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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part IV
Giggles at the Palace
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"This has all happened before, all of it. You and Moriarty, you and me..."

What happened in Victorian London that John is determined to change in (Elizabethan?) Modern London? Alternately, what didn't happen that John is determined to see come to pass?

John/Sherlock encouraged, but OP would prefer if it's kept relatively non-explicit. My kinks are weird for a kink meme, I know...



1887 Returning 1/?

Sporadical attempts on writing whilst semi-plastered. Sorry if this isn't what OP wants. Basically, history (Doyle) repeats itself (BBCSherlock)

1887 Returning

It starts when he hears Sherlock say Moriarty for the first time. John remembers feeling hatred, disgust, anger, and nononono but they were all just flashes of emotions. Not enough to keep John's attention, because those feelings are what he was supposed to feel for someone who has tried to kill them, and is trying to kill them still.

He dreams of a waterfall that night. Dreams of dread and failure and a feeling that he was too late. It was the first time he dreamed about something that is not about the war. John's not sure if he should be thankful for the reprieve.

He forgets about the dream because, well, it was just a dream and not worth mulling about.

The second time it happens, it wasn't anything too overwhelming. John was in the kitchen trying to sort out their groceries and Sherlock was sitting on the sofa watching crap telly and he's sort of hungry so he asks Sherlock what he wanted for supper.

Sherlock scoffs and rolls his eyes and yells 'anything you so please, my dear Watson' and John has to clutch the sink tightly so he won't do something as stupid as fall on the floor from the surge of affection he felt for Sherlock that very moment.

My dear Watson, he thinks. My dear Watson. Strange, John thinks. But he isn't sure if it's strange that Sherlock just called him that or strange that Sherlock haven't been always addressing him like that. John is confused and his leg is failing and there is a phantom memory of 'It is both, or none' and a King wearing a mask.

Re: 1887 Returning 1/?

I'm addicted to this brilliance. Please continue.

1887 Returning 2/3

The third time it happens was the last time he wishes for him to need it.

Moriarty was playing his games once again and they haven't slept for three days and John is starting to feel weary and annoyed and it was almost a blessing when the clinic phoned him to ask if he was available to lend a hand for an hour or two.

John says yes even if he feels like he's going to fall flat on his face from exhaustion because anything, anything is better than watching Sherlock pace around the room, muttering things under his breath. Anything is better because he doesn't want to see Sherlock at the moment because seeing him actually makes John feel more tired than he already is.

He remembers leaving the house without so much as a word to Sherlock. Remembers Sherlock not even looking at him when he stood up from where he was sitting on the sofa. He remembers walking to the clinic and helping out and staying in even if he isn't needed anymore just so he can nap for a while.

John remembers walking home, taking his time, prolonging the peacefulness of not being around Sherlock. He remembers opening the door of their flat, remembers anticipating another night without sleep except when he walked in there were no redundant footfalls from the circles Sherlock had walked earlier. He remembers calling out and asking if Sherlock was in his room and getting no answer.

He remembers seeing a note, stuck on top of his laptop which Sherlock has been using because his was upstairs. John, it reads. I found Moriarty. Don't wait up. but all John can see is a note, old and worn, kept in the left pocket of whatever it is he was wearing, the one he has wept at ages ago, a lifetime ago, when his walking stick was a sword and it was a pipe problem, not a patch. He remembers everything. He remembers now the words, for he has read it over and over and over again. And believe me to be, My dear Watson, very sincerely yours, Sherlock Holmes.

-sorry if it's rubbish, it is 5AM and I don't know why I'm still up, damn it.


Did you manage to work in my emotional!John line?

Re: OP

Hahaha sorry about that, love. I just got home from a rowdy gig then so my brain was sort of malfunctioning already

and yep. Here we go. x

1887 Returning 2.1/3

He doesn't remember how he got there. How he even knew it was to be there. But he is and he knew and he thinks maybe he is just aware of how a sociopath's mind works because he sees the first sniper standing by the double door of the pool. The Pool. and John doesn't think twice before breaking the man's neck. He thinks maybe he should phone Lestrade, or Mycroft, but everything his mind suggests doesn't make sense to him except the constant ringing Sherlocksherlocksherlock and I won't go through that again.

John sees them then. Sherlock and Moriarty and they are both bruised but Sherlock is crouched on the floor and two men are standing behind him, masks over their faces. Moriarty was saying something that he couldn't hear over the pounding of his heart and Sherlock momentarily lifts a finger up as if to say one moment please.

And he sees Sherlock pull something out of his pocket and John thinks it was a weapon and almost cheered but it was his phone and he was going to send a text and everything was back to the letter from a lifetime ago and John almost laughs because oh how it was all new and yet it was all the same.

