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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part V
Giggles at the Palace
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we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John

John died in Afghanistan. He's a (very corporeal) ghost. No one knows, especially not Sherlock. Certainly not Jim.

But he always feels uneasy around Molly in the morgue...

Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John


*adds to the ever-growing list of 'prompts I'd fill if only I had the time'*

Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John

Hey, I don't mind waiting. *encouraging smile*

Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John


(Mycroft knows because John doesn't show up on/distorts CCTV footage. He doesn't tell Sherlock because this is one toy Sherlock can't break.) (Not demanded, the idea just wouldn't leave me alone.)

Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John

Does John know?

Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John

In the way I see my prompt, John knows, but if someone wants to fill it with John not knowing, I'm open to it.


Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John

Oh bugger... I've had something like this on my mind to write for ages...
I may write this if other anon can't. Or even if other anon can.

Mycroft: Rocky andsure ... does that mean I'm sure to do it? Mycroft, what do you know that I don't...

Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John

Well, another prompt's got priority so you should go ahead and write it, and I can be the second fill instead. :)

Mycroft: theology. mincont. Hmm. Might be a bit much for a kink meme prompt, Mycroft, but I'm sure one of us can tackle it.

Re: we've had were!John and vamp!John but not ghost!John

Multi-fills are very encouraged!!!



Untitled Fill (Title TBA)

I'm the second anon and while I'm not finished this, I'm posting the first bit just to make sure I do!

Waking up in England was a bit disconcerting. Especially since the last time John checked he was on tour in Afghanistan and he was quite sure he hadn’t been sent home.
And he’s pretty sure if he had been sent home, he would not be waking up in a grave field. Standing up, he begins to look around for anyone else; trying to figure out if this is an elaborate prank. He’s walking around when one of the gravestones catch his attention.
It’s his parent’s grave. This means he’s in London, because his grandmother didn’t think her son and his wife would want to buried near the home in Scotland he had always hated. Didn’t stop her raising his children there, but that’s old news.
Then the gravestone beside them catches his attention and his blood runs cold.

John Watson
Beloved brother and friend
May he find what it was he was looking for

John runs his hand over his gravestone disbelieving.
He stays there all night.

Ooh, I love the start of this.

Thanks! More to come.

Re: op (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Untitled Fill (Title TBA) 2/?

Sorry for the wait... I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this. Any ideas would be very welcome.

He was still trying to figure out what the stone meant, when the caretaker walked up behind him.
‘Excuse me sir, but I have to ask how you got in.’
John ignores him right up until he grabs his shoulder. ‘Sir, how did you get in?’
‘…You’re talking to me?’ John is shocked.
The man rolled his eyes, ‘No, I’m talking to the ghost behind you. Of course I’m talking to you.’
John’s mind is scrambling, trying to figure this series of events out. ‘I…I don’t know. I just woke up here.’
The man looks disgruntled. ‘Bloody kids, always playing jokes.’ He looks John over. ‘Aren’t you a little old to be doing silly things.’
John is thoughtful and answers without thinking. ‘You would think so.’


The first thing he does when he leaves the graveyard is visit Harry. He catches a cab, finding his wallet in his pocket. It’s all a bit odd since he never carried his wallet in Afghanistan and nor did he did wear woollen jumpers. Apparently he’s wearing what he was buried in, and Harry must have decided to have him wear his favourite clothes.
He would have preferred his uniform really, but Harry never approved of his decision to serve and obviously wanted to make her disapproval clear to a dead man .
As soon as the cab pulls up, he is out of it, barely stopping to pay the man before he’s knocking at Harry’s door.
He’s smiling when she answers it and isn’t drunk. The smile fades off his face as she looks though him, clearly unable to see him.
‘Hello?’ she calls out. Shrugging, she goes to shut the door before John can even say anything.
‘Harry!’ he cries. She pauses for a moment then shakes her head and closes the door.
John feels like some part of his chest has been carved out.


He doesn’t remember dying. Sure, now he thinks on it he can remember the shot that did it, the pain of the bullet as it enters near his heart. Then his vision blacks out and he’s waking up in the grave field where he’s buried.
And he hates it. What use is being the most corporeal ghost he’s ever heard of, if only strangers can see him?
It’s about them he develops the limp and tremor. He’s not quite sure why.


Then he meets Mike Stanford, and something makes a little bit of sense. Mike isn’t a stranger, but he doesn’t know he’s dead.
And that seems to make the difference.
Then Mike introduces him to Sherlock Holmes and something else makes a whole lot more sense.


Shooting the cabbie wasn’t hard. Firstly because John’s pretty sure it’s hard to pin a shooting on a dead guy. He would love to see the look on the police’s faces when they look up his records and see the deceased label on it.
Course that may cause a few problems, but that look would be worth it.
He ignores, or tries to ignore the other reason firing wasn’t hard. The feeling he got as he pointed the gun of belonging, of rightness, of…destiny.
Like he’s meant to stand by Sherlock Holmes’ side.

Re: Untitled Fill (Title TBA) 2/?

Woop woop! I'm glad you updated this! I feel so bad for John, not being able to talk to Harry. I hope you continue soon x

(Deleted comment)

Have You Seen the Ghost of John 3/?

Still not quite sure where I'm going with this, but there is some more written after this so I figure it out later...
Thanks to dreamsofthings for the title!

Mycroft isn’t sure what to make of Sherlock’s new friend. When he first saw the man he was impressed by John’s loyalty, courage and devotion already to Sherlock. He was quite sure the man would make a good friend for his brother.
Then he read the man’s record and realised Dr John Watson never made it home and Sherlock’s new ‘friend’ was an imposer. He was debating the various ways to make John Watson disappear when his assistant, Selena today, sent him the surveillance footage from when he kidnapped Dr Watson.
He isn’t there. Mycroft knows he was there, he saw him there himself but he footage only shows the phone hovering in mid-air, with no one holding it.
Even more fascinating is the current surveillance. Mycroft gets his hands on photos taken of John Watson only to find there’s nothing but a slight blur there, exactly where John should be. As an experiment, he tells one of the two men on duty that John is dead, shows them his file and instructs them to not tell their partner.
And he finds only the man who doesn’t know John is dead can see him.
It’s a fascinating mystery, one that he plans to solve himself. After all, if Sherlock can’t see John it’s going to make being his friend rather hard.


Molly can see ghosts. She always has been able to for as long as she could remember and she’s rather good at it, if she can say so herself. She always knows exactly what to say, and she’s never been caught.
John Watson is like nothing she has ever seen before. Firstly, because he’s transparent. She’s never met a ghost who’s transparent. Mostly they look just like normal people and she has to rely on their emotions and the feeling she gets to identify them. But John, well he just doesn’t register as a ghost. If it wasn’t for the fact that she can see right through him and that the nice umbrella man gave her his records she won’t know he’s dead.
Normally this is the point where Molly talks to the ghost quietly, sorts out their little problems and crosses them over. But with John, well she doesn’t know where to start. She’s not even sure what he is, let alone why he’s still here.
No, for the first time Molly has met a ghost she doesn’t know how to help. She’s not above forcing him to move on; she’s done it before for a few particularly nasty ghosts. But she knows he’s not the sort to want to go.
And she doesn’t think she would be able to make him.

(Deleted comment)
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