "See what I mean?" he says.

"Yes." Sherlock's voice is soft, mostly breath. He watches John intently. "You truly are a good doctor."

It's a rare compliment, one that goes straight to John's ears and turns them pink. "Ah, well." He clears his throat, embarrassed. "You provide me with enough practise that I can't be anything but a good doctor," he says, chuckling. "I think you're sorted. I'll go look at the fuse now-"

John starts to rise but Sherlock stops him with one hand wrapped lightly round his wrist. He says nothing, just stares at John. His grip tightens a bit.

"Sherlock?" John swallows hard, sits back down. Their faces are close, closer than they've ever been before. John can feel Sherlock's breath on his face, and he can nearly taste the tea and chemicals Sherlock almost always smells of. "Sherlock."

Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

He can't tell which of them moves first. It's possible they're both moving. Their noses brush, their cheeks press together for just a moment, before Sherlock tilts his head. They're not kissing but they're not not kissing, there's almost no light between their mouths. Sherlock breathes out as John breathes in, and now John can taste him, even before Sherlock finally pushes their mouths together and parts his lips, licking out.

It's a slow, achingly slow, lazy kiss. It's quite possibly the slowest kiss John's ever experienced. In the past when he's gone in for a snog it'd always been hurried, frantic, fueled by the need to get his kit off and get on with shagging. This kiss however, there's no rush to it, no hurry. It progresses at a glacial pace and John is surprised to find that he's perfectly all right with that, mostly because Sherlock kisses like a fucking angel.

Sherlock reaches up and cups John's cheek with one hand, slides their tongues together. The only sounds in the flat are the soft, wet noises of their mouths together, their breathing, the tick of a nearby clock. John trails the backs of his knuckles down the center of Sherlock's bare chest, hovering over the beat of his heart. It's the only part of Sherlock, other than his mouth, that's moving. He's perfectly skill as he kisses the breath out of John.

"Come here," murmurs Sherlock, dropping his hand and tugging gently on John's arm. John goes, sliding off the sofa into Sherlock's lap, kneeling over him, straddling him. He takes Sherlock's face in his hands and kisses him again, finds himself smiling stupidly. "What?"

"Nothing," says John. It's honest. He has no idea why he's smiling. He just wants to. "Clothes?"

Sherlock nods. "Mm."

It takes them ages to get undressed. Sherlock keeps pausing to kiss some part of John - his shoulder, his ear, his knee - and John gets distracted by every pale, smooth piece of Sherlock that's revealed as he takes off his clothes. When they're finally naked and sprawled together on the floor they're both hard, sweating despite the chill in the air.

"Turn over," says John, nudging at Sherlock. He rolls Sherlock over and slithers up against him, spooning him from behind. John presses a kiss to the plaster over the wound he'd just stitched shut. "What do you want?"

"Anything," says Sherlock. He reaches back and splays a hand over John's hip. "Anything."

John shivers. He stretches a hand toward his bag, rummaging around inside until he finds a little jar of Vaseline. "You already know," he says, opening the jar and coating his fingers, "that I'd do anything for you."

"I know," says Sherlock.

When John first pushes into him he pauses for a moment, until the urge to rush this passes him by. Instead he thrusts slowly, lifts Sherlock's leg up and back to give him better access, and sucks kisses at the side of Sherlock's throat. Sherlock's mouth hangs open but he makes no sound beyond short, sharp little breaths of pleasure every time John pulls out and pushes back in again. John ignores the discomfort of the floor, the cramping muscles, in favor of drawing this out for as long as it can last.

It isn't until the end when things get a bit hurried, when orgasm sneaks up on John and his movements quicken and grow erratic. He wraps a hand around Sherlock and strokes until Sherlock's body tenses and he comes with a grunt, and he looks so marvelous that John can't help the three, small words that drift from his mouth when his own orgasm hits.

Afterward, sweaty and slick and panting, they lay sprawled on the floor, John's chin resting against Sherlock's heartbeat. He draws lazy patterns with one finger in the mess on Sherlock's stomach.

"Did you mean that?" askes Sherlock. "People say interesting things under the influence of neurohormones."

John pokes him in the navel. "I'm going to forget you asked that," he says. "It wasn't the oxytocin talking."

"Mm." Sherlock looks down at him, runs a hand through John's hair. "Such a good doctor."

John closes his eyes and smiles when Sherlock taps those same three words against his ear, in Morse Code.

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

The phrase describing Sherlock's eyes borrowed from Matthew Arnold. :)

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

How cute! I'm full of warm, fuzzy feelings right now and it's all because of you! <3

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

Ohhhh, that is just beautiful.

I love the last line.

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

Oh my goddddddd that was glorious. Subtle and perfect. I'm tempted to ask who you are just to read more of your stuff!

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

Aannddd... this is why I troll the meme.

"You already know," ... "that I'd do anything for you."

John closes his eyes and smiles when Sherlock taps those same three words against his ear, in Morse Code.

Lord, woman [statistically]: That is *beautiful*.

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)


*is melty puddle of goo*

I love you! ♥♥♥♥

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

Absolutely beautiful!

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)


Yes, that. That was superb. Thank you.

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

Sherlock ILU'd in Morse Code.





Brilliant love awwwwwwwwwww I completely what yay sporfle FLUFF this is EXACTLY what I needed right now.

Re: Fill: The Good Doctor (2/2)

Oh. Knees. Guh.

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