He looks around, checking to make sure there were no more snipers. Waiting if dots would point at Sherlock's chest or forehead or anything. And then he hears a fist hitting flesh and sees Sherlock double over.

If you ask John, he doesn't remember clearly how everything happened. But he sees red, and he pulls out his gun and shoots the men once each on the middle of their foreheads, and he sees Moriarty turn, his mouth opening as if he was to say something, his eyes surprised and amused. John shoots him in the head twice, doesn't let him say a word. And then shoots him on the chest some more because he cannot stop, he shoots for that time he succeeded to take Sherlock away from him. For the time the other Watson had to live years of thinking Sherlock dead. Then he feels a hand on his arm and Sherlock, his dear Sherlock, was saying it was okay. That he can stop shooting.

Sherlock says 'John' and John suddenly feels irrationally angry. His hands aren't shaking, his leg isn't acting up and Sherlock is alive. But John is angry at Sherlock and he has a lot of things he wants to say, like 'how dare you', he wants to say 'did you really think I'd settle for a post-it and a text?' but he settles for, 'you idiot. You fucking idiot.' and then he is on his knees, checking Sherlock for injuries, making sure he is real and alive and breathing.

He didn't know he was crying until Sherlock tell him that he is in that fascinated voice. 'Why are you crying, John? I wasn't planning to get myself killed, you know?'

And maybe he's right and Sherlock, the other Sherlock, was alive when everyone thought him dead but John doesn't want to go through everything again. Never.

'This has all happened before, all of it. You and Moriarty, you and me, he starts. 'Moriarty, you, me, Lestrade. Your three patch problem and the pips and everything, Sherlock. Everything. I remember things. I remember losing you the most. I remember how you're an idiot then, and you're still an idiot now. I remember you and me' and he wants to say more but his voice breaks and everything was dawning on to him that yes, Moriarty is dead and Sherlock is fine and he is with Sherlock right now.

They hear sounds from outside the door and John goes for his gun and but Sherlock snorts and says it is the Yard and it was now a proper film, what with the police arriving late.

Lestrade walks in first, eyes analysing the scene. John and Sherlock inches apart on the floor with three corpses bleeding on around them and rolls his eyes and really, boys. Enough with the theatrics but he is teasing and they know it.

1887 Returning 3/3

/o\ fucking LJ character limit. You're not twitter, LJ.

It was a blur of questions for both him and Sherlock then. And now they both have blankets draped over their shoulders and all John wants is to go home. He thinks maybe Sherlock deduces it from how his forehead or maybe his fingers, he doesn't bloody care how. But Sherlock is at his side quickly, glaring at the man questioning John until he scuffles away.

'So, John, fancy telling me about that speech about remembering everything?' and John stands up from where he was sitting until they are shoulder to shoulder, well, metaphorically shoulder to shoulder because Sherlock is a giant this time around.

He grins and he can't stop grinning at the absurdity of things but he hears himself say 'maybe over some take home Chinese, then?'

And later, much later, after many nights, John would dream again, of a woman, the most beautiful woman he ever clapped eyes on, and Sherlock dressed as a kind, old clergyman. And then John would wake up and walk to where Sherlock is pacing, yet again. And he would lean up, like a silly girl, and kiss Sherlock. And maybe do something more. Because, well, he can't have Irene Adler snatching Sherlock's attention from him again now, can he?

;____________; sorry about leaving it as it was hours ago. I passed out ahahah. And sorry for the ~ending as I am basically rubbish at it because for me, a good ending is not an ending but a beginning etc etc etc I just said that because I really am shit at writing endings lol. And sorry if this doesn't really fill the prompt. someone write another fill <3

OP is CELEBRATING right now!

This is freakin' awesome, anon. I'm in Canada, so your 5 am part of the fill was the last part I read last night, and then I wake up and this was the first thing I read this morning and alkjsfpiahewkfjhndkj,ja kf jkds skj~! Keysmashes.

And your ending rocks. Seriously! I actually agree that the best ending is the one that implies that there's more.

But as I'm greedy, I will agree with you that there should be MOAR!

Re: OP is CELEBRATING right now!

:DDDDDD thank you!!! I honestly was typing like a zombie for the first two parts lol I didn't even reread so am sorry if you find any grammatical errors and other shenanigans that come along with not sleeping immediately after drinking and dancing *g*

Re: 1887 Returning 3/3

Wow! Just WOW!

Re: 1887 Returning 3/3 (Anonymous) Expand
Absolutely gorgeous :D

Re: 1887 Returning 3/3 (Anonymous) Expand

Re: 1887 Returning 3/3


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